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  1. So my new printer has been running for a while with two of the extruders due to having to figure out cramped conditions for the other three, and now I finally have all five extruders fed (after a bit of PTFE tubing routing). Been working on components for a storage modification I’ll be doing on my work cubicle mostly, as well as helping some friends by printing a GM Toolbox as a surprise for their GM. Multiboard Things MagiCrate Things I’m in the printing queue phase where I’m very carefully ignoring the number of empty spools that have started stacking up…
  2. But it's way easier to get systems added now at least, just takes a request nowadays. No crazy database edits required!
  3. The folder system is actually in initial testing at the moment! The new sheets viewer development to bring it up to standard got delayed a touch by some other bugs and then the OGMW security breach. Development of the new viewer is back underway though. 😄
  4. This is something that is not implemented not due to lack of the existing features/capabilities but because it has been attempted in the past on OGMW as well as a simple upvote/downvote system and resulted in enough problems that staff disabled the capabilities after short trial periods. There were enough headaches caused between hurt feelings, fighting, and friend groups/cliques brigading posts from users they don’t like that it wasn’t worth it, especially since no one from the site owner down to the mod team gets paid running the site.
  5. Clearly the double exclamation marks are critical! System added. 🙂
  6. Exactly what matt_s said, we're pulling in just enough at present to cover costs of the hosting. Community Supporter subscriptions may be found in the "Manage Subscriptions" option in the top right user drop down menu, if you were looking to get a subscription (). Right now the main benefits are increased storage space and access to brand new features as the dev team adds them, which since the addition of MW v6 has been quite a bit of things before they have been rolled to the general community. Additional benefits are TBD once we get critical stuff (MW v6 sheet viewer up to snuff, legacy sheet templates to modern web standards) knocked out and begin working on new capabilities again.
  7. If you are referring to folders as well, the sheet viewer on OGMW is still 100% usable until folders are implemented on the new sheet viewer. As has been noted in the most recent banner on OGMW, the old site read-only shift will not affect the generators or original sheet viewer. Some bug hunting and OGMW stability incidents have caused setbacks in the timeline for getting the MW v6 viewer fully stood up with all features, and the 100% volunteer dev team is working as quickly as able within their free time.
  8. Apparently I was wrong and I hadn’t completed the merge since I was still waiting for an answer on username! Merge is completed, The Firkraag name kept. My bad!
  9. Hello Firkraag, I never got a response back from you on which account name you wanted to keep back when we emailed in December, so Firkraag was merged into Siggurd due to the email already on that account. I take it you would prefer the name be Firkraag on the account?
  10. No, because we do not have a registered trademark on the name (because that would cost thousands of dollars to put in place).
  11. In order: A mass email notification is in progress at the moment. We need to finish the password sync portion of the account sync plugin first. Yes, passwords are hashed and salted. The password sync issue should be resolved by the end of the weekend. The sync plugin has been getting updated since yesterday to include a password sync. At present it is being tested for issues before deployment. Nuking OGMW is not and was not on the table.
  12. Fabula Ultima added. Level Up 5e added. Labyrinth Lord added.
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