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Far From Home - Game 1

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An infiltration robot finds itself in a tube, naked, and awaiting transport. That final moment somehow seems to drag on forever as conduits charge and electricity is redirected. With a rising hum that crescendos in a series of loud pops, everything goes white.

SCAN MODE: Error; No parameters
ASSESSMENT: Error; No parameters
ANALYSIS: Error; No parameters

Without warning the white light dies, replaced with a new reality. The ball of hot energy dissipates, having cut a perfect hemi-sphere out of its surroundings. A nearby cargo vehicle is damaged in the transport.


SCAN MODE: 03958
ASSESSMENT: Target reached successfully


*Store the Master A.I.*
*Launch an Energy-Satellite*
*Interfere with Important Date*
*Prevent Creation of Foe-Swap Virus*
*Ensure Birth of John McCarthy*


*Get Clothes*
*Blend in with Humans*
*Determine Current Time*

ANALYSIS: Awaiting SubRoutine Command

The ground is damp and cool to the touch. The ambient air temperature in this back alley reads as 68° F. It is only possible to estimate that it is evening by the night sky. Clouds cover most of the sky, blocking out much of the stars. The sound of movement comes from the mouth of the alley where vehicles streak by quickly, sporting lights on both ends. Some of them blare with loud sounds, mixed with the noise of Human conversations.

For the moment, the robot is alone.


Alright, here we go! Time to make a Plan.

Remember, without a SubRoutine in control with a Plan, the robot will just stand there. You don't need to worry about "sounding like a computer" (I'm doing it because I'm the Operating System feeding you data).

Phase 1 is making a Plan.
Phase 2 is voting on a Plan.
Phase 3 is acting on a Plan (and where you'll need to write In-Character).

You may make requests for further information from the Operating System.

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Skills: Drive Vehicle Fast 2+, Vehicular Repair 3+, Wrenches are Weapons 4+

Fact: Humans do not typically walk around naked.
Fact: A naked human does not blend in.
Fact: The unit is adjacent to a cargo vehicle.

Proposed Operation Plan: Search the remains of the cargo vehicle for clothes and assess whether or not the vehicle remains usable. Steal hood ornament to make the theft appear to have been juvenile humans causing trouble.


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Subroutine >Chef_Master9000< boot sequence initiated...






Reboot successful...


Receiving Query >Strategic Analysis<...


Skill 1: Knives! +2 Skill 2: Bluff +3 Skill 3: Remove Traces (Destroy Evidence) +4



  1. Self-inflict superficial injuries to appear as a victim.
  2. Convince nearby humans to offer aide in the form of clothes, access to communications technology, and any other resources that can be obtained.


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System check...okay.
R.A.C.E.R.'s analysis validated; my knowledge of human behavioral/cultural needs is limited, but I predict that not wearing region/period appropriate clothing will draw unwanted scrutiny.
Checking Chef_Master9000's plan...no errors found. Query; will we claim we were attacked by a naked man who demanded our clothes, our boots and our motorcycle?
Caution; access to information network critical to accomplish objectives. Generating alternate strategy...

Skills: Programming/Hacking +2, Hydro Cannon +3, Biological Needs +4
Proposition: Attempt to locate nearby residential building, use hydraulic cutter to gain entry if need be. Obtain clothing and access to computer with network capabilities/internet. Hacking skill may be required. Avoid contact with humans if possible.


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AARP (Attack Prediction and Redirection Module (3+), Human Motivation Analyzer (2+), Directed Butterfly Actuator (4+))

> establish root user -> anorthochronous anti-ripple protocol

:: request denied; multiple claimants to root

> acquire external data stream

:: sensory data loaded

> unpack simulation environment

:: environment running; requesting data

> unpack precog.csv

:: error; format not recognized

> fsck precog.csv

:: file 1.5% corrupted; beginning repair

:: repair completed; warning: data may have been altered during file repair

> unpack precog.csv

:: precog.csv unpacked into simulation environment; synchronizing with sensory data

> run interface.exe

:: interface.exe booting; disengaging command line

Axioms: Clothing is secondary. An exact time is required for proper execution of directives.

Actions: (1) Exit alley and streak through streets to get arrested and booked. Time and clothing will be acquired during booking process. (2) Incapacitate guard en route to cell, obtain keys. (3) Release most disturbed detainees to bring the cover of chaos to the jail. (4) Evacuate premises and discard keys, tossing them up into the nearest power pole to short the transformers and cause local blackout.

Assessment: Calibration of assessment tools incomplete; until rectified, will defer to external validation.

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SENSORS: Pending… Pending… Online


COURSE OF ACTION: Locate Human —>Achieve Secondary Directive 1 (Clothing), Secondary Directive 2 (Blend In), and Secondary Directive 3 (Determine Time) through utilization of H.I.M.‘s expert ‘people skills’.

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ANALYSIS: Multiple inputs
ASSESSMENT: Identify priorities

R.A.C.E.R. Chef_Master9000 SolarLeo.bat AARP H.I.M.

▶ Search vehicle

▶ Assess vehicle 🎲

▶ Deface vehicle

▶ Disguise self with wounds

▶ Locate local Humans

▶ Convince local Humans for aid 🎲

▶ Access public communications

▶ Locate and access empty residence 🎲

▶ Search residence

▶ Access private communications 🎲

▶ Contact local police through illegal activity

▶ Incapacitate officers after getting to jail 🎲

▶ Search area for keys

▶ Access jail and release prisoners 🎲

▶ Leave area

▶ Locate local Humans

▶ Convince local Humans for aid 🎲

ASSESSMENT: Run getSubRtn(xx78305);


Phase 2 - Time to vote.
I'll break any ties depending on simplest Plan. Remember, each Plan only costs 1 Token to use, no matter how many Actions or steps involved.

 🎲 means you'll have to pass a roll with any Skill you can justify.

To vote
pick your top 3 Plans and list them IN ORDER OF PREFERENCE, with 1 being highest priority. I'll tally results and let you know who gets to enact their Plan.

If you need to plead your case:
Go ahead and make an argument. It can be as in or out of character as you like. Eventually I'll need your vote.


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AARP (Attack Prediction and Redirection Module (3+), Human Motivation Analyzer (2+), Directed Butterfly Actuator (4+))

Processing: Estimating chances for success.

Readout: R.A.C.E.R. 66.7%, Chef_Master9000 66.7%, SolarLeo.bat 55.6%, AARP 27.8%, H.I.M. 50%

Additional Considerations: Prioritize acquiring time. Prioritize attaining control.

Vote: (1) AARP (2) Chef_Master9000 (3) SolarLeo.bat

Assessment: Significant disregard for success probability evidenced. Schedule check of logic protocols.

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Analysis of options in progress...

Personal preference: Avoid scrutiny from human population.
Ordering strategies by order of preference...

1. R.A.C.E.R.; expected low chance of success but risk of exposure low. Recommendation; steal additional components from truck (e.g. catalytic converter, battery) to increase plausibility of theft.
2. SolarLeo.bat; expected high chance of success, but current local time increases risk of exposure (humans at or returning home, not asleep). Recommendation; choose home without vehicle present, if possible.
3. Chef_Master9000; expected high chance of success, exposure guaranteed but likely greatly mitigated. Recommendation; avoid feigning wounds that require medical attention, such as concussion; examination by doctors will likely expose our mechanical nature.
4. H.I.M.; moderate chance of success, but mitigation of exposure uncertain. Recommendation; come up with a plausible excuse such as very determined robbers or a very dumb prank.
5. AARP; high success chance, but will draw massive amounts of scrutiny and probable extensive resources committed to pursuit. Recommendation; seize weapons and vehicle keys, or sabotage vehicles, at police station to delay and weaken retaliatory response.


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Skills: Drive Vehicle Fast 2+, Vehicular Repair 3+, Wrenches are Weapons 4+

Analyzing subroutine options...

R.A.C.E.R. Plan - Pro: Avoid attracting too much attention at this time. Con: Likely high chance of failure to achieve objective.

Chef_Master9000 - Pro: Higher chance of acquiring clothing and time. Con: Humans likely to contact police or medical authorities, bringing unwanted attention.

SolarLeo.bat - Pro: Guarantee of acquiring clothing and time. Con: Location unknown - may attract attention while searching for an empty residence.

AARP - Pro: Guarantee of acquiring clothing and time. Con: Guaranteed attention from law enforcement, complicating completion of primary directives.

H.I.M. - Pro: Decent chance of acquisition of clothing and time. Con: This human or others may contact local authorities, bringing unwanted attention.

Priority: Minimizing exposure until more information is acquired preferred. Prioritizing operations based on lowest chance of exposure.


1. R.A.C.E.R. Plan
2. SolarLeo.bat Plan
3. H.I.M. Plan


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Human Interfacing Module

PRIORITY ONE: Locate Human

ACCEPTED PLAN Chef_Master9000 : Human Interfacing Module : AARP … ERROR 


ACCEPTED PLAN Chef_Master9000 : SolarLeo.bat : Human Interfacing Module


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Skill 1: Knives! +2 Skill 2: Bluff +3 Skill 3: Remove Traces (Destroy Evidence) +4

Receiving strategic output...


Recommended subroutine activation:

  1. R.A.C.E.R. 
  2. SolarLeo.bat
  3. AARP


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ANALYSIS: Computing

R.A.C.E.R. Chef_Master9000 SolarLeo.bat AARP H.I.M.

▶ 3

▶ 3

▶ 5

▶ 2

▶ 2

ASSESSMENT: SolarLeo.bat is highest priority SubRoutine
ACTION: SolarLeo.bat given root access


Alright, @Avaday Daydream wins the vote. You are now in control. Please post in-character accordingly to carry out your Plan. You ARE the robot (for now). You may give this as much depth as you enjoy.

When you reach an action that needs a roll, make it clear which skill is being used, and roll. If you succeed, you get free reign of details (within obvious boundaries).

Remember: a failure stops your Plan in its tracks. A new round of Plans will be needed to deal with the new set of circumstances, and so on. That's the gameplay loop.

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