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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)






Round 12



Regions 426 & 427

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (8), Military (5), Industry (6), Faith (5), Intrigue (4)

Round 12 Actions

1. Faith - Convert Region 427 Gwên Llachar to Code of Stars - Fail

2. Faith - Seek Aid on Sanity Roll - Success

3. Faith - Special - Create Artifact - Staff with carmine decorations

Effect TBD

4. Faith - High Witch Bryn attempts to understand the voices - Fail

5. Military - Morgaine the Spellblade leads 8 Units and 1 Navy Unit to invade region 431.

Route: 427 - 428 - 430 - 431

Techs: None

Tactical Doctrine: Skirmish

Duel: No Duel



 1. A child with a greater star sign leads the attack!

Soon the bees will be ours!

2. A Holy Item emerges at the Goddess' Temple

The Heralds, witches that protect and maintain the Goddess' Temple at Eirlys Lake, have carefully constructed a staff embedded with Carmine Stone. They claim that it has a surprising and wonderful effect, but it's specifics are not yet known to all.

3. The High Witch learns to listen

High Witch Bryn is exhausted from her many sleepless nights. Up until recently,, all she heard was unintelligible ghostly sounds, but one night, the sounds almost seemed like words. She has begun to to meditate and really listen to the sounds in hopes of deciphering them. However, her attempts are in vain as her exhaustion continues to hinder her.

4. The Witches of Tir Buwch offer aid to BBB's search for their missing leader.

5. The fight for the throne continues

Witch Rhiannon continues to gain fame as she lead the creation of the holy artifact and sent aid to BBB. Witch Gaheris instead has growing support in region 427.


Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (8), Military (5), Industry (6), Faith (5), Intrigue (4); Faith +2

Capital: Region 426

Realm: Region 427

Faith: Code of Stars




Trading Posts: 5

  1. Region 417; TP 2; Iron
  2. Region 426; TP 1; Cows
  3. Region 427; TP 1; Sunflowers
  4. Region 429; TP 1; Brenn Connifers
  5. Region 433; TP 1; Arctic Moose

Military Units: 8/8, Naval 1/4

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 1 favor owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep -3; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 1; 2 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 5

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Industry and Diplomacy exploration
  • Irrigation: +1 to Stabilization rolls
  • Poetry & Prose: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
  • Bricks & Mortar: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks

Treasure: 3



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
Seek Aid on Faith Sanity Roll
2d6+5 3,4
DOS Sanity Roll Faith, with Seek Aid, and 1 Treasure
2d6+7 1,1
Convert Gwên Llachar 427
2d6+6 4,1
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Omega, Turn Twelve (Year 45-48)


With the new leader comes new ideas. Adamant Rise begins the process of managing the inevitable chaos that follows the departure of one leader and the connection to a new Parent. A greater emphasis is placed on learning, organization, and even terraforming to enhance trade. Deals with allies are paired with territorial expansion.

The Omega are not the only ones settling. With the Myrkan refugee crisis finally coming to a close, the Diaspora begins. A number of family units and clans settle across western Taer Mojr, inevitably putting them into contact with the enigmatic machines that make their home there. Fortunately, the needs between the two groups produces a Venn Diagram with much less overlap than you would expect, and the Omega are welcoming to all who would bring knowledge and follow Uplift Protocol.

[Diplomacy]: Colonize Region 212 (Success vs. TN 12)
[Diplomacy (Special 5)]: Create Cultural Identity: Endlessly Inquisitive (Investigation)

  • It has become increasingly clear that the simple following of protocol cannot produce desired results. More information must be obtained. The internal network of the Omega recompiles to optimize for discovery.

[Military]: Raise 2 Land Units via Fort Beta
[Military (Special 5)]: Create Tactical Doctrine: Mechanical Advantage

  • Having had time to adjust to their 'new' bodies, the Omega are ready to press the advantage their artificial forms give them in the primitive combat of Ayr, developing a fighting style that plays to the strengths of a mechanized form while limiting enemy access to their weaknesses.
    • Effect: +2 to the Battle Roll.

[Industry]: Buyout Region 200 TP1 (Highland Berries Wind Rock) (Success vs. TN 12)
[Industry (Special 5)]: Resource Adjustment: Region 200 - Highland Berries to Wind Rock

  • With little use for mildly poisonous berries and a need for Wind Rock, the Omega dig until they find it. What was Wind Rock doing in the Null Foothills? Why wasn't it at a higher elevation? These questions and more trouble the most pedantic of artificial life forms.

Resist All Buyouts.
Resist Non-Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept and support Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept envoys from Rising Sun.
Support OMG's attempted buyout of Region 200 TP1.

Embassy Non-Actions
Accept Ballast Chambers tech from ZAV.
Gift Mechanical Scaffolding tech to ZAV.
Gift Mechanical Scaffolding tech to VOI.

Ruler Stats for Adamant Rise:

Diplomacy 5 (+1) | Military 5 (+1) | Industry 7 (+1) | Faith | Intrigue 1

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Colonize (With Treasure)
2d6+6 2,6
Buyout (With Treasure and Support)
2d6+10 3,1
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Zavestra - Region 203
Year Ten of the Ravenous Light in the House of the Architect.
Diplomacy 6 | Military 7 | Industry 10 | Faith 6 | Intrigue 4

The years following the tumult to the north see little in the way of military presence from Zavestra—their might pledged to the metal men in a struggle against some dire unknown. Instead, Zoroan engineers turn their efforts toward refining a peculiar piece of innovation developed some years before. 


Alongside the star-signed heir, Morvain, Nyxara announces the first great step toward bridging the gap between mortals and the gods they so covet. By the next season, she says, the Zoroa will take their first foray into the skies of Ayr. 


Whispers among the some of Zavestra’s people criticize the Emissary’s vision—impressive, but impractical. Surely, taking to the air instead of mastering the waves themselves was akin to walking before one could crawl. 


Still, avoiding the perils of ice floes and perhaps—if they were fortunate—Leviathans might prove to be worth the trouble. The first flagships of this new design sail southward—not wanting to risk destruction by the likes of the Vandals. It is a test of function, and these smaller corvettes lack in conventional firepower compared to their sea-bound counterparts. The better to keep from being akin to beached whales if something went wrong with the ballasts.


Meanwhile, in an effort to further strengthen the bonds between Zavestra and the Seekers of the Spheres, a small group of scholars are allowed access to the Chamber of Ancestors within the Ard-Vahmana. In this sacred space, stone tablets hold the names and family lines of hundreds of Zoroans throughout history--delineated back to common ancestries and houses.


In no small part due to their reverence for their ancestors, a common art form within Zavestra is that of storytelling. Not only through word of mouth, but also in the way of craftsmanship. A practice that is beginning to come into favor in household shrines is that of carving reliefs out of crystal or semi-precious gems. These reliefs depict the history of a given family line, with each member of the family stylized in a way that memorializes their deeds and passions in life.


[Faith] Seek Aid on Raise Reputation. Success

[Diplomacy] - Raise Reputation with Seekers. Failure

[Diplomacy] - Diplomatic Mission S of 203. Success.

[Diplomacy] - Diplomatic Mission SE of 202. Success

[Diplomacy] - Cultural Identity: Forged in Fire (Epic Quests)

Org Non-Action:

Spend 1 Favor to Increase DoS Reputation from 1->2

Gain 1 Favor for showcasing art to the SPH









  1. Resist Hostile Conversions
  2. Resist Hostile Buyouts
  3. Treasure Spent: Seek Aid, Raise Reputation, Diplomatic Missions (x2)
  4. Trade Ballast Chambers with OMG in exchange for Mechanical Scaffolding


  • Total Treasure: 5 -> 1
  • +2 Diplomacy
  • CI: Epic Quests


  • Total TP: 10 (2 treasure/round)
  • 2 Treasure Incoming from Limitations of Steel
    (ends this round)
  • Required Resource satisfied (Wind Rock)
  • Embassies with: OMG.
Seek Aid
2d6+6+1 2,5
Raise Reputation
2d6+6+2+1 1,2
Diplomatic Mission (S 203)
2d6+6+1+1 6,2
Diplomatic Mission (SE of 202)
2d6+6+1+1 5,4
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Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy

Round 12

Peacebringer M'shakin Jay

Year 31 of the Bellower Council

Regions 117, 100, 102, 112, 113, 114, 115, 116




While the council had high hopes for the Peacebringer when they chose him, none dared dream of the rapid growth the confederacy had experienced. A new flag was commissioned to represent the Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy including the Nanx. A water lily can only grow in calm water, but stays firmly rooted in the lakebed. As such, it is a symbol of stability among the zabka, fitting for the promise of peace and prosperity the Peacebringer carries to new lands.


1.[Dip 10] Ascend to Empire.

2.[Dip] Press claim on 111.

3.[Mil 5] Create a Tactical Doctrine.

Just Another Drill

+2 BR vs a force lead by a commander the CCC has faced in combat before.

+10% enemy casualties if that commander lost previously.

+10% enemy casualties if that commander reuses a TacDoc.

4.[Mil] Raise 2 units of mixed soldiers from multiple tribes.

5.[Int] Investigate the rot beasts' movements.

6.[Dip] Attend Toteharu event.

Event Sub-Actions
  • Extend offer for Toteharu to join the CCC. (Vassalization)



1. Accept any offers to vassalize.

2. Accept any gifts or tribute.

3. Accept any embassies.

Expected Stat Gains

+1 Mil


Edited by zabbarot (see edit history)
Press Claim on 111
2d6+10 5,5
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Interim Knight Commander Celine de Flechebourg

Diplomacy 6
Military 7
Industry 2
Faith 4
Intrigue 3

Expected Stat Changes: +1 Faith, +1 Intrigue





  1. [Military] Sir Rulman Quests against Bertille Blackheart - 17

  2. [Faith] Seek Aid investigating the abduction of Knight Commander Kotter - 13
  3. [Faith] Seek Aid question against Bertille Blackheart - 12
  4. [Intrigue] Investigate the abduction of Knight Commander Kotter - 12
  5. [Intrigue] Attempt to interview the followers of the Way of Fire regarding the identity of the sunflower giant - 13


  • Allow any kingdom with the capability to sack trade posts overcome by the Carmine Blight.

News and Rumors:

  • Desperate to ascertain the fate of the Knight Commander, Celine de Flechebourg dispatches bards errant to the ruling courts of the Sylvan Protectorate, Tancourt, The Order of the Drake, and the Witches of Tir Buwch. There, they humbly entreat the Brotherhood's trusted allies to provide what help they are able in the location, and with luck rescue, of Knight Commander Kotter.


Treasure: 0/5

Units: 5/12

  • Banner Militia First Company
  • First Highland Skirmishers
  • Second Highland Skirmishers
  • First Gauntlet Archers
  • First Highborn Knights

Naval Units: 0/2

Regions: 417 (Capital), 412, 428, 411


Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Seek Aid on Investigation
2d6+4 3,6
Investigate Abduction
2d6+5 3,4
Seek Aid vs Blackheart
2d6+4 4,4
Investigate Sunflower Giant
2d6+4 5,4
Epic Quest against Blackheart
2d6+10 2,5
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Twelfth Season of Plants; Twelfth Season of Tete-kāno
Region(s): 106, 101, 104, 127

Neverending tasks of expansion and securing stability loomed as Taumara & Taumaru’s faith began to coalesce. Tete-Kāno, in silent determination, sets about organizing, structuring, and expanding the Twins’ reach. Proper churches, proper community resources, and a spreading passion of the pair in areas beyond the Toteharu’s own lands, even as the Sister’s encroach. Hopefully, momentum would continue through the near future as Tete-Kāno’s plans slowly came to fruition.

[Myr Paragraph]While such plans were vital, there were outward requests alongside them that could not go unanswered without tarnishing their work so far. The Rayjo Network was now part of the Toteharu’s world. Ignoring it would be… ignoble. The Myrkran had done much to become fleshy counterparts of the Plant’s world. What was once wood and mud brick huts had, over time, been rebuilt as metal-sided and roofed brick apartments. Sunken ground floors held the majority of the Toteharu, but recent seasons had seen these squat and sturdy buildings grow in height like the trees around them. While the Toteharu loved their dirt floors, the Myrkran had taken to the second floors, acting almost as housekeepers above the plants. Those that were not domestic had quickly found work improving the outward-facing and edible economic plans of the Toteharu. Fish hatcheries once used almost only for play and competition had become proper farms meant for actual agriculture and feeding a people. Contributions of irrigation and structure had turned messy groves into organized campuses. The addition of Myrkran necessitated the addition of things to keep more than just plants alive. Cooking traditions and local resources evolved from raw mash and dried food cubes into fermented, preserved, and pickled vegetables of all varieties. Fruits were still considered ceremonial, but there was quite a bit more minor ceremony in day-to-day life. Although Toteharu was still a nation of Toteharu, it was undeniable that they had become far more hospitable and open to non-plants. They always had been, but now when they offered a raw fish or still-sealed sea urchin, there was a horned person behind them already setting up a grill or holding a chisel.[/Myr Paragraph]

[Seekers Paragraph]On that note, it was interesting to see the evolution of Toteharu tool use and architecture. It was an easy task for the woodier plants to graft and grow themselves along a frame, shaping an extraneous growth to near-perfectly fit needs before trimming from their body and sanding it into place. With the addition of fired clay and solid stone buildings, such methodology was quickly ousted for standard home building. A sunken foundation of stone rising to bricks was longer-lasting and, perhaps ironically, faster and less labor-intensive.

However, the old art was far from lost or forgotten. Second and third stories were not exactly suited to heavier materials and metal joinery was still less than ideal. Thus, Toteharu-style wooden floors and walls had become literally elevated. The plain board and bough units were where most of the Myrkran and other non-plant inhabitants had ended up, but plenty of more decorative works were applied to buildings of public import, especially now that fervor for the Twins had reached a major peak. Many of the new temples were adorned with freshly carved frescoes with ingrained pigments; grand crowns atop stoneworks holding the upper chambers of the clergy that had just begun their works. Often, gemstones, shells, and other minor valuables are grown directly into the curls and burls of the wood, creating a tinkling bit of light. Finally, the tin rooves are not neglected. Fused into the branches and curled shapes that top these buildings, they're further enhanced by being carefully shaped. A strong rain around a church is often accompanied by a pitter-patter of drum-like timbre filling the area around, and such accompaniments are often found in chorus in the home mudflats, in Tiaho-Pouri, and even, to a lesser degree, Tio-Kao.[/Seekers Paragraph]



  • [Industry] - Aid MYR in expanding the Rayjo
  • [Industry] - Buyout Region 103 TP2, Cave Cats Buyout
  • [Military] - Send Grunts (dense, squat shrubs) to aid the DoS
  • [Faith] - Convert Region 100 100 Conversion
  • [Faith] - Special 5 - Organize the Faith
    • Set Holy Site Bonus: +1 Conversions


• Resist all Conversions away from TAT

• Support all Conversions towards TAT

• Expend the Decoder Ring to better understand Brenn Tyr.

• Host Taumaru's Vigil

Accept Vassalization during the event.

General Summaries

+1 Faith, +1 Industry, +1 passive treasure

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Military Units: 2/8, 3/6
-Fightin' Mangroves, 1
-Woodrose Lancers, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 3

Trading Posts & Treasure: 6 & 2/5
-Region 106 TP1, Marine Forage & Produce
-Region 111 TP1, Tin
-Region 112 TP1, Marigold Roses
-Region 126 TP1, Fish
-Region 101 TPC, Shadow Flax
-Region 103 TP Special, Marine Forage

+1 passive treasure

Plasma Grenades (+2 Tactics, +1 Battles, Single-Use)



Organization Reputation Summary
People of Myrkran, Rep 4, Favors -2
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 2, Favors -4
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 2, Favors 0

Organization & Tech Bonuses

Can cross ocean borders (Tech)
+1 to Establish Claim (MYR 1)
+1 to Raid (DOS 1)
+1 to Sack (DOS 1)
+1 to Epic Quests (SPH 1)
+1 to Diplo/Indus Exploration (Tech)
+2 to Investigation (SPH 2)
-1 to all Continent Penalties (MYR 2)
+1 to Stabilization (Tech)
+1 on Battle Rolls vs. Techless Enemies (DOS 2)
+1 to Purging Holy Sites (DOS 2)
+1 Treasure on Successful Exploration (MYR 3)
Can Explore Known Regions (MYR 3)
Free Action Host/Attend Events (MYR 4)
Once per Round, one free reroll on any unopposed roll (MYR 4)
+1 to resisting Raids (Tech)
+1 to resisting Sacks (Tech)
Can cross mountain borders (Tech) currently inactive due to missing resource
+2.66 (Industry/3) on Investigation (<Diamond Mind>)

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Brick & Mortar, Alpine Animal Assistants (Requires Animals)

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (5)
106, 127, 104, 103, 101

Controlled Regions
106, 101, 104, 127

Current Claims

Previous Rounds
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Round 7 Round 8 Round 9
Round 10 Round 11 Round 12

2d6+8 1,3
100 Conversion
2d6+8 6,4
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Voile Domain
Soline, Queen of Wolves
(Dip 6/Mil 7/Ind 5/Fth 4/Int 3)

  • Following Sabine's death, her daughter Soline assumes the duties of queen and commander as a battlefield promotion. Upon her victorious return to the misty isle, the Conclave assents after little debate and a token, almost performative objection from the silver-cloaked master of merchants. Soline is an aged leader with the most experience in matters of war, and as world peace is unlikely, the veteran valkyrie is the natural choice.
  • Brigitte is selected from among the valkyries to command the Wolf Maidens (and replaces Soline as a Hero).


  1. [Industry] Buyout 207-TP2 Cedar from VVV (11) -
  2. [Military 5] Recruit Hero (9): Tristan "The Sea Hawk" - A legendary ranger emerges, peerless in archery and a brilliant guerilla tactician.
  3. [Military] Recruit 2 Units via Fortress - New Unit Count: 8 Land, 5 Navy
  4. [Diplomacy 5] Establish Cultural Identity (Dueling) - Though death in battle is a great honor and the natural end for a valkyrie, the new queen's rigorous doctrine demands brutal martial efficiency among her champions: to seek out and kill enemy commanders with haste, rather than to rely on more traditional skirmishing.
  5. [Diplomacy] VOI Offers Terms to the Rising Sun - Victorious, though saddened by the heavy cost of war, Soline delivers the following terms to the Rising Sun remnant in the hopes of forestalling another war.
  • The Sun Borne must accept exile from Ana Kai, or surrender to indefinite house arrest with proper accommodations befitting her status.
  • Rising Sun forces disband. Fighters will be granted amnesty and need not surrender their weapons.
  • Voilese loyalists will be installed as regional nobility per Siobhan's agreement a decade prior.
  • As the legitimate heir to Siobhan, the Sun Borne may appoint an immediate successor from her bloodline as leader of Ana Kai and the new marquis under Domain rule.
  • Myrkran in the region will be resettled elsewhere in the Domain. (VOI requests MYR's assistance and pays 1 Favor)
  • Bright's Glow faithful will not be persecuted, though they must commit to not proselytizing on the Isle du Voile, and preaching on the streets of Strange Port will be banned. (VOI will not convert or purge in 211)


  • [Non-Action] Generate 1 Treasure with 5 TPs
  • [Non-Action] Resist Buyouts and Conversions

Record Keeping

Technology: Tall Sails, Masonry, Animal Husbandry
Translations: Yon Vaire

Bonuses: +1 Exploration, +1 resist Raid/Sack

Units: 6 [Valkyries, Utui Exiles]
Naval Units: 5 [Sea Rangers, Jarl Hringr's Vikings]

Treasure: 1



I am already dead. This is the guiding sentiment of the Voilese elite warriors, the Valkyries. Death is taken to be the natural state of all things, even the gods. Any deviation from this norm is temporary and will soon be remedied. This logic extends to the time prior to life, and even a gestating fetus is taken to be dead until the moment of the quickening. Therefore, your life is a reprieve granted by your mother and sustained by your sisters. That sisterhood is the only thing that makes you any different from a kit ripped from its warren by a she-wolf with whelps to feed. Far better to be like the wolf.


Valkyrie regiments take the name of patron animal. Thirteen escadrilles compose a regiment and each consists of seventeen full fledged Valkyries, plus as many as seven teenage cadettes, and three senior advisors too old or maimed for combat. Escadrilles function more or less independently with the three fiercest groups supported by a left wing, a right wing, and a relief or rearguard; and the fleetest group left to respond to openings as the battle progresses.




Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Recruit Hero
1d4+6 3
207-TP2 Cedar
2d6+5 5,1
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"WhisperWaves: Tancourt's Juiciest Gossip Unveiled!" written by Evelyn Muckrake.

Dip: 5 | Mil: 1| Ind: 8 | Fai: 1| Int: 7

Expected Increase: Dip: +1 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +1 | Fai: 0 | Int: 0

Treasure in Vault: 3. Treasure Passive Treasure: 1 (9 TPs + 1 City)

Units: 3.

Regions: 2.


Diplomacy – Attempt Colonize Region 012 (With Treasure)

Diplomacy – Attempt to Dispense of the Flotsam (With Treasure)

Industry – Buyout Ironstone 425 TP 1 (distance penalty

Industry – Buyout Killer whales 432 TP 1

Intrigue – Investigate how can clones go undercover?

Mysterious Disappearance Unleashes Tancourt's Fingers of Accusation

In the heart of Tancourt, a veil of mystery descends as Knight Commander Etoile Kotter vanishes from her bedchambers without a trace. The Brotherhood of Black Banners issues a desperate plea for assistance, but suspicions in the mud-soaked realm already point toward the Myrkran population and the supposed cult of the Dark Shine.

Tancourt, quick to find a scapegoat, interrogates assumed cult members, pushing for motives behind the disappearance. Their focus sharpens on the elusive figures Reannon Yal and Yashi Ausua, believed to be architects of the unfolding drama. Journalists from Tancourt, in pursuit of sensationalism, delve into Myrkran enclaves, probing where they're least wanted, yet the Myrkran community remains tight-lipped or genuinely uninformed about the accused figures.

Adding more intrigue to the tale, Tancourt investigators receive a letter from an anonymous Kymtyr highborn, alleging a connection between the disappearance and a broader conspiracy. The mysterious letter implies a dark web of undercover operations and an insidious spread of the Dark Shine cult to distant cultures. Tancourt's thirst for ideological purity becomes evident as they question Merlyn living abroad, demanding answers about their ties to Myrkran and their potential involvement in the elusive cult. The disappearance unfurls into a tangled narrative of suspicion, insinuation, and the quest for elusive truths.


Tancourt's Artistic Purge: A Culture Clash Unveiled

In a surprising move, the vigilant Tanners of Tancourt have taken a decisive stance against the Seekers of the Spheres, preemptively banning the "Book of Art." Suspicion looms over the Seekers, as Tancourt questions the motives behind this so-called artistic endeavor. In the mud-soaked streets of Tancourt, whispers of skepticism echo, painting the Seekers as potential instigators of a plot to sow discord among the hardworking tannery laborers. Tancourt, renowned for its dedication to toil and industry, sees no room for what they consider subversive messages of serf rights or any disruptive notions.

Tech Outcasts: Tancourt Snubs Silicon Seekers

In a stunning turn of events, Tancourt, renowned for its financial prowess, has sent shockwaves through the realm by cold-shouldering the desperate pleas of the beleaguered Disciples of Silicon. The Tanners, seated at the helm of financial acumen, have declared in no uncertain terms: "No assistance for the deranged mechanists!" Rumors of the Disciples' financial struggles reverberate through the muddy streets as some laud Tancourt's financial discernment with applause loud enough to warn others against potential dealing with the silicon hearted savants.

Stay tuned for further updates as these curious tales unfold!

Edited by mystic1110 (see edit history)
2d6+6 2,3
Dispense with Flotsam
6d6+6 5,2,6,5,6,6
Dispense with Flotsam but with like real dice
2d6+6 4,3
Buyout Ironstone (DOS Rep and Marks and Carts cancel out)
2d6+8 2,4
Buyout Whales (DOS Rep and Marks and Carts cancel out):2d6+8
2d6+8 4,4
2d6+7 3,2
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The Rikathi

Region: 217




Round 12


1: Organize Faith (Faith Special 5, Faith) - Auto Success

The Oath -


2:  Raise a Unit (Military) - Auto Success


3: Investigate Meathook's Favor with the Widow Queen (Intrigue) - Failure

If the Rikathi can find out what Meathook's next move is, we can use it to bargain with Albatross.


4: Seek Aid on Intrigue Roll (Faith) - Success


5: Steal Technology from Ana Kai (Intrigue) - Likely Failure



Use 1 Favor with Seekers of the Spheres to return to Tier 4.



Will Receive:

Generate 1 Treasure with 5 TPs

+1 to Faith

+1 to Intrigue


Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Investigate Meathook
2d6+3+2 1,1
Seek Aid
2d8+6 5,3
Steal Tech
2d6+3+2 1,3
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Akazeg Iconoclasts(AKI)

Ruler: Exarch Gwafa of The 2nd Vault

Diplomacy: 4

Military: 2

Industry: 8 (+2)

Faith: 8

Intrigue: 2

Industry buyout tp1 R 247 roll
Industry buyout tp1 R 225 roll
Industry buyout tp1 R 246 roll
Industry Explore 242 roll
Faith Convert 248: This time with Insense roll

A refugee crisis at its end?!

The Myrkhans have integrated into Akazeg urban life, gaining prominence as merchants, financiers, and messengers. The wealth Myrkhan communities bring to the region has caused the growth of many cities across the archipelago. Often attracting artisans and day laborers from the communes to adopt Urban life. Aksisi is the largest example of this trend acting as a center for the processing and export of blue truffle oil along with dyes, textiles, and alcohol. Some Myrkhans have fully adopted the ways of the Akazeg embracing Monadism while beginning the process of integrating with symbiotic fungi that define the physique of the Akazeg.

Edited by Lleban (see edit history)
2d6+8 5,5
2d6+8 2,1
2d6+8 5,3
2d6+8 2,3
2d6+9 5,2
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Trew

a twelth boathide of angular writing

I look at my previous writings, the scrolls of our history, and I feel shame, tempered with pity for my former self and scribes, and gilded with joy at our new circumstances.

The awakening of the Oracle has triggered a wave through the Nanx people. I have studied the books of the Weak, but now their words are alive in my head in a way they weren't before.

I will leave my further introspection for less official things. This will remain a brief history of our people.

The strange sickness that awakens beasts from normal beings still grips Altarin. The Seekers promise aid, if we can supply the Chorda Kelp they require. It has been found but the people of the furthest tip of our land are hostile. We cannot blame them, they have weathered this storm without the benefit of the allies we have. But their resources cannot be held behind a mask of fear. We have begun devoting our traders to making more...secret actions. While the leadership threaten, hopefully some more economically minded people will see the benefit of harvest and trade. Fortunately the kelp is near the coast, and won't require much travel to take to our trade barges off-shore.

Of course, any supplies we acquire will be dispatched to Seeker cloisters before our own stores.

Each step forward into the unknown brings more chaos and violence, and the counter-wyr lands have been ravaged by wars we do not entirely understand, which explains the defensiveness of the Kelp keepers. Devastation has wracked the coast between them and the Wyr, and our Nanx instincts cry out for us to extend our stewardship. Our Zabka allies have made plans to assume control of the area but have not stirred themselves as we have. Perhaps having us as neighbors will show the Kelpies the benefits of friendship.

Further to that point, we are taking more direct action to extend the hand of peace. A ship of peace has been dispatched, with our most convincing Shamans, Zabka Imperial representatives, Maenos Wisdoms, Myrkan Civics, and even a pair of Toteharu. It must be impressed on them that collaboration is infinitely more secure than opposition. That the Nanx Polity will not cost them their ways and homes. That with the danger of this world, they face conquer at bladepoint. The fact that these blades may be in Zabka hands will hopefully remain unsaid.

Other Items
Nanx delve further into the tunnels behind Nana, despite the awe and dread. Even Maenos Stonespeakers have been welcomed back into this place, seeking purer forms of Shimmerstone. Shamans test our glittering prize in ways we never have before. An item called a lodestone, purchased from a Myrkan trader, seems to have effect when the stone is pulverized to dust, before it drifts away on the wind. And there are rumors that pipe and a bowl may also hold clues to Refinement?

The Compact spend their time in the River, diving down as far and as long as they can. I cannot say I believe this will be our solution. Perhaps the Toteharu has bubble plants? We are loathe to approach the Metal People for fear of their interest in our quest, but if any were to have a machine to delve Lake Altarin, it would be them. And they do hold a debt to us.

The Myrkran and the Throng

The New People (as they may always be to the Nanx) were the first group to have a significant non-Nanx population within the Polity. The Nanx offered home and hearth to the horned people, though the generally smaller people's homes weren't exactly the most comfortable. With supplies freely given, many of the Myrkran set off to build their own towns in their own style, only to find themselves like seed crystals in solution, 'helpful' Nanx coalescing around them. Still, it wasn't all bad. Nanx were eager to learn, eager to help.

While the greater Nanx nation wasn't always the most useful in their aid, their steadfast commitment to being neighborly and the way they leapt to defend Myrkran elsewhere quickly assuaged Myrkran fears and encouraged integration. Now Myrkran fish the Razor Coast, they herd boats, Nana has a thriving Myrkran quarter (though any space empty long enough quickly gains a few Nanx helping out the area). Myrkran leaders are given the deference (or close enough) of Nanx Shamans. They sit on the Counsel, they go on diplomatic missions, they make the trip to Zabka lands for the Bellower's meetings.

Nanx Mooncakes


The Nanx Throng


[Industry] Buyout 128 TP1 Chorda Kelp - Spending 1 Treasure

[Industry] Buyout 128 TP2 Chorda Kelp

[Industry] Buyout 128 TP3 Chorda Kelp

[Diplomacy] Colonize 123

[Diplomacy] Establish Claim 128 - Using Crrroa-Crrroa Dip

Resist Conversion except The Twin Cycles
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts
Designate first successful Chorda Kelp buyout to Seekers

Ruler Info

Shaman Trew

Diplomacy - 7

Military - 6

Industry- 4

Faith - 2

Intrigue - 2

Diplomacy 5 Available
Military 5 Available

Successor -

Other Notes

Current Goals:

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 6/12
-Fighting People
-Slingstone People
-Tidewater Brawlers
-Driftwood Stalwarts
-Maenos Stoics

Naval Units 1/4
-Sling Skiffs

Treasure 3/5 0
+1 passive treasure/round


The Compact (9)


-Nana 109

Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 2, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 1
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 Favors 1

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry, Alpine Animal Assistants, Irrigation

Trading Posts (8, 1 treasure/round)
-109.1 Shimmerstone
-109.C Shimmerstone
-113.1 Horses
-108.1 Clay
-104.1 Highland Berries
-115.1 Wood
-110.2 Stone
-118.1 Rocs

Other Resources
A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions
-109 - Wyr Foothills - Home Region
-107 - Razor Coast
-110 - Maes Mawr
-118 -

Expected Stat Gains


Backup Action



128 TP1 w Treasure
2d6+5 1,2
128 TP2
2d6+4 1,3
128 TP3
2d6+4 5,6
Colonize 123
2d6+7 6,6
Establish Claim 128
2d6+11 2,6
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 The Sylvan Protectorate (SYP)

Master Storyteller Salix Willow
Diplomacy: 5 – Military: 5 – Industry: 1 – Faith: 3 – Intrigue: 3
Round 12


1. Military – Artemisia Sagebrush quests against Bertille Blackheart. (Hero score:10, +1 SPH rank 1) 18

2. Diplomacy – Altarin translation project.

3. Diplomacy – Y'licis translation project.

4. Diplomacy – Yon Vaire translation project.

5. Diplomacy – Stabilize region 429. (+1 Irrigation technology) 15


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +2 Dip. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Delphinium Larkspur: 3+1+2 Dip, 1 Mil, 1 Industry, 1 Faith, 2+1 Intrigue

B. Response to Announce an End to the Refugee Crisis: The humans and elves of the newly formed Sylvan Protectorate are not particularly industrious. They have thrived in the great forests of Brenn Tyr for centuries by perfecting the art of subsistence gardening, gathering, and hunting. To take more from the land than you need to outlast the winter is seen as dishonorable.

The Myrkran have settled into the Protectorate's pastoral villages and rural groves with temporary difficulty. Ever cultural chameleons, the monohorned outsiders quickly adapted into fine artisans. Instead of quantity of work, mass-produced for trade with the Sylvans, the Myrkran have adopted the technique of smaller, more delicate pieces of pottery, weaponry, jewelry, and architecture. Foreign methodology, often superior to the techniques of the isolated Sylvans, propels works with Myrkran makers marks to be in high demand.

In response, Sylvan culture has become more material and trade has become more centralized. Families save resources for barter on eighthdays, when entire villages will travel to hubs known as "farmer's markets" for produce and artwork. While started by Myrkrans, the practice has quickly spread even to settlements without settled refugees.

Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 2,3,1,1,1
Stabilize region 429
2d6+6 3,6
Blackheart quest
2d6+11 6,1
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