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  1. Thank you for posting - this is exactly what we want (and need) you to do so we can get all the kinks worked out before deprecating the old system. Please provide more detail so we can help: which sheet(s)? what phone and browser? does the sheet list open but not sheets? what's the actual behavior you get, is it an error, blank screen, etc?
  2. Thanks for the detailed report and for diving in to the dev tools for deeper diagnosis, that allowed me to shortcut a few steps in finding the root cause. It's now fixed!
  3. Fixed - it had to do with the url following a legacy scheme - using the # instead of ? .
  4. It's still a dark colorscheme for now, but we've added alternating row backgrounds, horizontal rules between rows, and hover highlighting in the new ui.
  5. Thanks! In the meantime, the old view style is available as 'My Sheets (Legacy)' where they are links that will work for your workflow.
  6. Thanks for bringing up the difficulty with that use case. Middle click would conflict with multi-select. Would the ability to select the sheets and then open them all at once suffice?
  7. does that persist after a hard refresh (clearing cache)? I can't reproduce this behavior on my phone.
  8. The sheet viewer has been updated and the sheet folders view is now the default.
  9. Acknowledged! We've just released a new version of the sheets viewer which gets us one step closer to making this possible!
  10. When you save do you get the popup that it succeeded?
  11. The sheet viewer has been updated and the sheet folders view is now the default.
  12. I believe the issue is now resolved.
  13. I'm on it - I deployed a change and it seems to have caused a regression
  14. Mouse is the only thing that works at the moment - touch interaction is next on the list and I hadn't considered purely keyboard interactions but that should probably also be on the list, somewhere. You mentioned that this has happened every time for the past week, was it working prior to this? It might be best if we split this into a thread just for tracking your issue - can you please post a new thread in the support forum
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