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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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Tenth Season of Plants; Tenth Season of Tete-kāno
Region(s): 106, 101, 104, 127

It was mildly discouraging to see the resistance to adopting the faith, but Tete-kāno was not to be dissuaded so easily. With the fort finished, they began using their accumulated wealth and resources to expand the chapel side of the construction, adding, oddly, a lavish meditation cloister. They would be spending a fair amount of time in this cloister for reasons not publicly known yet.

The fort would remain active during this time, as well. With the Mangroves depleted and retreated after the brutal fight with the dragon, time would be spent re-training them, growing them just as powerful as they had been and doubling their numbers. Five dozen trees would watch the land borders.

With that, the known map would again expand, wanting to secure the immediate regions. A peaceful mission was organized and sent inland, southward of the forest.


  • [Diplo] Mind
  • [Diplo] - Launch an Expedition east of 127 Expedition
  • [Mil] - Fort Raise to re-establish the Fightin’ Mangroves
  • [Faith] - Convert Region 127 to TAT Conv 127
  • [Faith] - Convert Region 103 to TAT Conv 103


• Resist all Conversions away from TAT

• Support all Conversions towards TAT

• Spend Treasure to support the Investigation of Root Rot

• Accept DoS' offer.

 Spend Treasure to Support both Conversion attempts.

Spend Treasure to Support Action.

General Summaries

+1 Diplomacy, +1 Faith

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Military Units: 1/8, 3/6
-Fightin' Mangroves, 0
-Woodrose Lancers, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 3

Trading Posts & Treasure: 5 & 3/5
-Region 106 TP1, Marine Forage & Produce
-Region 111 TP1, Tin
-Region 112 TP1, Marigold Roses
-Region 126 TP1, Fish
-Region 101 TPC, Shadow Flax

+1 passive treasure


Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear (HS8)


Organization Reputation Summary
People of Myrkran, Rep 4, Favors -2 (+1 this round)
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 2, Favors 0 (-2 this round)
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 2, Favors 0

Organization & Tech Bonuses

Can cross ocean borders (Tech)
+1 to Establish Claim (MYR 1)
+1 to Raid (DOS 1)
+1 to Sack (DOS 1)
+1 to Epic Quests (SPH 1)
+1 to Diplo/Indus Exploration (Tech)
+2 to Investigation (SPH 2)
-1 to all Continent Penalties (MYR 2)
+1 to Stabilization (Tech)
+1 on Battle Rolls vs. Techless Enemies (DOS 2)
+1 to Purging Holy Sites (DOS 2)
+1 Treasure on Successful Exploration (MYR 3)
Can Explore Known Regions (MYR 3)
Free Action Host/Attend Events (MYR 4)
Once per Round, one free reroll on any unopposed roll (MYR 4)
+1 to resisting Raids (Tech)
+1 to resisting Sacks (Tech)
Can cross mountain borders (Tech) currently inactive due to missing resource

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry, Irrigation, Brick & Mortar, Alpine Animal Assistants

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (3)
106, 101, 104

Controlled Regions
106, 101, 104, 127

Current Claims

Previous Rounds
Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
Round 4 Round 5 Round 6
Round 7 Round 8 Round 9
Round 10

Conv 127
2d6+7 5,1
Conv 103
2d6+7 1,3
2d6+9 4,5
2d6+9 1,4
Reroll: Mind
2d6+9 2,4
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Leader: Gob Diplo 5 | Military 5 | Industry 6 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 5

Hero: Lin 9

Regions: 209 and 208

Treasure: 3


1) [Industry] Generate Treasure: Now that we have this new shiny rock from our new friend-goblins, pets stockpile some! We'll find a use for it later.

2) [Industry] Generate Treasure: More piles of shiny, more problems? More like more shinies, more fun!

3) [Diplomacy] Improve Relations: Good news, everyone! The Disciples of Silica like us more! This is very nice, we should continue talking to them. Maybe this time we will learn what silica is!

4) [Diplomacy] Special 5- Create Cultural Identity: The Goblins have a long history of wanting to learn. A growing and vocal portion of Goblin society, perhaps inspired by the pirates, are becoming more voracious in this need to know, to the point of not always asking first... (Cultural Identity for the Theft action)

5) [Intrigue] Investigate: More time, more pirates. Meathook turned out to be disappointing, so let's see if any other more interesting captains are out there.

Nonaction: Accept the DoS offer to store "waste" on the islands. They're friends, we help friends. Also we gotta know what this stuff is.

Edited by Ironblaze (see edit history)
2d6+5 5,3
2d6+5 4,6
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Trew

a tenth boathide of angular writing

shaman trew asks me to keep writing
so i write

shaman delce requests supplies
and trew agrees
caravans go through places cleared of thorn and bandit
laden with goods and things
a small village sprouts
at the mouth of the cave
workers need workers
makers and washers and food cookers
and people who watch after goats
we know the oracle says this

the maenos are nanx now
and the nanx are maenos
but maenos are still maenos
still their own people
nanx are not a sausage
nanx are a handful of dried fruits and nuts
and other tasty things
good together in a handful
but still different
this is a metaphor
i have been reading
we provide the maenos with protection
we tell stories of the fall of the ruler
and we provide good things to reassure them
they are nanx now
and do not need to worry

there is more of the wyr
more than we ever thought there could be
the shamans send more nanx to see if there are people
on the other side of the wyr
there are lands on the other side
but first we must finish the mountain
the compact has gone out
some of them fought the ruler
bas the slinger hit him with many stones
and it would be good to see if there are any more
there are birds in the wyr
giant things that hatch from boulders
the shamans think it would be good
if nanx could ride them
like horses and boats
and see from above
see the whole ring
like the moons did


The Nanx Throng


[Military] Dispatch the Compact on a Quest into the Mountains to seek the Ruler of Altarin

[Diplomacy] Stabilize Maes Mawr (Spend Treasure, Reject Sisters)

[Diplomacy] Send a Diplomatic Mission to the Eastern Mountains

[Industry] Send Supplies to the Oracle Cave. Shore up the tunnels! Lay in supplies for the Shamans' work!

[Industry] Buyout Trading Post 118.1 Rocs

Resist Conversion
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts


Ruler Info

Shaman Trew

Diplomacy - 5

Military - 5

Industry- 3

Faith - 2

Intrigue - 2

Diplomacy 5 Available
Military 5 Available

Successor -

Other Notes

Current Goals: Restore the Oracle Tree! (One Industry, One Military, One Faith Special Project).

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 4/8
-Fighting People
-Slingstone People
-Tidewater Brawlers
-Driftwood Stalwarts
-Maenos Stoics

Naval Units 1/4
-Sling Skiffs

Treasure 2/5
+1 passive treasure/round


The Compact (9)


-Nana 109

Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 2, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry, Alpine Animal Assistants, Irrigation

Trading Posts (7, 1 treasure/round)
-109 Shimmerstone TP1
-109 Shimmerstone City
-113 Horses TP1
-108 Clay TP1
-104 Highland Berries TP1
-115 Wood TP1
-110 Stone TP2

Other Resources
A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions
-109 - Home Region
-107 - Razor Coast
-110 - Maes Mawr
-118 -

Expected Stat Gains


Backup Action



Military - Compact Seeks Ruler of Altarin
2d6+9 2,2
Diplomacy - Stabilize 110
2d6+6 4,3
Industry - Buyout 118.1 Rocs
2d6+5 6,1
Diplomatic Mission E of 118 (Jane Wuz Here)
2d6+6 6,6
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The Skudal Imperium

Aite Salach (Region 244)

Rat King Cuairt I




  1. MIL - Invade 243 with 5 units led by Goirid the Brave.
  2. MIL - Raise land unit.
  3. IND - Buyout TP1 in 246 for Giant Albatross. Failure...
  4. IND - Buyout TP1 in 243 for Ven Rock. Failure...
  5. FAI - Adopt Gnostic Monadism.

Expected stat growth: +1 MIL, +1 IND


  1. Resist unauthorized actions within the Imperium's territory.
  2. Name last round's cultural identity Brave Little Heroes.
  3. Name last round's hero as Goirid the Brave. Because I'm a moron, roll for his MIL score as well.


Generals: Goirid the Brave

Land Units: 5 + 1 = 6

Naval Units: 2

Edited by MappyPK (see edit history)
Buyout TP1 in 246 for Giant Albatross.
2d6+2 1,2
Buyout TP1 in 243 for Ven Rock.
2d6+2 6,1
Goirid the Brave
1d4+6 4
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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils
(Dip 10/Mil 10/Ind 7/Fth 2/Int 3)

  • The Sun-borne's bloody coup is met with stony silence, as is their prodigious and inexplicably rapid armament. No doubt the vast army of religious zealots on their border is a concern, but the silvercloaks do not share their thoughts on the matter.


  1. [Diplomacy] Welcome Shiobyn & the Utui Loyalists
  2. [Industry] Buyout 200 Highland Berries TP2 (Open) w/ Support (OMG) -
  3. [Industry] Buyout 213 Apples TP1 (Open) w/ Support (VOI) -
  4. [Military] Fortress: Recruit Naval Unit x2 - More Sea Rangers (Naval Unit Count 4 → 6)
  5. [Military] Recruit Unit - More Valkyries (Unit Count 4 → 5)


  • [Non-Action] Accept tech from OMG via embassy
  • [Non-Action] Resist Buyouts and Conversions

Record Keeping

Technology: Tall Sails, Masonry, Animal Husbandry
Translations: Yon Vaire

Bonuses: +1 Exploration, +1 resist Raid/Sack

Units: 4x Valkyries (Wolf, Raven, Owl, Mystery Box)
Naval Units: 3x Sea Rangers (1st, 2nd, 3rd), 1x Jarl Hringr's Vikings



I am already dead. This is the guiding sentiment of the Voilese elite warriors, the Valkyries. Death is taken to be the natural state of all things, even the gods. Any deviation from this norm is temporary and will soon be remedied. This logic extends to the time prior to life, and even a gestating fetus is taken to be dead until the moment of the quickening. Therefore, your life is a reprieve granted by your mother and sustained by your sisters. That sisterhood is the only thing that makes you any different from a kit ripped from its warren by a she-wolf with whelps to feed. Far better to be like the wolf.


Valkyrie regiments take the name of patron animal. Thirteen escadrilles compose a regiment and each consists of seventeen full fledged Valkyries, plus as many as seven teenage cadettes, and three senior advisors too old or maimed for combat. Escadrilles function more or less independently with the three fiercest groups supported by a left wing, a right wing, and a relief or rearguard; and the fleetest group left to respond to openings as the battle progresses.




Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Buyout 200 Highland Berries TP2 (Open) w/ Support
2d6+9 5,1
Buyout 213 Apples TP1 (Open) w/ Support
2d6+9 2,1
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Omega, Turn Ten (Year 37-40)


The emergence of the new leadership in Ana Kai is an opportunity to bring the world together like never before - their rhetoric is remarkably close to the Omega's own, just far more violent, at least in writing. An overture is extended as the Omega pivot to a more proactive Uplift stance, even as they continue expansion of their economy and rebuild their military.

Though this is not the only news - with the growth of Omega territory, the collective streamlines the C3 processes between Omega to allow for more effective and efficient action. Still Lake, likewise, shows signs of burnout and may choose a Child to become Parent soon.

Note: The Omega will be changing rulers at the end of Round 11, with a new one on Round 12.

[Diplomacy (Special 10)]: Establish a Great Kingdom
[Military]: Raise two naval units via Fort Beta
[Industry]: Attempt to buyout Region 219 TP 1: Colored Sandstone (Success vs. TN 12)
[Industry]: Attempt to buyout Region 219 TP 2: Colored Sandstone (Success vs. TN 12)
[Faith]: Convert to the Bright's Glow


Support VOI buyouts where able.
Resist All Other Buyouts.
Resist Non-Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept and support Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept envoys from Rising Sun.
Embassy Non-Action: Trade Spark-Flare Wands technology to VOI
Embassy Non-Action: Trade Spark-Flare Wands technology to ZAV

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 10 | Military 10 | Industry 9 (+1) | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Buyout 119 TP 1 (w/ Treasure)
2d6+7 1,4
Buyout 119 TP 2 (w/ Treasure)
2d6+7 6,5
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The Rikathi

Region: 217




Round 10


1: Convert a Trading Post, Deer, in Region 201 (Industry) - Success


2:  Convert a Holy Site, Region 208 (Faith) - Success


3: Convert a Holy Site, Region 209 (Faith) Success


4: Investigate the Bright Lords (Intrigue) - Fail


5: Theft Attempt, Sailing from Ana Kai (Intrigue) - Fail



Sending Treasure to Albatross

Send the Seekers to find out about Rizzo the Rat


Will Receive:

+1 to Faith

+1 to Intrigue


Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Trading Post
2d6+7 1,6
Convert 208
2d6+10 2,3
Convert 209
2d6+10 5,1
Investigate Bright Lords
2d6+2 3,3
Theft of Sailing
2d6+2 5,2
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Crrroa-Crrroa Confederacy

Round 10

Peacebringer M'shakin Jay

Year 16 of the Bellower Council

Regions 117, 100, 102, 113, 114, 115, 116


News and Rrrumors

Concern grows as the rot shows no signs of slowing. Everytime they believe it's under control there's a new outbreak.


1.[Dip] Stabilize region 100.

2.[Dip] Stabilize region 115.

3.[Int] Investigate the rot, and the source of the monsters.

4.[Int] Secrets, precious.

5.[Mil] Kremit quests south from 116/117, across the shallow sea.

6.[Mil] Raise 2 units of zabka warriors


1. Accept any offers to vassalize.

2. Request to store some DOS garbage.

Expected Stat Gains

+1 Dip, +1 Int, +1 Mil

Edited by zabbarot (see edit history)
Stabilize Brrrekeke (region 100)
2d6+8 5,6
Stabilize New Kaldyr (region 115)
2d6+8 6,3
Kremit sets sail!
2d6+9 3,6
Root Rot Investigation
2d6+2 3,1
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Rebel Invasion of Region 429

Aggressor: Ar'yn Volis (9) leading 4 Units

Tactics: Reckless Attack (9 leader mil, -1 from units)

429 - Rebels Tactics

Tactics Win, +2, one step higher losses

Duel: Accepts

429 - Rebels Duel

Duel Loss by 2

Battle: (9 commander, +4 units, +2 Tactic)

429 - Rebels Battle


429 - Ar'Yn Volis Loss

Defender: TITANIA (9) leading 1 unit of killbots, 4 units and 2 navy from RAW, and 5 units from Sypressa.

Tactics: Skirmish (6 leader mil, -3 from 12 units, +2 from Titiana)

429 - RAW Tactics

Tactics Loss

Duel: Yes

429 - RAW Duel

Duel Victory (+4)

Battle: (9 commander, +12 units, +2 Power Armor (Battle -10% Casualty), +1 against no Tech, +4 duel)

429 - RAW Battle

No Losses

429 - Titiana Loss


Meathook Invasion of Region 222

Aggressor: Meathook (5) leading 1 unit and 1 navy

Tactics: Reckless attack (+5+3 Maneuvering)

222 - Meathook Tactics


Duel: Challenges any opponent

222 - Meathook Duel

Duel Win, +4 to battle

Battle: +13 (5+2+1 Spark-flare wands+1 Treasure+4 Duel)

222 - Meathook Battle

Victory - (20% of 2) no losses

222 - Meathook Loss

Defender: Commander Nietz leading 3 units

Tactics: Skirmishing

222 - Nietz Tactics


Duel: Accepts Duel

222 - Nietz Duel

Duel Loss (by 1)

Battle: +8 (5 commander+3 units)

222 - Nietz Battle

Loss - (60% of 3) 2 losses

222 - Nietz Loss


Skudal Imperium Invasion of Region 243

Aggressor: Goirid the Brave (10) leading 5 units

Tactics: <Assumed Skirmishing> +9 -1 from units

243 - RAT Tactic

Tactic Win, Skirmishing in Place

Duel: Not Specified. Assumed no Duel

Battle: +15 (10 + 5)

243 - RAT Battle

Victory (3 - 40% losses >> 30% losses skirmishing) 2 units lost

243 - Goirid the Brave Loss

Defender: Commander Rock leading 1 unit

Tactics: Reckless Attack, +5

243 - Rock Tactic

Tactic Loss

Duel: No Duel

Battle: +6 (5 + 1)

243 - Rock Battle


243 Rock Loss


The Faithful Preach

The Sisters attempt to reach more of the people of Altarin and make conversion attempts on 101, 103, 105, 112 and 116.

101 - SsE Conversion

101 - TAT Resist Conversion

103 - SsE Conversion

105 - SsE Conversion

112 - SsE Conversion

116 - SsE Conversion


Other Notable Events

The Carmine Blight approaches!

411 - Carmine Blight Festers

411 - BBB Resists Carmine Blight

203 - Raid Resist

2d6+8 6,5
2d6+8 1,3
101 - SsE Conversion
2d6+8 3,5
101 - TAT Resist Conversion
2d6+6 1,4
103 - SsE Conversion
2d6+8 2,1
105 - SsE Conversion
2d6+8 2,4
112 - SsE Conversion
2d6+8 5,3
116 - SsE Conversion
2d6+8 4,4
411 - Carmine Blight Festers
2d6+8 2,2
411 - BBB Resists Carmine Blight
2d6+1 3,1
429 - Rebels Tactics
2d6+9-1 4,6
429 - Rebels Duel
2d6+9 5,1
429 - RAW Tactics
2d6+6-3+2 1,6
429 - RAW Duel
2d6+9 4,4
429 - Rebels Battle
2d10+9+4+2 4,2
429 - RAW Battle
2d10+9+12+2+1+4 9,8
429 - Ar'Yn Volis Loss
1d20-4-5 11
429 - Titiana Loss
1d20 2
1d6+4 1
222 - Meathook Tactics
2d6+8 3,2
222 - Meathook Duel
2d6+5 5,4
222 - Nietz Tactics
2d6+5 5,3
222 - Nietz Duel
2d6+5 5,3
222 - Meathook Battle
2d10+13 5,9
222 - Nietz Battle
2d10+8 3,3
222 - Meathook Loss
1d20 16
222 - Nietz Loss
1d20-2 15
1d6+4 1
243 - RAT Tactic
2d6+8 4,6
243 - Rock Tactic
2d6+5 4,2
243 - RAT Battle
2d10+15 3,2
243 - Rock Battle
2d10+6 3,8
243 - Goirid the Brave Loss
1d20-2 1
243 Rock Loss
1d20-1-5 13
203 - Raid Resist
2d6+5 6,3
218 - Voile Conversion Resist
2d6+2 4,3
108 - Pack Leader, then pack size
6; 5
1d6+4;1d4+1 [2]; [2,4]
1d6+6 3
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Round 11


Announcements & Rule Updates
  • Rounds will now open and close on Saturdays - Same time as before. I've adjusted the Calendar in this game to reflect that!
  • Torv (IRH) missed last round, they will get 6 actions this round!
  • Tables SoonTM

Ringworld of Ayr



Altarin & Yon Vaire

  • Toteharu explores delve south and discover region 124! The Deep woods initially feel at home to the plant people but that quickly is changed when stumble on a smouldering lumber camp. The burnt down buildings and markings all over the ground is oddly reminiscent of a certain serpent, odder still is the remains of the 'inhabitants' appear to be similar to the rot gremlins plaguing western Altarin. Region 124 has a Good resource of Rubberwood, a Holy Site devoted to Anarchism, and 4 units of Native Defenders! The Toteharu gain 1 treasure from their successful exploration with the help of the Myrkran!

  • The Nanx discover region 119! While exploring through the area some of them hear a familiar hum in the air, something that speaks to their souls. A couple days later they come-to themselves in a small cave huddled around a perfect dodecahedron, the glow and hum coming from it faintly disapating as the Nanx start waking up, a compulsion drives them to return the dodecahedron to their leader. Region 119 is a Wilderness Region with a Minor resource of Diamonds! The Nanx explorers have brought back a perfect dodecahedron!

  • Kremit of the Crrroa-Crrroa discovers region 138! It has a Good resource of Shelling Stones (TP1 is owned by a Vaires Kingdom!), a Holy Site devoted to Way of Fire, and 3 units of Native Defenders! Kremit returns to CCC with 1 military unit of friends and followers! [CCC has discovered the continent of Yon Vaire! Altarin players have -6 to most rolls taken in region 138 and all other regions in The Vaires until completing a Diplomacy Great Project to learn the languages and customs of the new continent. Additionally, Vaires players have -6 to most rolls taken in Altarin until completing a Diplomacy Great Project to learn the languages and customs of that continent! See Rules 3.1 for further details.]

Altarin & Yon Vaire R11 Map


Taer Mojr

  • No Explorations

Taer Mojr R11 Map


Brenn Tyr

  • The Brotherhood discovers region 410! As the exploring party travels through the thicket of vines, thorns and roses covering every surface of the area the hair on the nape of their necks tickle and they feel like they are being watched. As they press deeper the thorns and vines grow larger and larger and start pulsating with a other-ringly light. Finding themselves in a small clearing the stick of burning ash and phosphorous is strong as a blackened patch perimeter around the building is maintained. The Survivors in the Vinery see the Brotherhood Explores and beg to be taken away to safety! Region 410 has a RUINED Good resource of what once were Wine Grapes and a despoiled Holy Site of the Dark's Shine! It has been overrun by the Carmine Blight! Kymtyr survivors were found in a Vineyard and returned with the explorers!

  • Venturing beyond the barrier outlined by the Rayjo Operators, explorers from Tancourt finally find the sailable edge of Brenn Tyr's coast, as the salt flats extend further out. This barren land is populated primarily by enormous but seemingly docile crabs, and the presence that seemed to watch before is even stronger. This time, though, it seems pleased with the Explorers' curiosity, and a lingering sensation in the back of their minds tells them to go yet further south, across the shallow sea, where another island can just barely be seen with the naked eye at the southern edge at low tide. Tancourt discovers region 012! It is a Wilderness Region with a Minor resource of Crabs of Unusual Size! Tancourt gains 1 treasure!

Brenn Tyr R11 Map


Vaire Ven

  • The Iconoclasts discover region 248! It has a Good resource of Shade Crystal, a Holy Site devoted to Spiritualism, and 2 units of Native Defenders!

  • Traders from the Akazeg sail south to make a gentle landing on sandy shores, finding a warm and pleasant island dotted with trade towns! The people seem comfortable enough with foreigners, though they do not understand the trade languages of the Akazeg and are forced to rely on pantomime. What they can communicate, though, suggests a developed - and dangerous! - civilization to the northwest along with taboo lands to the south where only the Metal Men come to and from. The Iconoclasts discover region 031! It has a Great resource of Olive Oil, a Holy Site devoted to Paganism, and 4 units of Native Defenders! [AKI has discovered the continent of O'Lanor! Vaires players have -6 to most rolls taken in region 031 and all other regions in O'Lanor until completing a Diplomacy Great Project to learn the languages and customs of the new continent. See Rules 3.1 for further details. This has one special exception - due to the trade culture in region 031, Industry actions in the region may be attempted even without a Translation, though still at a -4 continental penalty.]

Vaire Ven R11 Map




Altarin & Yon Vaire

  • The Toteharu replenish the fightin' mangrove ranks! (+2 Units)
  • The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation raises more fighting Zabka! (+2 Units)

Taer Mojr

  • The Goblins of Slardar spend time finding shiny things and hoarding nice compliments! (+2 Treasure)
  • The Voile Domain preparing for another assault by the Vandals recruit more units! (+2 Units)
  • Not wanting to neglect their navy the Voile Domain constructs more boats! (+1 Navy)
  • The Omega start to push out significant volumes of ships from the shipyards of Fort Beta! (+2 Navy)

Brenn Tyr

  • The Witches of Tir Buwch dig down and pump out military forces! (+3 Units)
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch build some more naval vessels to join their growing military (+1 Navy)
  • The Sylvan Protectorate Raise a group of fighters! (+1 Unit)

Vaire Ven

  • The Skudal Imperium breed more rats fit for fighting! (+1 Unit)



Altarin & Yon Vaire

  • The Nanx Throng spends time taking care of the reticent people of Maes Mawr, giving them the things they need and quelling their unrest!
  • The Crrroa-Crrroa Confederation invests into its panicked population attempting to placate their worries as the ghouls run rampant in the night. Region 100 and 115's unrest is successfully quelled!

Taer Mojr

  • No active claims in Taer Mojr.

Brenn Tyr

  • The Order of the Drake makes good on its words of peach and partnership to the people of Region 430. Satisfied with the support and promises the people are ready to join the Order of the Drake, but ask for more time spent among them to train their people into being worthy. Ruin's Ancient Warriors has successfully pressed the claim and will need to continue pressing the claim next round or lose it!

  • Reginald Pemshatter's attempts to woe his daughter's hand to any of the ruling families of region 414 fail to recoup and he is cast out on the streets. Tancourt has failed to establish the claim on Region 414!



Altarin & Yon Vaire

  • The Nanx Throng dispatch nanx to get some Rocs and manage to coax the large beasts to listen to the Nanx handlers! The Nanx Throng successfully buyout 118-TP1 gaining a supply of Rocs!

Taer Mojr

  • Albatross makes landfall under the cover of darkness to slip in with their forces to wrest a trade post away from the Zavestra, but the Zavestra barely manage to repel the raid!
  • Zavestra traders bolstered by their victory against the Vandals set out obtaining more goods and trade deals across the area! Zavestra successfully buyouts 204-TP3, 202-TP2, 204-TP2 and 221-TP2 gaining two supplies of Giant Spiders, a supply of Malachite and a supply of Umbral Fir!
  • The Voile Domain traders remember the difficulty of securing resources of the past and use what they learned to successfully negotiate deals in the Null Foothills (200) and region 213! The Voile Domain buyout 200-TP2 and 213-TP1 gaining a supply of Highland Berries and a supply of Apples!
  • The Omega send out through their embassies the technology behind the green spark-flare wands providing the technology to the Voile Domain and the Zavestra.
  • The Omega have a desire to look at colored silica and spend time investing in region 219. The Omega successfully buyout 219-TP1 and 219-TP2 obtaining two supplies of Colored Sandstone!
  • The Rikathi send traders to the Radiant Valley and invest in the deer hunting areas securing protected zones for hunting the wildlife! The Rikathi successfully buyout 201-TP1 and gain a supply of Deer! 

Brenn Tyr

  • Tancourt sends out traders to obtain some Lake Pike from the new brotherhood lands but with the Kymtyr hold construction and Pierre d'Roc tightening his hold on the region they are not able to obtain any supplies for Tancourt.

Vaire Ven

  • The rats scurry out to the lands nearby to hoard resources to bring back to the King, most of the rats don't return when they fail to complete their missions. Buyout attempt in 246-TP and 243-TP1 both fail.



Altarin & Yon Vaire

  • The Toteharu reach out to the settlers of Tio-Kao (127) and convert the populace to Taumaru & Taumara!
  • The inhabitants of region 103 are repulsed by the Toteharu and Sister's attempts to convert them and just dig deeper into the Weak Ways.
  • The Sister's Ministering to Taw-puia (101) convert the majority of the people to follow the Sister's Embrace!
  • The Sister's preach to region 105, 112 and 116 converting them all to the Sister's Embrace!

Taer Mojr

  • The Widow Queen sends her forces out and they convert Region 218 to Widow Ancestry!
  • The Omega find interest in the rhetoric from the Rising Sun and adopt Bright's Glow as their official religion!
  • The Rikathi worried by the new found faith of the Utui in the Brights Glow reach out to nearby regions to minister the tennants of The Oath. The Rikathi find pliable believers in the Goblins of Slardar and convert both the Short Forest (208) and the Island of Slardar (209) to The Oath!

Brenn Tyr

  • The Sylvan Protectorate delves into the Code of Stars forming a Holy Order named the Mother Bear in the Rosewood (Region 416)!

Vaire Ven

  • The Widow Queen reaches out with her contacts and converts a region unknown to the realms! (Region 237 is Widow Ancestry)
  • The Akazeg Iconoclasts reach out to near by regions preaching the virtues of Gnostic Monadism converting regions 246 and 247!
  • The Skudal Imperium adopt Gnostic Monadism as their official religion!



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths?
    • The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll.
    • The Veiled Dark can be revisited with a TN 16 Hero Roll.
    • The danger of the Abyssal Night can be dismissed with a TN 18 Hero Roll.
    • There is no time limit to these Quest, but rewards are diminishing.
  • [Epic Quest - Lotus Land! Heroes may be dispatched to attempt to deal with the Lotus Eaters without resorting to wholesale slaughter (TN 18)]

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara the Exiled (10) of the Voile Domain Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners Artemisia Sagebrush (10) of the Sylvan Protectorate
Hero Olivier of Velentin (9) of the Seekers of the Spheres Meryln Mal Dread (10) of Ruin's Ancient Warriors
Petal Rose (8) of No Realm Mist Keggie (7) of the Mist Tribe
Sylara the Umbral Sentinel (8) of Zavestra Goirid the Brave (10) of the Skudal Imperium
Maskros, Vandraren (9) of Irrblossens Hard The Compact (9) of the Nanx Throng
Lin (9) of the Goblins of Slardar Artemisia Tarragon (9) of the Sylvan Protectorate (GS)

Sylara - The Veiled Dark

Knowing the pathway through the grounded sky tower Sylara quickly bypasses all the various floors to make it out onto the dark opened area of the Veiled Dark. Cautiously exploring the large pathways she moves from cover to cover, listening and watching for the patrolling 'things'. Debris strewn other the large paths appears to be some form of advanced carriage while more of the sky towers rise into the darkness of the cave above Sylara, unlike the Grounded Sky tower the other buildings are in much worse affair with no noticeable entry point. Pinpricks of light in the distance gets Sylara on edge as she prepares to fight the patrol if it notices her - but as the killbots cross in front of her they seem to take no head of the hero hiding in the dark and press on their patrol. Heaving a sigh of relief that she could in fact hide from the killbots Sylara continued her exploration.

After spiralling the grounded sky tower in all and finding the large pathways leading in all directions Sylara isn't sure which way to head in the dark to explore, and takes a moment to gather herself.

With a shrug she picks a direction and follows the straight pathway, peaking in the wrecked carriages as she darts from cover to cover. As she travels the patrols seem to pick up in frequency and Sylara is finding herself waiting more and more for an opening to move forward. The darkness also starts peeling back as she progresses, a large building stretching up into the cavernous space emitting a eerie blue-gold glow. She instantly knows this is where she has to go and lucks on an tunnel under the main pathway that isn't patrolled but leads all the way to the building.

The interior of the building is abandoned, the killbots all outside the walls - clearly set to check the streets and not the interiors of the buildings. a cursory search of the building shows little of interest until Sylara opens a spacious study. A glowing prism rests in a socket next to a large desk with some kind of metal furniture around the room.

Reaching out unbidden Sylara caresses the prism, as if it was a long lost treasure. The building hums and vibrates in response to Sylara's touch and then goes still when she removed the prism. A screeching grinding noise from beyond the building breaks Sylara out of her trance, glancing through a broken window she sees a courtyard outside the building spiralling open and a inky blackness almost seeming to leak out of the hole. Quickly tucking the prism away and fleeing away through the tunnels she hears the sounds of the killbots fighting on the pathways above her.

Her journey back to the Grounded Sky Tower is marked by killing a few roving killbots - the patrols seemingly abandoned, and while there seems to be a lot of useful components on the destroyed killbots to loot the weight of the prism rests heavily on the hero so she quickly departs.

[Sylara has cleared the danger from the Veiled Dark and has Discovered the Abyssal Night! In clearing some killbots Sylara has tucked away a few interesting components that might be worth further investigation! Additionally Sylara has escaped with a glowing prism!]

Merlyn Mal Dread - Emerald Axe

Map in hand, Merlyn Mal Dread climbed the long strand of the serpentine peninsula with heroic grace! Ridge to ridge, stone to stone, log to log, he leapt and skated past every obstacle to follow the map’s proclaimed pilgrimage. None but a hero could make this journey - one missed step would send a poor soul plunging into the depths of the sea, and without the map there were many deceptive trails. Finally, though, he came to its head: Here the stump of an ancient tree lay next to another great old tree like a pair of antlers, and into the fallen tree was driven his prize - a hatchet of emerald sea-glass, set in ivory scrimshawed with the image of a snake devouring itself.

Wasting no time, Mal Dread placed his hands around the prize and pulled. For a long moment it did not budge, but little by little he managed to wiggle it out of the divot the old hero had driven it into - and the land beneath him rumbled, the sea churned, the skies swirled. He felt a new power fill him, drawn in by the ancient power of the Emerald Axe! 

But the peninsula continued to shake. Mal Dread was nearly thrown from his feet as the ground became vertical, only a careful descent back down the peninsula saving him from a painful tumble; He used the axe to tear a long furrow in the earth to slow his descent, and was met with a roar. The end on the peninsula turned around toward him like a coiled serpent, and a pair of great green eyes tore open beneath the Antler and the stump. The ground shook harder as the ancient thing reared up, and Mal Dread decided that absconding with his prize might be a better play than fighting this mountain of a beast unprepared! Ridge to ridge, stone to stone, log to log, he leapt and skated past every obstacle back in spite of the terrible shaking, and just as he made it back to the mainland the great serpent of wood and stone fully broke from the land that had overtaken it. It did not pursue him, but descended into the water with terrible force, with a thrashing that would flip boats for many miles around.

Mal Dread threw the map into the water after it. No use to anyone now - he had the treasure and his life.

[Merlyn Mal Dread has claimed the Emerald Axe! A hero holding the Emerald Axe gains +1 to Epic Quest Rolls and to Duels! The axe also provides its wielder with total immunity to poisons of any kind and is a storied bane of serpents!]

Artemisia - Lotus Eaters

Artemisia Sagebrush stepped foot into Lotus Land early in the morning, having spent days searching the surrounding abandoned villages for any sign of, well, people. The mountain retreat was a long hike away, the path clearly marked with skeletons of those who had died of exhaustion, starvation, the cold, or other horrors as they marched heedless of their health up this very hill. They'd long since been picked clean by the ravens. He saw the fence marking the outer perimeter of the village up ahead on a concealed terrace in the mountainside, though the lack of cover made the Swanfeather Wraith antsy - he was used to having a cover of trees, but this place was exposed and cold. His attempts to sneak to the edges were not up to his standards, but he needn't have worried - no guards were posted. 

This village too looked abandoned but for the town square where a vast, milky white lotus flower dominated the space, impossible to miss, atop a short stalk surrounded by what must be a thousand people. At first glance, he thought they kneeled together in supplication, simply packed in like sardines beneath the the spread leaves. The air smelled sweet. He dared approach, and what he had mistaken for supplication became more clear - roots and vines slithered out through the crowd, wrapping around random people, their greasy edges smearing them with some amber nectar as their tongues danced wildly in the air for but the slightest drop of such a blessing! The air smelled too sweet. He was distracted a moment weaving through the crowd, and a vine's abrupt flick from one of the villagers spattered a few drops of it near his face; he tried to wipe it off, but his lips tasted the faintest bit of Heaven.

Heroic will warring with alien influence, Sagebrush fired a single arrow at the central stalk and fled, fighting downhill as every lying instinct in his skull told him to turn back, to go seek more of that Amber Delight. But he knew that he'd never go home again if he did that, and fought. At the base of the mountain, he shook the intrusive thoughts out of his head one final time and lost consciousness.

Three days later, he awoke in Tir Porff - he wasn't sure how he made it there, barely conscious, but the witches assured him he'd gotten there under his own power. Still, the call of the east rang distantly in his mind. That...wasn't permanent, was it?

[Artemisia Sagebrush has failed to deal with the Lotus Eaters! Additionally, a temptation lingers in his mind as long as the central stalk continues to exist, spreading its mind-poison! As long as the Lotus Eaters remain unresolved, Artemisia Sagebrush receives -4 to any repeat attempts at the quest and idleness becomes his enemy as the intrusive thoughts intensify. If left unoccupied, not questing or leading a battle, there is a risk he may seek out the Lotus of his own accord!]

  • The Sylvan Protectorate raise a Hero, Artemisia Tarragon, a Greater Starsigned. (9)
  • The Voile Domain makes room in their lands for an enclave of the Ana Kai Loyalists and Ashzara the Exiled (10) pledges allegiance to the Voile Domain!


  • The Seekers dispatched by the Rikathi island-hopped to the distant north, following the trail of the Enigmatic Rizzo, and found themselves in the Islands between the Vaires, west of the Widow Queen's domain. The place where Rizzo made their home was called Porto Vapor, a city rivaling Crying Cove for its size and the volume of trade passing through it - the streets were ridden with merchants both honest and dishonest, hawking wares, slaves, and vices alike. Nearly every street was choked with the faint smoke of incense of hemp, and the vast hemp fields further inland were said to be one of the trading backbones of the isles. [Rizzo "The Rat" has become better-known! They control Region 237 and have a personal levy of 4 units and 2 naval units, middling in strength among the Vandal Leaders. Though very mysterious, Rizzo "The Rat" is said to be both fabulously wealthy and quite clever, though unpleasant in person - a wretched toad who thinks they are much smarter than you. Most of the best loot from raids on surrounding lands finds its way into Rizzo's Webbed Hands sooner or later. The City of Porto Vapor is theirs, as is the Pirate Code Cultural Identity (2d8 to Raids)]
  • Some of Tancourt's curious and greedy dare to infiltrate the outer reaches of the Carmine Blight, and cut open pods for the strange red stones as Olivier of Velentin was seen to do - what emerges instead, though, is only the briefest flash of red followed by their desired treasures or fears made manifest! One is given a pile of coins, another a venomous snake, a third an heirloom suggesting that their family may be of higher status than they thought. When the survivors reconvene and compare notes, they realize - these red stones were the same as the Shards of the Winding Rose that littered Western Brenn Tyr after the fall of the moon - and the largest piece had fallen into the east, beyond the mountains.
  • In search of a more interesting Captain than Meathook, the Goblin investigators logically pursue a different target. They've become regulars in Crying Cove, somehow, and the network of chatty contacts they've built is happy to tell them more about Albatross. Currently the worthiest successor to the Tempest-Runner as commander of the Mist Eaters, Albatross is known well for both her cunning and striking appearance - white silk garments and a large hat merged with a domino mask. They say she has the favor of the Widow Queen already and now seeks Rizzo's favor for her goals; some also whisper that her will is not her own, and a terrible curse placed by strangers on the southern mainland bedevils her. She hates Captain Meathook with a passion and has no particular interest in the Tempest-Runner's original vision for the Mist Eaters' beyond her own ambitions and survival. [Captain Albatross is a subcommander 5 with 2 naval units and 2 land units! The results of this investigation please the Myrkran looking for information.]
  • The Compact delves deep into the mountains of Altarin, following a meandering drag-trail into the tunnels! In the lightless depths they find a ransacked chamber full of the scraps and leavings of some invader: The Ruler of Altarin is not here, but someone else was. Many very heavy someone's wearing metal boots.
  • Borrowing an idea from their new contacts in the Disciples of Silicon, the Zabka attempt an "experiment:" A few dozen Root Rot sufferers are rounded up and kept in isolation and under observation from a safe distance. All but one die, with the last seeming to recover naturally; after that, the real work - staking out the fallen and waiting for the monsters to rise - begins. This experiment proves a failure, as the dead simply rot. Though the lone survivor does not do anything obviously monstrous, the Disciples recommend euthanizing them, just to be on the safe side.
  • Rikathi agents are dispatched to Ana Kai and quickly realize the Rising Sun is heavily monitoring its borders. Multiple plans are made to smuggle information through the blockade, with some promising initial forays through some of the mountain passes instead of the traditional sea route. The agents manage to relay that the Rising Sun is seizing properties and displacing its Myrkran population before all the agents go dark. A month later a red envelope arrives in Mjorduth. The letter penned in a dark brown ink with the emblem of the Rising Sun stamped on its corner.


    Dear Brejna Honorlund,

    I hear you like to normally 'converse' in letters, so I return your slight, and your sloppy theft attempt -shameful really-, dealt to us by replying formally.

    Your 'agents' have confessed to be seduced by the Dark, they also confess that you harbor the darklings. They have had a change of heart and renounced you. Seek them no more, they have returned to the Light.

    We are set to purge the Dark. Repent and seek the Light.

    ~ Sunborne


  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners and the Witches of Tir Buwch build a new hold for the refugee Kymtyr in Region 428! The Kymtyr refugees move into the hold showing their immense gratitude for the Brotherhood by developing some of the local resource of Lake Pike, setting up a decent trade for the local region. Most of the Highborn settle down as the ruling gentry and pledge themselves to the Brotherhood of Black Banners as a group of defending knights! Yaerl Ddaine is grateful to the Brotherhood of Black banners but says he isn't ready to settle down yet and takes a detachment of the strongest Highborn to begin investigations into the disappearance of their leader. [BBB gains 428-TP1 and a supply of Lake Pike as well as a Highborn Detachment of Knights (+1 Unit)! Yaerl Ddaine and a group of Highborn are planning in region 428 and open to discussions from other realms!]

  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners develop a new military Technology Cinnabrine Steel!Requirement: Iron
    Technology Slot: Special Material
    Effect: +1 to Battles
    Spurred to many long years of effort by the mounting dangers facing the Banner Holds and Brenn-Tyr at large, the Cinnabrine dwarves dwelling beneath Flechebourg emerge with ancient knowledge rediscovered. No longer content to forge the black iron that has for so long characterized the forces of the Banner Holds and the Brotherhood, the Cinnabrine's new blades are the color of glossy smoke, shot through with whorls of ashen shadow. This new metal is both lighter and stronger than iron, evoking in many ways the yet-unknown arcades of antiquity that lurk still deeper in the earth.

  • The Goblins of Slardar have played enough capture the flag competitions and hide and seek games that they have instilled a culture of Theft! (2d6 > 2d8)

  • The Nanx Throng continue their progress on fixing the Oracle Cave!

  • The Omega having consolidated significant amounts of land decide restructuring is required and establish a Great Kingdom!


  • Altarin:
    • In the Heart of Altarin, just west of the lands of the Nanx, the monster infestation has reached a terrifying new height as packs of ravening ghouls, doglike things with stretched limbs, and other misshapen creatures stalk the night in frighteningly organized fashion, ambushing and tearing apart the scattered hunters who had previously been trying to keep them in check! Villages run rampant with evil and outlying farms are left empty of life, only blood-drained corpses in their wake! [Region 108 has entered a state of Anarchy! 5 units of Ravenous Beasts have risen, led by a Hero 6 Pack Leader, and are attacking the region's native defenders!]
  • Taer Mojr:
    • Under a bright cloudless day a group of red sails encroach on the shores of Mjornduth, the unmistakable emblem of the Rising Sun on the center masts. A simple missive is delivered to Mjornduth - Burn the Darklings or we will. [Commit to removing the Mykran Refugee Center or Mjornduth will be attacked by a Rising Sun Hero (9) with 1 navy and 2 units!]
  • Brenn Tyr:
    • Shadestone Hold abruptly descends into chaos! The first blow is struck when a group of foreigners from Tancourt arrives with a black bag and abducts Panu Gebura in public before fighting their way out! Things spiral in the following days as he becomes a sort of martyr, firebrands taking his words as something that needed to be silenced speaking out to make sure they were heard. Worse, weapons and criminal activity begin to flow into the community, and bandits begin to appear on the roads - some suspect that Bertille's company has moved here, but many of the bandits are Myrkran themselves, and she wasn't known to have any in her employ. Still, regardless of its causes, the Brotherhood of Black Banners has a potential powder keg on its hands. [Region 417 - The Brotherhood of Black Banners - has fallen into unrest! Scholar Panu Gebura has been kidnapped by Tancourt!]
    • A series of arsons following Panu's kidnapping have investigators scratching their heads on who caused them. A series of pamphlets claiming to have set the flames to wake the Myrkran Sheep up are found in some Dark One shrines decrying the response of the Brotherhood of Black Banners to the kidnappings in Brenn Tyr and how they initially treated the Kymtyr! The names Reannon Yale and Yashi Ausua are circulated in whispers but the Myrkran in question deny any knowledge of who they are.
    • As the vines creep through the Tyr Sweet Thistle fields in Region 411, the new Brotherhood rulers and the people do their best to discover the underground roots growing before it's too late, to burn them and stem the tide! Alas, while fearsome in an open field the Brotherhood proves less able against such an insidious foe, and the vines make terrible progress. Region 411-TP2 is Consumed by the Carmine Blight!



  • The Goblins of Slardar successfully supply more information on the Vandals to the Myrkran! They continue to be pleased. The Myrkran representative notes that the Goblins have done quite a lot for them without asking for much in return, and wonder just how much debt they're going to accrue before they ask for something. The Goblins gain 1 MYR favor, bringing them to 5!

  • The Iconoclasts successfully establish stronger ties with the Myrkran they've welcomed to Bulbancha, and their friendship improves! [MYR Rep 1->2!]

  • Tancourt's xenophobic behavior is on the rise, abducting a minor but notable figure out of the blue and directly doing the exact thing the Rayjo Operators begged nobody to do! Those in the place to the west sense that while the Myrkran are very displeased with them, the strange presence that seemed to be watching them before emits the oddest sense of pleasure. [MYR Rep -1 -> -3!]

Disciples of Silicon:

  • The Goblins of Slardar reach out again to the Disciples and are shot at less this time! They still are not welcomed into the Forbidden Vault itself, but they are allowed on its outskirts to speak with representatives. [DOS Rep 1->2!]
  • The Toteharu, Crrroa-Crrroa, Goblins of Slardar, and Ruin's Ancient Warriors all claim the contents of a vault from the Disciples at the cost of 2 favor debt! Though most of them receive varied knick-knacks that might be perhaps of value as intellectual curiosities and little else, the Toteharu are able to salvage a stash of strange oblong objects with pins in them. The first plant to try pulling the pin is reduced to a pile of ash, but the survivors are quick to realize these things might be useful! [The Toteharu recover a stash of Plasma Grenades! A single-use minor artifact, these can be expended as part of a battle roll to gain +2 to Tactical Maneuvering and +1 to Battle! This stacks with treasure.]

Seekers of the Spheres:

  • No realm's interactions changes their relations with the Seekers.


429 Rebellion

The rebels of region 429 initially cheer when they see the Merlyn ships in harbor. They were coming back! When ships hit shore and the clattering of steel on wood echoes on the field the rebels start tremoring. When the Steel boot stomps out and Titiana rushes forward swinging wide arcs sending rebels flying as her killbots and the Merlyn follow on her heels driving the rebels to flee into the forest. But it was too late, the Sylvan forces had already arrived and unleashed their ambush. The forest drank deep that night and Titiana returned with cylinders of blood from the five most 'beautiful' rebels.

[Region 429's Rebellion has been quelled! The Region is in Unrest!]

Region 222 Meathook

Desperation. Fading relevance. The ascension of a rival. Another humiliating defeat and the raising of a great fortress. Captain Meathook was not be the most cunning of his kind, but even he knew that he needed something big, something ambitious. Glory or Death. One more failure and his crew would desert him, so change was needed. When the Mist Eaters next arrived to foreign shores, they came unshrouded, prepared for an extended presence - this would be no mere raid. 

They fell upon the shores, where Myrkran-Zoroa trade had brought life back to the districts, and gaining a bloody foothold onshore was swift - the battles would change in the following weeks, though, as a mercenary named Nietz arrived from inland to oppose what had previously been lightning raids and now was clearly a proper invasion. Meathook's charges met dancing water as Nietz avoided direct engagements with the Pirates' spark-flares, but while neither could fully outmaneuver the other, the Mist Eaters were hardened killers and Nietz' hastily-gathered militia was composed of scavengers and tomb raiders, who could defend themselves, but did not have the same cohesion or taste for violence. When Nietz met Meathook personally in battle he was driven back by the brute's furious strikes from a chicken-claw sickle, a short battle that Nietz quickly deemed unwinnable after a glancing blow damaged one of the straps on his armor, leaving it hanging loose. 

He retreated, and the pirates cheered - the defenders routed, and the pirates killed most and captured the rest as slaves. Meathook had won the day, and many of the dead were hung on hooks over the water as a warning to others. He had taken his riskiest move, and it was paying off so far - to rival Albatross now, he didn't need the favor of the Lords. He needed to become one. [Region 222 has been captured by the VVV and is in unrest!]

Region 243 Goirid the Brave

Goirid the Brave surveyed the forces of the Skudal Imperium arrayed on the field in front of him. Overwhelming odds, outnumbering the enemy 5 to 1! There was no way that the simple small force of defenders could pose any kind of threat to the might of the Rat King's army. Chuckling he wondered if he would be on his way back home before night turned on the ring.

Spying across the battle field as the lines began to test each other and engagement begin in earnest Goirid spotted the defending commander. A large imposing man, he had a strange helmet on his head that used to have two horns, but the left one was broken off at the base, apart from the helmet the man wore no armor and hefted a large hammer that easily weighed as much as Goirid himself.

He knew he would be able to take the 'giant' of course, a spear or pike at distance would render this Rock's advantages against him, staying nimble and moving in to hamstring him quickly would end the battle! Ah, how the Rat King would favor Goirid even more when returning from this flawless victory, perhaps lands? More troops? Better armor?

Goirid was so sure of his own victory and thinking of his rewards he didn't notice when Rock slipped away from the battle with a small detachment of forces. He also didn't notice the larger man stealthily take out the command tent guards until a large hammer knocked him clean out.

[The Skudal Imperium wins the invasion of Region 243 with two losses! Goirid the Brave was taken captive by the fleeing defending commander! Region 243 is in unrest! Region 243 requires its write-up completed, 5 rounds remaining!]

  • Pierre d'Roc's acceptance of the Knight Commanders deal and safe return to Region 428 from the Brotherhood's holds quells much of the discontent by the newly taken over region and the Kymtyr hold going up on their ancestral lands. Calm is restored and the unrest is put to bed as Pierre d'Roc sorts out the details of integrating the Caribou rider gentry into his plans.

Rumors & Events

  • Gwyn Bellin, a prominent and outspoken Kymtyr preacher of the Dark One starts finding traction among the dissidents of Tir Buwch's Followers of the Dark One, spurring the Brotherhood's Code of Stars as a bastardization of what the Lunar Penteon offered - the Dark One he believes to be the Witches' very own Branwen, citing a shared association with the Dark Moon in the sky. Afraid of his own 'disappearance' like many other outspoken people, his missives and treatises decrying the Code of Stars and promoting the virtue of the Dark One are done from a secret location.
  • The Omega having openly declared their conversion to Bright's Glow and having opened their doors to envoys to the Rising Sun seems to bare fruit as a delegation of Utui arrive in High Wall requesting an audience with the Omega Leader.
  • Mist Keggie has been spotted in region 103 talking to the locals and dealing with bandits! Region 103 is no longer in unrest!
  • Not much news slips through the Rising Sun blockade on Ana Kai but observant realms note large deliveries of picks and timber while ships laden with rocks leaving are seen leaving.



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NPC Actions

Round 11


The Peoples of Myrkran

[There is a whispering, a welcoming presence from the blazing sun in the sky to the crushing depths, that intrudes upon the mind of the one known as Evelyn Muckrake. Come, it says. Dig deeper. Dispense of the Flotsam. There is no physical presence, no clear source, but still it seems to answer thoughts in reply. There are answers to be found here, but getting them from such a cryptic and distant mind will be a struggle: To attempt to do so, Evelyn Muckrake may attempt a Diplomacy action rolled against TN14 so long as they remain at -3 Reputation with the Peoples of Myrkran.]

Pending Requests and Offers



[Industry] Rayjo Network Expansion [3/5] - As the specter of doom from the West approaches, the Rayjo network will become increasingly critical, and efforts are redoubled to finish it quickly. (Request: Any kingdom may contribute to this great project as an Industry action - the first action contributed by a realm grants that realm one MYR favor. Duration: Rounds 9-11)

[Diplomacy] Tell of Faraway Lands - Though the worst of the Refugee Crisis has long since come to an end, still many of the people of Myrkran travel as continued misfortunes daunt them. Cultural Chameleons as ever, they bring tales of places they have lived to those interested, especially to the Vaires where the ingress is most dramatic. (Offer: Any realm with nonnegative MYR reputation may spend 1 favor as a non-action in return for one action toward a Translation Great Project on their behalf. This is not limited to continents that a party could normally begin a translation project for, but does only apply to continents containing an active Myrkran Refugee Processing Center, and unseen continents cannot have their translation project completion progressed beyond 3/5. Realms with a capital in the Vaires may benefit from this one time without any need to spend a favor. Duration: Round 11)

[Intrigue] Look Inward (Secret) - So much pain. So much misery. Why? What crime had their people committed to suffer this way? Something had to give. Something had to change.


The Disciples of Silicon

[High Witch Bryn is kept up at night by faint flickerings, a laughing collection of points of light that seem to project from the environment around her. They are difficult to understand, but from time to time she gets glimpses of a strange ghostly woman just long enough to make out a few words - that her name is Sibyl, and she is no friend of the Metal Men. Unfortunately, communication is highly limited, and only a challenging ritual can stabilize this link! To attempt such a seance, High Witch Bryn may attempt a Faith action rolled against TN14 so long as she remains at -3 Reputation with the Disciples of Silicon.]

Pending Requests and Offers


[Diplomacy] Declassify and Dispose - Several recent acquisitions from Altarin, Taer Mojr, and Brenn Tyr have been analyzed and deemed not necessary to keep in indefinite isolation. With limitations on vault space, the process of slowly disposing of such things - whether by destruction or random dissemination - begins. Those in the loop of the Disciples’ activities are presented with a rare opportunity to take something off the disciples’ hands, with the right grease - and as the project continues, more vaults are deemed unnecessary to keep. (Offer: Kingdoms with DOS rep 1 or greater may request the contents of a vault be delivered to them for external storage/disposal rather than liquified as a non-action. The contents of a vault will be determined by a GM roll. This is no longer limited to one per realm. Reward: 2 Favors owed to DOS, contents of Vault. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-11)

Contents of Vaults

Determined by 1d6 roll.

1: Mundane junk. Vault contains exclusively mundane items of little industrial, academic, scientific, or occult interest.

2-3: Minor Find. Vault contains one or more items of expendable value, such as treasure or an artifact that is usable exactly once.

4-5: Major Find. Vault contains a technological or even (misfiled) anomalous artifact.

6: Oops. Vault contains a mystery, which may be greater in value than an artifact and/or dangerous.

[Intrigue] Intervene in Altarin - At the request of an unnamed party and seeing that the plague problem they had previously dismissed as a mundane concern has become clearly anomalous in nature, the Disciples begin to mobilize a response - at the heart of the contagion, where the beasts had coalesced into a true infestation, they waited at the edges to watch the Toteharu do battle with them. Their contact had convinced them that the Toteharu had this well in hand, and they should engage in a different tactic to control the situation. Rather than participating in the main battle, they would conceal their presence, and eliminate the stragglers and the routed - prevent them from going to ground after the main mass was broken.

[Military] The Limitations of Steel - As spring turns to summer one year, the realms find a surprising request for assistance from the normally independent and indiscernible Disciples of Silicon. The Metal Men arrive in person in courts where they are welcome, and doubly so in courts already indebted to them: They come with an unexpected request for physically capable, wartrained foreign legions to undertake a task for which they need far more manpower than they have and deploying the machines they usually do as force multipliers carries more risk than reward. Though they understand that Kings and Lords are loath to send their people on such adventures, the need is dire and they assure all involved that the mission is critical to the health of the Ayr. Further, they have considerable stores of emergency resources and due consideration for other services. Still, one must wonder what kind of task must be so challenging and so important that even these haughty figures would come down from their perch to ask the primitives for assistance? (Request: The Disciples of Silicon are interested in recruits from realms of Rep 0 or higher for a dangerous yet vitally important task for which their machines are unsuitable; any number of land units not otherwise deployed may be assigned to the Disciples' mission as a non-action. Surviving units will return home at the end of round 13. Reward: Short-term compensation of 1 treasure per unit. Any realm that transfers 2 units or more will also gain 2 favors, and a realm that transfers four or more units will gain an additional favor and 1 reputation. Penalty: Unknown, should the mission fail. Duration: Round 11)

The Seekers of the Spheres

[As the Illuminated and foremost among those with the Seekers' attention, the Ota Beyr Brejna Honorlund of the Rikathi receives a visit from the Council of Velentin's Elders, five of whom arrive by sail! While this coven remains in their court, Brejna Honorlund may spend a special intrigue action to investigate their cryptic words through dialogue and research of the texts they brought with them. While undergoing this training, the Ota Beyr may roll Intrigue against TN 14 to impress the Seekers, and earn the right to be inducted to the greatest secrets of the Seekers of the Spheres!]

Pending Requests and Offers

Request an Observatory be built in The Vaires - Desiring an additional point from which to observe the Dark Moon’s approach, the Seekers send missives through the new Kingdoms of the Vaires - in search of a patron who might champion their quest for knowledge and understanding of the cosmos. (Request: Build one Seeker Observatory (3-action Diplomacy/Faith project) in Yon Vaire or Vaire Ven. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed one will be randomly selected to become the recognized SPH base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become SPH bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-14)

Suppress the Carmine - Though knowledge is limited and early, Seeker Representatives like Olivier, Aporie, and Waxil are clear that in its current form, the Carmine Blight is inimical and incompatible with Ayr’s existing life. The East of Brenn Tyr was sparsely populated to begin with and no organized resistance formed before it overran the wilderness. Little is known but the Easterlings reported that fire was effective in the short term, and most of all time was needed now. (Request: Sack Trading Posts overtaken by the Carmine Blight to slow its progress. Reward: +1 favor for any successful sack. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 10-12)


[Diplomacy] Urgently Request an Observatory be built in Brenn Tyr - The Seekers in Brenn Tyr begin to probe gently, though urgently, about the prospect of establishing a more secure place in the West for their sensitive personnel and writings. Though this seems abrupt and the initial reasoning seems unclear, a little talking about the prospect forces the Seekers to admit that their extant observatory in Brenn Tyr is under immediate threat by the Carmine's progress, and they wish to evacuate noncombatants and irreplaceable knowledge while they can. (Request: Build one Seeker Observatory (3-action Diplomacy/Faith project) in a portion of Brenn Tyr West of the Mountains. If realms cooperate they decide amongst themselves how to divide the reward. If multiple bases are completed one will be randomly selected to become the recognized SPH base and contributor(s) will receive the full reward. Any unselected bases will still become SPH bases but receive no additional reward. Reward: +1 Rep, +1 Favor. Penalty: None. Duration: Rounds 11-13)

[Military] Eilonwy returns to the Grounded Sky Tower! - Hungry for more secrets now that her adventure in Altarin had come to a close, Eilonwy of Velentin returns to Taer Mojr by Seeker-ways, intending to continue her life's work with the Sunken. To accomplish this end, she charts an expedition to a familiar place, in the hopes of finding yet more answers. (Eilonwy of Velentin will assist the quest of any hero that makes an attempt to explore the Abyssal Night! If no hero does, she will independently quest to explore the Veiled Dark.)

[Intrigue] Seek a Cure for the Root Rot! - The Sages among Altarin's seekers have studied the poison that caused the original root rot at its source, and believe they have a potential antidote. The catch is...they need more of the active ingredient to formulate it in any quantity. The original herbalist's notes specified that it was based on Chorda Kelp. That's where they'd start. (Request: Obtain a Trading Post of Chorda Kelp on behalf of the Seekers; this can be done by any normal means one can acquire a trade post and an additional sub-action to specify that it is for the Seekers of the Spheres. Reward: 1 favor and a potential Cure for Root Rot. Penalty: None. Duration: Until Completed)




Vandals and Villains of the Vaires

Captain Dreadlove - A hulking horror of a man in a long, ragged coat that writhes with a patchwork of sewn-on pieces of others to augment his personal might, Captain Dreadlove acts the part of a petty king from his palace-ship speared on a stalagmite in the city of Crying Cove. Dip4/Mil10/Ind5/Int6/Fai5; 6 Land Units, 3 Naval
1. [Military] Albatross moves to defend Mjornduth with 2 units and 2 navy! - Her rising star has stalled. News from the north suggests Captain Meathook has achieved an audacious victory, while she returns empty-handed. Worst of all, she cannot punish him - something burns behind her eyes, and the pain only mounts until she gives the order to sail for Mjornduth. Damn them. Damn it all.


Captain Albatross (Subcommander 5) leads defense unless someone else demands to, does not challenge any opponent and refuses any duels. Uses Cautious Advance Tactical Doctrine if leading.

Spark-Fire Wands (Ranged Weapons, +1 to Battle), Steering Oars (Cavalry, +3 Maneuvering in Coastal Battles) in effect.

Total: +10 Battle (+5 leader, +2 unit, +2 navy, +1 tech), +8 Tactical Maneuvering (+5 using half Dreadlove's Mil Score, +3 Tech)

2. [Intrigue] Question The Situation - In a Room carved into and beneath a stalagmite, Captain Dreadlove awoke from a long, dreamless slumber. Something, somewhere, had gone wrong. It was time to discover what.

The Widow Queen - An ancient sea-witch whom even these cutthroats dare not cross, the Widow Queen appears on paper to be the weakest of them and yet maintains the careful balance of power that keeps these people from killing one another. Both her social puissance and the fear she inspires keep others in line, and she wields secret dread arts. Dip7/Mil5/Ind5/Int7/Fai10; 2 Land Units, 1 Naval. Fog-Wreathed Sails Tactical Doctrine, Embassy with Rikathi
3. [Faith] Convert Region 222 to Widow Ancestry - The over-ambitious buzzard had proven amusing. She saw no future in him or the land he claimed, but she would act anyway. She would have order; perhaps it might bloom again, one day.
4. [Diplomacy] Raise Reputation with the Disciples of Silicon - "I know what it is you come to my Court to ask for, Leaden Ones. You respect my secrets, and I shall respect yours. I have those who will fight and die for your mission. It is as you say - for the good of the Ayr."

  • The Limitations of Steel - the Widow Queen commits two land units of Geas-Bound Servants to the mission.

Rizzo "the Rat" - Though very mysterious, Rizzo "The Rat" is both fabulously wealthy and deeply clever, a petty plotter among the merchants of Porto Vapor who plays an extensive role in financing Privateers in the Vaires. They're also a wretched toad who thinks they're much smarter than you. Most of the best loot from raids on surrounding lands finds its way into Rizzo's Webbed Hands sooner or later. Dip3/Mil6/Ind8/Int10/Fai5; 4 Land Units, 2 Naval. Pirate Code Cultural Identity
5. [Industry] Buyout Region 219 Colored Sandstone TP1 - Albatross failed them. Perhaps Meathook would impress more with his betterment than hers - He would need stone to build something lasting, and Rizzo was ever curious what would be done with such an investment.
6. [Intrigue] Secret Action - Even known, Rizzo remains mysterious.

Captain Meathook - A brute of ambition, who has found a way to perhaps escape his seemingly inevitable demise - where once there were three, there must be four. His competence as a warlord is understood - his competence as a leader has yet to be tested. For now his "realm" is a nameless mass of raiders and slaves. Dip3/Mil5/Ind5/Int3/Fai2
7. [Military] Meathook attacks Region 221 with 1 unit and 1 navy! - Meathook doesn't know what to do with himself in peacetime - he's a raider at heart, not an architect. It was advice from one of Rizzo's messengers that gave him a push he needed - stone and wood, to build his own port. Rizzo would be procuring the stone, as an act of "generosity" he would no doubt pay for in the coming days. Meathook would have to acquire the wood - and to the west, there it was. The way forward was pleasingly simple.


Captain Meathook (Commander 5) leads Battle, does not challenge. Uses Fog-Shrouded Sails Tactical Doctrine, spends 1 treasure.

Spark-Fire Wands (Ranged Weapons, +1 to Battle), Steering Oars (Cavalry, +3 Maneuvering in Coastal Battles) in effect.

Total: +9 battle (+5 leader, +1 unit, +1 navy, +1 tech, +1 treasure), +8 Tactical Maneuvering (+5 Mil Score, +3 Tech)

8. [Military] Raise 1 Unit - Captain Meathook's recruits no longer came from Crying Cove, but groups of bandits and slavers that flocked to the promise of a new beacon of power in Yon Vaire.

Edited by BladeofOblivion (see edit history)
Meathook Stats (Mil set to 5 - dip, ind, int, fai in that order, adding 1 to ind and int))
3; 5; 3; 2
1d4;1d4+1;1d4+1;1d4 [3]; [3,4]; [3,4,2]; [3,4,2,2]
Disciples Intervention/vestigation
2d6+5 2,4
Widow Queen Convert Region 222
2d6+10 6,6
Widow Queen raise DOS rep
2d6+7 1,5
Rizzo Buyout 219 tp1
2d6+8 1,6
Rizzo Secret
2d6+10 3,1
TAN Anvil
2d6+9 2,3
RiS Anvil
2d6+9 4,1
Vault Gacha (TOT, CCC, GOS, RAW)
3; 4; 2; 1
1d6;1d6;1d6;1d6 [3]; [3,4]; [3,4,2]; [3,4,2,1]
DOS Rep 4 Rolloff (M'Shakin Jay vs. Merlyn Zan Cuddlu)
16; 17
2d6+8;2d6+9 [4,4]; [4,4,5,3]
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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)





Round 11



Regions 426 & 427

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (8), Military (5), Industry (6), Faith (3), Intrigue (4)

Round 11 Actions

1. Military - Special - Raise Hero

Morgaine, once known by all as the Marked Witch, dons a new title as protector of Tir Buwch! He is now Morgaine, the Spellblade

2. Faith - Convert Region 130 to Code of Stars

3. Faith - Clear Space in Tir Buwch for Seeker Observatory (1/3)

4. Faith - Construct the structure of the Seeker Observatory (2/3)

5. Faith - Furnish and Install Equipment i the Observatory (3/3)


1.  Assist Sypressa in their Quest Against the Lotus Eaters - Take Two (1 treasure to Sypressa via embassy)

Still lacking a hero of their own, the government of Tir Buwch send food, money, and resources to Sypressa to aid in Artemisia Sagebrush's quest to quell the Lotus Eaters.

2. A Hero Appears!

Morgaine, the marked witch who will never become witch king, has risen from the shadows a hero and commander.


3. The Beginnings of a Succession Dispute

With the news of Morgaine relinquishing his right to High Witch, everywitch is abuzz wondering who will take his place.

The Children of the Moonlight have put forth a string candidate, Witch Rhiannon. She comes from a small town amid the plains and has gained fame popularity among the Witches for having become a great ambassador to Sypressa.

The mysterious leader of Followers of the Dark One, Witch Gaheris, has come out of hiding and has gained notoriety as a dissident.

Everywitch wonders who the aging High Witch Bryn will choose.


Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (8), Military (5), Industry (6), Faith (3), Intrigue (4); Faith +2

Capital: Region 426

Realm: Region 427

Faith: Code of Stars




Trading Posts: 5

  1. Region 417; TP 2; Iron
  2. Region 426; TP 1; Cows
  3. Region 427; TP 1; Sunflowers
  4. Region 429; TP 1; Brenn Connifers
  5. Region 433; TP 1; Arctic Moose

Military Units: 5/8, Naval 0/4

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 1 favor owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep -3; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 0; 1 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 5

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry: +1 to Industry and Diplomacy exploration
  • Irrigation: +1 to Stabilization rolls
  • Poetry & Prose: +1 Conversion Defense, +1 Conversions in regions that share your writing system
  • Bricks & Mortar: +1 to resist Raids and Sacks

Treasure: 3; -1 this turn



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
Raise Hero
1d4+7 1
Convert RAW to Code of Stars
2d6+5 6,5
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Omega, Turn Eleven (Year 41-44)


Still Lake has reached the end of their processing cycle, and has chosen to step down after one final cycle of conquest and uplift. Their final gift to the Omega, however, is of themselves - the accumulated experiences from meeting a dozen new cultures flood the Omega Network, enhancing it as never before. What was once ostensibly a kingdom is now something greater.

From this new combination of furiously racing threads arises a new leader - and to little surprise and fanfare, it is Still Lake's primary student, Adamant Rise. Once an Omega the size of a bipedal elephant and twice as imposing due to being made of Ring Infrastructure, the new version is still a mountainous machine, just with visible mechanisms and glowing bits instead of featureless liquid metal.

And no sooner is this done than the Omega realize that they have been tricked. This faith of their northern neighbors is only a cover for psychotic violence. Uplift will not be achieved this way. Rather than discarding the idea, however, it is the methods they deem unacceptable - and those executing them, of course.

However, the Omega are no longer capable of whisking themselves up the mountains to fight on gusts of air and wings of flame. They turn their attention to re-inventing a way to scale to such altitudes and over such unforgiving terrain. Their solution is - typically for them - mechanical. Soon the Omega will build, and there will be a meeting of the minds. Who and what survives from there is unknown.

Note: The Omega will be changing rulers at the end of this round, with a new one on Round 12.

[Military]: Raise two land units via Fort Beta
[Military]: Raise one naval unit
[Military]: Kor explores the Abyssal Night with aid from Eilonwy. (+1 SOS Rep, +2 Assist, +1 Treasure) (Result: 20)
[Military]: Still Lake invades Region 207

  • Route: 206 -> 207, by land and sea
  • Tactical Doctrine: Skirmish
  • Units: 6 land, 5 naval
  • Technologies: Spark-Flare Wands (+1 Battles)
  • Still Lake does not challenge, but will duel if challenged.
  • Total Battle Bonus: 11 units + 1 tech + 10 leader = +22

[Industry]: Buyout Cedar Wood TP1 in Region 207 (Success 18 vs. TN 12)
[Industry (Special 10)]: Invent Mechanical Scaffolding, Pending Approval

  • Mechanical Scaffolding (Civilian Tech, Required Resource: Any Construction Material/Wood if it needs to be more specific): A system of rapidly constructed (and packed) platforms, ramps, bridges, and simple mechanisms to move large quantities of personnel or resources across challenging vertical terrain.

    Effect: Allows passage over Mountain borders.

Resist All Buyouts.
Resist Non-Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept and support Bright's Glow Conversion Attempts.
Accept envoys from Rising Sun.

Ruler Stats for Still Lake (Final Turn):

Diplomacy 10 | Military 10 | Industry 10 | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Ruler Stats for Adamant Rise (Next Turn):

Diplomacy 5 | Military 3 (+2) | Industry 6 (+1) | Faith | Intrigue 1

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Adamant Rise's Stats
5; 3; 6; 1; 1
1d4+2;1d4+2;1d4+2;1d4;1d4 [3]; [3,1]; [3,1,4]; [3,1,4,1]; [3,1,4,1,1]
Explore Abyssal Night w/Treasure w/Eilonwy
2d6+14 3,3
Buyout 207 TP 1
2d6+10 5,3
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130 and 129

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 9

Mil: 7

Ind: 5

Fai: 2

Int: 8


Expected Stat Changes: +1 Mil, +1 Int


1. Military: Invade the Dragons of 123


RAW: 1 Ground Unit, 2 Navy Units (Transport for BBB)

BBB: 4 Ground Units (Ferried from 429 by RAW)

SYP: 2 Ground Units, 1 Navy Unit (Transporting self)

Route: RAW 130-129-123

SYP: 429-130-129-123

BBB: 417-428-429-130-129-123

Commander: Merlyn Mal Dread (10) wielding the Emerald Axe Wyrmcutter

Tac Doc: Skirmish (7 Mil, -2 from Army Size)

Tech: Power Armor (+2, -10% Casualties), DOS Rep 2 (+1), Cinnabrine Steel (+1)

Total Battle Bonus: 24

Merlyn Mal Dread is anointed, beaming from the victory of their Quest with the Serpent Isle the woodsy Merlyn has been quickly swept up in Drake rhetoric, and finds himself dubbed in a rite. Pulled on religious fervor and a desire to see new lands for the hope of discovering aid for the coming trials. A unified banner is raised as the Drakes rally the Brotherhood and Sypressa in a valiant charge against their fiery namesake.

2. Military: Titania Quests into Unknown Land across the river of 410

Titania is too desired among the Isle of Ruin, her daily activities the talk of every Tancourt inspired rumor rag that scurries the edges of Merlin zeitgeist. Jealous and maddened Zan Cuddlu decides to stake two hearts with one blade and dispatches his Blade Mistress to the far east where the Carmine grows thick and the air is pungent with Wyrmflesh. The fallen Wyrm has blighted the lands and Zan Cuddlu alongside others have taken an interest in the spreading crimson terror. Discovering its source must be the first step in this deadly quest.

3. Diplomacy: Finish Press Claim on 430

Merlyn Dewr Arthyr settles down with the local king, carving a wreathe from bone and sacred tree, and tends to a loving hearth together. The Order of the Drake delivers weapons and armors to the local militia, standing in unison with them, and ensuring the crusade against the Salamanders will not trample through unsuspecting villages. Their unity is punctuated by the construction of a great wooden Hold dubbed Shattercliff Hold.

4. Intrigue: Secret

5. Intrigue: Zan Cuddlu takes the next Step

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu is a mess. A jittering feverish shambles which barely functions in the courts of the Isle with any regularity. He stares at the sun for dangerous periods, traveling the realms for specific narcotics, and paying travelers for any Lotus they have pilfered from the distant cult. He mumbles and whispers incessantly numbers and dates and names with no rhyme or reason. One day he only communicated with mathematic problems and equations. He barely sleeps and when he does he is prone to fits, spasms, and sleep activity. Nothing but the cold comfort of Titania’s embrace seems to still his rabidity.


- Resist Buyouts unless otherwise noted

- Resist Conversions unless otherwise Noted

- Accept DOS offer for a Vault

- Send DOS two Units

- Support COW conversion of 130

The Order of the Drake did not see eye to eye with the shifty Witches of Tir Buwch on their treatment of the Disciples and their quests. However they were firmly aligned in the mutual enjoyment and respect of chivalrous codes and the most honorable of them all the Code of Stars which binds beyond blood and into the very heroic nature of mortals. Channels are opened up by the Order whose land route and close entry to Ruin allow for swift uninterrupted proselytizing. Many militant Wyrm Cultists and Pirates are absent from the geopolitics of faith at the time as they embark and sign up for a clandestine mission with the Disciples. Blood oaths are drawn by many Merlyn and a great band of warriors have accumulated within the halls of Caler Henn Haern awaiting the silent horn of duty.

Edited by Tychris1 (see edit history)
DOS Step 2 with Treasure
2d6+9 2,1
Titania River Quest
2d6+9 6,1
2d6+8 4,4
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 9
Military 10
Industry 3
Faith 7
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +1 Dip





  1. [Diplomacy] Stabilize the Banner Holds (+1 Irrigation) - 20

  2. [Diplomacy] Stabilize Region 411 (+1 Irrigation) - 14
  3. [Military] Sir Rulman Quests into Unknown Lands North of 410 - 12
  4. [Military] Sack TP 2 in Region 411 - 18
  5. [Military] Join the attack on the salamanders in Region 123 with 4 Units transported by ships from Ruin's Ancient Warriors, equipped with Cinnabrine Steel (+1)


  • Allow any kingdom with the capability to sack trade posts overcome by the Carmine Blight.
  • Gift knowledge of Cinnabrine Steel to the Sylvan Protectorate through shared Embassy.

News and Rumors:

  • ...


Treasure: 0/5

Units: 6/12

  • Banner Militia First Company
  • Banner Militia Second Company
  • First Highland Skirmishers
  • Second Highland Skirmishers
  • First Gauntlet Archers
  • First Highborn Knights

Naval Units: 0/2

Regions: 417 (Capital), 412, 428, 411


Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Stabilize Banner Holds
2d6+10 4,6
Stabilize 411
2d6+10 2,2
Quest Into Unknown Lands North of 410
2d6+9 1,2
Sack Region 411 TP 2
2d6+10 2,6
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