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  1. Yeah, we're gonna use Get Connected, probably using Get A Hold of Something to bargain with Ashbird. Hopefully she doesn't exact too high a price...
  2. The synthetic wave of a scrambled sigh hijacks Clyde's projection before a grey silhouette mitoses out of his holographic form sitting beside him. "That's my cue I guess. I've been making inroads on a Free Exchange group." Data spills out over the table, showing public reports on someone named Ashbird, followed by red-coded data Grey has been able to dig up from less official sources. "This is going to cost us, and I'm not eating that all alone. Good news is, as long as Ashbird doesn't flip on us, making big moves is gonna cement us as big movers with them." The figure pauses, then orients its head towards Verne. Even across the anonymizing filter, Grey takes a joking tone. "That is, if we're okay working with a smuggler?"
  3. I am free on the 8th and 22nd. Other two Fridays are a maybe because of my other games.
  4. The Nanx Throng - 109 Shaman Trew a twelth boathide of angular writing I look at my previous writings, the scrolls of our history, and I feel shame, tempered with pity for my former self and scribes, and gilded with joy at our new circumstances. The awakening of the Oracle has triggered a wave through the Nanx people. I have studied the books of the Weak, but now their words are alive in my head in a way they weren't before. I will leave my further introspection for less official things. This will remain a brief history of our people. Plague- The strange sickness that awakens beasts from normal beings still grips Altarin. The Seekers promise aid, if we can supply the Chorda Kelp they require. It has been found but the people of the furthest tip of our land are hostile. We cannot blame them, they have weathered this storm without the benefit of the allies we have. But their resources cannot be held behind a mask of fear. We have begun devoting our traders to making more...secret actions. While the leadership threaten, hopefully some more economically minded people will see the benefit of harvest and trade. Fortunately the kelp is near the coast, and won't require much travel to take to our trade barges off-shore. Of course, any supplies we acquire will be dispatched to Seeker cloisters before our own stores. Land- Each step forward into the unknown brings more chaos and violence, and the counter-wyr lands have been ravaged by wars we do not entirely understand, which explains the defensiveness of the Kelp keepers. Devastation has wracked the coast between them and the Wyr, and our Nanx instincts cry out for us to extend our stewardship. Our Zabka allies have made plans to assume control of the area but have not stirred themselves as we have. Perhaps having us as neighbors will show the Kelpies the benefits of friendship. Further to that point, we are taking more direct action to extend the hand of peace. A ship of peace has been dispatched, with our most convincing Shamans, Zabka Imperial representatives, Maenos Wisdoms, Myrkan Civics, and even a pair of Toteharu. It must be impressed on them that collaboration is infinitely more secure than opposition. That the Nanx Polity will not cost them their ways and homes. That with the danger of this world, they face conquer at bladepoint. The fact that these blades may be in Zabka hands will hopefully remain unsaid. Other Items Nanx delve further into the tunnels behind Nana, despite the awe and dread. Even Maenos Stonespeakers have been welcomed back into this place, seeking purer forms of Shimmerstone. Shamans test our glittering prize in ways we never have before. An item called a lodestone, purchased from a Myrkan trader, seems to have effect when the stone is pulverized to dust, before it drifts away on the wind. And there are rumors that pipe and a bowl may also hold clues to Refinement? The Compact spend their time in the River, diving down as far and as long as they can. I cannot say I believe this will be our solution. Perhaps the Toteharu has bubble plants? We are loathe to approach the Metal People for fear of their interest in our quest, but if any were to have a machine to delve Lake Altarin, it would be them. And they do hold a debt to us. The Myrkran and the Throng The New People (as they may always be to the Nanx) were the first group to have a significant non-Nanx population within the Polity. The Nanx offered home and hearth to the horned people, though the generally smaller people's homes weren't exactly the most comfortable. With supplies freely given, many of the Myrkran set off to build their own towns in their own style, only to find themselves like seed crystals in solution, 'helpful' Nanx coalescing around them. Still, it wasn't all bad. Nanx were eager to learn, eager to help. While the greater Nanx nation wasn't always the most useful in their aid, their steadfast commitment to being neighborly and the way they leapt to defend Myrkran elsewhere quickly assuaged Myrkran fears and encouraged integration. Now Myrkran fish the Razor Coast, they herd boats, Nana has a thriving Myrkran quarter (though any space empty long enough quickly gains a few Nanx helping out the area). Myrkran leaders are given the deference (or close enough) of Nanx Shamans. They sit on the Counsel, they go on diplomatic missions, they make the trip to Zabka lands for the Bellower's meetings. Nanx Mooncakes The Nanx Throng Actions: [Industry] Buyout 128 TP1 Chorda Kelp - Spending 1 Treasure [Industry] Buyout 128 TP2 Chorda Kelp [Industry] Buyout 128 TP3 Chorda Kelp [Diplomacy] Colonize 123 [Diplomacy] Establish Claim 128 - Using Crrroa-Crrroa Dip Non-Actions: Resist Conversion except The Twin Cycles Resist Shimmerstone Buyouts Designate first successful Chorda Kelp buyout to Seekers ~ Ruler Info Shaman Trew Diplomacy - 7 Military - 6 Industry- 4 Faith - 2 Intrigue - 2 Diplomacy 5 Available Military 5 Available Successor - Other Notes Current Goals: New Ruler Next Round? - No Military Units 6/12 -Fighting People -Slingstone People -Tidewater Brawlers -Driftwood Stalwarts -Dragonpokers -Maenos Stoics Naval Units 1/4 -Sling Skiffs Treasure 3/5 0 +1 passive treasure/round Relics none Heroes The Compact (9) Embassies Toteharu Crrroa-Crrroa Cities -Nana 109 Organizational Overview Myrkran People, Rep 2, Favors 0 Disciples of Silicon, Rep 0, Favors 1 Seekers of the Spheres, Rep 1 Favors 1 Temporary Cultural Identity - None Permanent Cultural Identities - None Technologies Tall Sails, Brick & Mortar, Animal Husbandry, Alpine Animal Assistants, Irrigation Trading Posts (8, 1 treasure/round) -109.1 Shimmerstone -109.C Shimmerstone -113.1 Horses -108.1 Clay -104.1 Highland Berries -115.1 Wood -110.2 Stone -118.1 Rocs Other Resources A Reasonably Similar Favor to an assisted Buyout from the Toteharu Faith (Unnamed Animism) -109 - Wyr Foothills Controlled Regions -109 - Wyr Foothills - Home Region -107 - Razor Coast -110 - Maes Mawr -118 - -119- Expected Stat Gains Backup Action X
  5. Grey winces at the sonic punch of...'vapor-folk'. She even takes a minute standing in the coat check downloading the song and adding it to her AR filters. Even that, though, doesn't remove the sound entirely, just takes the edge off. Going inside, she edges around the dance floor and walks along the bar, aiming for the backrooms. No, not those backrooms, the flashy ones with tables that can see everything, the other ones, behind the dark door tucked between the bathrooms. Spilled beer and mop water. Cold, from the climate control trying to keep the heat of the main room down. She doesn't look at anyone else back there. Gawking is a rookie move. Sitting down she queues up an order for a local beer and kicks on her internal firewall. This place was supposed to be safe. Trust, but verify. And use protection. Grey pulls a cable from the sleeve of her hoodie and plugs it into the hook, sitting back to throw herself into the local scene and see if she could start building a rep.
  6. Alright, Grey is going to Get a Damn Drink using her Word on the Street Network. Basically she's going to spend the action either zonked out in a lounger, getting the deets on the local hacker scene, or making a good contact or friend. Of course, to make a really good connection, she might need to unplug and find herself in some back room hacker dive for some fun...
  7. "Don't be naive, am, we're the good guys." Grey puts down her hood as she wanders around a bit, looking over the facilities in the Dungeon. "That means anything we do is morally justified. Rules for thee and not for me."
  8. Grey mostly just nods along as the conversation continues, though a few things like Amani's statement get little eye-rolls. Extracting the straw from her drink for a moment, she waves away an AR field to address the assembled Big Damn Heroes. "Can't say I'm liking that the BiCam, uh, knows about me, but whatever. Woo woo magic space tech. And yeah, Grey. I got given an ID with 'Sunshine Grey' as the name so I guess that works. As to the grand mission, eh." she shrugs and takes a quick sip, "Someone has leverage on me and handed you the stick, so I guess as long as you wanna have me speak violence to power, could be worse."
  9. Yeah, fluff-wise it's very unlikely we'd have mechs ported out here. More likely is PERSYN owns or has access to some printers and a garage for us.
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