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  1.   Boradur AC: 28 HP: 42/101 Focus: 0/2 Hero Points: 1 Perception: +12 Condition: Persistent Bleed 1d4 Shield: Hardness 10 HP: 58/96 (48)   Boradur attempts to fend off the cultists strike with his shield, but barely deflects any of the blow. The ape-man is staggered momentarily by the forceful block, but easily closes in for another nasty blow. Samrod quickly dispatches him almost immediately thereafter and Boradur takes a moment to use Torag's power to close the worst of his own wounds. Boradur scans the battlefield. The last boggard tries to hide in the fog, but Boradur spots him easily, unfortunately as he rushes the foe, it turns out he hid better than Boradur expected as the fog causes him to misjudge the distance and the champion is left standing awkwardly almost face to remarkably ugly face with the last of the boggards.   Actions Reaction: Shield Block Reduces Boradurs damage by 10. Aggressive Block knocks the cultist back unless he becomes flat footed, unfortunately he can just step back up for the second strike in this case, so nothing really gained there. Will Save: Boradur isn't quite immune, assuming a critical fail inflicts frightened 2, he would become frightened 1 in that case. Anyhow, he passes. Paladins don't scare easily.   Action 1: Lay on Hands, Boradur heals 24 HP and gains +2 AC until next turn Action 2: Stride to AM 40 Action 3: Strike, would be crit fails due to concealment. Tempting to waste a hero point, but nah, we might still need them.    
  2. Statblock generation for Pathfinder 2 sheets is completely broken. First off, the link is missing url= Second, most of the fields are empty Third, (rather minor), it includes Resolve/Stamina which most games don't use and which aren't on the sheet anywhere. Fourth, Pathfinder 2 does not have CMB (or BAB for that matter) Fifth, what the heck is KAC and EAC? Back to minor, where is Ancestry?
  3. I wasn't going anywhere near the Steelers offense this year. Looks like I was right. I was rather ticked to get beat out to Chubb, though hardly surprised given I was picking 8th. Obviously, less ticked about that right now, though of course I would trade my entire team and at least one or two body parts to get him back on the field. Deshaun is a whole problem. I wasn't entirely happy about the Browns picking him up in the first place, quite unhappy at how much they paid for him and if it wasn't ruining probably the best Browns team I've seen in about 30 years, I'd feel a bit justified watching him implode.  
  4. Eh, Lions are actually not a bad team this year. Steelers offense is absolutely terrible. Putrid does not begin to describe it. Aside from one blown coverage play, they produced absolutely nothing Monday night, their defense bailed them out. Or more precisely, Desaun Watson bailed them out. Browns should have still won that game without Chubb. With Chubb, it would have been a complete beatdown despite giving up a pick 6 on the first play.
  5. This week the REAL pain arrived. Not only the did the Browns lose a game they absolutely should have won in a cakewalk (seriously, how bad is Pittsburgh's offense this year?), but that last fumble recovered for a TD cost me my fantasy win as well. Plus Chubb is out for the year (slight consolation for not being able to pick him up) and who knows what the heck is up with Akers. With the implosion of the Browns season, my interest in football is rapidly waning.
  6. Just went looking, it's definitely MASH.
  7. I already thought of that (The Longest Yard), but the prisoners had dark uniforms and the guards uniforms were all white. No red unis that I can recall. It's bugging me cause I know I've seen this pic before.   Not the Replacements, they had much nicer modern uniforms (though not a bad guess, at least they were red).  
  8.   Boradur AC: 28 HP: 59/101 Focus: 1/2 Hero Points: 1 Perception: +12 Condition: Persistent Bleed 1d4 Shield: Hardness 10 HP: 96/96 (48)   Reaching Samrod's side, Boradur calls on the power of Torag to repair flesh and watches as the worst of the doughty warrior's wounds close. Realizing the accursed ape man is still within reach and flailing at his flank, he turns and for a moment can't make out the shadowy form through the fog. Then the cultist stumbles forwards, off balance from his last attack and into clear view. Boradur's hammer meets him squarely in his unguarded face with a sickening crunch.   Actions Reaction: none for once Action 1: Lay on Hands, Samrod heals 24 HP and gains +2 AC until next turn Action 2: Strike hit for 17, except that might well be a crit, which would make it 34, we may have seen the last of him. Action 3: If the boggard at AK 43 is still alive, Strike, otherwise Raise Shield    
  9. Boradur would still want to move though, there's a good chance he wants to lay on hands next turn and that IS a reach effect.
  10. Ah yeah, I was thinking of older versions that gave total concealment after 10' or more of fog.
  11. Slight change to Boradur's last turn, instead of raising his shield, he's going to look for Samrod as I just realized he can't see him, which means none of his protective abilities work.
  12.   Boradur AC: 28 HP: 60/101 Focus: 2/2 Hero Points: 1 Perception: +12 Condition: Persistent Bleed 1d4 Shield: Hardness 10 HP: 96/96 (48)   The cultists relentless assault continues and once again, Boradur is able to shield Samrod somewhat. Once again the champion strikes, only to find himself flailing at the fog. With a deep breath and a muttered prayer Boradur launches an all out assault, but the slippery cultist proves frustratingly hard to pin down and hit. He manages one decent strike, then slides away into the fog, looking for Samrod.   Actions Reaction: Retributive Strike: Prevent 9 damage to Samrod, free melee attack on Samrod's attacker. Action 1: Strike, hero point reroll and STILL miss. Action 2: Strike 2, hit for 13 Action 3: Stride to AO 43    
  13. Yeah, Kupp hurts. I've had him on my teams several times over the last few years. Pretty sure I picked him up off the wire the first year he really broke out. At least Kelce  should  be back soon, losing two of my top three picks for week one did me no favors and add in Burrow producing so little he might as well not have played and well, it's not surprising I had the week's lowest score. (Not at all mad about Burrow, he can go right ahead and torpedo my team all he likes anytime he's playing the Browns).
  14.   Boradur AC: 28 HP: 67/101 Focus: 2/2 Hero Points: 1 Perception: +12 Condition: none Shield: Hardness 10 HP: 96/96 (48)   Boradur once again shields Samrod from greater damage, calling on Torag's justice as he strikes back through the fog. The boggard's horrible croak leaves a slight ringing in his ears, but not much more. He continues his previous tactics, certain in the belief that they will work sooner or later, the enemy cannot hide in the fog forever, nor are they such excellent fighters as to continuously evade his blows. But his first blow goes wide again and Boradur snarls. This is simply unacceptable, sooner or later, the enemy may also get a lucky strike. Calling on his deity, Boradur strikes with a vicious backswing that catches his foe by surprise. Raising his shield once again, Boradur grins over the rim at the foe. "You will find no easy meat here, beast."   Actions Reaction: Retributive Strike: Prevent 9 damage to Samrod, free melee attack on Samrod's attacker.   Action 1&2: Intimidating Strike 23 on first roll, nope, spending hero point for a reroll. Action 3: Raise Shield  
  15. My bad, I think I was confusing it with Blazons again. Yeah, it probably should work that way.   Highhlight and copy: A bit further to the south, the man-bat appears to be approaching a state of panic as it suddenly and unexpectedly finds that it has become a target of the dinosaur rather than its shepard - none too bright, it would seem. It gives up all plans of driving the lizard further and instead puts all efforts into escaping its terrrifying fangs. The man-bat takes off towards the jungle to the east as it flaps its perforated wings in a desperate attempt to gain altitude. Seems to work fine for me? Were you trying to copy something that included inline dice? That could be a problem. (Yet another reason I'm happy not using them). Now accidentally editing text you thought you saved? That's a problem, I've done that several times. I really wish the edit window was a bit more distinct.
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