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  1. I think he was in "Kick Ass"
  2. I know this one, only because I have grandchildren.   If no one gets it by tomorrow then I will claim the treasure.
  3. I guess I did set that up too easy
  4. Null Persp, Omae. Ignore the dice rolls then. I still do not want to move up too far, because they could also just shoot me in the face. Hold position there and I guess an Intimidation check? Social skills are not Kash's strong suite. Four Dice for Intimidate (with any bonus from actions taken so far......maybe...?) and Four Dice for Perception.            
  5. I’d quote it for you, but essentially it’s every single thing you’ve posted. And I don’t think anyone has that much time.
  6. || Ballistic / Impact - 11/11 || Edge 0/1 || Perception (Visual) 4 (6) || Low Light Vision || Ork Fem || || Initiative 7 (8) || Init Passes 2 || Condition Physical 11/11 || Condition Stun 10/10 || Nu¥ XXX ||   "Attention. This is Doc Wagon Angel Rescue Team Four-Zed-Zed-Alpha. We have permission to enter for an extraction. We are not taking sides. All y'all jus' git down on the floor and don't nobody interfere and when roll out all y'all kin return to your mutual murder pact." Not that she expects the fire-fight down at the corner to end, but for insurance purposes Kashandra is supposed to allow them the option. With a shot from Magpie clearing the last active obstecle in sight, Kashandra hikes up sharp in a doorway, looking down hall towards the exchange of weapons and tosses another flash bang. "Damn. Should'a brought more o' those." She swears under her breath. "Nevah have enough grenades."   OOC Security Blanket In Hand || Current Carry: ~ JAFOSavalette Guardian in Shoulder Rig Left Armpit Concealable Holster Current Load : Gel Rounds 2 xtra-Clip Regular Ammo ~ WidowmakerRuger Super Warhawk on Right Hip Quickdraw Holster Current Load : Regular Rounds 12 Regular Bullets on Belt 06 Silver Bullets on Belt ~ Hold OutHammerli 620S at Small of Back Concealable Holster Current Load Regular Rounds No Spare Clips ~ Wedding PresentSawed Off Boyd & Richards Desperado in Quickdraw Holster Left Hip Current Load : Flechette Rounds 5 Flechette Rounds on Belt ~ Security BlanketAres Alpha Carried / Shoulder Sling Current Load Forward Clip : Regular Ammo Current Load Rear Clip : Gel Rounds 2 xtra Clip Gel Rounds 2 xtra Clip Regular Ammo Underslung Grenade Launcher : 6 Mini-Grenades (Flash Bang) Loaded. 6 Mini-Grenades (Fragmentation) on Belt. ~ BladesCougar Fineblade (short) : Right Boot Handblades : Wrists ~ Grenades3 Smoke 3-2=1 Flash Bang Armor : (4+6+1+0=11/1+6+2+2=11) Form Fitting Half-Body Suit (4/1) ~ Urban Explorer Jump Suit with Bio-Monitor (6/6) ~ Helmet (1/2) ~ Ceramic Bone Lacing (0/2) Use one Flash Bang. - 7 blocks/35ft/14m (roughly) (same as before) Agility + Throw (Overhand Specialty)=10 Dice. If I am reading correctly, that would be 6 meters of scatter. -2 meters per net hit. I got four net hits, which should negate up to 8 meters of scatter which places it where I wanted. Stun Grenade 6S vs Impact -3 Summary  - Assuming Civilian does not interfere. Kashandra moves up several meters and tosses another Flash Bang into the corner square she can see. There is a corner with a white paper with some scribble on it that starts with an H and a big circle. It is in two squares. The second square is right up against the wall, but it gives me 2 more meters of distance if I roll another zero. So it is either 12 or 14 meters from Kash's spot. Other Pertinent Gear includes comms and subvocal mike. Earbuds rating 2 and Goggles with Flare Compensation, Vision Enhance 2 and Vision Magnification. Katie (Walther MA-2100) left at home unless we have no other sniper; in which case it is in the vehicle. Character Link - Private Link
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