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Feature Request: Progress Bars


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This is completely non-essential, I know, but I wanted to ask, because I've never seen it anywhere but it would be a brilliant icing on the pbp cake. And yes, I can do it using character formatting and html entities.

But I'm talking about fancy graphical ones, corresponding to the active theme, inserted by editor button. Hopefully being able to set the completed color, the incomplete color, and even the units (5/17, for example), not limited to percentage.

Uses: displaying Hp, Mana, quest progress, task progress, time remaining to achieve a goal, etc.

Is there any chance of this ever happening?

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Probably could use some of the coding from the poll plugin, which uses a bar graph to display results. Would need a UI for poster to put in total units/percentage and how many units/percentages have been used. Allow them to add more graphs if needed beyond just one. Build in some style colors like we did with the dice and off you go.


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