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  1. so many pictures... I keep having to delete some and add others. Maybe I'll move on to music...
  2. Name: | Class: Druid 5 | AC: 12 | HP: 45/45 | Prof: +3 | PP: 17 (22 for scent and sound) SavesStr -1 / Dex +2 / Con +1 / Int +4 / Wis +7 / Cha +0 | AttacksActions Multiattack. The bear makes two attacks: one with its bite and one with its claws. Bite. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 9 (1d8 + 5) piercing damage. Claws. Melee Weapon Attack: +7 to hit, reach 5 ft., one target. Hit: 12 (2d6 + 5) slashing damage. | CantripsGuidance, Shillelagh, Shape Water | Magic Items2x Healing Potions | Wildshape:CR: 1 No Flying Speed Duration: 2hrs ▣ ▣ Spell DC: 15 | Spell Attack: +7 | Level 1Detect Magic, Faerie Fire, Goodberry, Healing Word, Ice Knife ▣ ▣ ▣ ▣ | Level 2Detect Thoughts (1/day per feat). Moonbeam, Pass without Trace, Summon Beast ▣ ▣ ▣ | Level 3Plant Growth ▣ ▣ | LuckWhen failing any D20 check, you may spend one luck die to reroll the result. This decision is made after the roll but before the results are known. You must declare the use of this dice in your post. These die refresh during a long rest. ▣ ▣ At lingering shiver ran down her spine as she tossed a final rat from her hood. "Ughghghghhghghhgghghhghg..." Kicking aside a few of the scurrying buggers, she poked her staff into the fireplace and dragged out the golden plate, sliding it over to Murdain. "This look familiar to you at all? If nothing else I'm sure it's worth something, though maybe not bathing in rats... Ughlagh." Dice Ex Machina
  3. I'll be adding more art, or at least refining it, but midjourney are only accepting subscribers and I'm out of credits on nightcafe...
  4. I thought tieflings had big ol' horns and a tail As per phb Tieflings are derived from human bloodlines, and in the broadest possible sense, they still look human. However, their infernal heritage has left a clear imprint on their appearance. Tieflings have large horns that take any of a variety of shapes: some have curling horns like a ram, others have straight and tall horns like a gazelle’s, and some spiral upward like an antelopes’ horns. They have thick tails, four to five feet long, which lash or coil around their legs when they get upset or nervous. Their canine teeth are sharply pointed, and their eyes are solid colors—black, red, white, silver, or gold—with no visible sclera or pupil. Their skin tones cover the full range of human coloration, but also include various shades of red. Their hair, cascading down from behind their horns, is usually dark, from black or brown to dark red, blue, or purple. Edit: that all said, with horns that curl back, you can hide them somewhat with hood and hair, the skin can be human, smokey glasses or a low hood could help hide the eyes (I keep thinking of crowly there from good omens), but the big 'ol tail 4-5ft long is a trick. Could curl it up like a rope I guess, I don't imagine it'd be comfortable, but bind it up under a long coat. Though all that is really a disguise more than just appearing human
  5. Also is refluffing an option, like can I be a tiefling, genasi, or dwarf that passes for human?
  6. That reminds me, how common are monstrous races in the world, are there tortle and minotaurs all around or are they exotic? Are there any commonly held fears and prejudices? Also, how about elves and such non-sleepers with the dreamscape? Is that an issue?
  7. They're good now, not superpowered by any means, just finally not the obvious worst.
  8. yikes, just notices a concept very similar if not slightly different in tone...
  9. hrm... just realized I need to be insane or worship the king in yellow for a feat... can I be insane?
  10. Why you are applying to this game? What intrigues you about this game? Because I have read most if not all of Lovecraft's original words and love the genre. I like the out of one's depth and incomprehensible otherworldliness of it all. It's a joy to read and should be fun to write. What's your character concept? Pitch your character in one sentence. A madly passionate ex-cultist ritualist, whose foray into the realm of strange geometries has since both scattered and bound their kaleidoscope mind. Class, Race, Background. Wizard(Ritualist), Variant human, Cultist. Wizard all the way as far as I can tell. Taking the mad passion feat, perhaps worshipping Hazur if that's reasonable, otherwise a lil bit of insanity would be luvely. I want to ritualize all the spells. If possible I'd like to expand her spell-list, so formula may be a thing I'm interested in. Should I die I would like Eveline to become a brain in a jar if possible. Description: Provide a written sketch of your character. What do they look like? Feel like? Act like? Seem like? Within the shadowy depths of an antiquarian chamber, there resides a young woman whose fervor for the esoteric rivals the most fervent of devotees. Her mouse-brown hair, a cascade of unbridled strands loosely gathered into haphazard buns, mirrors the chaotic nature of her ceaseless quest for otherworldly knowledge. Behind the lenses of her spectacles, her gaze glimmers with an unearthly intensity, and a disconcerting, manic smile plays upon her lips. Clad in robes reminiscent of a bygone era, she manifests an aura of anachronistic mystique—a living embodiment of an age where the line between the mundane and the eldritch was blurred. Her attire, adorned with enigmatic symbols and runes meticulously woven into the fabric, whispers tales of forgotten rituals and ancient incantations. Once a disciple of a clandestine cult, she has since severed ties with the shadows that once claimed her devotion. Now, driven by an insatiable thirst for forbidden truths, she immerses herself in the study of arcane texts, their pages pregnant with symbols that dance on the precipice of comprehension. In the dim glow of candlelight, surrounded by the musty fragrance of aged manuscripts, she feverishly pores over the cryptic grimoires that litter her study. Her scribblings, an intricate tapestry of ink and parchment, serve as a testament to her relentless pursuit of secrets that defy the boundaries of mortal understanding. In the presence of this enigmatic scholar, the delicate balance between fascination and unease is palpable. Her unsettling smile, a reflection of her unwavering dedication to the forbidden, hints at a mind teetering on the brink of revelation and madness—a seeker of cosmic verities, whose journey into the abyss has left an indelible imprint on her very essence. What drove your character to an adventuring life? Are they from Tiarazan, or somewhere else? Capital and curiosity. She was "rescued" by adventures, in that she used to be kept "locked" in a study where she researched ways to summon and conjure otherworldly creatures and powers to help their cultist meet their ultimate goal of bridging the worlds. After being "rescued" finding access to such tomes became rather problematic, yes she has gotten work as a scrivener, yes she's found board at convent next to the library, but adventurers get to investigate the truly strange things and being first on the scene means they often have the opportunity to investigate objects of otherworldly interest. She really has little interest in things unless they're peculiar or strange, but becomes downright obsessive if they show a whiff of otherworldliness. From Tiarazan, no. They were stolen/gifted(?) from their parents ages ago. She lives in a convent in the Parish now, having devoted herself to... who was it again? God? She wasn't sure which one, but whomever was kind enough to let her pay board, that one... occasionally Eveline spends time venturing out to the gardens or enclave to see any shows of the bizarre and supernatural. Their inspiration often tweaking her mind to great new ways of melding eldritch geometries. What is your character's deepest, darkest desire? To unravel the secrets of the universe, to expand her understanding until it hurts. To understand the most subtle echo of forbidden truths and enact them in the dripping serif of runic ritual... Images. This is so important, as they can really convey volumes. So: character art. Landscapes of where they've been, grew up, or just how they feel. Symbols that are important to them. Tattoos? Heck, maybe even a pet they had when they were a child. Go nuts. Think a mini-Pinterest about your character.
  11. Soldier Dragonmarked Gnome Paladin AC: 18 (chainmail and shield) | HP: 14/14 (1d10) | Speed: 25 ft. Senses: Darkvision, Passive Perception 11, Insight 11, Investigation 12 Str:Save: +3 Athletics: +5 Carrying Capacity: 270 lb. Lift/Push/Drag: 540 lb. 17 (+3) | Dex:Initiative: +0 Save: +0 Acrobatics: +0 Slight-of-Hand: +0 Stealth: +0☆ ☆ disadvantage on Dexterity (Stealth) checks from Chainmail Armor. 11 (+0) | Con:Save: +4 18 (+4) | Int:Save: +2 Arcana: +2 History: +2 Investigation: +2 Nature: +2 Religion: +4 15 (+2) | Wis:Save: +2 Animal Handling: +0 Insight: +0 Medicine: +0 Perception: +0 Survival: +0 11 (+0) | Cha:Save: +5 Deception: +3 Intimidation: +5 Performance: +3 Persuasion: +5 16 (+3) Languages: Common, Gnome | Lay on Hands: 5/5 | Divine Sense: 4/4 Poking the pile of ash with her toe, the adorable little gnome shrugged then chirped: "Well, that's one way to avoid a conversation..." She then turned to the others and waved."Hello special people! Pleased to be in your company, and Mr. Cobb, it is an honor to have a devotee to the Earthmother among us. May her light guide us and trust that she would not abandon you or your family in such times. I know that The Shield of the Golden Hills is with us and may also be assumed as a patron of our venture." She swivels about, scanning the room and the doors. "As for the doors, they all seem to be the same. So I propose we do this methodically." Small hands rifle through her pack drawing out a small wooden case, she carefully opens it. Inside are brushes and ink, which she dips as she navigates the room. Giving the others the opportunity to introduce themselves as she is busy painting stylized numerals on each of the doorsbottom= 1, then top left to right 2-3-4... see picture, labeling them one to four in an old runic style, with shadows and serifs poignant with artistic flourish. "There, now they are different, and the numerals cannot be easily changed. I propose we start with the fourth door, as the iron hand is a right handed glove and I trust her to guide us. Shall I open it?" She asked stowing her calligraphy kit in a belt pouch.
  12. There's like a billion posts here... lol! Damn Eyebie K, you got quite the following, apparently everyone can't wait to jump into hell with you! Anyway, I think I'm just going to camp out now. I stuck mostly with your list of gear. Have the same question that came up earlier about the +1 adamantine armor, if that's an option it'd be super, if not we'll just say it's faux adamantine for looks so I don't need to edit the description too much :p
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