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The Nanx Throng


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Realm Name: The Nanx Throng

Realm Faith: Unnamed Animism
The Nanx believe that every tree and every mountain and every place has a spirit. Most of them...don't need to be worried about. But it's still nice to get a Shaman to come thank a bunch of trees before the Nanx cut them down, and same for prey animals and such.

People: The Nanx of the Wyr Foothills are generally found by their neighbors to be either friendly if unpredictable neighbors or annoying pests. Small in stature compared to most, Nanx have a variety of skin colors tending towards green, a variety of ear shapes tending towards long, pointed, and expressive, a variety of limbs tending towards the standard two and two. Gender isn't something they seem to recognize in themselves, and their reproductive habits are relatively unknown except that their young seem to incubate in boil-like clusters on their backs.

The Nanx operate by some kind of self-organizing anarchy, with each individual chipping in as they seem best. Young Nanx wander in bands, visiting different people and trying different things until they find something that fits them and they settle down. The main excepting is when one of the Shamans decides to decide something needs doing, in which case most Nanx will, again, chip in as best they can.

Nanx' idea of personal property is a bit looser than most races', leading to their annoying pest reputation among the more formal  people. This isn't to say they're some kind of automatically thieving bunch of short folk, they understand that others aren't as free-wheeling with that axe that was just sitting there.

Starting Tech: Animal Husbandry - The surefooted boats of the Wyr Mountains are friendly, non-threatening, and kinda delicious. The Nanx have learned to keep the boats happy with regular supplies of grain, and keep them together in herds. The boats in turn provide milk, meat, and hides...the latter two unwillingly.

Required Resource: Rideable Mounts - The Nanx look at their boats and wonder, what if we could sit on them? Boats are too spiny, and mostly just lie down if you try to put a tough blanket over their backs and sit on them. But the Nanx feel in their ears an undeniable urge for someone else to do the walking for them.


Origin Region Name: Wyr Foothills (109)
The western foothills of the Wyr Mountains see frequent rainfall as the humid winds are ramped up and cool, dumping their water on the mountainside and running down into the river that mostly bisects the region. This region is honeycombed with caves which show a strange regularity in their layout. Within the depths of these caves are found the Shimmerstones that the Nanx both prize and burn. The Nanx shamans make regular journeys to the depths of these caves, seeking insights to help them lead the Throng.

The rainfall supports copses of evergreens along the mountains, sheltering plentiful berry bushes and hunting grounds, while the plains below grow grains which the Nanx are beginning to learn to farm instead of gather, and small villages dot the river for fishing.

Special Resource: Shimmerstone
This strange resource can be found growing on the walls of the deep caves of the Wyr Foothills. It forms into geometric accretions that flicker with unusual colors, and sometimes repeating patterns, or sometimes layers of flat sheets that can be carefully peeled apart into paper-thin nearly transparent panels.

Nanx shamans prize Shimmerstone that shows high clarity, claiming to be able to see visions of the past, present, and future in their depths. Larger, more robust chunks are used as barter tokens, or sometimes burned for a hot-burning fuel. Smaller shards are woven into jewelry, and worn until their fragility causes them to crumble into sparkly dust.


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Shaman Delce

Diplomacy - 10

Military - 4

Industry- 10

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 3

Delce Starting Stats

Diplomacy - 5

Military - 2

Industry- 5

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 2

Round 1 gains

Diplomacy to 6, Industry to 6

Round 2 gains

Military to 3, Intrigue to 3

Round 3 gains

Diplomacy to 7, Industry to 7

Round 4 gains

Industry to 8, Diplomacy to 8

Round 5 gains

Industry to 10

Round 6 gains

Diplomacy to 9, Industry (at cap)

Round 7 gains

Diplomacy to 10, Military to 4

Round 8 gains

Military to 5, Diplomacy (at cap)

Ruler Roles
repeat(1d4,5) 3,2,2,4,4
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