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Grem's Character List


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Name Race Class Lvl Character sheet Adventure Log
Boat Tortle Rogue 3 3 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/25186467 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/58586
Evalyn Halfling, Dragonmarked Artificer 4 4 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/20064996 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/24515
Gorlab Firstback Goblin Druid 3 3 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/49252278 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/81378
Katrina Fairlight Human Variant Sorcerer 7 (Divine soul) / Warlock 2 (Hexblade) 9 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/25003956 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/16678
Lajal Tortle Druid 11 11 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/25028012 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/14161
Ngaru Tortle Sorcerer 6 6 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/12144830 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/40558
Ran Human Cleric 5 5 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/25099147 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/58506
Ruin Tortle Barbarian 2 2 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/90112603 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/92122
Tigger McFae Gnome Wizard 4 4 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/35732587 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/70851
Verity Half-elf Warlock 1/ Wizard 4 5 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/27050355 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/48420
Waaghner Bonecaster Goblin Wizard 7 7 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/23114010 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/51577
Yergan Darkheart Dwarf (mountain, custom) Druid 2 2 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/36216380 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/71852
H'vek'ek Thri-Keen Sorcerer 1 1 https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/121392443 https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/108622
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spacer.pngGorlab FirstBack
- Goblin Doom Diver

Goblin - Druid 3rd

Goblin Doom Diver Survivor (background)
You have actually survived numerous shots out of a goblin doom diver catapult!
Some people think you may actually be trying to steer and keep aloft.

  • Acrobatics
  • Athletics
  • Alchemist's Supplies
  • Carpenter's Tools

Background feature: Inheritance ( Bone Studded leather armour)
Quirk: Metamorphic. The item periodically and randomly alters its appearance in slight ways. The bearer has no control over these minor alterations, which do not affect the item’s use.

His armour often changes form to shape like a bat, any time he is falling, flying, levitating, or generally when he is in the air, the armour morphs to have bat-like wings sprout from his arms. These are usually coloured bright yellow and red, and serve no function and do not aid flight in any way.

Equipment Package:
Guild Artisan: Artisans Tools (alchemists supplies), letter of introduction from your guild (doom diver licence), travellers clothes, belt pouch; 15gp

Character Sheet: https://www.dndbeyond.com/profile/8w...cters/49252278
Adventure Log: https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com...aracters/81378

Gorlab the early years

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Katrina Fairlight, Human Warlock/Sorcerer


Eran Dranath takes a sip of his drink before continuing
"If one actually pin down Katerina's personality it would be changeable over the day, early in the morning she appears to be a bubbly inquisitive young woman with an insatiable thirst for knowledge, but after she starts drawing, she changes. More often than not haughty and elitist, even her eyes change colour! Other Times her voice changes into a deep gravelly voice, full of smoldering hotness" he tails off as if enrapt by some thought, before snapping back "By the gods don't tell her that though, she can be quite the hot head at times!"

The other man whose name you didn't catch goes on to add "She is however a shrewd and calculating companion, one I'd rather have on my side than against. I've even seen her wearing that armour, and wade into battle like a fierce Clawfoot..." the two men look at each other, and both say "She's complicated, but worth it...."

Known History:
Eran Dranath takes a sip "I had heard that she used to work for the thieves guild..."
The other man says "No, she used to be a prostitute".
"No, she wasn't it was her! It was her mother, wasn't it?" Eran counters...
"Still, not sure how I feel about a street urchin in Our house" the other man says with an emphasis on the 'our'.
"She's not even a real Wizard, and she can't even master the simplest spells either" he continues.
They both take swigs from their drinks.
"So how does she do it then? She seems to have made a good impression with old Iron boots" Eran whispers conspiratorially, the other man nearly splurts his beer out and sniggers, "you can't call him that... he might hear you" the other man looks around nervously.
"Well she does get sent off on her own missions, and also gets to do freelance work, whilst I sit here and craft, craft, craft"
"True," says the other man...
They both sit in silence contemplating their beer.

The door to the inn opens and a small diminutive figure of a young woman walks in. She wears a new military-style great coat only in a pristine white, edged in russet brown, it's fastened up to keep her warm to the cold winter night. She takes off her black fur-lined gloves and tucks them into her military-slung belt. You notice she has an odd-looking pistol crossbow in specially-made holster hung from her belt. As she walks the slash of her great coat reveals high boots and a russet brown skirt with a slight gradient pattern to it.

She walks over to the bar and orders a shot of whiskey, she turns her auburn hair and catches the light of the fire and you notice that she is very attractive. Two hair pins keep her hair up in a loose bun, but you imagine that her hair would be quite long if she ever wore it down. Her amber eyes linger on you before looking at your two drinking companions. She looks back at you, her eye lingering just a moment too long, and you see a smile light up her face. She turns and leans in says something to the barman.

A moment later a tavern girl comes over with a tray of three more beers. "Compliments of the lady at the bar," the girl says, and thumbs her hand over to the woman.

"That's her" Eran says quietly...
"humpf" snorts the other man.
but both reach forward for the free beer.

As you look up, you notice that the woman is walking out of the inn, back into the cold winter's night.
"SHIT!" exclaims the other man, and he frantically searches his waistband, "I can find the map! where the hell is the map! it was here in my scroll case" he seems frantic pulling back the chair and spilling his beer, obviously searching for a scroll case.

You look up at the woman as she drops what looks like a scroll case, and continues to walk out rolling up what appears to be a very old map and placing in side her great coat.

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"The wild is always present, even when most choose not to see it. Men are just another predator, and cities are nothing but their brood pits and hunting grounds. When predators grow too numerous for the prey to support, they starve or flee, or kill each other off. And when they do, the jungles of stone will find more robust creatures to nourish. Brilliant adaptations to glorious new ways of life will spring from the ashes of the old order, like fresh saplings after a wildfire."

The normal citizens believe he's just some crazy tortle who likes to sleep on unwatched roofs. It never occurs to them that all the access doors are still locked.

His favourite haunts are the roofs of run-down tenements or the cellars of abandoned warehouses, and he never uses the same lair two nights in a row.

An elderly tortle coated in bird droppings and moss, he walks the rooftops and sewers unseen as he seeks out poor and injured rats, pigeons, and flying monkeys.

He speaks to them, cares for them, and slowly nurses them back to health. But he also teaches them how to understand human speech, shows them how to conceal their knowledge, and forges them into a sprawling network of trained spies and informants.

His eyes are everywhere. After a while, people don't even notice them. The enlightened know that you never go looking for him. You just find a dark alley and tell a rat, pigeon or flying monkey your problem. If he decides to help you, he already knows where to find you. He knows everything that happens in this town.

And if he knows something he doesn't like, the cellar can only keep you safe for so long.

Lajal is a slow and ponderous Tortle Druid from Chult, he prowls the sewers and rooftops, bringing back transgressors and rescuing people from the depths of the Chult jungle for a fee or if their bounty is high enough. Or hunting down those that tip the balance in favour of themselves at the cost of nature.

He has many tattoos and markings etched into his shell, or tattooed in iridescent ink into his thick leathery skin.
Many of the tattoos represent stylised tribal designs and various sea animals, the ink seems to catch the light as he moves.

(think paua shell ink)

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Chun-HuaYingan.jpg.6ee41048cf6b58cf0337d7c3302deaac.jpgChun-Hua Yingan

whose name means "Spring Flower of Dark Peace," was born into a secluded village nestled within the misty mountains of Shou. Her village was renowned for its deep-rooted peaceful traditions and its serene, harmonious way of life. From a young age, Chun-Hua displayed an affinity for spiritual practices, often spending hours meditating and communing with nature in the temple's sacred gardens.

Tragedy struck when a band of marauders, seeking to exploit the village's tranquillity, attacked and decimated the community. Chun-Hua, witnessing the devastation and the loss of her loved ones, was profoundly affected. In her grief and desperation, she sought guidance from the ancient texts, venturing into the forbidden practices of necromancy to protect what remained of her home.

Over time, Chun-Hua's powers grew, and she became a guardian of her village's ruins, a lone sentinel ensuring that no harm would come again. She summoned the spirits of the dead to aid her, turning to the dark arts not out of malice but from a twisted sense of duty to maintain peace and order.

She was alerted to the marauder's location and vowed to hunt them down and seek vengeance, this has led her all over the world, eventually landing her on the Sword Coast, eventually, she will catch up with them, and seek vengeance.


Calm and Determined: Chun-Hua carries herself with a serene and composed demeanour, her calm exterior belying the turbulent emotions within. She is resolute in her belief that her actions, though dark, are necessary for the greater good.

Compassionate but Unyielding: Despite her embrace of necromancy, Chun-Hua remains compassionate towards the living, particularly those who are suffering. However, her methods are unyielding, and she will not hesitate to use her powers to enforce her vision of peace.

Philosophical and Reflective: Deeply philosophical, Chun-Hua often reflects on the nature of life, and death, and the balance between them. She believes in the cyclical nature of existence and sees her necromantic practices as a means to restore balance disrupted by violence and chaos.

Guarded and Mysterious: Chun-Hua is highly secretive about her past and the full extent of her powers. She prefers to keep others at a distance, fearing that her dark practices might corrupt or harm those she cares about.

Resourceful and Skilled: Highly skilled in divine rituals and martial arts, Chun-Hua is a resourceful and formidable presence. Her knowledge of herbs and natural remedies complements her necromantic abilities, allowing her to heal and protect as well as to summon and control the dead.

Character sheet: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/124542629/B7YjIv
Log: https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/109261

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AricNightshade.png.fa19e28fc8f149259e14900e7f416c3c.pngAric Nightshade: The Cursed Urban Predator

Dragonlance Character.

Character sheet: https://www.dndbeyond.com/characters/125219072/6fQYjH
Log: https://www.adventurersleaguelog.com/users/5936/characters/109413


Growing up in the bustling city of Kalaman, you learned to survive the harsh streets using your wits and primal instincts. Life was a constant struggle, and you often found yourself relying on your natural abilities rather than conventional weapons.

One night, while Aric was exploring the dark alleys of Kalaman, he stumbled upon a clandestine ritual conducted by a group of rogue mages. Drawn by the strange energy and his curiosity, Aric hid and observed. As the ritual reached its climax, the mages attempted to summon a powerful entity linked to Nuitari, but the spell went awry. A burst of dark energy surged outward, catching Aric in its path. The chaotic magic imbued him with power, transforming him with fangs and claws. Disoriented and terrified, Aric fled the scene, unknowingly marked by the dark power. In the days that followed, he struggled to control his new abilities.

Ispin Greenshield found you struggling to control your cursed abilities and recognizing your potential and the danger of your uncontrolled abilities, Ispin introduced you to the Order of High Sorcery. He believed that structured arcane training could help you master your curse and use your powers for good.


  • Resourceful: You are adept at making the best of any situation, using your surroundings to your advantage.
  • Protective: Despite your tough exterior, you have a soft spot for the downtrodden and the defenceless, often stepping in to protect them.
  • Haunted: The curse that gave you your powers also left you with a lingering fear of losing control, driving you to seek mastery over your abilities.

General Appearance:

  • Height: 5'10"
  • Build: Lean and wiry, with a physique honed from navigating urban environments and surviving on the streets.
  • Skin Tone: Pale, with a slight ashen tint, hinting at the curse and his connection to Nuitari, the black moon of magic.
  • Hair: Jet black, kept relatively short but often tousled and unkempt, adding to his rugged and mysterious aura.
  • Eyes: Dark, almost black, with a slight glimmer that hints at both his druidic and arcane nature.
    When casting spells or using Primal Savagery, his eyes take on a more intense, almost predatory gleam.

Clothing and Gear:

  • Robes: Wears dark, muted-coloured robes that blend practical urban garb with the traditional attire of a Mage of High Sorcery. His robes are practical for movement and stealth, made of durable yet lightweight material, and often feature subtle patterns of vines and leaves in darker threads, symbolizing his druidic connection.
  • Amulet: An amulet bearing the symbol of Nuitari, the black moon, hangs around his neck, marking his allegiance to the dark moon. The amulet is often hidden beneath his robes.
  • Cloak: A hooded cloak made of dark green and black fabric, providing camouflage in both urban and natural settings. The cloak has numerous hidden pockets and is enchanted to offer slight protection against the elements.
  • Accessories: Fingerless gloves for better grip and dexterity, sturdy boots suitable for both city streets and wilderness, and a belt with small pouches for carrying herbs, spell components, and small trinkets.
  • Weapons: Scimitar and Wooden Shield

Notable Features:

  • Scars and Tattoos: Faint scars from his past struggles and encounters mark his arms and hands. He has a few discreet tattoos, primarily in black ink, depicting symbols of nature and arcane sigils related to Nuitari.


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