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Name That Tune!


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And night after night

We pretend it's alright

But I have grown older

And you have grown folder

And nothing is very much fun anymore


And I feel one of my turns coming on

I feel cold as a razor blade

Tight as a tourniquet 

Dry as a funeral drum


Pink Floyd,

One of my Turns, from The Wall

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The song is "Sweep the Leg" by No More Kings.  It came out about 2007 or -8, in the middle of the big Karate Kid revisionist phase that was going on about then (see Daniel is the Real BullyWax On, F**k Off with Ralph Macchio), this little unknown yet totally awesome band (No More Kings) released an album full of songs about fun and stupid stuff.  "Michael" is a song about a guy who wants to be Michael Knight.  "Leaving Lilliput" is about Gulliver's Travels.  And so on. n


And then there was this little ditty.  This is the extended version, so it's a slow start, but worth it -- if for no other reason than because just about everyone you see was a cast member in the original film.


Alright.  I'm off my nerdy soap box.  Someone else can have a turn.

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