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  1. No, because we do not have a registered trademark on the name (because that would cost thousands of dollars to put in place).
  2. In order: A mass email notification is in progress at the moment. We need to finish the password sync portion of the account sync plugin first. Yes, passwords are hashed and salted. The password sync issue should be resolved by the end of the weekend. The sync plugin has been getting updated since yesterday to include a password sync. At present it is being tested for issues before deployment. Nuking OGMW is not and was not on the table.
  3. Fabula Ultima added. Level Up 5e added. Labyrinth Lord added.
  4. I am slowly getting my new Prusa XL assembled, but on the plus side it finally arrived! Hopefully I can start calibrating this weekend. Assembly Pics (and my thoughts) Thus Far Nice heavy duty packaging, and the bottom box was a whopping 70 lbs (31.75 kg)! Inside boxes unpacked, with a rather large bag of assembly gummy bears ready to go. Back two large boxes (and the one on top) are the printer and components, front five are the five extruder units. Assembly part 1 complete, Z axis motors and frame uprights installed. Screen installed and wires routed underneath. I was really impressed with the routing method! Routing wires through the extrusion profile is nothing new, but the snap in covers to guide the Z-axis stepper motors and the corner cover for the screen wires were a nice touch, along with the extrusion covers that keep all the wiring in place. Where things are at as of last night, got the X/Y axes frame mounted, and the Z axis linear rails have their top screws secured into the frame arms as well.
  5. Both of those systems are already in the Game Systems list, so if you’re starting one of those games you should be good to go on that front! 🙂
  6. Got it, thanks! Dragon Age RPG added!
  7. Could you please provide links to the two systems so I can take a look?
  8. The instructions were for when things first opened for the public beta, yep! They were worded that way because there was confusion at first about how to create a game due to the different interface, but a rewording is definitely a good idea at this point. A review of the entire guide is on the books soon (because there’s definitely a few areas that need reworking), just gotta find time with current life chaos on my end. You’re definitely not being a jerk bringing up such, either. We can’t update things or rework wording if no one says anything.
  9. When you make a game ad (set an ad end date in the game settings) it will automatically set the privacy setting to Public for the duration of the ad period. That will allow people to apply without issue. Once you’ve made selections, you can toggle to Closed, Private, or Read Only to restrict posting to only those that are members of the game.
  10. We can not use the official D&D 5e sheet due to copyright, because it is only allowed for personal use. Additionally all the character sheets are written in HTML, CSS, and JS (for autocalc and statblocks on some sheets), so there is unfortunately no quick “convert to text” process. All that said, if you can explain issues you’re experiencing with the Myth Weavers D&D 5e sheet we can certainly factor those thoughts in as sheet dev begins to resume now that the new site is up and running.
  11. Preview lets you ensure your roll string is correct if you are using one of the more advanced modes like CLI. When you submit the roll is when it rolls the final time, preview is not the final roll.
  12. Stuff specific to the game should take place in the game, yes. If you were looking for engagement like that, it would be in the territory of a game ad to get folks to join the game to then participate in such polls.
  13. Folders will be returning, as will the public/private option. Some of the sheet system development on MW v6 got delayed due to larger issue bugs that needed to be addressed first, but we will be getting those missing features implemented soon. For the Pathfinder 1e request, could you post that portion over in the thread? When we get sheet dev moving again, that is the thread that will be used to go through and create the work queue.
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