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Raenala’s Downtime

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  • 2 weeks later...

Castrovel to Akiton (Drift 2 days)


1. Social Media Curation

Raenala edits down videos from the trip to Castrovel and in Qabarat. Responds to fan engagement, prepares next batch of queued content. Sends networking messages to other content creators for collaboration opportunities.


  • RESULT: 24 (Take 20 + 4 CHA bonus). Earn 50 Credits with no additional time spent.

    Raenala performed an asynchronous training seminar for EVA related activities.

2. Work Out

Relaxing day with minimal* social media engagement and light exercise to keep herself fit.


  • RESULT: Success. Once per day for the following week, you can reroll either a failed Acrobatics check to balance, escape, fly, or tumble.
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