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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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"WhisperWaves: Tancourt's Juiciest Gossip Unveiled!" written by Evelyn Muckrake.

Dip: 4 | Mil: 1| Ind: 5 | Fai: 1| Int: 5

Expected Increase: Dip: 0 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: +1

Treasure in Vault: 2. Treasure Passive Treasure: 1 (6 TPs + 1 City)

Units: 2.


Diplomacy - Finish Press Claim on 013

Exclusive: Pidgeonsbriar's Island Odyssey - Colonizer Bosses Natives and Faces Perils in Uncharted Territory!

Pidgeonsbriar, Tancourt's intrepid explorer extraordinaire, is making headlines once again as she solidifies her grip on a mysterious island, all while facing an array of enigmatic dangers and leading her loyal Crab Goons in an adventure of a lifetime.

Pidgeonsbriar, known for her captivating travelogues and daring exploits in far-off lands, has set her sights on a remote island shrouded in mystery. Clad in her signature adventurer's gear, she's been making waves as she takes charge and, some say, bossing around the island's native population.

Despite her bravado, the island holds many dangers that have long confounded explorers. The initial expedition sent to the island vanished without a trace, leaving behind a chilling mystery. What could have caused the disappearance of these intrepid pioneers?

Pidgeonsbriar, never one to travel lightly, has brought along her loyal cadre of Crab Goons. These companions are at her beck and call, providing her with both protection and a sense of authority as she navigates the challenges that the island presents.

Back in Tancourt, the nation is abuzz with anticipation and concern for their beloved explorer. Pidgeonsbriar has garnered a devoted following with her tales of adventure and her uncanny ability to captivate the imaginations of her readers. The people of Tancourt wish her the best of luck in her ongoing odyssey.

Industry - Buyout Tyr Sweet Thistle Trade Post 2 in 411

Industry - Buyout Apples Trade Post 2 in 414 (note that this action is a success as I forgot to account for Market and Carts).

Intrigue - Kindap (use of Treasure) Olivier of Velentin

Exclusive: Mysterious Stranger Olivier of Velentin - Assassin Turned Investigator Draws Tancourt's Curiosity!

In an enigmatic turn of events, Olivier of Velentin, a man shrouded in mystery with a penchant for prayer to the Dark Moon, has emerged as a key player in the East of Brenn Tyr. His unusual background and deadly skills have raised eyebrows and questions, leading Tancourt and the Sunpointers to seek answers.

Olivier of Velentin, with his distinctive long beard and deep blue robe, has made a mysterious entrance into the East of Brenn Tyr. While he remains tight-lipped about his training and history, his choice of weapon, a small sickle, hints at a deadly past.

Rumors have circulated that Olivier honed his lethal skills as an assassin, practicing his deadly craft by dispatching bandits in the Rosewood. It was during these grim activities that he stumbled upon something deeply troubling in the East of Brenn Tyr.

Perhaps the most intriguing aspect of Olivier's story is his nightly prayers to the Dark Moon, an uncommon practice that has raised eyebrows among both locals and outsiders. This connection to the celestial unknown has added an air of mystique to his presence.

Olivier's arrival and his background have not gone unnoticed by Tancourt and its vigilant Sunpointers. Concerned about the mysteries he may hold and the possible implications for their nation, they have sought to bring him in for a series of polite but probing questions and inquiries

Intrigue - Investigate Bertille the Blackheart

Exclusive: Artemisia Sagebrush and Populus Aspen - Heroes in the Spotlight; The Search for Bertille the Blackheart Continues!

In a thrilling tale of courage and daring rescue, Artemisia Sagebrush and Populus Aspen have become the toast of the town, invited to countless dinners in Bethel Giruc to recount their heart-pounding exploits. But as Tancourt seeks to locate the elusive kidnapper, Bertille the Blackheart, a web of intrigue and fame weaves around these unlikely heroes.

Artemisia Sagebrush's audacious rescue of Populus Aspen from the clutches of kidnappers has captivated the hearts and imaginations of people far and wide. Her bravery in the face of danger and her skillful tactics have earned her a reputation as a true hero.

Populus Aspen, the former kidnapping victim, has also found himself thrust into the limelight. His firsthand account of the harrowing experience with the bandits has left audiences on the edge of their seats.

While Sagebrush and Aspen enjoy their newfound celebrity status, the search for the enigmatic Bertille the Blackheart is well underway. The bandit gang she led has seemingly vanished, leaving Tancourt authorities on a quest to uncover her whereabouts.

What's truly remarkable is the stark contrast in the moralities and backgrounds of these three central figures. Sagebrush, Aspen, and Bertille represent a spectrum of values and choices, yet their interconnected destinies have turned them into unlikely celebrities.

Known for its insatiable hunger for news and drama, Tancourt is abuzz with speculation about the future adventures and confrontations involving these captivating characters. A dinner featuring all three would undoubtedly be the talk of the town.


Tancourt continues to round up any Eclipsed Sun Cultists that journey into its territory as suspicions about them continue to spread.

Exclusive: Tancourt's Unlikely Guests - Eclipsed Sun Cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor Invited to Matron Finchley's Prison Barge!

In a surprising turn of events, the enigmatic Eclipsed Sun Cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor, once feared figures, are now enjoying the unexpected hospitality of Matron Finchley's prison barge in Tancourt.

Just days ago, a peculiar group of individuals clad in dark robes with the unmistakable tattoo of an eclipsed sun on their foreheads arrived in Tancourt, heralding the impending storms with an uncanny ability to predict their arrival. These cultists, who previously raised eyebrows with their foreknowledge and habit of rescuing villagers before the tempests struck, became the center of both fascination and concern.

As word of their presence spread, it didn't take long for the established religious leaders of Tancourt, notably the Sunpointers led by the ever-vocal Truth Bash, to voice their displeasure. The emergence of a competing faith, especially one boasting such predictive powers, did not sit well with the Sunpointers. They were quick to demand answers and summoned one of the Eclipsed Sun Cultists to reveal their secrets.

Rather than hostility, what followed was a surprising twist of events. Instead of clashing with the Sunpointers, the Eclipsed Sun Cultists found themselves invited to the opulent prison barge of Matron Finchley. This barge, notorious for its spacious but often overcrowded brigs, now hosts these unusual guests with the utmost courtesy and kindness.

Within the confines of their "rooms," the cultists and Mormaer Gwaithor are said to be receiving treatment beyond what any typical prisoner could hope for. Tancourt's prison barge, known for its austere conditions, is now providing these enigmatic figures with luxurious accommodations.

Stay tuned for further updates as these curious tales unfold!

Edited by mystic1110 (see edit history)
Kindap (use of Treasure) Olivier of Velentin
2d6+6 6,2
Investigate Bertille the Blackheart
2d6+5 1,4
Buyout Tyr Sweet Thistle (-1 from DOS rep)
2d6+4 4,2
Buyout Apples (-1 from DOS rep)
2d6+4 2,5
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Round Event Interrupt!

The Brotherhood of Black Banners has successfully convinced the Easterling Hoard to not invade region 412! The battle for Region 412 has been cancelled!

The Brotherhood of Black is in further negotiations with the Easterling Hoard!


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Omega, Turn Nine (Year 33-36)


With forces somewhat replenished, Still Lake looks to ways to make bolstering the army more efficient, settling on a dedicated development ground at Highwall - both as a naturally defensible position and also to reward them for their efforts in clearing the devastation that plagued the whispering woods. Outreach to the Myrkan and Seekers intensifies, the better to find allies in these troubled times.

[Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with MYR (Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with SPH (Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy]: Raise reputation with DOS (Success vs. TN 10)
[Diplomacy]: Explore north! (Result: 14)
[Military (Special 10)]: Establish Fort Beta in Highwall.


Resist Buyouts.
Resist Conversion Attempts.

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 8 (+2) | Military 10 | Industry 9 | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Raise Reputation with MYR
2d6+8 6,1
Raise Reputation with SPH
2d6+8 5,4
Raise Reputation with DOS
2d6+8 5,4
Raise Reputation wtih DOS
2d6+8 1,5
Exploration w/ Treasure
2d6+10 2,2
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The Rikathi

Region: 217




Round 9


1: Mjornduth Becomes a City (Industry 5) -

The place once known for it's Longhouses and wooden huts as changed in the last forty years. The stabilization of the region under a Warrior Queen has been far more prosperous than anyone could ever imagine, especially since she has done it without war and an increased reliance on her faith. The people of Mjornduth know diverse trade, craftsmanship, and continue to seek the enlightenment of their elders.

The Myrkran influence is seen everywhere now, but most notably are their sections of the city that are completely to their cultural disposition, a testament to the freedom provided to them through Myrkran Embassy Center. Which has been torn down and rebuilt twice already because of the need for growth. Two story buildings using iron and steel reinforcements break the horizon surrounding it and further growth will no doubt head upwards instead of out.

A defensive wall has been built along the landward side of the city and along the coast they patrol the beaches and built lighthouses and watch towers. Pastures are fenced off and land owners have regular meetings to ensure content neighbors and to discuss any issues that might hurt their flocks.

The Seekers of the Sphere have their libraries sprinkled throughout the four districts, offering anyone with the chance to come and learn the ways of the star-reading people. Star-signed children are often sent to these places of study for scheduled inspection and to update the Seekers on their development or to address any concerns the parents may have about their child.

Between these diverse three cultures, there is something of a melting pot for each district. It's not uncommon for a Rikathi to live near a Myrkran or a Rikathian merchant booth to set up outside a Seeker library and sell cooked lamb to the exiting members after a worship service.

The only district that doesn't have a ton of mixing is that of the Sky Watch neighborhood. The grand Rikathi temple rests near it's center and many of the buildings surrounding it are housing for the devout thread-bearers. Their schedules are as such that large gatherings and loud celebrations would be against the needs of those living there. It's a quieter neighborhood generally considered ruled by The High Voice. The Seekers have placed a library in the neighborhood and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere, and go so far as to limit the amount of Seekers who can be present at any given time to keep the solemn environment. Heated philosophical debates are even sometimes paused and the debaters seek a different library to finish with a crowd growing as they march through the city.


2:  Seeking Aid to Help with Seeker's Council (Faith) - Success


3: Council of Velentin's Elders (Intrigue) Fail

Ota Beyn seems too pre-occupied for any true common ground to be found. When the Council seeks out her second in command, she speaks of The Oath and her fervent attitude is not seen as a strength in their eyes. They will pass through this place again in the future, and perhaps an intellectual connection will be made.

4: Raise a Land Unit (Military) - Auto

More and more Rikathi seek to contribute through military might. With the threats from the sea and the constant talk of war across the continent, Ota Beyn has no shortage of volunteers to learn the arts of war.

5: Buyout of Trading Post #2 of Dyes (Industry) - Success

The population of Mjornduth continues to grow and with it, the need for every kind of trade. Those few families who dealt in dyes have started to pass the trade to the next generation. Families have become properly structured businesses and the infrastructure of Mjornduth has been a boon to the entire industry. The riches of the dye trade has given way to larger families and wider pastures. There are even improvements being implemented by the local Myrkrans who have an eye for innovation.


Use Favor to have the Seekers seek a new Holy Site on Region 208.

Confirm Embassy with The Widow Queen

Free Request for the Seekers to do an Investigation -


Will Receive:

+1 to Industry

+1 Land Unit


Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Seek Aid
2d8+10 1,8
Council Secrets
2d6+4 3,2
Trading Poist
2d6+6 6,1
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Leader: Gob Diplo 4 | Military 5 | Industry 6 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 4

Regions: 209 and 208

Treasure: 3


1) [Intrigue] Investigate: The land to the North is gone to some strange goblins. It would be smart to learn more about our neighbors.

2) [Intrigue] Investigate: Those pirates are definitely still out there, especially this strange Meathook. Who calls themselves that? Why would you make a hook out of meat? These are truly some pressing questions.

3) [Diplomacy] Improve Relations: We seem into have gotten off on the wrong (webbed) foot with the Disciples of Silicon. Maybe it was just a bad day for them. We'll keep trying to be friendly and see what happens

4) [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission: The maps made by the best goblin cartographers show a dotted line extending northeast from our islands. Surely there's someone on the other end of the line, otherwise there wouldn't be a line, right? Send forth a diplogob!

5) [Military] Special 5- A Hero Rises!: An exceptionally clever fighting goblin has emerged! Lin has the makings of an excellent adventurer and seeker of stories to bring home to record on the bones!

Intrigue 1
2d6+4 1,3
Intrigue 2
2d6+4 5,3
Diplomacy 3
2d6+4 2,6
The Hero Lin
1d4+6 3
Diplomatic Mission (Jane Wuz Here)
2d6+4 2,2
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As the turn of the shades bring the end of winter and spring is heralded by the people of the Ayr, what greats them instead is an extended frost. Hail, sleet and snow continue for months unabated sending the Ayr into a panic as spring is drowned out in cold and snow. Summer hits the Ayr and gives reprieve to the cold, banishing it at last.

The westernmost coasts of Altarin and Taer Mojr see exaggerated tidal as summmer warms the Ayr with shifts with extreme tidal flats followed by flash flooding and massive waves crashing on the shores. Massive chunks of ice crash on the shores of the Vaires, Altarin, Taer Mojr and even Brenn Tyr!

The people observing the track of the Dark Moon for the last decade declare their results! The moon is approaching this part of the Ayr, and not a slow pace that what few records claim. Far lenses are trained to the western ocean and on the clearest days the moon's shadow cast on the massive western ocean can be spotted

The Dark's Shadow Approaches.





The root rot containment and pandemic spreads through West Altarin like the fires left by the Ruler of Altarin. Healers and herbalists make a valiant attempt to cull the stem of the plague and none help more than the Sisters of the Sister's Embrace. Many are cured by their ministrations, but it seems the cure doesn't always take.

Reports of formerly healed with extreme swings of aggression and hunger multiple as root rot continues to be weeded out. A spike of assaults and attacks between people increase tensions between the sick, the formerly sick and the healthy. Paranoia about the infected having a hunger for unnatural food is rooted in the public's mind when the disappearances start.

The first reports of missing people were those who had recently been healed of root rot. Then the still sick started disappearing. When those who were not sick starting going missing panic flooded the streets, citizen patrols were started. That was when the creature sightings started. One dripping with blood hunched over a dead body before fleeing into the dark.

Something Hunts the Altarin Nights!




News from Ana Kai is dire, Utui refugees flee the mountainous coast to all other realms in Taer Mojr. They tell the same story, a new power has risen against Shiobyn, one the people call the Sun-borne.

The unrest and calls for change forced Shiobyn's hand and Utui blood was spilled on the streets after a rowdy protest injured the Ana Kai leader. The Sun-borne took her followers and paid back slain protestors in blood. A bloody revolution followed which ended in the death of Shiobyn at the hand of the Sun-borne! The fleeing Utui perfectly recall the Sun-bornes speach after taking control.

"It is in my Mother's Death that the Utui will be freed from their chains and bondage! We Will Live in the Light of the Sun and fight back the darkness that rests in these lands and in our hearts. I was given a gift by the stars and a calling when the light exposed my faults and failures. Failure to act was one I killed today - we will purify these lands and prepare against the coming night ahead. Join me and we will Bring the Rising Sun forward!"

The Rising Sun has stepped out of the ashes of Ana Kai led by the Sun-borne, the Greater Star-signed child of Shiobyn!




Following the warning of Highborn Yaerl but determined to see the blight themselves the Brotherhood of Black Banners dispached soldiers to region 411. As they travelled through the region they observed signs of pervasive blood red thorns increasing in frequency as they marched deeper.

The splotches of growth sapped the color out of everything they touched, turning them into an carmine sheen. The deeper they delved the more frequent and larger the carmine thorns grew eating into the fields of Tyr Sweet Thistle that grew plentifully in the region. Choking them, suffocating them, consuming them.

The Carmine Blight has been revealed



BBB Invasion of Region 428

Aggressor: Sir Rulman (9) with 2 units

Tactics: Skirmish (+8)

428 - BBB Tactic

Tactic Loss

Duel: Challenged (2d8+9)

428 - BBB Duel

Win by 11, Pierre is at the mercy of Sir Rulman

Battle: Commander (+9), Foothold (+2), Units (+2), Duel Win (+4)

428 - BBB Battle

Victory, 30% losses, 1 Unit lost.

Sir Rulman Loss Roll

428 - BBB Leader Loss

Defender: Pierre d'Roc (7) with 1 unit

Tactics: Reckless Attack (+7)

428 - Defender Tactic

Tactic Win, Reckless Attack

Duel: Challenge Accepted

428 - Pierre Duel

Loss by more than 6.

Battle: Commander (+7), Units (+1)

428 - Defender Battle

Loss, Defenders routed.


BBB Invades Region 411 and finds the Carmine Blight but no other opposition.


The Faithful Preach

The Sisters attempt to reach more of the people of Altarin

114 Conversion to SsE

108 Conversion to SsE

108 Nanx Resist SsE Conversion

> Derp the Nanx don't own this region.

Other Notable Events


428 - BBB Tactic
2d6+8 1,1
428 - BBB Duel
2d8+9 6,8
428 - Defender Tactic
2d6+7 4,3
428 - Pierre Duel
2d6+7 2,3
428 - BBB Battle
2d10+9+2+2+4 5,1
428 - Defender Battle
2d10+7+1 6,4
114 Conversion to SsE
2d6+8 5,5
108 Conversion to SsE
2d6+8 2,5
108 Nanx Resist SsE Conversion
2d6+3 2,4
428 - BBB Leader Loss
1d20-1 11
416 - Conversion Attempt
2d6+3 3,2
GST Quest
1d4 3
219 Hero
1d6+4 3
1d4+1 3
Rebel Hero
1d6+4 5
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Round 10


Announcements & Rule Updates

Welcome to Round 10.

Funny thing, all my MW players (apart from Iron) now have more experience being a player than I do!

I'll do the maps and tables tomorrow ._.

'-' let me know if I missed something, this weekend was fun '-'

Ringworld of Ayr

spacer.png spacer.pngspacer.png spacer.png



  • Altarin "Rests"

Altarin R10 Map


Taer Mojr

  • The Zavestra and Omega explorers travel upon different routes, but both find a novel destination - the decline of the Mist Eaters has seemingly spared this land, and the now-familiar torched villages near the outskirts have been repopulated and rebuilt. Trees even grow here, though they've been struggling with the increasingly rough winds and even ice coming from west.
    ZAV and OMG discover Region 221! It has a Good resource of Umbral Fir, a holy site of Heralds of Cycle, and 4 units of Native Defenders! ZAV gains 1 Treasure immediately and +1 to buyouts in region 221 in round 10!

  • The Goblins of Slardar launch an expedition to the northeast, which never returns! The Goblins speculate that they might need better boats or a closer launch point to make it past the terrible bluffs of eastern Yon Vaire.

Taer Mojr R10 Map


Brenn Tyr

  • Explorers from Tyr Buwch find a stretch of land full of empty villages, only a scant few families still maintaining their crops and tools. Asked about the many empty homes, the locals speak of a great bloom deep in the mountains that seems to enslave the minds of those who inhale its perfumes - at first it was thought to be innocuous and pleasant, but one day people began to shove buds of it into others’ faces in the streets, a short stint of violence before together venturing to the commune in the southern valley. There the Lotus Eaters are said to sit, awaiting some greater purpose.
    [Epic Quest - Lotus Land! Heroes may be dispatched to attempt to deal with the Lotus Eaters without resorting to wholesale slaughter (TN 18)]
    COW discovers Region 420! It has a Minor resource of Mountain Lynx, a holy site of Paganism, and 3 units of Native Defenders! It is Blighted and cannot be interacted with nonviolently until the Lotus Eaters have been dealt with!

  • RAW discovers Region 430! It has a Good resource of Canola, a holy site of Karmatic Faith, and 3 units of Native Defenders! Honeyed words and masterful manipulation grant RAW a claim to region 430!

  • TITANIA sails upcoast with a small army of young Merlyn looking to prove themselves in battle, and battle they do! They sack village after frigid village on a set of islands off the Northwest Coast, and return with a collection of TITANIA’s favorite heads, mostly reduced to skulls by the time they arrive at the Isle of Ruin once more
    TITANIA discovers Region 132! It has a Good resource of Arctic Lemmings, a holy site of Agnosticism, and 4 units of Native Defenders!

  • Mal Dread's lonely boating trip up the coast eventually comes to an unceremonious end when an enormous black-and-white creature capsizes it, reducing the thing to splinters! After a fierce struggle in the water and a long swim to to the only land in sight, Mal Dread finds himself at a small monastery populated by a group of men who refer to themselves as Stone Sages - and when he inquires about the Emerald Axe, they alight with interest. It's here! Not here-here, but they are able to provide him with a map to its location and tell him a bit about its legend - its said that the Emerald Axe was hewn from ancient seaglass and made with a handle of scrimshawed ivory by one of the most ancient heroes of their order. It was used centuries ago to slay a most terrible beast, but the hero was wounded in their battle and laid it to rest in a nearby stump before succumbing to their wounds. Still there it lies, or so they say.
    [Epic Quest - The Emerald Axe! Heroes may be dispatched to attempt to claim the Axe. (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can claim the axe. Heroes may support each other if they wish to bequeath it onto the leader of such an expedition. There is no time limit to this Quest. Merlyn Mal Dread receives an additional +1 bonus to this quest, thanks to possession of the Stone Sages' map]
    Merlyn Mal Dread discovers Region 432! It has a Minor resource of Killer Whales, a holy site of Way of Rock, and 2 units of Native Defenders!

Brenn Tyr R10 Map


The Vaires

  • A three-pronged claw of expeditions travels from Bulbancha toward the islands on the horizon, and finds a series of verdant, volcanically active hotspots that appear lacking in people - yet always there is an uncomfortable sensation of being watched, and a distant ringing in the ears. Some of the islands contain metal machines upon the small lava cones, pumping for some unknown purpose and maintained by different crablike machines - metal but for a glass dome with a gray organ inside. One expedition meets with great success, returning with both a survey of the region and a cargohold full of black earthglass - along with a light case of tinnitus. The second expedition surveys the south successfully, but in one foray they are set upon by a group they recognize as members of the third expedition! Berserk and incapable of reasoning now, they had to be put down in self defense. It becomes clear to them then - this land is cursed.
    AKI discovers Region 009! It has a Minor resource of Obsidian Glass, a holy site of Heralds of Cycle, and an unknown number of units of Biomechanical Servitors! AKI gains 1 treasure!
    [AKI has discovered the continent of Sateen's Pillar! Players have -6 to most rolls taken in region 009 and all other regions in Sateen's Pillar until obtaining Sunken Translation. Sunken Translation cannot be acquired using a diplomacy great project or other conventional means.]
  • The Iconoclast expedition to the south comes across a small archipelago that shields the east coast of Vaire Ven from tropical storms arriving from the western ocean. While massive seabirds roost on these rocks, it has no sign of native peoples save for the shipwrecks dashed on the western shores - the Myrkran arrivals mention that they braved this passage from a place called Taer Mojr and one of the ships is theirs.
    AKI discovers Region 246! It is a wilderness region with a Good resource of Giant Albatross! AKI gains +1 to buyouts in region 246 in round 10!

Yon Vaire R10 Map


Vaire Ven R10 Map





  • The Crrroa Crrroa Confederacy recruit more forces to replace those lost! (+2 Units)
  • The Nanx Throng recruit brave Nanx to become Dragonpokers! (+1 Unit)

Taer Mojr

  • The Voile Domain replenish Valkyrie ranks! (+1 Unit)
  • The Rikathi raise forces of fighting people! (+1 Unit)

Brenn Tyr

  • The Witches of Tir Buwch recruit forces! (+2 Units)
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners raise raise more forces as the Easterlings march! (+2 Units)
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa concerned over the militaries moving around raise forces named the Piercing Hummingbirds! (+1 Unit)
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa with look to the sea and create The Lady Alyta! (+1 Navy)

The Vaires

  • The Skudal Imperium stretch their military muscles and prepare Rats for war! (+5 Units)
  • The coast is right there, so the Skudal Imperium make a navy to cross it! (+2 Navy)
  • The Irrblossens Hard need something to defend them from the sand and recruit some military! (+1 Unit)




  • The Nanx Throng continue to talk to the people of region 110 and before they know it they are fully Nanx! Region 110 has integrated with the Nanx Throng, the Nanx gain a unit in the integration! Region 110 needs its write-up completed, 5 Rounds remaining.

Taer Mojr

  • The Voileses send Etien and his entourage to discuss with the Ana Kai about joining with the Voile Domain an even are given an audience with Shiobyn herself! Shiobyn confides in Etien that she is overwhelmed by the troubles in Ana Kai and joining the 'strong' Voile Domain would soothe many of her people's woes. Shiobyn points out that her daughter is of age and perhaps some formal marriage could be arranged as well. The Voilese delegation is told to return to their lodgings and wait while Shiobyn sorts out details of the proposed integration.
    Etien is woken in the dark hours of morning by Ashzara, Shiobyn's lover, and a retinue of guards. The Voilese Delegation is ferreted away from the diplomatic lodgings and put under secure watch as the turmoil on the streets boil over. Etien's attempts to talk to Ashzara are turned away as the hero purely states defending him and his delegations was the last command Shiobyn bid her. Late that night when the death of Shiobyn is announced through Ana Kai and the Rising Sun fully takes over, graven faced Ashzara gathers a remnant of loyal Utui and smuggles the Voilese out of Ana Kai under the cover of darkness. [See Terror for More Details]
    [Ashzara the Exiled is in Voile Domain lands with the remnant of Ana Kai Loyalists - She requests an audience with Sabine, Queen of Veils.]

Brenn Tyr

  • With Claire Bérenger's rise to the station of King of the Rosewood the agreement of integration is completed and the Rosewood joins the Storytellers of Sypressa! Region 416 requires its write-up completed, 5 Rounds remaining!
  • Tancourt reporters arrive in Region 013 to cover the integration of the land of the Empty-Shell crabs only to have the crabs already spreading rumors! Region 013 integrates with Tancourt and Tancourt gains a unit in the process! Region 013 requires its write-up completed, 5 rounds remaining!




  • Toteharu trade Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry, Brick & Mortar, Alpine Animal Assistants and Irrigation to the Crrroa Crrroa Confederation!

Taer Mojr

  • The Zavestra head into the woods of Region 204 to coax some of the Giant Spiders out to train and manage to find something the spiders respond to! Zavestra successfully buyouts 204-TP1 and gains a supply of Giant Spiders!
  • The Rikathi invest in their dye production of Mjornduth (217) and buy more dyes! The Rikathi buyout 217-TP2 and gain another supply of dyes!

Brenn Tyr

  • The Ancient Warriors of Ruin transfer control of Region 429 to the Storytellers of Sypressa shortly after fully integrating with the region! The People of Region 429 are outraged of the slight by the Zan Cuddlu at removing himself of the birthright of his child! His callous dismissal of them spurs those loyal to the prophecies to action! Region 429 is in rebellion! Ar'yn Volis (9) rises to lead the rebellion with his forces (4 Units) and marches to make Region 429 independent again!
  • Tancourt sends some delegates to Region 411 to acquire some of the Tyr Sweet Thistle, but the Carmine Blight interference and distraction causes all deals to fall apart
  • Tancount has a tooth for sweet fruit, and manage to sweet talk the people of 414 to trade with them! Tancourt buyouts 414-TP2, gaining a supply of Apples!

The Vaires

  • Irrblossens Hard send fairies out in all directions to obtain good of their current fixations, Half of the faries fail in their attemps while the others successfully acquire more goods! The Irrblossens Hard successfullu buyout Trade Posts 138-TP1, 139-TP1 and 140-TP3 gaining supplies of Shelling Stone, Spire Horn and Sand!




  • The Sister's Embrace reaches out to the remnants of the Weak and the Zabka who rule 114 and convinced a majority of the benefits of the Sister Moon. Region 114 is converted to the Sister's Embrace
  • The Sisters' convert the people of Region 108 from the Weak Ways to the Sister's Embrace!
  • The Toteharu attempt to spread their faith to the people of Tio-Kao, but the colonists are too busy building the fortress to pay much heed. Conversion attempt of region 127 fails
  • Not deterred the Toteharu also try to convert region 103, but the cave cats distract the believers in the Weak Ways and the Myrkran try to help but a cat sits on their laps. Conversion of 103 fails.

Taer Mojr

  • The Seekers attempt to spread word of The Oath to the Isle of Slardar on behalf of the Rikathi, but the Goblins prove unexcited by this talk! The seekers sent return confused and laden with fish.

Brenn Tyr

  • The Witches of Tir Buwch embrace the newly organized Code of Stars as their official religion!
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch have begun a great project to repair their Temple! [1 / 5]
  • The Easterling Horde attempt to teach the people of 416 their faith in the Dark's Shine, but most take the Dark Moon as a dangerous Omen and the attempt fails!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa look to the Brotherhood of Black Banners' Code of Stars and adopt it as their official religion!

The Vaires

  • The Akazeg Iconoclasts reach out to the Skudal Imperium and convince the Rats to believe in their faith! Aite Salach (244) is converted to Gnostic Monadism!



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? This Ruin has two discovered locations.
    • The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll! It has been fairly picked over.
    • The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara the Exiled (10) Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners Artemisia Sagebrush (10) of the Storytellers of Sypressa
Hero Olivier of Velentin (9) of the Seekers of the Spheres Meryln Mal Dread (10) of Ruin's Ancient Warriors
Petal Rose (8) of No Realm Mist Keggie (7) of the Mist Tribe
Sylara the Umbral Sentinel (8) of Zavestra Unnamed Rat (Unknown potential) of the Skudal Imperium
Maskros, Vandraren (9) of Irrblossens Hard The Compact (9) of the Nanx Throng
Lin (9) of the Goblins of Slardar  

The White Leviathan - The Choice

When Te-Raupea approached the White Leviathan it prepared itself for the fight but in its condition it was barely able to put up a decent fight for the Bear. A quick search of its lair provided Te-Raupea with some treasures as well as the trophy leviathan egg.

On his return to Toteharu and listening to reports of the Ruler of Altarin's fight with the combined Altarin forces his account of the White Leviathan physical features seem to share similarities with the Ruler of Altarin.

[Te-Raupea brings back +2 Treasure that can be used this round! Additionally the Bear brings back a White Leviathan Egg! Eilonwy of Velentin's search of the White Leviathan's lair revealed another Egg hidden away that she claimed for the Seekers of the Spheres!]

Sylara - The Grounded Sky Tower!

After leaving her escort behind Sylara enters cautiously into the grounded sky tower. The kill-bots' spree didn't seem to be isolated to the surface and Sylara's careful search of the oddly rectangular rooms yielded some precious materials that could benefit the Zavestra.

The twisted corridors and odd rooms has the remains of Myrkran who had carved a section the tower out, now picked over by the strange obsidian fleck'd creatures darting from shadow to shadow, but wary of the exploring Hero.

Finding no reason to plunder the depths all the way to the Veiled Dark and risk triggering another kill-bot wave Sylara returned to the surface with what plunder she found.

[Sylara finds some forgotten treasures in the bones of the Grounded Sky Tower! Sylara takes back +3 Treasure and some language fragments.]

  • The Skudal Imperium in their haste to recruit a standing army train one of them to be a special hero, this rat raised from obscurity with an unknown potential isn't even given a name by the Rat King! [The Skudal Imperium must name and roll for the hero before it can act!]
  • Merlyn Zan Cuddlu’s opening strike is parried by a bladed wing even as TITANIA muses upon the fingers their lips had touched moments before. “The Blood in my body may come from others, but I accept, dear. May I have this dance?” . . . Thirty minutes later, TITANIA retrieves a severed finger from the ground. "Oh yes, you will do.", she states before the now-somewhat trashed court. The rest of the conversation, though, takes place behind closed doors. [Continued in Round 10!]
  • Together the assembled forces of Ruin and the Disciples besiege the forest, tearing down rubber trees and revealing nest after nest of horrible latex-wurms, which piece by piece they purge together with fire and sword. After a years-long, dedicated effort, Operation: Conqueror proves an absolute success as the forests of Brenn Tyr are deemed safe from this particular anomalous species. A few remaining samples are contained and returned to the Forbidden Vault for safe storage and study, and one is laid aside as a trophy for Zan Cuddlu - though the Merlyn are warned to keep the horrid thing far from any living wood, lest it escape and cause havoc once more. As for the forest itself, the damage is extensive and yet not as severe as it could have been - many groves were lost completely, transformed into worthless polymers, but it didn't reach the most ancient woods or the parts of the forest where loggers are most active.
  • The Irrblossens Hard raise up a new story to be told of Maskros, Vandraren (9) a new hero!
  • The Nanx Throng raise a Hero group of the most skilled Nanx named the Compact (9)!
  • The Goblins of Slardar search among their own and find a clever goblin named Lin (9)!



  • The Zavestra attempt to recover something of value from the killing machines in region 204, but find little more than scrap metal and questions
  • A group of Toteharu investigators travel to the Weak Lands in search of cultural artifacts to appropriate! They succeed primarily in trampling random tombs and soon the court of Crrroa-Crrroa is suffused with furious ghosts demanding their would-be-sovereigns do something about these marauders.
  • Toteharu investigators trying to learn more about the Root Rot start at the original source of the infection, a loop of three villages where the first cases were reported - following up on their leads, they discover a rogue traveling healer who has been tainting water supplies with a concoction they brewed, the recipe to which was given to them (supposedly) by the Sun whispering in their ear to expose those who consorted with darkness to the light, and make their inner corruption outward. They started with those three villages and managed to slip into the festival to taint the festival drinks too when they heard about a large gathering of people. While this explains some things, though, it only raises further questions elsewhere. How did it become contagious, or spread to non-Toteharu? How does it resist the Sisters' attempts at healing and lie dormant? Some written notes found in the healer's hut suggest it was made using a derivative of Chorda Kelp, which might be useful in making an antitoxin if a supply could be obtained - though hopefully new cases might reduce naturally now that the original poisoner is caught.
  • When the Toteharu inquire regarding the Dragon's body, the DOS report that it fell in the mountains, but relay simply that they have not recovered a body. They are uninterested in divulging operational details or making promises to hand it over.
  • Tancourt's reporters seeking out Bertille the Blackheart return with little more than the clothes on their backs - and a story! They were robbed. That's the story - though with a little strategic embellishment, they're sure it'll sell! Bertille and her bandits are definitely still active in southwest Brenn Tyr, but lying relatively low.
  • When the Elders of the Seekers come to Mjornduth to administer their first test, they are met with discussion of the Oath - which is interesting, but not what they sought. Still, they see much potential in Ota Beyn and Mjornduth as a whole. And they are patient - they will wait, aging as elders do, until circumstances change.
  • The Goblins of Slardar send a group of scouts to observe the inhabitants of the island to their north, and while their ability to gather information from a safe vantage point is limited, they are able to identify the warleader and watch them drill the militia. [Region 219's native commander has been identified as a Hero 7!]
  • Though the Goblins sent to investigate Captain Meathook are not quite foolish enough to just go and try to meet him, they are absolutely foolish enough to ask around Crying Cove about him. The locals are surprisingly accepting of random Goblins going around asking questions so long as they don't get caught stealing anything or annoy Dreadlove's men - talk of the Mist Eaters is common in Crying Cove, as the largest company outside the three great Pirate Lords, even divided as they currently are. But where the Tempest-Runner united the Mist eaters through vision, purpose, strength and cunning, Captain Meathook possesses only strength. A brutal man named for his penchant of hanging corpses from hooks as a warning to others, Meathook is not to be taken lightly - and yet, something is missing. He keeps to the Mist Eaters' mission of raiding faraway lands to take their wealth and the fertility of their land alike, delivering it through the Widow Queen's strange magics to the heartlands of the Vaires, but he acts solely for the thrill of battle and drives his men only through fear. [Captain Meathook is a subcommander 5 with 1 naval unit and 1 land unit!]


  • The Voile Domain empowered by their victory over the VVV Raise the Fortress of Lupercal in Region 218!

  • The Y'licis translation efforts are put to the side for other pursuits! [4/5]

  • The Skudal Imperium foster a cultural identity of Epic Quests! (2d6 > 2d8)

  • The Toteharu spend a considerable amount of time fortifying their newly colonized region Tio-Kao (127) and construct a fortress!

  • The Nanx Throng and the Toteharu formally acknowledge their cooperation and create an embassy between the two Realms!

  • The Akazeg Iconoclasts create a Myrkran Refugee Processing Centre for the strange newcomers in Region 245! [3 / 3]

  • The Akazeg Iconoclasts dig through their storehouses and discover a forgotten artefact, the Undying Incense! [Grants a +1 to a conversion once a round]

  • The Irrblossens Hard build up a mound of sand in Dammrök (140) and declare it a city fit for all comers! The City of Oxel is raised in Dammrök!

  • The Crrroa Crrroa Confederacy and the Nanx Throng form formally trade ties and connections forming an embassy between the two Realms!

  • The Omega spend time investing into Highwall (206) and construct the Fort Beta in the Region!

  • The Rikathi spend a significant time investing in Mjornduth (217) and raise the self-same City in the Region!

  • The Widow Queen and the Rikathi between letters and proxy meeting come to an agreement to have the Rikathi host an Embassy for the Widow Queen!


  • Altarin:
    • With the root cause of the root rot sickness revealed Healers across Altarin are able to start some minor treatments but not full cures due to the required Chorda Kelp not being easily available. Brrrekeke (Region 100) and New Kaldyr (Region 115) have increased frequencies of attacks and reports of monsters in the night and on the street. Sightings are reported and parties ignoring the Crrroa Crrroa Mandates start policing for themselves by rounding up those deeply sick with root rot and disposing them while attacking any strange creatures they find! [Brrekeke and New Kaldyr enter Unrest! Realms that accept the Sister's aid get a +2 to quell unrest rolls and have the Sisters start quarantine procedures at the cost of the Sister's attempting to spread their faith.]
  • Taer Mojr:
    • The Sun-Borne's speach rallies the Utui and other peoples near Ana Kai as the rebellion comes to completion! The Sun-Borne takes center stage at the leader of the Rising Sun, a new faction on Taer Mojr!
      "Is in my Mother's Death that the Utui will be freed from their chains and bondage! We Will Live in the Light of the Sun and fight back the darkness that rests in these lands and in our hearts. I was given a gift by the stars and a calling when the light was exposed my faults and failures. Failure to act was one I killed today - we will purify these lands and prepare against the coming night ahead. Join me and we will Bring the Rising Sun forward!"
      The Greater Star-signed leader sends out a call for faithful of the Bright's Glow to rally in Ana Kai. Many of the faithful respond, flocking to their banners!
      [The Rising Sun gains control of Ana Kai (Region 211). The Rising Sun converts Ana Kai to the Bright's Glow! Ana Kai gains a Holy Order of the Bright's Glow! The Rising Sun gains a 211-TP1 and a resource of Makun! The Rising Sun gains 6 units and 3 Navy!]
  • Brenn Tyr:
    • Sickening red vine pulsates through eastern Brenn Tyr consuming all in their wake, blighting resources they touch leaving roses. thorns and carmine vines behind. The Lands beyond region 411 are tangles of vines with no sign of any beasts, creature or anything apart from the carmine hued plant. The Easterlings tell of the vines attacking when the infection was deep enough, but what plants could be alive and act? [The Carmine Blight has been revealed in Brenn Tyr! The Carmine Blight infests a region and blights its trade posts as it progresses unchecked! Not much else is known about the blight! 411-TP3 is blighted!]



  • The Storytellers of Sypressa and the Omega reach out to the Myrkran to smooth over relations, meeting with some success! (+1 Rep)
  • The Voilese call in favors to improve their image among the Myrkran population at large! (+1 rep, -1 favor)
  • The Goblins of Slardar make friends and interests among the Myrkran thanks to their intelligence gathering! (+1 favor)
  • The Akazeg Iconoclasts greet the first Myrkran at the shores of Bulbancha, having fled violence in the west in search of new lands, sailing past terrible pirates and dangerous waters. Quickly, camps are set up. (+1 rep, +1 favor)

Disciples of Silicon:

  • Apparently all seeing value in cozying up to the stoic guardians, the Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation, Omega, and Goblins of Slardar all open additional diplomatic channels! (+1 Rep)
  • The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation reminds the Disciples of favors owed, and with this gains access to their more senior administration (+1 Rep, -1 Favor)

Seekers of the Spheres:

  • The Omega reach out to the Seekers to strengthen diplomatic ties! (+1 Rep)
  • The Rikathi implore the Seekers to spread word of The Oath to the Isle of Slardar! (-1 Favor)
  • A mob from Tancourt moves out to attempt to abduct Olivier of Velentin as he travels into the East, bravely descending into the Carmine. They watch him slice open a few of the rosy buds to collect strange red stones, which he places into a bag, before they jump him! The battle is short, and even with numbers and youth they’re no match for the man. The survivor of the encounter is told to leave and warn their masters of what has transpired here. (-1 Rep)


BBB Invades Region 428

As the Brotherhood of Black Banners returns to settle the conflict and take the region once again Pierre d'Roc leads his small army forward to face twice his number in forces. This time Sir Rulman was ready for Pierre and duelled him on the field, parrying and blocking the man's attacks. In a swift motion the duel was over and Pierre was at Sir Rulman's mercy.

With their leader so easily defeated the defending forces made a valient effort to rout the Brotherhood's advance, but ultimately fell to the superior numbers. The veteran defending forces took what payback they could from the Brotherhood of Black Banners, killing as many as were killed.

[The Brotherhood of Black Banners is victorious taking control of Region 428, losing 1 Unit to the battle! Pierre d'Roc is at the Mercy of Sir Rulman! Region 428 is in unrest! Region 428 requires its write-up, 5 rounds remain]

BBB Invades Region 411

Sir Gustav Bloch marches through Region 411 seeing the creeping vines tainting the lands as forewarned by the Easterling Highborn. Nothing attacks the army and the remnant of people in the land seem more concerned with saving what remains of the Tyr Sweet Thistle. As Sir Gustav begins implementing martial order on the inhabitants of region 411 the vines grow and prosper despite efforts to cull them. [See Terror for More]

[Region 411 has been taken over by the Brotherhood of Black Banners. The Carmine Blight has overwhelmed 411-TP3, it is now blighted! Region 411 is in unrest! Region 411 requires its write-up completed, 5 rounds remain]

  • The Voile Domain spend time assuring the people of their new lands are safe and secure in the greater Domain. The diplomatic method pays off and both Region 218 and Region 213 are no longer in unrest!
  • The Crroa Crrroa Confederacy sends out diplomats and successfully calms some of their population! Sugonda (113) and The Weak Lands (114) are no longer in unrest!

Rumors & Events

  • The Easterling Horde travel through Region 412 to Region 416 and raise camp in the mostly abandoned region! The Highborn have started maintaining order on the region dealing with bandit attacks as the refugees rest and recuperate. Claire Bérenger newly crowned King of the Rosewood attempts to host the mass of Easterlings, but the large number of them drive her to her wits end. [Highborn Yaerl Ddaine Commands the Easterling Horde and his discussion with the Brotherhood of Black Banners led to a welcome peace. All Brenn Tyr realms may interact with the resting Horde.
    The Brotherhood of Black Banners gain the "Integrate the Easterlings [0/3]" Great Project from their offer.



Nothing Here



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NPC Actions

Round 10


The Peoples of Myrkran

Pending Requests and Offers

[Diplomacy] Beg to Let Sleeping Crabs Lie in Brenn Tyr - The unknown presence in the land of the empty-shelled crabs along with cryptic Rayjo communications put the leaders of Shadestone Hold and other Myrkran communities instantly on edge. Requests and demands go out to go no further - what lies south is a dire peril, dangerous even to speak of, and no good can come of waking it. (Demand: Do not explore south of Region 013 or Region 415. Reward: None. Penalty: -1 Reputation per exploration attempt in this direction and these exploration attempts do not fulfill the Promote Exploration request. The Myrkran will refuse any favors spent to explore in this direction. Duration: Rounds 6-10)

[Intrigue] Gather Intelligence on the Pirate Threat - Though the interest in establishing colonies in the Vaires remains, greater knowledge of the Pirate Threat terrifies many of the Myrkran in Taer Mojr! Some forward-thinking leaders gather up resources to use as a carrot to encourage the spread of such information. (Request: Investigate aspects of VVV, such as its yet-unknown rulers, resources, beliefs, technologies, and strength. Reward: +1 favor for any such successful investigation. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 8-10)

[Industry] Offer to Share Farming Secrets to the Vaires, for a Price - The kingdoms of the Vaires find the first of the Myrkran reaching their shores, or at least the first that survived the pirates. They bring knowledge from faraway lands, in return for business and roofs over their heads. (Offer: The Peoples of Myrkran will grant the Irrigation technology to a Vaires realm upon non-action acceptance of their offer. Reward: 2 Favors owed to MYR. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 9-10)


[Industry] Rayjo Network Expansion [2/5] - As the specter of doom from the West approaches, the Rayjo network will become increasingly critical, and efforts are redoubled to finish it quickly. (Request: Any kingdom may contribute to this great project as an Industry action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one MYR favor. Duration: Rounds 9-11)

[Intrigue] Grapple with the Easterling Advance - The Myrkran communities of Brenn Tyr seem unsure what to make of the Kymtyr of the East, now that they’ve too arrived in great numbers…though more bloodied hands. Whispers spread wildly - some see in them kindred of sorts despite their humanity, others competition for limited space, yet more wonder if it is only their humanity that spares them from death after arriving with their spears raised. Scholar Panhu Gabura pens a treatise on ethics suggesting that a great trauma of the King of Swords lingers still in Brenn Tyr, the policies of a mad warlock still influencing modern policy in ways incompatible with pure reason - and claims that the Myrkran should seek to emulate the horned warriors of the west in the future rather than pursuing civilian careers, as history suggests that violence with purpose is the path to true prosperity.

[Intrigue] Scorn the Sunborne - Where the Ana Kai Loyalists fled their homelands with importance and scraps of their former dignity, if not fanfare, an inky silence escaped what was once a thriving rayjo outpost in the region. Over the following weeks and months, a few rare Myrkran stowaways, ragged escapees, and children intentionally smuggled to safer lands spoke through haunted, glazed eyes of the nightmares visited upon them by the ones who claimed to serve the Sun. Horns strung on garlands down buildings, families fed to the turtles piece by piece, and other horrors most would not even speak of. The Sunborne spoke of rooting out a darkness, but to the Myrkran they were another misfortune more horrible than the last. (The Rising Sun has fallen to Reputation -3!)


The Disciples of Silicon

[High Witch Bryn is kept up at night by faint flickerings, a laughing collection of points of light that seem to project from the environment around her. They are difficult to understand, but from time to time she gets glimpses of a strange ghostly woman just long enough to make out a few words - that her name is Sibyl, and she is no friend of the Metal Men. Unfortunately, communication is highly limited, and only a challenging ritual can stabilize this link! To attempt such a seance, High Witch Bryn may attempt a Faith action rolled against TN14 so long as she remains at -3 Reputation with the Disciples of Silicon.]

Pending Requests and Offers


[Diplomacy] Declassify and Dispose - Several recent acquisitions from Altarin, Taer Mojr, and Brenn Tyr have been analyzed and deemed not necessary to keep in indefinite isolation. With limitations on vault space, the process of slowly disposing of such things - whether by destruction or random dissemination - begins. Those in the loop of the Disciples’ activities are presented with a rare opportunity to take something off the disciples’ hands, with the right grease. (Offer: Kingdoms with DOS rep 1 or greater may request the contents of a vault be delivered to them for external storage/disposal rather than liquified, no more than one per realm, as a non-action. The contents of a vault will be determined by a GM roll. Reward: 2 Favors owed to DOS, contents of Vault. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-11)

Contents of Vaults

Determined by 1d6 roll.

1: Mundane junk. Vault contains exclusively mundane items of little industrial, academic, scientific, or occult interest.

2-3: Minor Find. Vault contains one or more items of expendable value, such as treasure or an artifact that is usable exactly once.

4-5: Major Find. Vault contains a technological or even (misfiled) anomalous artifact.

6: Oops. Vault contains a mystery, which may be greater in value than an artifact and/or dangerous.

[Intrigue] Repair Lance - The experiment is restored to functionality after his disastrous foray into the Veiled Dark. The damage was extensive, but a valuable operative is a valuable operative.

[Intrigue] Secret - The things found in the mountains were still not what they sought. It might be too late soon.

The Seekers of the Spheres

[As the Illuminated and foremost among those with the Seekers' attention, the Ota Beyr Brejna Honorlund of the Rikathi receives a visit from the Council of Velentin's Elders, five of whom arrive by sail! While this coven remains in their court, Brejna Honorlund may spend a special intrigue action to investigate their cryptic words through dialogue and research of the texts they brought with them. While undergoing this training, the Ota Beyr may roll Intrigue against TN 14 to impress the Seekers, and earn the right to be inducted to the greatest secrets of the Seekers of the Spheres!]

Pending Requests and Offers



[Diplomacy] Request an Observatory be built in The Vaires - Desiring an additional point from which to observe the Dark Moon’s approach, the Seekers send missives through the new Kingdoms of the Vaires - in search of a patron who might champion their quest for knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. (Request: Build one Seeker Observatory (3-action Diplomacy/Faith project) in Yon Vaire or Vaire Ven. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed one will be randomly selected to become the recognized SPH base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become SPH bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-14)

[Military] Suppress the Carmine - Though knowledge is limited and early, Seeker Representatives like Olivier, Aporie, and Waxil are clear that in its current form, the Carmine Blight is inimical and incompatible with Ayr’s existing life. The East of Brenn Tyr was sparsely populated to begin with and no organized resistance formed before it overran the wilderness. Little is known but the Easterlings reported that fire was effective in the short term, and most of all time was needed now(Request: Sack Trading Posts overtaken by the Carmine Blight to slow its progress. Reward: +1 favor for any successful sack. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-12)

[Intrigue] Eilonwy spirits the Egg off to Velentin - Under cover of night, Eilonwy of Velentin charters a ship from the southeast shore of Altarin. The thing she found in the depths must go to the Elders.




Vandals and Villains of the Vaires

Captain Dreadlove - A hulking horror of a man in a long, ragged coat that writhes with a patchwork of sewn-on pieces of others to augment his personal might, Captain Dreadlove acts the part of a petty king from his palace-ship speared on a stalagmite in the city of Crying Cove. Dip4/Mil10/Ind5/Int6/Fai5; 6 Land Units, 3 Naval
1. [Military] Meathook invades Region 222 with 1 unit and 1 navy! - Desperation. Fading relevance. The ascension of a rival. Another humiliating defeat and the raising of a great fortress. Captain Meathook may not be the most cunning of his kind, but even he knows that he needs something big now, something ambitious. Glory or Death. One more failure and his crew will desert him, so change is needed. When the Mist Eaters next arrive to foreign shores, they come unshrouded and prepared for an extended presence - this will be no mere raid.


Captain Meathook (Subcommander 5) leads battle, challenges any opponent. Uses Reckless Attack Tactical Doctrine.

Spark-Fire Wands (+1 to Battle), Steering Oars (+3 Maneuvering) in effect.

Total: +9 Battle (+5 leader, +1 unit, +1 navy, +1 tech, +1 treasure), +8 Tactical Maneuvering (+5 using half Dreadlove's Mil Score, +3 Tech)

2. [Intrigue] Raid Region 203 TP3 Lyrisite using Pirate Code CI! - Her star on the rise, Albatross moves in circles far greater than ever before - and they say The Rat promises her something in return for retrieving something they've never seen before. Greed alights in her eyes, and a deal is struck.

The Widow Queen - An ancient sea-witch whom even these cutthroats dare not cross, the Widow Queen appears on paper to be the weakest of them and yet maintains the careful balance of power that keeps these people from killing one another. Both her social puissance and the fear she inspires keep others in line, and she wields secret dread arts. Dip7/Mil5/Ind5/Int7/Fai9; 2 Land Units, 1 Naval. Fog-Wreathed Sails Tactical Doctrine, Embassy with Rikathi
3. [Faith] Convert Region 237 to Widow Ancestry - Far away, the broken heart of the Winding Rose weeps. The Widow Queen hears it in her nightmares. It too must afflict Rizzo's people, among whom the Rose is popular - she will bring peace.
4. [Faith] Convert Region 218 to Widow Ancestry - From Crying Cove, the masked ones see the same vulnerability they saw in Dreadlove's reign as the testament to strength rises across the water. Masks would spread among the harrowed and tired. Those who would be quickest to turn away from the greater world, and seek bliss in ignorance.

Rizzo "the Rat" - Known only in whispers, Rizzo's rumors are mixed - some say they're the closest thing to an honest merchant among these thieves, while others say their influence touches every raid. Dip3/Mil6/Ind8/Int10/Fai5
5. Unknown, as The Rat is only a rumor.
6. Unknown, as The Rat is only a rumor.

Edited by BladeofOblivion (see edit history)
Meathook Target?
1d6+1 2
Meathook direction
1d4 3
Convert Region 237
2d6+9 2,5
Convert Region 218
2d6+9 2,5
Raid 203-3 Lyrisite(also the 218 convert is a 14, forgot continental penalty)
2d8+4 4,2
1d6 2
1d6 1
1d6 1
1d6 1
DOS Secret
2d6+5 3,1
Seekers Investigation into Rizzo the Rat for RIK
2d6+11 1,1
Panhu Gabura Kidnap resist
2d6+3 3,4
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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)




Round 10



Regions 426 & 427

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (8), Military (3), Industry (6), Faith (3), Intrigue (4)

Round 10 Actions

1. Military - Recruit 1 Unit

2. Military - Recruit 1 Unit

3. Military - Recruit 1 Unit

4. Military - Recruit 1 Naval Unit

5. Industry - Support BBB in the completion of a series of Holds in Region 428 [3/3]

In seeing the success of the Brotherhood's peace talks with the Kymtyr of the East, Tir Buwch also opens its lands to the displaced group. Hopefully this sign of cooperation will allow the Kymtyr to divulge more information about what they flee as well as other secrets.


1.  Assist Sypressa in their Quest Against the Lotus Eaters

Lacking a hero of their own, the government of Tir Buwch send food, money, and resources to Sypressa to aid in Artemisia Sagebrush's quest to quell the Lotus Eaters. In the meantime, Morgaine works to grow the kingdom's military in hopes of offering greater aid in the coming years.

2. A child with a greater star sign is ruling from the shadows?

Morgaine, the marked witch who will one day become witch king, still hasn't become witch king yet. But he has gained significant power as heir apparent. For reasons only known to her, High Witch Brynn refuses to retire despite no longer being fit to rule. Just as much as Tir Buwch has split in its factions, so has Brynn's mind. She is struggling to decide on what matters to focus her attention. In her state of disarray, she is forgetting some tasks completely.

Knowing he can't convince his master to retire, he has started to manipulate her. Guiding her to pause the reconstruction of the temple to support the Brotherhood of Black Banners in their own building endeavors. He has also steered her to strengthen Tir Buwch's military as the populace remains split and hostile. He expertly makes these suggestions in ways that seem like the ideas come from High Witch Brynn. In the meantime, he starts to make his own plans to officially seize power once the realm settles a bit.

3. Tensions are high amid the two factions

The witches of Tir Buwch have completely splintered into two groups. One group, Children of the Moonlight, remains loyal to the government, the goddesses, and the Code of Stars. The dissident group, Followers of the Dark One, spurn the Code of Stars in favor of the Eclipsed Sun cult, have begun questioning High Witch Bryn and attempt to gain their own independent power under a mysterious new leader.



Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (8), Military (3), Industry (6), Faith (3), Intrigue (4); Military +2

Capital: Region 426

Realm: Region 427

Faith: Code of Stars




Trading Posts: 5

  1. Region 417; TP 2; Iron
  2. Region 426; TP 1; Cows
  3. Region 427; TP 1; Sunflowers
  4. Region 429; TP 1; Brenn Connifers
  5. Region 433; TP 1; Arctic Moose

Military Units: 5/8, Naval 0/4

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 1 favor owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep -3; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 0; 1 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 5

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Industry and Diplomacy exploration
  • Irrigation: +1 to Stabilization rolls
  • Poetry & Prose: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
  • Bricks & Mortar: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks

Treasure: 3; -1 this turn



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 8
Military 10
Industry 2
Faith 7
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +1 Diplomacy, +1 Industry





  1. [Military 10] Introduce new Military Technology: Cinnabrine Steel
    Requirement: Iron
    Technology Slot: Special Material
    Effect: +1 to Battles
    Spurred to many long years of effort by the mounting dangers facing the Banner Holds and Brenn-Tyr at large, the Cinnabrine dwarves dwelling beneath Flechebourg emerge with ancient knowledge rediscovered. No longer content to forge the black iron that has for so long characterized the forces of the Banner Holds and the Brotherhood, the Cinnabrine's new blades are the color of glossy smoke, shot through with whorls of ashen shadow. This new metal is both lighter and stronger than iron, evoking in many ways the yet-unknown arcades of antiquity that lurk still deeper in the earth.

  2. [Diplomacy] Stabilize Region 428 - 12
    Long years of war are followed by long years of peacemaking, as the dissolute armies of Pierre d'Roc are pursued. Amnesty is offered to many, while a hangman's gibbet awaits those curs tempted to banditry in the face of defeat. At last, a semblance of peace falls over the region, no doubt enforced by the looming shadow of the Kymtyr. While some whisper that the Banner Holds mean to force a total diaspora of the local tribes in favor of their new caribou-herding allies, the return of Pierre d'Roc himself from the dungeons of Flechebourg helps to ease such fears.
  3. [Diplomacy] Explore east from Region 411 - 21
    Faced with the grim reality of the spreading Carmine Blight, the Brotherhood organizes an expedition beyond the war-ravaged borders of the Easterling Incursions. A long wagon train of supplies sets out under heavy guard, seeking to locate any survivors in the blighted wilderness and offer them the Brotherhood's aid.
  4. [Industry] Clear land for the Kymtyr in Region 428 [1/3]
    While the scars from years of campaign are slow to heal, the flattened no-man's land beyond the northern forests of the Banner Holds present a unique opportunity. Already devoid of habitation or vegetation, it is no great sacrifice to further flatten and gouge the earth, and the foundations of many new towns are quickly excavated thanks to the willing aid of the Kymtyr themselves.
  5. [Industry] Begin construction of a series of Holds in Region 428 [2/3]
    The foundations soon give way to boarded streets and makeshift dwellings, as merchant interests from the northern holds negotiate with highborn Kymtyr over logging rights and the construction of new trade roads through the Wood.


  • Allow any kingdom with the capability to sack trade posts overcome by the Carmine Blight.

News and Rumors:

  • As the Kymtyr are safely resettled far from the front lines of the battle against the Carmine Blight, a final injustice perpetrated against their people demands resolution. In the spirit of mending all old wounds, Knight Commander Kotter reaches out to the newly-ascendant Evelyn Muckrake of Tancourt, requesting the release of Mormaer Gwaithor.
  • Taken prisoner and transported to the dungeons of the Spire Penitent, Pierre d'Roc is nevertheless treated with the courtesy due a lord. As the last resistance in his land melts away, he is called to present himself to the Knight Commander, where Etoile Kotter presents him with a choice. In recognition of his valor, the Brotherhood is willing to release him on his word of honor that he shall raise no rebellion nor act against the Banner Holds. His people, after all, are still in need of a leader, and representation on the Council of Mayors is far superior to a life behind bars.
  • Having been decorated for her valor during the northern campaigns, Celine de Flechebourg is assigned to the staff of the Knight Commander at the Spire Penitent. Though the circumstances of her birth continue to follow her in whispers among the common people, the Brotherhood itself is quick to appreciate her unique qualities, and many within the leadership speak privately of their high hopes for her.


Treasure: 0/5

Units: 5/12

  • Banner Militia First Company
  • Banner Militia Second Company
  • First Highland Skirmishers
  • Second Highland Skirmishers
  • First Gauntlet Archers

Naval Units: 0/2

Regions: 417 (Capital), 412, 428, 411


Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Stabilize Region 428 (+1 Irrigation)
2d6+9 2,1
Explore East of 411 (+1 Animal Husbandry)
2d6+9 6,6
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130 and 129

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 9

Mil: 6

Ind: 5

Fai: 2

Int: 7


Expected Stat Changes: +1 Mil, +1 Int


1. Military: Merlyn Mal Dread Quests for the Emerald Axe!

Merlyn Mal Dread accompanied by Link To Fire and Darkmoon Dream departs for the mountains in search of the Emerald Axe! A yearning scratches at the back of his mind, the echoing words of the strange mystics who gave him the map, and distant memories of black and white behemoths fade away as the only sight burned into his vision is of The Peak. What could such a weapon do? What boon would it bestow in times to come? Only the future will tell. Along the way, the Trio are stopped by a group of bandits offering to act as guides and a series of misadventures and side quests unfold accidentally leading to several new bandit gangs forming after splitting apart.

2. Military: Titania leads 4 Units and 2 Naval Units to defend 429 from Rebels.

Tac Doc: Skirmish

Duel: Yes

Techs: Power Armor (+2 Battle -10% Casualty), DOS Rep 2 (+1 against no Tech)

Route: Directly adjacent to 130

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu is incised by the rebels of his neighboring vacation home, they had deemed him worthy of lordship via fate, and now they dared to command him on how to use fates given power? Fate did not deem them powerful and now he would show them the meaning of that power with the combined forces of the Protectorate. Armored forces deploy off rickety boats as TITANIA leads a swarm of Killbots into the very same woods that Operation Conqueror had undergone. With extensive time and research done in the woods a guerilla war of skirmishing and claiming portions of the woods is deemed most effective despite TITANIA's complaints about bodies and viscera.

3. Diplomacy: Press Claim on 430

Merlyn Dewr Arthyr comes to the locals of 430 with offers of peace, partnership, and honor. She bends her knee and presents her black axe to the local rulers in supplication and friendship. The Order of the Drake has found its home.

4. Intrigue: Secret

5. Intrigue: Step 2 Failure

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu is not directly involved in the affairs of the defense of the mainland interests. In fact he seems quite distant from the affairs of the Isle of Ruin at all. To his rivals this is an opportune time, as they move against him in ratcheting their political power, securing alliances, and making plays to advance their own agendas. His gaze is distant, empty, and seemingly speckled with a glint beyond light. He is rarely seen at all, mumbling about strength, will, and Determination.


- Resist Buyouts unless otherwise noted

- Resist Conversions unless otherwise Noted

- Accept DOS offer for a Vault


Edited by Tychris1 (see edit history)
Press Claim on 430
2d6+9 1,6
DoS Intrigue Step 2
2d6+7 2,4
Mal Dread Axe Quest
2d6+11 5,4
2d6+7 3,3
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Akazeg Iconoclasts(AKI)

Ruler: Exarch Gwafa of The 2nd Vault

Diplomacy: 4

Military: 2

Industry: 6 (+1)

Faith: 6 (+1)

Intrigue: 2



Convert region 247 roll
Faith Convert Region 246 roll
Diplomacy Increase reputation with Myrkran Refugees: use 1 treasure roll
Industry Explore North of Bulbancha roll
Industry Explore South of Bulbancha roll


Edited by Lleban (see edit history)
2d6+6 4,5
2d6+6 2,4
2d6+5 3,4
2d6+6 3,5
2d6+6 3,1
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Zavestra - Region 203
Year One of the Ravenous Radiance in the House of the Harbinger
Diplomacy 5 | Military 7 | Industry 8 | Faith 6 | Intrigue 4


In the lands to the west, Sylara does not return home following the triumphant plunder of the Grounded Sky Tower. With no sign of the metal monstrosities, she seeks answers within the depths of the Veiled Dark. A basecamp is set at the foot of the tower itself, from which the general descends with a small band of her most trustworthy scouts to map the way. Should the worst come, word of their deeds would at least make it back to the Ard-Vahmana.

In those self-same lands, however, the dumb luck of a Zoroan male seems to have borne fruit--in that miraculously, he has earned some measure of loyalty from newly bred spiders within the woods--all without losing any extremities. Weariness from his commander, and a promise to keep them away from the main force is taken as a blessing--and the scout, with his small band of friends fools sets about looking at ways to train these massive arachnids for more than just coexistence.

The Emissary begins to look further than the borders of Taer Mojr with the emergence of the Sunborne and new boldness from the Vandals, consolidating their existing hold on resources within Cosnora--and taking the rare opportunity of interest to import new flora from the Vaires--not only lumber, but a fair number of fir cones. The hardy nature of these trees against harsh, unseasonable freezes might provide new insights back home.


[Military] - Sylara explores the Veiled Dark, success!

[Industry] - Buyout of 204-3, (Supported), success!

[Industry] - Buyout of 202-2 (Supported), success!

[Industry] - Buyout of 204-2 (Supported), success!
GM Note: Inadvertently labeled as "roll" in the dice tower.

[Industry] - Buyout 221-2, success!
-4 Penalty, +1 (Expedition Bonus), +1 (Treasure)


Org Non-Action:






  1. Resist Hostile Conversions
  2. Resist Hostile Buyouts
  3. Treasure Spent (Buyout of 221-2, Quest: Veiled Dark)
  4. Treasure Spent on Resisting Raid on 203-3 if possible?
  5. Accept Spark-Flare Wands from OMG


+2 Industry


  • Total TP: 11 (2 treasure/round). -1 if Raid Successful for a total of 10 TP
  • Treasure Remaining: 2
  • Required Resource satisfied (Wind Rock)
  • Embassies with: OMG.




Buyout of 221-2
2d6+6 6,3
2d6+10 5,1
Explore the Veiled Dark
2d6+8+1 6,2
Buyout 204-3
2d6+8+2 5,4
Buyout 202-2
2d6+8+2 5,3
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The Sylvan Protectorate (SYP)

Master Storyteller Artemisia Wormwood
Diplomacy: 5 – Military: 5 – Industry: 1 – Faith: 5 – Intrigue: 1
Round 10


1. Military – Send 5 units to help TITANIA defend Region 429 against the rebels.

2. Military 5 – Raise a Hero, Artemisia Tarragon, Greater Starsigned. Hero Score: 9

3. Military Raise a unit.

4. Military – Artemisia Sagebrush (Hero Score: 10, +1 from SPH rank 1) embarks on an Epic Quest to liberate the Lotus Eaters from their addiction. 15

5. Faith 5 – Adherents to the Code of Stars found the Order of the Mother Bear (Holy Order) in the Rosewood (Region 416).

The Knights of the Mother Bear dedicate themselves to protecting the woods of the White Doe, which border the Rosewood. (Use the Holy Order to defend the Artifact going forward. +4 versus theft attempts)


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +2 Mil. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Nerium Oleander: 4+1 Dip, 3+2 Mil, 2 Ind, 3 Fai, 4+1 Int

B. Receive 1 treasure from the Witches of Tir Buwch via the Witchwood Grove (Embassy).

Records Carved:

Units: 5/10
Navy: 1/4
Treasure: 0/5

MYR: 0 rep / -2 favors
DOS: -1 rep / 0 favors
SPH: 2 rep / 1 favor


- The White Doe's Deershoe: An uncatchable white doe that leaves iron deershoe copies where it steps. Provide a resource of Iron to its owner.
- The Fidelity Flute: An instrument that soothes those that hear it. Allows its owner to Stabilize a region belonging to another nation with which they share an Embassy, once per round.

Groves, Debts, and Treaties:

  • The Witchwood Grove in Tir Buwch (COW) - 120 feet tall
  • The Bruitmire Grove in Tancourt (TAN) - 100 feet tall
  • The Pycnandra Grove upon Ruin (RAW) - 80 feet tall
    • RAW promises to trade Region 429 to SYP after finishing pressing their claim
    • RAW promises no military action towards Region 429 and Region 416
    • RAW promises to support SYP claimancy in any future events where their new government in Region 429 may be challenged
    • SYP promises to train a Hero for RAW in Round 7
    • SYP promises to gift Poetry & Prose to RAW in Round 7
  • The Lievbanner Grove in the Banner Holds (BBB) - 60 feet tall
    • BBB promises to gift SYP their next technology the round after it is created


Digitalia Foxglove: Contact point with the Seekers of the Spheres. Researcher of arcane mysteries. Human. She/her
Salvia Rosemary: Ambassador to RAW, lives in the Pycnandra Grove, Elven. She/her
Populus Aspen: Ambassador to the Rosewood (Region 416). Human. He/him
Artemisia Tarragon: Youngest child with a Greater Star Sign. 24 years old. Human. She/her
Artemisia Wormwood: Middle child. 33 years old. Human. They/them
Artemisia Sagebrush: Eldest brother of Tarragon. 36 years old. Human. He/him
Athyrium Fern:
Past Master Storyteller, now mentor. Devout adherent to the Code of Stars. Human. She/her
Claire Bérenger, the King of Rosewood: The last of the royal lineage of the Rosewood. Human. She/Her
Syzygium Clove: Ambassador to Peoples of Myrkran. Frequent traveler. Elven. He/him.

Unit Fluff:

1x Lynx's Footfalls (scouts)
1x Darting Does (light cavalry)
1x Swanfeather Wraiths (archers)
1x Boar Tuskers (heavy infantry)
1x Piercing Hummingbirds (duelists)

Lady Alyta (sailing ship): Timber for Lady Alyta comes from felled Brenn Conifers (each carefully replanted with a new sapling), though her figurehead is of genuine greywood pine (of the same naturally fallen tree as the Fidelity Flute). Her sails are stained a deep grey-blue with the boiled dye of greywood bark, and her rigging is adorned with silver bells. 

Tactical Doctrines:

Nature's Wrath: Gain +3 to battle rolls when defending


Artemisia Sagebrush (Hero score: 10): See Characters section for description.

Past Stories:

Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 2,3,3,4,4
Raise a Hero (Greater Starsigned)
1d4+7 2
Artemisia Sagebrush's Epic Quest to liberate the Lotus Eaters
2d6+11 2,2
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"WhisperWaves: Tancourt's Juiciest Gossip Unveiled!" written by Evelyn Muckrake.

Dip: 4 | Mil: 1| Ind: 6 | Fai: 1| Int: 6

Expected Increase: Dip: 0 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: +1

Treasure in Vault: 2. Treasure Passive Treasure: 1 (7 TPs + 1 City)

Units: 3.

Regions: 2.


Diplomacy - Establish Claim 414 (use Treasure)

Tanner's Fall from Grace: Reginald Pemshatter's Desperate Bid for Redemption

Once a Wealthy Tannery Tycoon, Now Reduced to Muddy Streets - Reginald Pemshatter's Fight for a Second Chance.

In a shocking turn of events, Reginald Pemshatter, the affluent tannery magnate, finds himself stripped of his wealth, status, and even his own home. A bitter falling out with his longtime mistress, Matron Pemshatter, culminated in a devastating loss for Reginald. Matron claimed his house, his thriving tannery business, his serfs, and his substantial fortune, leaving him with nothing but his embarrassed wife and five daughters.

Now cast onto the muddy streets of Tancourt, Reginald Pemshatter faces a dire predicament. His pride wounded and his reputation tarnished, he sees only one glimmer of hope in the form of his daughters. Pemshatter has been working tirelessly to secure suitable marriages for his five girls, banking on their unions to restore his lost prestige and power.

In a daring gambit, Pemshatter has set his sights on Region 414, a place where fortunes can be made or shattered. He hopes that the region's leaders will take a liking to one of his daughters, potentially catapulting him back into the echelons of power. It's a risky play, reminiscent of the rise of Matilda Pidgeonsbriar, whose exploits in recent years have turned her into a formidable colonizer.

Industry – Expedition south of 013

Tancourt's Audacious Rejection of the 30-Year-Old Myrkran Plea to "Let Sleeping Crabs Lie"

Amid growing tensions, Tancourt's brazen defiance exposes its xenophobic fervor, as a dark cloud of suspicion descends upon Brenn Tyr.

For an agonizing three decades, the voices of Myrkran refugees have resonated like an unsettling chant, beseeching their landlords to "Let Sleeping Crabs Lie" in the shadowy domain of the empty-shelled crabs. An elusive presence, entwined with enigmatic Rayjo transmissions, has cast an ominous pall over this corner of Brenn Tyr, shrouding it in a cloak of dread and secrecy.

But now, a tempest brews on the horizon. Tancourt, renowned for its unyielding policies and thriving prosperity, emerges as an audacious challenger. What was once a nod of cautious understanding has transformed into an audacious confrontation. However, beneath the surface, darker motives lurk, invoking a xenophobic sentiment that threatens to engulf the region.

In the heart of Bethel Giruc, a blazing tempest of words and emotions rages. Tancourt's defiance has ignited a powder keg of xenophobia. Discussions are no longer a mere exchange of ideas but a cauldron of intolerance, where questions about preserving the region's authenticity are overshadowed by a growing fear of outsiders.

Industry – Buyout Lake Pike TP2.

Intrigue – Investigate Carmine Blight, Specifically the Redstones from the Buds

Conspiracy Unveiled: Sinister Secrets of the Carmine Blight and the Enigmatic Seeker

In the eerie depths of the Carmine, a chilling confrontation reveals more than meets the eye. Is the Carmine Blight hiding ancient secrets? Are the Seekers part of a dark conspiracy? Brace yourselves for a mind-bending twist!

In the heart of the enigmatic East, a clandestine rendezvous occurred as Tancourt's covert operatives locked horns with none other than the elusive Seeker, Olivier of Velentin. What lay hidden in the depths of the Carmine Blight had never been so tantalizing and terrifying.

Olivier, an enigma himself, embarked on a journey into the Carmine, driven by motives concealed in shadows. Armed with a sinister sickle, he harvested crimson stones from the rosy buds that infest this eerie landscape.

But beware, for Tancourt's curiosity knows no bounds! A shadowy mob from the relentless nation descended upon Olivier, their faces masked by fanaticism. Their goal: to unravel the cryptic mysteries shrouding the Carmine.

What transpired beneath the crimson canopy was nothing short of surreal. The Tancourt mob, brimming with youthful vigor, dared to confront Olivier. Yet, as the blood-red petals fell, it became hauntingly clear that this Seeker was a master of an unholy art.

The plot deepens as Olivier's affiliation with a sinister cult linked to the ominous Dark Sun comes to light. What sinister secrets do the Seekers harbor about the Carmine Blight? Is there a clandestine conspiracy lurking in the shadows?

Tancourt, notorious for its relentless thirst for knowledge, refuses to back down. They send forth more serfs to probe the enigma that is the Carmine. As the region becomes a focal point of obsession, the search for answers plunges further into the abyss.

Intrigue – Kidnap Scholar Panhu Gabura

Myrkran Communities in Turmoil as Kymtyr Arrive in Brenn Tyr

Whispers of Conspiracy and Threats: Myrkran Communities Shaken by the Arrival of the Enigmatic Kymtyr in Brenn Tyr.

Deep within Brenn Tyr, the Myrkran communities are plunged into turmoil as an enigmatic group known as the Kymtyr makes a startling entrance, accompanied by bloodshed and suspicion. Whispers in the shadows breed fear and paranoia among the Myrkran, who now question the true intentions of these newcomers. Some are wary of the Kymtyr's humanity, wondering if their arrival with raised spears signifies a menacing ulterior motive.

Adding fuel to the fire, Scholar Panhu Gabura emerges as a figure of controversy. His writings, shrouded in conspiracy theories and xenophobia, cast the Kymtyr in an even darker light. Gabura goes to great lengths to insinuate that a hidden agenda lies behind the Kymtyr's presence, suggesting they may be part of a broader, sinister plot to undermine Myrkran communities.

In Tancourt, a sense of fear and doubt begins to permeate the minds of the locals. The once-welcoming Tanners, who extended a hand to Myrkran refugees, now find themselves questioning the wisdom of their generosity. The idea of violence, as proposed by Gabura's conspiracy-laden writings, sends shockwaves through the community. As tensions rise, Tancourt's citizens are left grappling with a sense of unease, and many are inclined to view the Myrkran and the Kymtyr through a lens of suspicion. For a community that has extended a hand of hospitality to Myrkran refugees, the idea of violence advocated by such a learned voice is deeply unsettling. They extend a polite invitation to Gabura for a spirited debate in Bethel Giruc, focusing on the contentious topic of a state's monopoly over the legitimate use of violence.


Stay tuned for further updates as these curious tales unfold!

Establish Claim 414 (Jane Wuz Here)
2d6+5 4,2
Expedition South of 013
2d6+7 6,6
Buyout Region 428 Lake Pike TP2
2d6+6 3,1
Investigate Carmine Blight, specifically Redstones from Buds
2d6+6 3,2
Kidnap Scholar Panhu Gabura
2d6+6 3,5
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