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21 minutes ago, Lord Foul said:

Then there is the question of how one might create such a thing. What can cast unlimited wishes? We're talking gods here, and a big one at that. So, you have an actual god bound into item form and compelled to dish out wishes to anyone meditating at it. That's going to be quite a tricky build, and watch out if the god ever gets loose; it's going to be seriously mad at you!

Honestly, why would you do a thing like this?


And thus are adventure paths born.

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5 hours ago, Avaday Daydream said:

How much would it cost to make an item

Whatever you want. Not just for the wish item, but for whatever. From 1st Edition through Pathfinder, the item creation math has always been a mess.

My favorite example is from 3.5/Pathfinder.

An Everburning Torch costs 110 gold. An Ioun Torch costs 75 gold.

Both items perform the same basic function, provide light as if they were a torch. Everburning Torch requires one of your hands, Ioun Torch is hands free but costs 35 gold less. Why would anyone ever buy the Everburning Torch?

There is a math formula for making magic items in all of these systems and none of them ever take into account the usefulness of the item.

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New inquiries! Both 3.5 D&D related.

1. Feeblemind is a 5th level spell of the Enchantment school, with an Instantaneous effect; its description states that Heal (and spells that can emulate it) can undo the effect, but does not state that only Heal/Wish/Miracle/etc can reverse it.
Break Enchantment's description explicitly states that it can reverse Instantaneous effects, and undispellable effects as long as they're 5th level or lower, and is effective against enchantments, transmutations, and curses.
Does Break Enchantment work against Feeblemind? Keeping in mind that unlike Geas/Quest, there's no specific instruction that it doesn't work?
What about Greater Restoration, which reverses all magical effects penalizing a creature's ability scores?

2. Medusae, basilisks and gorgons all have a gaze/breath attack that turns targets to stone permanently. The Flesh to Stone spell also turns creatures to stone (duh) but has a duration of instantaneous, and it's 6th level. Cockatrices can turn foes to stone as well, but their version of the ability is described as 'instantly' rather than 'permanently'.
Given that none of these creatures have more than 10 HD (so their abilities probably aren't the equivalent of a 6th level spell), can a creature that's been permanently turned to stone (as opposed to instantaneously turned to stone) be revived by Dispel Magic or Remove Curse?
Break Enchantment wouldn't work on Flesh to Stone (since the latter is 6th level), but can it reverse petrification effects by lower-HD monsters that aren't explicitly replicating the Flesh to Stone spell? Keeping in mind that the MiC items Amulet of Inviolate Form and Ruby Cincture of Immutability, which both protect against petrification, have Break Enchantment as a crafting prerequisite?

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