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  1. Hello everyone! Now that we've gotten through the initial throes of the site transition, we will be changing how Discord disciplinary actions are handled. From this point forward, all disciplinary action involving the Myth Weavers Discord (Direct Link) will be handled via the site's warning system, to consolidate all actions in a central location. In effect, this means we will be treating the site Discord as the extension of the site that it is, instead of as a separate-but-affiliated entity that happens to have the same staff. Discord server rules will be updated to remove references to the old system over the next one to two days. We are implementing this process change with a clean slate for site members. If your Discord account was previously banned from the Myth Weavers Discord server it has now been unbanned, and any "Strikes" on the Discord are wiped from the record. If you find your account is still affected, let a staff member know and we'll take care of it.
  2.   It may still work on phone... You can download the thread clicking this button while viewing the thread:   It will download the thread as a plain text document, so any formatting and such copy/pasting to v6 will have to be done all over again.
  3. @SithShrink All 5 systems added! @iamtim White Star added!
  4. @Delia2531 while it is possible to export threads in a raw text format, OGMW is also not going to go away and will remain read only. You can either export the threads on OGMW or you can just link back from a v6 game thread to the relevant OGMW threads with reference material that is needed.
  5. Oh wasn’t meant as a critique on posting location, just wanted to point out resources that’s all! We don’t want folks to have to figure things out by trial and error. 🙂
  6. As a note on this front, the Site User Guide is a great source for learning some of the features and how they can be utilized. If there’s something unclear or something you don’t see included, asking in Site Feedback or the Myth Weavers Discord server (direct link, opens Discord) can get you quick quick answers, and it means we can get those things added or clarified better in the guide for everyone as well. 🙂
  7. @Acromos You can report issues and odd behavior like the quote issue in the Site Feedback forum, you can make feature requests, and the community is happy to help folks get used to and learn the new UI. We are all here to help, and the reason for the new site has been explained many times in detail over the past couple years.   Venting anger at needed change however and metaphorical table flipping is not going to bring back OGMW as the primary site. If you choose to leave as a result of the change that is completely your choice; we understand shifting to a new UI is uncomfortable for many, but yelling about it on your way out is not doing anything productive for anyone.
  8. With v6 you can copy/paste an image to the post and it’ll automatically attach it. Then you just select the insertion point. 🙂
  9. No news, it’s on the feature request list and we will eventually get to it. The dev team is all volunteers, so updates can take a bit longer unfortunately. 🙂
  10. until
    Myth Weavers Meetup is a day and a half long gaming event in Kalamazoo, Michigan, USA, with planned time slots for Game Masters to run one shot adventures, a board game table, and room for any card games such as Magic: The Gathering. EVENT DETAILS HERE REGISTER HERE
  11. Give us a brief synopsis of your one shot idea and your desired time slot, and we’ll get it added to the schedule or ask if you can fit another slot (dependent on the number of games in a given time slot). From there, you can make a thread for your one shot planning and players to jump onboard!   Please put your session pitch here, and staff will approve it and add it to the schedule. Game Information Required: Game Name Game Overview Number of Players Game System Character information (level, build specs/premades etc)   Saturday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM Session 2 1 PM - 3:30 PM Session 3 4 PM - 6:30 PM   Sunday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM Session 2 1 PM - 3:30 PM  
  12. Welcome to Myth Weavers, @guardiankrillin! At present no, there is no way to make nested pages. It is on our dev list as a more important feature we want to work out the implementation of however, so hopefully we will be able to get such a feature in soon.
  13. I rotate between Clockwork, Galaxy, and Dark Lime personally! Depends on my mood that week.
  14. I’ve made a note to expand the follow section to include unfollow directions in the guide.
  15. The GM controls the arrangement of the tabs in a game, so if Overview isn’t the first tab it’s because the tabs were arranged as desired.
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