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A list of important NPCs. New entries will be added from time to time.

Breachill Residents: see the Player's Guide

Bumblebrasher Goblins: They've been living in the Citadel for a few years. Tribe members include Helbatheir leader, Warbaltheir ambassador to Breachill, and Leekoa warrior who helped the party in Chapter 2.

Pib & Zarf: A pair of kobolds who are friendly with the Bumblebrashers.

Warg Puppies: Their father has been a bad influence on them, but they're still young enough to be open-minded.

Alak Stagram: a Hellknight Armiger whose family served at the Citadel.

Renali: a Mwangi woman who can turn into a giant spider ... or the other way around.

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