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Thunderstorms in the area and this plane may never get here or take off tonight, so... 


Adventure Game Engine rolls. Pretty simple mechanic:


age(modifier, target)


will roll 2d6 regular dice plus 1d6 stunt die, totaling, adding the modifier (if any), and comparing it to the target number (if provided).




If you roll doubles, then the value of your stunt die is indicated with a [STUNT: x] result in addition to the total and any success/fail calculation.



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On 9/25/2022 at 2:28 PM, Eric said:

Dice Tower update for today: added Roll & Keep dice set. Syntax is as follows:


rollandkeep(rolled, kept, explode, raises, free raises, target number)


And the GUI includes the R&K dice set to make it easy to build:




@Butchern - for the guide


Butchern helpfully pointed out that my initial implementation had a bug--namely, that exploding dice should count as additional kept dice. This is now fixed:



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The Ars Magica dice set is now available. The syntax is pretty straightforward:


arsmagica(modifier) rolls 1d10 and adds the modifier. In this case, a roll of 10 is worth 10.


arsmagica(modifier, #botch) rolls 1d10 and applies the Ars Magica stress mechanic. That is, if a 10 is rolled, it counts as 0 and the specified number of botch dice are rolled; a botch occurs if any of the botch dice come up as 0. Conversely, if a 1 is rolled, then the tower continues to roll dice, doubling the roll multiplier for each consecutive 1 rolled; when any non-1 is rolled, that value is multiplied by the roll multiplier, counting 10 as 10.




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And because once you establish a pattern, copying it is easier... Genesys and FFG Star Wars dice are now available, too. The initial parameters are all dice rolls, and the later ones are automatic symbols.


genesys(ability, proficiency, boost, difficulty, challenge, setback, success, advantage, triumph, failure, threat, despair)

ffgsw(ability, proficiency, boost, difficulty, challenge, setback, force, success, advantage, triumph, failure, threat, despair, light, dark)


The GUI supports these, also.






These are the last of the dice sets to implement (at least, that have been previously implemented or requested). There are a few more cleanup actions to do, but soon I'll be pivoting to the Games system so we can have proper advertisements and the like. Cheers!



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Busy day in dev-world. Two additional things delivered:

  1. When you edit the original post of a topic inside a game, the dice roller will be visible on the page.
  2. I revamped the layout of the roller table. It now shows only the dice name and the result; clicking on the dice name will show the dice string and the individual dice rolls.
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Tonight's updates...

  1. Fixed an issue with the Ars Magica dice set where it was not possible to create a stress roll with zero botch dice.
  2. Posts automatically convert text matchingThis is a case-insensitive match, so "Roll" and "roll" are equivalent. roll names to OOC links that show the dice result when clicked. (This happens on the fly, so you don't need to do anything to your post content to take advantage.)
  3. Updated Ishmael (the MW Discord bot) to use the Dice Tower for rolls. This is generally effective for text results but currently isn't particularly helpful for image dice.
  4. Updated the dice submit functionality so when a submittal succeeds, the entry panel minimizes and resets to empty, and the dice table briefly flashes.

With these updates, we're pleased to announce completion of Initial Operating Capability for the Dice Tower. This means the tower is capable of doing everythingOK, sheetrolls are still not complete. Those will be tackled in conjunction with the Sheets integration. the OGMW roller could do (plus some additional features that OGMW couldn't do). For those of you keeping score at home:


Dice Tower Games System Sheets Integration Privacy Features Full Operating Capability
Complete - 10/3/2022 In progress - ECD 10/31/2022 Pending - 11/2022 Pending - 12/2022 Pending - 1Q23


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Tonight in dev-land, we present the first new feature for the Games System. Games you have followed will now appear in a My Followed Games block in the sidebar, as shown below:




This same widget will also show up on the Games directory pages.

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Minor updates to the game directory.

  • The entire image is now clickable, instead of just the name and icon.
  • Instead of a random set of up to ten member avatars, the avatars are now just the game masters in their order of joining.


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Another Big. Deal. Alert.


Game Masters can now archive games when they're no longer needed. Simply go to Manage Game > Edit Game Settings, and select Archived as the Privacy setting.




You can find archived games from the Games menu up top:



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We've added another new feature called "Communities", which can help to identify games with like interests. This list is definitely a Work In Progress 🚧, so we look forward to hearing your suggestions!




Unfortunately, in setting this up I made a mistake that dropped the Detailed Description field. I put it back, but Game Masters will need to re-input the value. Sorry... 😢

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