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  1. My brain finally put it all together... I think. Theory: The Mournland negates Devine The thing that throws it off a bit is that CLW falls under conjuration, but a normal wizard can't cast it, which make it seem a bit more then just conjuration. The goodberries lean more towards natural magic (from druids, although they get clw and likely wouldn't work even though a druid is casting it). Is healing the only thing that people know wont work?
  2.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 24/35  Nox raises an eyebrow when Bonsetter mentions transferring the wounds onto himself. There was a mixture of thoughts and feelings to go with that, but they quickly came to the conclusion of that was his job and fixing him might be easier then fixing themselves. Being made of metal, Nox knew Bonesetter was coming up to her, even if she wasn't looking. The half-orc lets the warforged try his experiment on her without protest.          
  3.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 24/35  Nox changes her hand back into a hand and claps both her hands together as if to dust them off. She looks at Terry, her face as ever looking rather annoyed, making it somewhat hard to tell if she was ever not annoyed. "Ugh, whimp! Why didn't you sleep on the earthsled? Is it just the bedroll? I'm not risking my life for that."     Effects * DR 4/- (provided by Bonesetter)    
  4.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 24/35  "Eat this!" , she snarled at the zombie that bit her.   * Armed with morning star * Takes 6-4=2 and 9-4= 5 = 7 damage taken total 31-7= 24 HP Effects * DR 4/- (provided by Bonesetter)    
  5. So, remind me. if the attack is the same number as the AC, does that mean it hit?
  6.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 31/35  Nox grunts as she swings too wide and totally misses her target. It was rather embarrassing these zombies seemed to know how to move, but they were still undead and shouldn't be that hard to hit. "Ha! Nice!" , Nox comments on the ground opening up and stalling anymore zombies getting onto the earthsled. She focuses up and tries to take a bit more aim this time.   *Armed with morning star     Effects * DR 4/- (provided by Bonesetter)    
  7.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 31/35  The cursing intensifies as Nox finds herself bitten and slammed. Lucky for her, it didn't hurt as much as it should have. That didn't stop her from cursing like it hurt more then it did. She stomps on the Earthsled, "Come on you slow piece of crap! Giddy up!" She couldn't slap the Earthsled on the butt like one would a horse, so the stomping would have to do. Nox angerly swings at the zombie who assaulted her.   *Armed with morning star * Took 4, 5, and 7 damage. So 0, 1, 3 damage? for 4 total?   Effects * DR 4/- (provided by Bonesetter)    
  8. Huh... I didn't really think about it until now but technically Nox should be unarmored eh? I dont suppose you can sleep with light armor on and not get some sort of penalty?
  9. As if Remi wasn't annoyed enough that his gun malfunctioned, Nox has to throw salt in his wounds
  10.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 35/35  "Freaking Earthsled, move faster! There are five zombies on this thing and if it doesn't move faster, we are about to have more!" she yells out as loud as she can, more for Antonio to be aware of the situation then anything else. "Tch! If only you're words could do damage to the zombies. Bloody noise maker you have there. I might miss, but that's not my weapon's fault." , Nox responds to Remi's gun's failure.   *Armed with morning star   Effects * DR 4/- (provided by Bonesetter)    
  11. Sorry to hear about your loss. Sounds like a fine idea.
  12.  Nox |AC: 17 | HP: 35/35  It would figure an Earth sled would be slow to get fast. Nox glared at the other zombie's as if they ignored her and their dead comrade, despite the fact that they were too stupid to really understand what she said or what happened.     Move: If she needs to Standard: Attacks zombie  
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