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  1. Event - European Riots Set in Period Retro Engineering Boom The EU cracks down on Zonetech, fearing the unknown and barely tested technology disrupting Europe. Europeans, seeing the surge of progress in the Americas and Asia, not to mention how their leaders seem to be enjoying access to this tech as part of official duties, express disapproval. Paris in particular is brought to a standstill by the riots.
  2. Signs of Something Different - New Event - Creation of the OCRG (Between Right Twice A Day and Point Nemo) After a few squabbles among the different US agencies and departments, a conference is held leading to the creation of Outside Context Response Group, an interdisciplinary force made up from loaned personnel. While still rife with internal politics, the OCRG allows some level of coordination, policymaking, and info sharing that prove vital to keeping things under wraps for as long as possible.
  3. Event (Bright) Signs of Something Different Right Twice a Day The more perceptive members of the Browsy Weird Stuff community notice government interference with their community, driving them into cryptographic hiding as the Broken Watches. This international group trawls the internet for reports of unusual things before they get scrubbed. It's mostly nonsense, but twice a day...
  4. Yes: 'Bubbles' or 'Islands' of relative safety are possible to find...or make?
  5. Yes: Small/Vehicle Sized Mechs for exploration and combat.
  6. Yes: A Cult/Secret Society/Terrorist Group that wants to spread the Zones and work against anyone trying to fix them.
  7. We can also throw a couple concepts together then vote on those.
  8. Weird Quasi Scifi/Fantasy blend, like Olympic Exclusion Zone, or The Zone from Annihilation, or Roadside Picnic.
  9. For Different I was thinking Modern/Near Modern. In conjunction with some of the Apocalypse poll, things like Modern Day with Fantasy or Scifi things happening (Magic Returns for Fantasy, Pod People for Scifi, or even something weirder like Pacific Drive's Olympic Exclusion Zone/Annihilation's The Zone, etc.)
  10. Turns out thinking of what to post isn't posting. My Fate game is next Friday, and I doubt we wanna hit this Friday, so next good time for me is 2/2.
  11. Yeah, I was kinda looking things over and going, 'What if I wanna play a Dawnbringer Crusader?' Of course, that's just to disguise my true intentions of 'How can I get saithor to let me play a Skaven...'
  12. "Well you know the solution to Stone's disapproval?" Grey leans forward, a feint at a conspiratorial whisper, though she's yell-talking to be heard over the music, "...don't get caught." She leans back again, arms laying along the top of the booth, faking ease she is only kind of feeling. Hoping bluster works as well here to keep her out of local social faux pas. "It's against my religion to refuse the offer of free intoxicants, bring it on. But yeah, it's odd. The org I'm working for is probably going to be more odd jobs than milk runs. But from what I've been able to dig up, I think we'd make good business partners..."
  13. Grey sighs. This place is so familiar but so alien. Back home she would hack the sound system, adjust things to her own liking. Here, she doesn't have the clout. At least, not yet. Instead Grey queries the system, downloading the track. Queues it to the control system in her head that handles her ware, gives it a tweak so her ears...the microcomputer between her ears and her brain, that is, recognizes it as a threat, like a flashbang or a jackhammer. Instantly the noise dulls, though the echoes of it still seep through like poison toffee. And she can still feel it, in her chest, in her heart, the larger-than-life beat that demands allegiance. Filtering like this makes hearing iffy, but really no more than trying to talk over the music. There's Ashbird. Grey doesn't order a drink yet. Maybe this would be over quick. She stalks over and wordlessly slides into the booth. Grey's done a little homework. Ashbird is quasi-military, and Grey mirrors that. Grey on grey camo, industrial bland. Nothing distinctive, nothing close to any military anyone here has likely seen, intentionally so, stripped to the essential tropes. Bulky looking, but thin enough to not be hot in the Human Medium Climate of the station. The kind of jacket that hides a multitude of sins. "Ashbird."
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