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Ringworld of Ayr - Age of Restoration


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The Storytellers of Sypressa


Master Storyteller Populus Aspen
Diplomacy: 5 – Military: 5 – Industry: 1 – Faith: 1 – Intrigue: 4
Capital: The Greywood Coast (415) – Round 6


1. Diplomacy 5 – Establish the Pycnandra Grove (an Embassy) of greywood pines upon the isle of Ruin (Region 130 - RAW), with a resident population of carvers, storytellers, and caretakers lead by Storyteller Salvia Rosemary.

- RAW promises to trade Region 429 to SYP after finishing pressing their claim
- RAW promises no military action towards Region 429 and Region 416
- RAW promises to support SYP claimancy in any future events where their new government in Region 429 may be challenged
- SYP promises to train a Hero for RAW in Round 7
- SYP promises to gift Poetry & Prose to RAW in Round 7

The newly-planted Grove upon Ruin grows twisted, strange, and malformed. The grey of the greywood bark is abnormally pale and pocked with crescent markings resembling eyes. Though the Grove is still too young to begin the process of carving Ruin, Rise, and Redemption's Story upon the thick bark, a test scratch into a tender sapling reveals a turquoise-green sap that drips down from the wound like a tear.

2. Diplomacy – Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres. 10

Digitalia Foxglove finally has a name! She specifically addresses the next batch of annotated sketches to "Waxil" with the hope of establishing a scholarly rapport with the member of the Seekers.

3. Diplomacy – Establish a claim on Region 416. 14

Letters are exchanged. Meetings are held. Eventually, an exchange is agreed upon. Aspen, upon completing his term as Sypressa's Master Storyteller, will travel to the adjacent forest region to live among them, learn their customs, and record their history, if they desire it. In exchange, the young Prince of Rosewood journeys to the eldest Grove to begin apprenticeship towards becoming Sypressa's future Master Storyteller.

4. Military – Raise a unit of relatively heavily armored infantry, the Boar Tuskers.

5. Military 5 – Introduce a Tactical Doctrine, Nature's Wrath. Effect: Gain +3 to battle rolls when defending

The humans and elves of the Greywood Coast know the heavily wooded terrain better than any other, taking the names and qualities of its animal inhabitants for their regiments. Should an invading force ever venture into the forest's depths, they will find themselves against the silent Lynx's Footfalls scouting their every move, the Swanfeather Wraiths peppering their flanks with arrows from high in the canopy, and the fleet Darting Does striking and retreating with the all the nimbleness of the blue-tailed deer they ride.


A. Change rulers non-dynastically. Stat growths: +1 Dip, +1 Mil. Non-dynastic succession: +1 to any two attributes.

Master Storyteller Athyrium Fern: 4+1 Diplomacy, 3+1+1 Military, 1 Industry, 1 Faith, 2+1 Intrigue

B. Support Tancourt's buyout of Greywood Bark in the Greywood Coast (415).
C. Neither support nor resist conversion by the Brotherhood of Black Banners.

News and Rumors:

  • As the Storytellers learn of new peoples and lands each day, they become worried that Sypressa's unique culture of carved history stretching back generations upon generations will be lost amid the increasingly connected world. It is decided that unity in the face of opposition is the best answer, and so emissaries are sent to both adjacent woodlands (Region 429 and Region 416). Though these regions lack the greywood pine species and have their own unique governments, Aspen is hopeful that there exists a path to equitably incorporate and merge together their Stories. Those born to the forest must stick together.

Records Carved:

Units: 3/6
Navy: 0/3
Treasure: 0/5


- The White Doe's Deershoe: Provide a resource of Iron to its owner.

Groves, Debts, and Treaties:

  • The Witchwood Grove in Tir Buwch (COW) - 40 feel tall
  • The Bruitmire Grove in Tancourt (TAN) - 20 feet tall
    • TAN promises to gift SYP their next technology during the round it is created
  • The Twisted Grove upon Ruin (RAW) - newly planted
    • RAW promises to trade Region 429 to SYP after finishing pressing their claim
    • RAW promises no military action towards Region 429 and Region 416
    • RAW promises to support SYP claimancy in any future events where their new government in Region 429 may be challenged
    • SYP promises to train a Hero for RAW in Round 7
    • SYP promises to gift Poetry & Prose to RAW in Round 7


Digitalia Foxglove: Past Master Storyteller, now mentor. Human. She/her
Salvia Rosemary: Past Master Storyteller, now mentor. Elven. She/her
Populus Aspen: Current Master Storyteller. Human. He/him
Artemisia Tarragon: Child with a Greater Star Sign. 8 years old. Human. She/her
Artemisia Wormwood: Middle child. 17 years old. Human. They/them
Artemisia Sagebrush: Eldest brother of Tarragon. 20 years old. Human. He/him

Unit Fluff:

1x Lynx's Footfalls (scouts)
1x Darting Does (light cavalry)
1x Swanfeather Wraiths (archers)

Past Stories:

Edited by aerin13 (see edit history)
Change leader non-dynastically
5d4 4,1,1,2,3
Raise reputation with the Seekers of the Spheres
2d6+5 2,3
Establish a claim on Region 416
2d6+5 5,4
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The Brotherhood of Black Banners

Knight Commander Sir Etoile Kotter

Diplomacy 6
Military 6
Industry 2
Faith 5
Intrigue 1

Expected Stat Changes: +2 Fai


At last, connection. It had been many years since the Brotherhood had become aware of the other kingdoms that called Brenn-Tyr home, but the knighthood's efforts to contact those far-flung neighbors had been stymied by the dangers of the trackless wilderness dividing them. Only recently had new paths been carved into the surrounding vast by the steady tread of intrepid explorers, and an entire level of the Spire Penitent had been cleared of ancient trophies and been repurposed as a workshop for cartographers recruited from Shadestone. Meanwhile, bards errant from the Hall of Heralds were dispatched to the courts of every nearby kingdom on the continent, in the hope that kindred spirits might be found.



  1. [Faith] Convert Sypressa (Region 415) to Romantic Chivalry (+1 Prose and Poetry) - 16
  2. [Faith] Convert Tancourt (Region 413) to Romantic Chivalry with Support (+1 Prose and Poetry) - 17
  3. [Faith] Convert Tir Buwch (Region 426) to Romantic Chivalry with Support (+1 Prose and Poetry) - 11
  4. [Faith] Convert Region 416 to Romantic Chivalry - 15
    As bards from the Hall of Heralds publicly journey to the civilized lands of Brenn-Tyr, an altogether more dangerous expedition makes ready to depart. Word of the bandit scourge in the nearby forests called out for the intercession of the Brotherhood, but with knights and militia still occupied by the repercussions of the Moonshatter a subtler method is needed. Cloaked in obscurity, a few brave men and women travel to this untamed land, spreading the gospel of Chivalry as a light against hopelessness. Help will come.
  5. [Industry] Buy Out TP 3 of Cows in Tir Buwch (Region 426) with Support (+1 Markets) - 14


  • Exchange 1 Favor with the Myrkran to gain 1 Reputation.

News and Rumors:

  • As she approaches the age of initiation as a squire of the Brotherhood, Celine is assigned to shadow one of the master smiths of the Cinnabrine. While their duties primarily revolve around unseen conflicts against the dangers of the Wood, every member of the Brotherhood is expected to command some proficiency in all the arts that enable their mission. Though she does little beyond watch and stoke the fires of the dwarven forge, the tenure of Celine's involvement produces nine swords of rare quality and unusual shine.
Edited by DarkOne6989 (see edit history)
Buy Out TP3 Cows
2d6+5 5,4
Convert Tancourt
2d6+8 3,6
Convert Sypressa
2d6+6 4,6
Convert Tir Buwch
2d6+8 1,2
Convert 416
2d6+6 3,6
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The Nanx Throng - 109
Shaman Delce

a sixth boathide of angular writing

we continue to grow
we continue to hear the words of the spirits calling us to build and to help
we will do so
the shaman guide us
they know what to do

horses haul wood from the fallen myrkran homes
we hear word that the zabka want peace
but we are skeptical
clay from lakeward
tin from far away
stone from our dear neighbors
these things come together to make something new
walls rise high
homes on homes and things heaped high
here in the place where we crawled from the oracle cave
more than a village
we will call this place NANA

this is not the only new thing
the fire breather comes from the wyr
we do not know this spirit
we do not know if the wyr is angry
we must find out
our hardiest boatherds have coaxed sureclawed boats from above the trees
strong leapers and hot bodies against the snow
they climb higher than any nanx can alone
they jump across gaps
they climb sheer walls
soon we will give them stout cheese
and send them to find out what has been above us

to the salt
to where some travelers call north
shaman amoh talks to the people
plant people and maenos and nanx who live there
they live on the coast
they fish and dive for pearls and build homes into the cliffs where the salt meets the wyr
shaman amoh has convinced them
there are dangers and good neighbors are good
but good allies are better
shaman amoh has convinced them that we will protect them
and they will protect us
and together we will grow
soon we will have a village there
and shaman amoh will live in the village near the salt

as we build we help
wood and tin are useful
they allow us to make many useful things
but more useful is the help of friends
more important is using things to help
we are helping the maenos to harvest wood
our friendship makes it easy
we will harvest and teach them
and find new wood when they have learned
the plants are difficult to talk to
they have different ways
but we try to help them
and hope they can succeed

we send word
any myrkran who can journey to us will have a home
anyone who harms myrkran journeying to us will make us mad
we send out nanx with food and shimmerstone and berry wine
to help travelers on their way
and to make leaders silly and let the myrkran pass safely
the myrkran were not of altarin but now they are
and that makes them neighbors to nanx

and there is a stirring in the oracle


The Nanx Throng


[Industry] Exchange 115 Wood TP1 with Maenos for A Reasonable Favor

[Diplomacy] Press Claim final to integrate region 107 into the Throng

[Industry] Introduce a New Technology! (Alpine Animal Assistants - Requires Animal Husbandry - Allow traversal of mountain regions.)

[Industry] Found a City! Nana in 109

[Diplomacy] Raise Rep (Myrkran 1 to 2) [Spending 1 treasure] Success with 17

Resist Conversion
Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts

Support Toteharu Buyout of Tin


Ruler Info

Shaman Delce

Diplomacy - 8 9

Military - 3

Industry- 10

Faith - 3

Intrigue - 3

Diplomacy 5 Used
Industry 5 Available Using
Industry 10 Available Using

Successor - Shaman Trew - Currently acting as Emissary to the Maenos

Other Notes

New Ruler Next Round? - No

Military Units 3/6
-Fighting People
-Spear People
-Slingstone People

Treasure 1/5 spending 1
+1 passive treasure/round




Organizational Overview
Myrkran People, Rep 1 2, Favors 0
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 0
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 0 Favors 0

Temporary Cultural Identity - None
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry

Trading Posts (5, 1 treasure/round)
-109 Shimmerstone TP1
-113 Horses TP1
-108 Clay TP1
-104 Highland Berries TP1
-115 Wood TP1 [Trading Away]
-110 Stone TP2
-111 Tin TP1 [supporting buyout]

Other Resources
A Reasonable Favor from the Maenos
A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu

Faith (Unnamed Animism)
-109 - Wyr Foothills

Controlled Regions & Holy Sites

Expected Stat Gains

Industry (Wasted)

Backup Action

[Intrigue] Investigate the Oracle in the depths of 109.


Diplomacy - Raise Rep with MYR from 1 to 2 (1 treasure)
2d6+9 3,5
Backup Intrigue
2d6+3 6,6
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Voile Domain
Sabine, Queen of Veils
(Dip 6/Mil 7/Ind 7/Fth 2/Int 3)

  • Earlier depictions of pine cones on standing stones is the cause of much semiotic consternation. "Why would the Raven King be harvesting a pine cone? You can't eat pine cones!" one druid insisted, before claiming the item on the famous relief was actually an artichoke. Debate continues about how edible pine nuts really are. Druids have been banned from carrying the customary thyrsi until the matter is resolved.


  1. [Diplomacy] Colonize 218 (13, Success) - While few of the veiled folk are willing to leave the safety of the sacred isle to eek out a living, sea rangers succeed in establishing a foothold in the new land. More numerous Nords soon follow, the allure of unclaimed grazing land outweighing the vague threat of vikings. People are heartened by news of the Omega's victory.
  2. [Diplomacy] Diplomatic Mission E of 218 (12, Success) - The soft-spoken veiled folk sail bearing gifts. Also spears because there are damned vikings in these waters.
  3. [Military] Grant Protectorate Status to 213 - Following a frosty refusal of the royal family's alliance-building marriage proposals some decade prior, the Voilese are likewise slow to respond to the distressed mainlanders after the viking sack. At length, with the lion's share of the continent's warriors committed to mutual defense, the Voilese deign to include the western coastline in their naval patrols, and station a valkyrie regiment within the petty chiefdom until a more lasting political arrangement can be reached.
  4. [Military] Recruit Naval Unit - 3rd Sea Rangers
  5. [Military] Recruit Unit - Valkyries


  • [Non-Action]

Record Keeping

Technology: Tall Sails, Masonry, Animal Husbandry
Translations: Yon Vaire

Bonuses: +1 Exploration, +1 resist Raid/Sack

Units: 3x Valkyries (Wolf, Raven, Bear)
Naval Units: 2x Sea Rangers (1st and 2nd)



I am already dead. This is the guiding sentiment of the Voilese elite warriors, the Valkyries. Death is taken to be the natural state of all things, even the gods. Any deviation from this norm is temporary and will soon be remedied. This logic extends to the time prior to life, and even a gestating fetus is taken to be dead until the moment of the quickening. Therefore, your life is a reprieve granted by your mother and sustained by your sisters. That sisterhood is the only thing that makes you any different from a kit ripped from its warren by a she-wolf with whelps to feed. Far better to be like the wolf.


Valkyrie regiments take the name of patron animal. Thirteen escadrilles compose a regiment and each consists of seventeen full fledged Valkyries, plus as many as seven teenage cadettes, and three senior advisors too old or maimed for combat. Escadrilles function more or less independently with the three fiercest groups supported by a left wing, a right wing, and a relief or rearguard; and the fleetest group left to respond to openings as the battle progresses.




Edited by Nefarion_Xid (see edit history)
Colonize 218
2d6+6 4,3
Diplomatic Mission E of 218
2d6+6 3,3
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Omega, Turn Six (Year 21-24)


The loss of Kor is as saddening as the sudden appearance of Fog-bound pirates is worrying. While the replenishment of the Omega's forces is a major concern, consolidating existing gains and dealing with the massive ecological disaster to the southeast takes priority... as does putting the technology shown by the pirates to the torch. While the Disciples of Silicon made a handsome offer, Still Lake has come to realize that technological gifts given to said organization will only be hoarded and used to suppress further advances - the opposite of everything the Omega stand for.

[Diplomacy]: Press Claim on region 210. (Third Round Automatic Success)
[Diplomacy]: Attempt to raise reputation with the Peoples of Myrkan (MYR). (Success vs. TN 10)
[Industry]: Great Project: Re-Seed the Whispering Woods of 206. (1/5)
[Industry]: Great Project: Re-Seed the Whispering Woods of 206. (2/5)
[Intrigue]: Secret Action


Resist Buyouts.
Resist Conversion Attempts.
Embassy: Trade the language of Vaire to VOI.
Embassy: Trade 1 treasure to ZAV in exchange for Irrigation Technology.

Ruler Stats for Still Lake:

Diplomacy 7 (+1) | Military 7 | Industry 7 (+1) | Faith 1 | Intrigue 2

Edited by Jadetarem (see edit history)
Attempt to raise reputation with MYR
2d6+7 3,5
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 The Witches of Tir Buwch (COW)


Round 6



Region 426

High Witch Bryn

Diplomacy (5), Military (2), Industry (5), Faith (2), Intrigue (2)
Round 6 Actions

1. Diplomacy - Establish Claim over Region 427

2. Diplomacy - Special 5 - Build Embassy with RAW in Region 130
In the centre of the sprawling City, stands a large domed cylindrical building made up of thousands of colorful tiles depicting intricate patters and sigils. The Adeilad Masnach serves as the central hub for administration, commerce, diplomacy, and alchemy. The main building is split into three sections of numerous offices that are open to the public. In the very centre, there is a grand spiral staircase leading into the dome which houses the alchemy ward. Unlike the rest of the building, which is tasteful, practical, and minimalistic, the alchemy [word] is bright, cluttered, and chaotic in décor. However, all workstations in the dome are neat and tidy to reflect the seriousness of the alchemists’ work and reverence to Goddess Branwen.

3. Industry - Buyout Region 429 TP 1

4. Industry - Buyout Region 427 TP 1

The cows now wear sunflower wreaths.

5. Industry - Special 5 - Raise City: Tir Porff

The newest City has been built up with government buildings and a sprawling market. Unfortunately, a lack of lumber has stalled the construction of the residential district and the people's anger grows.

1.   A child with a greater star sign is now a snot nosed brat

Morgaine, the marked witch, prodigy, he who will one day become witch king, and massive pain in the hat has finally reached the age of 13. As a gift and sign of recognition, Morgaine is granted a station at the newly built Alchemy Laboratory. He was also given two assistants and one scribe/babysitter.

The marked child is of average build with flaxen hair and eyes that shine like stars. He would be handsome if not for his awful personality, thought Witch Iona, talented scribe.

2. Support BBB's Conversion attempt


Reference  Information

Leader Stats: Diplomacy (5), Military (2), Industry (5), Faith (2), Intrigue (2); Dip & Ind +1

Trading Posts: 1

  1. Region 417; TP 2; Iron
  2. Region 426; TP 1; Cows

Military Units: 2/6, Naval 0/3

Organizational Overview:

The Peoples of Myrkran: Rep 0; 1 favor owed to Org
The Disciples of Silicon: Rep 0; No favors
The Seekers of the Spheres: 0; 1 favor owed to COW

Technologies: 5

  • Markets and Carts: +1 to Buyouts
  • Tall Sails: Allows sailing across light blue borders
  • Animal Husbandry
  • Irrigation
  • Poetry & Prose
  • Bricks & Mortar

Treasure: 0



Edited by Bellossom (see edit history)
Establish Claim over Region 427
2d6+5 3,3
Buyout Region 429 TP 1
2d6+6 4,1
Buyout Region 427 TP 1
2d6+7 3,6
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Sixth season of plants; Sixth Season of Tete-kānoDiplomacy - 7 (Spec 5 used)
Military - 8 (Spec 5 used)
Opustewdustry - 5
Faith - 5
Intrigue - 3

Region(s): 106, 101

With detractors quelled and many neutral people turned to supporters, Anðōf Ayghel & Puāwai's further political ambitions solidify into something almost totally coherent. While some detractors still exist, the friction they generate is largely personal grumbling rather than political dissent. As such, only time would be needed for those remaining to be quelled. And thus, that is what would be done.

Meanwhile, the strange metal-clad warriors sought to bring down the dragon plaguing the skies. Though any such effort would have quickly brought the Toteharu to their aid, special attention was paid to the Disciples this time. A "skylance" was something that the Toteharu were deeply interested in, Tete-kāno in particular. But angering the mostly-unknown people by being too buddy-buddy would be... unusual. As such, she instructed the workmen to keep as close as they would be allowed, but not to push boundaries. Still, many efforts were made by these workers to ask questions and potentially learn.

Meanwhile, the bean counters were finally replaced with someone simply properly trained and not chosen based on another culture’s unusual pun-based name. Approaching the Zabka - who seemed interested in clams - with offers of other shellfish and analysis of trade routes, exchange rates, and several other large words thrown in for good measure, it seemed that the Toteharu would finally be able to secure a route towards waterproof roofs and siding that didn’t sink the foundation into the mud.

Another issue continued to persist: The White Leviathan. However, the injuries sustained from the previous expedition made the Bear wary. Shaken confidence required a task to assuage the ego that had fallen after sitting high. As such, a… productive vacation was planned. Past the aloe vera fields discovered to the east, the Bear would seek to find more comfortable ground while the bean counters - now shifted to exploratory trade rather than negotiation - continued along the coast. The Bear promised to return to the seas at the next opportunity, however, as it seemed that few were both willing and able to assist.

All these projects - building military, establishing resource routes, raising plans in constant flux, and managing an ever-growing outside look into the world - eventually caused Tete-kāno to develop a growing sense of angst. Had they been ignoring Taumara & Taumaru? Was this in their interest or their own? Though the season continued to bear down, a desire to shift focus towards inward growth never ceased. But there were only so many plants to direct. Thus, Tete-kāno Looked outward to those they had been making friends and allies with. Though they loathed to make demands based on friendship, there were so many of those Seekers spending time and energy simply debating as a profession, why not ask the adherents therein to help along the Tau’s word? Time and effort. Infinite of neither.


  • [Diplomacy] - Finish Claim on Region 104
  • [Military] - Quest into Unknown Lands, sending the Bear inland; southward from Region 120
  • [Industry] - Launch Expedition, continuing along the eastward coast
  • [Industry] - Buyout of Tin TP 1 in Region 111
  • [Military] - Contribute to the construction of The Skylance


• Spend 1 Favor to Increase Reputation with The People of Myrkran.

• Resist all Conversions away from TAT

• Support all Conversions towards TAT

• Spend 1 Favor to have SPH Discuss Theology (TAT) in Region 104

General Summaries

+1 Industry, +1 Military

Stuff n' Things

Link to Realm Post

Military Units: 1/6, 3/4
-Fightin' Mangroves, 1

-Seaweed Raft Flotilla, 3

Trading Posts & Treasure: 1 & 0/5
-Region 106 TP1, Marine Forage & Produce

+0 passive treasure


Te-Raupea, The Arbor Bear (HS8)


Organization Reputation Summary
People of Myrkran, Rep 1, Favors 1 (-1 this round, then +2)
Disciples of Silicon, Rep 1, Favors 0 (+1 this round)
Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 2, Favors 1 (-1 this round)

Organization & Tech Bonuses

+1 to Establish Claim (MYR 1)
+1 to Raid (DOS 1)
+1 to Sack (DOS 1)
+1 to Epic Quests (SPH 1)
+1 to Diplo/Indus Exploration (Tech)
+2 to Investigation (SPH 2)

Temporary Cultural Identity - Epic Quests
Permanent Cultural Identities - None

Tall Sails, Animal Husbandry

Faith (Taumaru & Taumara) (2)
106, 101

Controlled Regions
106, 101

Current Claims
104, Press Stage 2

Previous Rounds
Round 1
Round 2
Round 3
Round 4
Round 5
Round 6

2d6+8 4,2
2d6+6 5,6
2d6+7 5,4
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Ruin's Ancient Warriors

Region 130

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu

Dip: 7

Mil: 3

Ind: 4

Fai: 2

Int: 5


Expected Stat Changes: +1 Dip, +1 Int


1. Diplomacy: Colonize Region 129

Merlyn Gul Twir travels from the darkened, mist drenched corners of the Isle of Ruin, and lays claim to the newly discovered wild to the west! Carving out a pirate cove from an illusive position of power she sends missives out to the far reaches of Brenn Tyr and scouts out groups of Myrkran refugees. The Darkkin gangs and pirate ships beneath her sway can account for a distant violence management for government but to truly fill out the colony more bodies will be needed for industry and trade. The Myrkran are too willing to take the opportunity, and Gul Twir cements herself as Red River Queen

2. Diplomacy: Establish Claim on Region 429 (with +1)

Merlyn Zan Cuddlu travels to the newly discovered mainland route to Tir Buwch and stops by the local scene for a day. Unfortunately they become ridiculously impaired and wake up the next week with a pregnant wife. Apparently the timing of the child with the moons fulfills some prophecy to the nearby mystics and Zan Cuddlu finds themself wrapped up in a political web and claimancy. Wrapping up matters as best they can Zan Cuddlu continues on their journey to pastoral Tir Buwch.

3. Diplomacy: Embassy with TAN

Merlyn Gul Twir cements their alliance with the Finchleys as the profits of their newest endeavor are poured into the greatest floating barge Brenn Tyr has ever seen. Moored in different locations every week the Bellabarge hosts the levers of power within Gul Twir’s burgeoning naval force and the many whispering fingers of Tancourt. The Elder Finchley’s are given offers of their own pleasure ships but accommodations are still made for their indefinite tenure.

4. Intrigue: Secret Action

5. Intrigue: Investigate the dream power qualities and voice in the fallen Wyrmstone.

Working in conjunction with the research of the Witches of Tir Buwch the Wyrmlochs within the Cabal of Ruin prepare a ritual to glean new knowledge. Chief specimen and researcher of the strange moon phenomenons, Merlyn Mal Dread, is fielded to touch the falling ruby Wyrmstone with an empty mind, and speak to the voice of the Wyrm within. What do they desire? What raises their ire?



- Resist Buyouts unless otherwise noted

- Resist Conversions unless otherwise Noted

- Accept embassy from COW

- Accept Embassy (And the agreed upon stipulations) from SYP

Edited by Tychris1 (see edit history)
Establish Claim 429
2d6+8 5,1
Colonize 129
2d6+7 6,6
Investigate the Wyrmstone with Mal Dread
2d6+7 6,3
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A Satirical Glimpse into the Lives of the Privileged by Spinster Hissfell

Dip: 4 | Mil: 3| Ind: 8 | Fai: 1| Int: 5

Expected Increase: Dip: 0 | Mil: 0 | Ind: +2 | Fai: 0 | Int: 0


Industry – Buyout of Empty Shell Crabs TP 1 – "Tabloid Dispatchers' Bizarre Bet: Crabs Set to Revolutionize Gossip Delivery in Tancourt's Muddy Streets! Rumormongers' Shell Shock: Shell-Storing Sensations Take Center Stage as Muddy Messengers of Scandal!"

Industry – Buyout of Phosphatic Mudrocks TP 1 – "Mud Market Madness: Tancourt's Fervor to Corner the Muddy Realm Ignites Youthful Ambition and Risky River Crossings!"

Industry – Buyout of Greywood Bark TP 3 with SYP support – "Restless Matilda: Tancourt's Restless Lady Yearns for Freedom, Sets Sail to Conquer the Mountain Peaks!"

Industry – Expedition East along the Coast of 412 (Using Tall Sails) – "From Confinement to Chaos: Matilda's Audacious Escape Uncovers Tancourt's Hidden Underbelly of Forbidden Desires and Sultry Yearnings!"

Intrigue – Investigate the Presence in 013 – "The Mysterious Crabs of Brenn Tyr: Shadestone Hold Leaders Fear Dire Peril as Cryptic Rayjo Communications Unsettle Myrkran Communities! Dirty Refugees Speak of Danger: Tancourt's Disregard for Myrkran's Dire Warnings Sets Stage for Catastrophe! Gene Dampwood's Wisdom Rings True: Tancourt's Cooler Heads Urged to Safeguard Crabs Amidst Cryptic Peril!"


Support BBB Conversion Attempt – "Sunpointers' Reign of Judgment: Tancourt Embraces New Religion Centered on Failing Neighbors and Accusations! Chivalry or Chaos? Tancourt's Obsession with Complaints Soars as Sunpointers Seize Power and Piles of Food! Sunpointers' Manipulative Reign: Tancourt's New Religion of Complaining Serves as a Weapon of Judgment and Greed!"

Support BBB Buyout Attempt – "From Piss to Politics: Shared Prosperity, Bethel Giruc's Win-Win Cow Trade Enhances Diplomatic Relations with Proper Human Nations!"

Accept RAW Embassy – "Arabella Finchley: From Leather-Clad Dreamer to Pirate Queen Wannabe - A Scandalous Transformation! Pirate Maternity Scandal Unveiled: Arabella Finchley's Infamous and Supposed Half-Breed Baby Paves the Way for Whispers of Deception and Deadly Cover-Ups! The Machiavellian Matron: Mother Dearest's Twisted Plot of Bastard Legitimization."

Edited by mystic1110 (see edit history)
Crabs (+1 Tech Bonus, +1 Temp Bonus from Explore)
2d6+10 1,2
More Mud(rocks) (+1 Tech Bonus, +1 Temp Bonus from Explore)
2d6+10 5,5
Greywood Bark (+1 Tech Bonus, +2 Support)
2d6+11 5,4
2d6+5 1,2
Exploration (+1 Tech Bonus)
2d6+9 1,2
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The Rikathi

Region: 217










1: Press Claim on Region 201 (Unopposed, No roll required) (Diplomacy) - Success

2: Hoard Treasure (Industry) - Auto-Success

Generates 2 Treasure because of Myrkan Quest.


While the Rikathi pivot their focuses on helping the Seekers as best they can, they do not ignore their neighbors. The Rikathi begin to comb the beaches and shallow waters of the region helping to collect these mysterious glowing orbs and make sense of their appearance. The Rikathi, having not been asea in a millenia, have only what the Myrkan tell them of their experiences.

3: Cultural Identity (Diplomacy) - Auto-Success

The Thread of Rigo'dae - aka The Fated Few, aka Living Thread - Entrusted to the Rikathi as part of an ancient ritual, there are those among the Rikathi tribe that have mastered the secretion and collection of the filament from their bodies, as it grows from an open wound in their rib. Those few with the talent can produce enough of the thread-like material in long strands to be used as a woven fabric. While the world may know of many different fabrics used in weaving, using the fibers gifted from Rigo'dae is considered the strongest, most reliable weave; it's properties shrouded in myth. A Mythic Weave -some might say- surpassed by no other.

The Rikathi have slowly begun to experiment with other types of usages of the material and have found it adheres and strengthens any number of other materials. Stone, wood, and steel are not out of the question from benefitting from being wrapped in the parchment-colored fiber. With the greater world slowly learning of the Rikathi's secrets, some among them have started to explore what how best to use their divine gift.


(Suggesting that the Seek Aid roll be 2d8 instead of 2d6)

4: Seek Aid (Religion) - Success

Used in Buyout of Trading Posts (Licorice)

5: Buyout of Region 218 (Licorice) (Industry)Fail

Get a +2 because of SPH Rep bonus on Seek Aid. Using 1 Treasure (already in coffers) +1.



- Use Favor with SPH to become Illuminated (Rep Tier 4)


Will Receive:

+1 to Diplomacy due to 2 actions

+1 to Industry due to 2 actions

+2 Treasure

Edited by Basil_Bottletop (see edit history)
Seek Aid
2d6+9 2,5
Buyout Trading Post (Licorice)
2d6+2+1+3 3,1
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Round 6

Bellower ZharrrumiahMilitary: 10
Diplomacy: 8
Industry: 3
Faith: 3
Intrigue: 1

Year 53 of the First Tribal Council

Regions 117, 100, 102, 115, 116


News and Rrrumors

In a meeting of the Tribal Council, the Bellower spoke of how the council had expanded. There were elders from nearly forty zabka tribes, along with those of the human and Myrkran tribes from the North Eastern regions. He was proud of what they had built together. They were strong together. Work started in Mrrrumkaro on a fortress in the southern islands.


1.[Dip] Quell unrest in Region 115.

2.[Dip] Quell unrest in Region 116.

3.[Dip] Raise Reputation with the Peoples of Myrkran

4.[Dip 5] Establish Cultural Identity - Rainbow Connection: Raise Organization Reputation

5.[Mil 10] Raise Fortress in Mrrrumkaro (Region 117)







Edited by zabbarot (see edit history)
Unrest 115
2d6+8 2,5
Unrest 116
2d6+8 4,6
Raise rep with MYR
2d6+8 4,3
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  • 2 weeks later...

My name is Abada-Mer. My home is on the shore of the Big Lake, among the tall grasses where the wild horses are many. But I am not there now. My tribe is not so small, and we followed the wild horses where they went. But I am not with them now.

I am a traveler.

I travel because of a promise that was not kept.

Many years ago, before my mother had married into my tribe, we were visited by the Wise Sages. I have only seen the paintings of them on the rocks myself. Every night the storytellers would gather the children, myself included, to tell the stories of who we are, and how we were given wisdom by the Wise Sages.

Before, we used to know nothing. We saw our ancestors in the shapes of clouds and heard them in the sounds of the wind in the grasses. We burned bones to please them. We left milk in the hollows of sacred rocks as offerings. Our ancestors watched and protected us in death as they had in life. Or so we knew.

That day, we really saw ancestors. Not ours. The ancestors of the Wise Sages. They were beautiful, glowing beings like wind and light given form. They did not look like us because they were not our ancestors, but their shape was greatly and peaceful to look upon nonetheless. They were so wise that their speech were not understandable to us, except in the shallowest of ways. And their powers were great indeed: they could fly in the sky and walk silently through tents and neither fire nor clubs could injure them.

The Wise Sages dwelled with my tribe for some time and taught us some of the truths of the world. We learned that we have done all our ancestors wrong, and that they had not undergone the proper rituals and were not watching over us. We were enraged by this, but then we were ashamed to have been so ignorant. The Wise Sages promised to teach us the proper rituals so that our ancestors can take luminous form, like they, and truly watch over us.

Before that happened, the Wise Sages left our tribe to return to their great gathering, where all the Wise Sages of all the lands meet. That was the day that the sky turned red and borne many new stars. The Wise Sages would not tell us why this thing happened, only that they must go away on something important. They promised to return soon, so that no more of our elders would face death without ascending.

First death came for my favorite Storyteller, and the tribe grieved, but they said that this is only the most recent of many. And the Wise Sages had not returned. Many more have died since, and I have only made talk. But this year, sickness has come over my mother and I fear that she may die before the year is out. I realize that I cannot only talk. I must travel to find the promise that was not kept.

My horse and I have now been through much lands, and today we came to a high hill. On it is littered vast stones beyond counting, each of them carved with the symbols like the amulet which my mother gave me, the amulet that she said a Wise Sage gave to my father and my father gave to her. Broken bodies with shattered visages lay half-sunk among the brush and vines. Everywhere I saw etched and painted onto the rocks images of the red and broken sky, and symbols which I know not the meaning of.

I wandered among the roofless, burnt walls of houses of stones until I came to a great, stepped circle. In the center is a wooden table, whose shape I recognized from the Storyteller's description. Here was the heart that fed the Wise Sages, laying mockingly on its side. I picked it up in my hands and found it to be broken, as the promise to my tribe will remain broken.

My name is Abada-Mer, of the People by the Big Lake. The sky took away our guiding light, my people's future, and my mother. And I will make the sky pay.



Faction Destroyed: The Weak Lands

New Faction: Tribe of Abada-Mer

Tribe of Abada-Mer does not hold Region 113

Tribe of Abada-Mer holds no lands and has become a Rebel Leader

Tribe of Abada-Mer generates Unrest in Region 113 by existing (Rules wording ambiguous, may be intended as an action)

(Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to raise a military unit in Region 113. Intrigue (2d6+5 (+2 partisan support)) vs Intrigue (2d6+5 minimum TN 12).

Tribe of Abada-Mer raises 3 units as rebels

(Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to attack and occupy Region 113. There are 3 attackers and 2 defenders. The attacking leader is Abada-Mer (MIL 1). The two sides have exact technological parity.

(Sub-Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer Tactical Maneuvering 2d6+1 (Cmdr MIL) + 2 (Rebel)

(Sub-Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer would use Skirmishing Doctrine, as a 1st-system warfare culture. Casualties are calculated 1 step lower for both sides.

(Sub-Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer Battle Roll is 2d6+1 (Cmdr MIL) +3 (Units) + 2 (Rebel)

(Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to Establish Claim on Region 113. Roll is 2d6+2 (DIP) vs TN 12. (Fail, was 8 not 13)

(Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to Hoard Treasure

(Action) Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to Hoard Treasure

Edited by AbsentWizard (see edit history)
Raise Rebel Units
2d6+7 6,5
Opposition to raising Rebel Units
2d6+5 2,6
Rebel Units Raised
1d4 3
Tactical Maneuvering
2d6+1 5,5
Battle Roll
2d6+6 1,4
Establish Claim
2d6+7 1,5
Seek Aid
2d6+4 6,1
Hoard Treasure
2d6+1 5,4
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Leader: Gob Diplo 4 | Military 2 | Industry 5 | Faith 3 | Intrigue 2

Region: 209


1) [Military] Raise Unit: The Scaleback Scallywags are a naval unit patrolling the waters around the homeland!

2) [Military] Raise Unit: The Goblin Warhulks are a dedicated regiment of massive (7ft tall) goblins armed with bludgeoning weapons.

3) [Diplomacy] Make A Claim: Region 208 to the south always to be an excellent place for a new colony, and might even possess the lumber our society needs!

4) [Industry] Generate Treasure: Resources required for expanding goblinkind into the larger world, or maybe stockpile for the return of the Great Star Fish

5) [Industry] Generate Treasure: Never enough resources!

Diplomacy: Make A Claim
2d6+4 5,3
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Conversion Attempt Region 100

Conversion Attempt Region 115

Conversion Attempt Region 126



Conversion 100
2d6+8 1,2
Conversion 115
2d6+8 2,1
Conversion 126
2d6+8 2,1
1d20 18
Dice #2
1d20 5
Dice #3
1d20 9
Dice #4
1d20 13
Something hidden, Something safe
2d6+2 2,4
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Round 7

Announcements & Rule Updates
  • Stay Excellent!
  • Eric (Maenos) has missed a round. They may continue in Round 7 with 6 actions.
  • Sorry the Tables aren't updated! They will be updated soon!
  • Of Note: Actions involving more than one player need to be noted on all posts of the relevant players. Even if the trades are for free, its good record keeping to note that you accept the free trade. Then if we need to do some detailed reviews it is more easily noted what round the trade actually occurred. Technically if someone tries to give you something and you don't note that you accept the deal the deal fails - I'm being nice and allowing a bunch of these still, but I'm putting this here as a reminder 😄


  • The Tribe of Abada-Mer has risen as a rebelling force on Altarin following the surprising collapse of Weak Society! With their low supplies the people demand a homeland as well as food goods!
  • The Weak have entered decline due to the collapse of the skies and their society! The Weak Ways have been abandoned, a New Head of the Religion must arise! Region 114 has become an NPC region with three Defending Units!


Ringworld of Ayr

The collapse of three of the moons in the skies has driven all people to panic and distraction! Many peoples are missing what they want and mass unrest plagues the lands! Tir Buwch (426), Maes Mawr (110) and Mjornduth (217) Enter Unrest!




  • The Toteharu exploring along the choppy waters of East Altarin's coastline discover Region 126! It has a Good resource of Fish, a Holy Site devoted to the Sister's Embrace (a recent change from active missionary efforts!), and 3 units of Native Defenders! TOT gets +1 to Buyouts in Region 126 during Round 7 and gain 1 treasure due to their Great Success!
  • Te-Raupea wanders south from East Altarin's shoreline instead, winding down the foot of the mountains until he stumbles across a patrol of Sister's Hands. Dressed in resplendent white and curious about the newcomer, they offer to take him to their home to swap stories. Not sure what to expect, he nevertheless follows, and is led to a colossal stone structure with enormous colored glass windows and architecture reinforced with wrought ironwork, a place they call the Cathedral of Open Palms. The vast house of worship has hundreds of pews, each with an earthen jug for water and stone channels that guide water poured from the pews to a central channel. More than a simple church, though, Te-Raupea's wartrained eye quickly realizes the place is built like a fortress, with many highly defensible alcoves and temple guards watching the moves of strangers, as well as being much, much larger than this room alone. He's able to learn a lot about the local people, geography, and economy from the Hands, but ultimately excuses himself to continue exploring. Te-Raupea discovers Region 121! It has a Great resource of Iron, a Holy Site devoted to the Sister's Embrace, and 2 Defending Units! In addition to its standard holy site, the region contains a Holy Order dedicated to the Sister's Embrace [Cathedral of Open Palms]!

Altarin R7 Map


Taer Mojr

  • The Voilese Rangers sailing east in search of more islands soon come across an unexpected sight - a single cutter sailing west, which diverts course to approach them! Upon closer approach, the state of the crew becomes apparent - most are clad in little more than rags. This isn't a warship or a merchant ship - it's full of desperate people. When the cutter meets the Voilese fleet, their leaders are met by a powerful-looking man with long blonde hair and a beard who introduces himself in a dialect recognizable as having come from western Taer Mojr simply as Robert. The other individual who greets them does not need introduction - the more worldly among the Voilese immediately recognize the skeletal mechanical figure standing alongside him as Kor the Phoenix of the Omega, who had been thought killed in battle months ago. Together they report a tale about having spent months aboard a pirate galley to be sold as slave and scrap, respectively, only to stage their escape from a Pirate port called Crying Cove at the eleventh hour, freeing three dozen slaves and scrambling to steal a ship so they could escape from the forces of one Captain Dreadlove and someone who called themselves the Tempest-Runner! In addition to this tale, they're able to provide the Voilese with maps stolen from the pirates and interviews with the ex-slaves, who are able to provide a pretty good idea what life is like under the "Vandals and Villains of the Vaires". The Voile Domain discovers Region 220! It has a Great resource of Songbirds, a Holy Site devoted to Illumin of Planes, the City of Crying Cove, and is owned by VVV! The Voile Domain has discovered the continent of Vaire Ven; The Vaires project for communication with Yon Vaire is equally applicable to Vaire Ven!

Taer Mojr R7 Map


Brenn Tyr

  • Matilda of Tancourt's latest adventure takes her further upcoast, to a region where trouble seems to be brewing between the natives and refugees from the east - not Myrkran, this time! The refugees complain of a thorny crop blight to the east forcing them from their homes, and have brought their wealth upon their backs in the hope of surviving the next winters! Many of the locals consider this an ill omen from the Winding Rose and refuse to shelter them, sometimes even going so far as to spill their blood in the streets. TAN discovers Region 411! It has a Great resource of Tyr Sweet Thistle, a holy site of Paths of Rose, and 2 units of Native Defenders!

Brenn Tyr R7 Map





  • The Nanx Throng come together and found a City in the Wyr Foothills and name it Nana!
  • The Mrrrumkaro spend time fortifying their military gains and construct a Fortress in Mrrrumkaro (117)
  • The Tribe of Abada-Mer gathers treasures from the lands around them! (+2 Treasure)

Taer Mojr:

  • The Zavestra raise a unit of Infantry! (+1 Unit)
  • The Zavestra commission the 1st Flotilla of the Sunstrider Armada! (+1 Navy)
  • The Voile Domain raises the 3rd Sea Rangers! (+1 Navy)
  • The Voile Domain trains more forces of Valkyries! (+1 Unit)
  • The Rikathi comb the beaches for the treasure get extra treasure! (+2 Treasure)
  • The Goblins of Slardar spend time combing beaches and collecting shiny stones! (+4 Treasure)
  • The Goblins of Slardar raise the Scaleback Scallywags as a Naval force! (+1 Navy)
  • The Goblins of Slardar round up the largest goblins and form the Goblin Warhulks! (+1 Unit)

Brenn Tyr:

  • The Storytellers of Sypressa plant the twisted Pycnandra Grove of Greywood trees on the isle of Ruin! They have successfully established an Embassy with Ruin's Ancient Warriors!
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa have raised a group of armoured warriors named the Boar Tuskers! (+1 Unit)
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch have created a sprawling market district City and name it Tir Porff!
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch build the Adeilad Masnach on the Isle of Ruin! They have successfully established an Embassy with Ruin's Ancient Warriors!
  • The Ancient Warriors of Ruin send Merlyn Gul Twir to seal the deal on relationships built and establish an Embassy with Tancourt!
  • The Ancient Warriors of Ruin manage to gather Treasure through Unknown Means! (+2 Treasure)




  • The Nanx continue pressing their Nanxship on region 107 and successfully integrate it into their lands! The Nanx gain a unit as the defending units are condensed! Region 107 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 Rounds remaining!
  • The Toteharu continue the integration with region 104 and finish integrating it! Region 104 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 Rounds remaining!
  • The Tribe of Abada-Mer attempts to convince the people in 113 that they have rights to the lands, but the people are too upset with the Tribe's passage and throw off all attempts.

Taer Mojr:

  • The Zavestra made overtures to the people in the woods of region 204 with opulent gifts, and their prayers seem to be answered, Zavestra has gained a claim on region 204.
  • The Zavestra have sent colonists to the wilderness region 202 and successfully colonized the region! Region 202 needs its write-up completed 5 Rounds remaining!
  • The Voile Domain sends sea rangers along with a group of adventurous veiled folk to the uninhabited island to the east and successfully create a foothold on the region! Region 218 has been colonized by the Voile Domain! Region 218 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 Rounds remaining!
  • The Voile Domain Grants Protectorate Status to Region 213! The people rejoice and celebrate the Valkries stationed in their lands and toast the naval patrols! The Voile Domain gains a claim on region 213! As long as the Voile Domain commits military forces to defend their Protectorate they gain a +2 to pressing the claim to integrate region 213.
  • The Goblins of Slardar successfully establish a Claim in Region 208!
  • The Omega continue to sort out the issues in Region 210 and successfully integrate the region! Region 210 joins the Omega! Region 210 requires its write-up to be completed, 5 rounds remaining!
  • The Rikathi finish the integration of the Radiant Valley (201) and it becomes part of the Rikathi realm! Region 201 requires its write-up to be added to the regions for approval thread, 5 rounds remaining!

Brenn Tyr:

  • The Storytellers of Sypressa have reached out and agreed to an exchange with the people of Region 416 to tutor of the Prince of Rosewood as a future storyteller. The Storytellers of Sypressa have successfully established a claim on region 416.
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch head into the neighbouring region through sunflower fields plying words of friendship and trade agreements and come out successful! The Witches of Tir Buwch have established a claim on region 427.
  • Merlyn Gul Twir takes her band of pirates and heads to region 129 taking wayward Myrkran with her and establishes a Colony for the Ancient Warriors of Ruin!
  • Merlyn Zan Cuddlu on his travels winds up involved in a local prophecy resulting in the Ancient Warriors of Ruin Establishing a claim on Region 429!




  • The Toteharu traders make in roads with the people of 111 and manages to secure a trade agreement for Tin! Toteharu have bought out TP1-111 and obtain a resource of Tin! The people of Toteharu rejoice as they finally have metal they can work with for their various projects! Toteharu has met its resource requirement!

Taer Mojr

  • The Zavestra trade Irrigation to the Omega for a treasure!
  • The Zavestra passively gain a treasure!
  • The Omega Trade the language of the Vaires to the Voile Domain for naught but a song!
  • The Rikathi are excited when the land with spices is discover and quickly dispatch a group to start exploiting the resources, the ship they sent is lost at sea and the trade expedition fails.

Brenn Tyr

  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners reaches out to the traders in Tir Buwch in another attempt to secure Cows and manage to seal the deal without being sidetracked! BBB have bought out TP3-426 and have gained a supply of Cows! The Bannerholds rejoice as the Cows are swiftly used as draft animals to plow the fields, BBB's resource requirement is met!
  • The Witches of Tir Buwch make a valiant attempt to obtain Brenn Conifers from region 429 but the inhabitants don't want Witches to touch their wood.
  • Meeting with greater success the Witches manage to convince the people of 427 to let them setup a trade post for sunflowers! The Witches of Tir Buwch buyout TP1-427 and obtain a resource of sunflowers!
  • Tancourt opens its mudplains and somehow convince the people living in region 013 to trade their empty crab shells for mud! Tancourt buyout TP1-013 and obtains a supply of Empty Shell Crabs!
  • Tancourt heads east to the newly discovered lands to start mining some of the mudrocks found! Tancourt buyout TP1-412 and obtains a supply of Phosphatic Mudrocks! The people of Tancourt rejoice that between the mudrocks and the greywood bark they have enough tanning agents to maintain a reasonable amount of leather atire! Tancourt has met its resource requirement!
  • Visiting the Storytellers of Sypressa traders from Tancourt manage to secure a deal for some of the bark produced! Tancourt buyout TP3-415 and obtain a supply of Greywood Bark!



  • Seeminly precipitated by the collapse of the Weak Lands as what passed for a moral authority in much of Altarin, those of the Sister's Embrace begin to proselytize more actively as they share their healing arts! Their teachings of gentleness and of freely giving, of hope and joy, take the strongest hold in regions where they've already spent years tending to the sick and wounded. Regions 100, 115, and 126 are targeted by conversions to the Sister's Embrace! The sisters convince many people, but many more hold to their own beliefs. This does not dissuade the proselytzing Sister's and instead emboldens them to continue preaching!

Brenn Tyr:

  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners send knights out to the lands of the Storytellers of Sypressa and convince the majority of people to follow Romantic Chivalry! The Greywood Coast is converted!
  • More knights from the Bannerhold ride out to the overcast mudlands of Tancourt and raise many spirits of the cynical peasants. Tancourt is converted to Romantic Chivalry!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners takes a different approach to manage the Anarchists of region 416 who ambushed some exploring knights in the past and instead teach the people about Romantic Chivalry! Region 416 is converted!



Active Quests

  • Taer Mojr: [Region 204: Epic Quest Cleanse the Depth!]
    These kinds of Ruins are dangerous, and best explored by heroes. Who knows what may lie in the depths? The Grounded Sky Tower can be revisited with a TN 14 Hero Roll. The danger of the Veiled Dark can be dispersed with a TN 16 Hero Roll. There is no time limit to this Quest]
  • Altarin: [Epic Quest - The White Leviathan!]
    Heroes may be dispatched to deal with the White Leviathan (TN 16). All Heroes sent will contest with other Heroes on this quest as only one can be successful in their hunt. Heroes may support each other in the endeavours if they want to combine hunts. Three successes by multiple parties are required to determine the outcome. There is no time limit to this Quest. One Success has been marked.
  • Taer Mojr: [The Glass Prison!]
    Heroes are needed to discover the source of this blight and cleanse it before the region can be used safely!

Hero Register

Te-Raupea the Arbor Bear (8) of the Toteharu Eilonwy of Velentin (10) of the Seekers of the Spheres
Ashzara (10) of the Ana Kai Soline, Champion of the Wolf Maidens (7) of the Voile Domain
Kremit of Zeilony (9) of the Mrrrumkaro Kor, the burning Simurgh (10) of the Omega
Sir Rulman l'Ours (9) of the Brotherhood of Black Banners Artemisia Sagebrush (10) of the Storytellers of Sypressa
 Hero Olivier of Velentin (9) of the Seekers of the Spheres  




The Wyrmstone!

After lengthy ritual preparation, the starsigned Merlyn Mal Dread approaches the largest piece of Rose-stone they could find, mind cleared, and upon contact their mind goes to plains of carmine, as expected. What isn't expected is that not one imperious voice answers, but a susurrus of confused ones.

Oh no no, what is this vessel doing HERE? Here is DANGEROUS.
It's too soon (too soon)
Why are you here (why are they here, do they not know its too early?)
Help us! (They can't help us, they are not READY)
They're not ready - no they're ready - can they do it? ACCEPT the mantle, Don't do it, it's a trap. A TRAP. Seek the mantle.

Mal Dread felt the edges of their echoed vision fraying, mind distracted, and belted out the prepared questions, unable to risk processing anything further lest the whole meditative exercise collapse in on itself. "The Seeker warned of calamity coming to Brenn Tyr! How soon and what form? Who attacked the Seekers with a Beam of Light? How do I bond myself to your mighty power, Great Wyrm?" There it was. Hungry shadows lurked from all directions, all manner of alien beasts. A sea of carmine.

The voices came together in unison to try to answer: Love. A Mirror. And Violence. The vision collapsed moments before their body would have been torn asunder. The piece of Rose-stone had transformed into bush this time, thorns digging into skin.

A Mysterious Presence!

A party of spinsters and associates from Tancourt departs to answer lingering questions about a mysterious presence in the mudflats to the southwest! They are not heard of again for some time, until a trader stumbles across skeletons bearing muddied leather and maker's marks that tie them to Tancourt! By all appearances the group seems to have found temporary shelter in a cave, and some of the signs of struggle suggest that they may have killed each other rather than succumbed to an external threat! Either way, they were picked clean by the crabs and their bones left in a dank hole.

The Oracle!

The Nanx curious about the Oracle that is suppose to have given them advise and guidance in the past wander into the Wyr hills deep and far looking for the Oracle's cave. It wasn't a place often visited by the Nanx now and many thistles had to be knocked back for the Nanx-party to clear enough of a path for the boats to travel through. After a few days of hard treking through brush and up and down hills the Nanx arrive at the cave entrance.

The summer heat beats down on the group of Nanx but as soon as they enter the cave a strange chill settles on them and they feel a wrongness as they simultaneously shiver. Sleek rock-metal marbled walls line the cave with many openings that once hosted doors lead off into deepening gloom of the depths of the hill. Something grabs at the edges of the Nanx periphery, draws them into a trance as they shuffle through the twisting corridors and hallways deeper, deeper still into the hill.

A strange cold breeze fills the corridors but once the Nanx acclimatise it seems like the perfect temperature and feels almost like a warm hug as they continue to follow the tug. When they return from the trance they find themselves in a large cavern deep in the hill, what appears to be natural light pours from above them and shines on a tree like structure shimmering in the daylight.

The Nanx in sync fall to their knees and begin to weep, for the absolute perfect beauty of the shimmering trees is marred with twisted metal shards and overgrown weeds. It almost appears like the tree was torn asunder from the inside out. Weeping the Nanx flee the Oracle's cavern and hear the faintest whisper on the wind as they exit.

help us





  • In Brenn Tyr, scavengers searching for shards of the Rose across the land find instead unexpected caches of their more mundane desires, free for the gathering! Though their appearance is mysterious, witches and shamans are unable to identify any curse upon these goods. [Until round 8, using the Hoard Treasure action additionally satisfies a Brenn Tyr realm’s resource requirement for that round!]
  • The Storytellers of Sypressa through study and training have created a new tactical doctrine!

Nature's Wrath

+3 to battle rolls when defending)

The humans and elves of the Greywood Coast know the heavily wooded terrain better than any other, taking the names and qualities of its animal inhabitants for their regiments. Should an invading force ever venture into the forest's depths, they will find themselves against the silent Lynx's Footfalls scouting their every move, the Swanfeather Wraiths peppering their flanks with arrows from high in the canopy, and the fleet Darting Does striking and retreating with the all the nimbleness of the blue-tailed deer they ride.

  • The Nanx Throng thinkers have developed a new technology!

Alpine Animal Assistants

Requires Animal Husbandry and an Animal Resource - Allows exploration and traversal of mountain regions

  • Robert the Builder returned to Highwall after his long time away, new friends in tow: Though not all of them, many of the former slaves rescued from Crying Cove went with him, not sure where else to go. He and his cohort came to his home that was no longer his home, after a few years of Omega occupation and slow rebuilding efforts from the terrible fallout of the raid that had changed their lives forever. He spent two years lending his expertise in rebuilding, stabilizing, reminding people how to take care of the Whispering Seeds, and seeing the hero work in the fields inspired others to redouble their efforts, to put aside their worries for a time and try to be better. But eventually wanderlust struck him again, reminded of the adventures of his youth, and he offered to try to take those who had followed him home - to their real homes in the Vaires, should any of their kin still live, or to build a new one for those whose did not. They departed on a ship he built himself, and faded into the north. [Robert the Builder's efforts have contributed 1 Industry Action (1/5) to the Great Project: Re-Seed the Whispering Woods of 206. Robert the Builder has disappeared into parts unknown!]
  • The Omega following Robert's examples and his advice on rebuilding the Whispering Woods of Highwall dig in and spend more time regrowing and tending to the rare trees. (3/5)
  • The Rikathi foster a Cultural Identity for Seeking Aid (2d8)!

The Thread of Rigo'dae

The Thread of Rigo'dae - aka The Fated Few, aka Living Thread
Entrusted to the Rikathi as part of an ancient ritual, there are those among the Rikathi tribe that have mastered the secretion and collection of the filament from their bodies, as it grows from an open wound in their rib. Those few with the talent can produce enough of the thread-like material in long strands to be used as a woven fabric. While the world may know of many different fabrics used in weaving, using the fibers gifted from Rigo'dae is considered the strongest, most reliable weave; it's properties shrouded in myth. A Mythic Weave -some might say- surpassed by no other.

The Rikathi have slowly begun to experiment with other types of usages of the material and have found it adheres and strengthens any number of other materials. Stone, wood, and steel are not out of the question from benefiting from being wrapped in the parchment-colored fiber. With the greater world slowly learning of the Rikathi's secrets, some among them have started to explore what how best to use their divine gift.

Seek Aid 2d6>2d8

  • The Mrrrumkaro foster a Cultural Identity for improving Organisation Reputation (2d8), the Rainbow Connection!



  • Altarin:
    Under the cover of darkness a sleek shape skims over the surface of the river between Maes Mawr and the Wyr Foothills before cresting above Lake Altarin and descending on the peoples Region 103, setting the lands on fire and grabbing bunches of cats for a snack as it retreated back up the Mountains! Region 103 has entered unrest! Region 103 has lost a defending unit!
  • Taer Mojr:
    Though some still stare at the waters with fear on becalmed, foggy days in Taer Mojr, these years are quiet. After the Omega's victory at Highwall, no attack comes for some time. Still, there are those wonder if the mysterious Utui who led them is still out there, gathering a greater host...




  • The Rayjo Operators seem relieved that Tancourt has desisted from prying into places better left undisturbed. For now.
  • Voile, Tancourt, and the Toteharu are rewarded for their exploratory efforts! Voile and Tancourt gain 1 myrkran favor each, and the Toteharu gain 2!
  • The Omega, the Nanx Throng, and Mrrrumkaro all engage in outreach to the Myrkran and gain 1 reputation!
    OMG rep 0->1, TNT rep 1->2, ZAB rep 0->1!
  • The Brotherhood of Black Banners and Toteharu each spend 1 favor to gain 1 reputation!
    BBB rep 1->2, TOT rep 1->2!

Disciples of Silicon:

  • The Toteharu raid an old site in the wilderness full of killer robots, stumbling upon much-needed scrap! The Disciples seem surprised when the plant-people flag down one of their patrols and actually provide the items they need for the Skylance, but nevertheless appreciative. The Toteharu gain 1 favor!
  • The trio of Disciples that arrived in Highwall to offer the Omega a deal are stunned when they begin to simply destroy it! They quickly buzz off, unsure what to make of the encounter.

Seekers of the Spheres:

  • Digitalia Foxglove's writings to Waxil are eventually returned with editorial marks.
  • The Rikathi and Zavestra each spend 1 favor to raise their Reputation by 1!
    ZAV rep 2->3, RIK rep 3->4!
  • The Toteharu spend 1 favor to perform the Discuss Theology Favor in Region 104!
    Region 104's holy site has been converted to Taumaru & Taumara!
Altarin War!
  • Mrrumkaro successfully quell the unrest in Region 115!
  • Region 115 requires its write-up to be completed, 4 Rounds remaining!
  • Mrrumkaro successfully calm the people of Region 116!
  • Region 116 requires its write-up completed, 4 rounds remaining


Taer Mojr War!
  • Region 206 requires its write-up to be completed, 4 Rounds remaining!




Rumors & Events!

Rumors and Events

A chill wind blows from the west. Something stirs beyond the ocean.



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