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Who can vote in a poll?


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I'm trying my hand at a solo game here on MW, so I've set the game to Read Only mode. However, it occurred to me that it might be interesting to occasionally poll random readers and passers-by for the way forward.

If I put up a poll in a Read Only game, can anyone coming by the thread vote in it?

Or do I need to make the game temporarily Public, then Read Only again once the poll closes?

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I wouldn't want to presume people have time to catch up with the story (such as it is, not making any claims of it being riveting stuff) if they haven't already been following along. That might lead to the drive-by voting Eric mentioned.

Still, it's an interesting idea I didn't think of. @Eric is it against site rules to post polls related to what's going on in a game outside of that game's forum? Stuff like "Left door or right door?", or "Side with NPC A or B?"

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I will hijack this thread to ask a different question concerning polls if I may.

How do I tell who voted in my poll? I selected "Make voter names public" when I set up the poll, so now how can I see the name of the voter? I cannot find it anywhere!

I wish to invite the voter to join my game if he or she would wish to play a Lady of the Lake character.

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