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Gwydion Black - Human Swashbuckler

Past Imperfect

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Gwydion Black

Soldier of Fortune and Masterless Man


"It seems the only business I'm suited for is risking my life. Still, better than working for a living."


Rogue 5

Medium humanoid male (Variant human), neutral good

Armor Class 17

Hit Points 33 ( 5d8 +5 )
Speed 30' ft.

Senses passive perception 15 (E)

Languages common, thieves' cant, aglaronion, vordani

Proficiency Bonus +3


Proficiency Bonus: +3

Strength 8 (-1)
Save -1 
Athletics -1

Dexterity 18 (+4) 
Save +7 
Acrobatics +7 | Sleight of Hand +7Stealth +10 (E)

Constitution 12 (+1)
Save +1 
No skills associated.

Intelligence 14 (+2)
Save +5
Arcana +2 | History +5Investigation +5 | Nature +2 | Religion +2

Wisdom 12 (+1)
Save +1 
Animal Handling +1 | Insight +1 | Medicine +1 | Perception +7 (E) | Survival +1

Charisma 13 (+1) 
Save +1
Deception +1 | Intimidation +1 | Performance +1 | Persuasion +4

 (E) denotes expertise. / Bold denotes proficiency.




  • Tools Thieves' tools, cards
  • Instruments none 
  • Weapons  Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
  • Armors Light

ExpertiseAt 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves' tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.

At 6th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with thieves' tools) to gain this benefit.
 | Sneak AttackBeginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe's distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon.

You don't need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn't incapacitated, and you don't have disadvantage on the attack roll.

The amount of the extra damage increases as you gain levels in this class, as shown in the Sneak Attack column of the Rogue table.
 | Thieves' CantDuring your rogue training you learned thieves' cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves' cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a message than it does to speak the same idea plainly.

In addition, you understand a set of secret signs and symbols used to convey short, simple messages, such as whether an area is dangerous or the territory of a thieves' guild, whether loot is nearby, or whether the people in an area are easy marks or will provide a safe house for thieves on the run.
 | Cunning ActionStarting at 2nd level, your quick thinking and agility allow you to move and act quickly. You can take a bonus action on each of your turns in combat. This action can be used only to take the Dash, Disengage, or Hide action. | Uncanny DodgeStarting at 5th level, when an attacker that you can see hits you with an attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attack's damage against you. | Fancy FootworkWhen you choose this archetype at 3rd level, you learn how to land a strike and then slip away without reprisal. During your turn, if you make a melee attack against a creature, that creature can't make opportunity attacks against you for the rest of your turn. | Rakish AudacityStarting at 3rd level, your confidence propels you into battle. You can give yourself a bonus to your initiative rolls equal to your Charisma modifier.

You also gain an additional way to use your Sneak Attack; you don't need advantage on the attack roll to use your Sneak Attack against a creature if you are within 5 feet of it, no other creatures are within 5 feet of you, and you don't have disadvantage on the attack roll. All the other rules for Sneak Attack still apply to you.

Skill proficiencyYou gain proficiency in one skill of your choice. - Perception | FeatYou gain one Feat of your choice. - Dual wielding: You master fighting with two weapons, gaining the following benefits:

You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wielding a separate melee weapon in each hand.
You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one handed melee weapons you are wielding aren't light.
You can draw or stow two one-handed weapons when you would normally be able to draw or stow only one.

Dual wielderYou master fighting with two weapons, gaining the following benefits:

You gain a +1 bonus to AC while you are wielding a separate melee weapon in each hand.
You can use two-weapon fighting even when the one handed melee weapons you are wielding aren't light.
You can draw or stow two one-handed weapons when you would normally be able to draw or stow only one.




  • +1 Llewellyn's Sword (Rapier) +8 to hit for (1d8+5) piercing, magic damage. | Finesse
  • Shortsword +7 to hit for (1d6+4) piercing damage | Finesse, light | Moon touched
  • Dagger +7 to hit for (1d4+4) piercing damage. | Finesse, light, thrown (20/60)
  • Shortbow +7 to hit for (1d6+4) piercing damage. | Ammunition, Range, Two-handed (80/320)




  • Weight: 83 lbs. / 120 lbs. max. (15 x STR Score)
  • Status: Unencumbered
  • Penalty: None

MONEY POUCH (0.5 lbs.)

Copper: 0 | Silver: 0Gold: 22 | Obsidian: 0 | Platinum: 0

(25 Coins x .02 lbs. = 0.5 lbs. Total Weight)


Equipped items can be retrieved with a manipulate item interaction.

  • Armor (13 lbs.) Studded leather - 13 lbs.
  • Weapons (8 lbs.) +1 Llewellyn's Sword - 2 lbs. | Shortsword - 2 lbs. | Dagger (x2) - 2 lb. | Shortbow - 2 lbs.  
  • Readied Items (3.5 lbs.) Arrows (20) - 1 lb. | Healing potion (x3) - 1.5 lbs. | thieves' tools - 1 lb.


Stored items can be retrieved with an action.

  • In Backpack (33 lbs.) Backpack - 5 lbs. | Mess Kit - 1 lb. | A Set of Fine Clothes - 6 lbs. | Tinderbox - 1 lb. | Torches (10) - 10 lbs. | Rations (10 days) - 10 lbs. | Signet ring - Negligble | Scroll of pedigree - Negligible
  • Strapped to Backpack (25 lbs.) Waterskin - 5 lbs. | 50' Hempen Rope - 10 lbs. | Bedroll & Blanket - 10 lbs. |


  • At Home 

* Denotes magic item (see below)




+1 Rapier - Llewellyn's sword, Moon touched shortsword, spellwrought tatto: shield, spellwrought tatto: cure wounds, cloak of billowing


Masquerade TattooProduced by a special needle, this magic tattoo appears on your body as whatever you desire.

Tattoo Attunement. To attune to this item, you hold the needle to your skin where you want the tattoo to appear, pressing the needle there throughout the attunement process. When the attunement is complete, the needle turns into the ink that becomes the tattoo, which appears on the skin.

If your attunement to the tattoo ends, the tattoo vanishes, and the needle reappears in your space.

Fluid Ink. As a bonus action, you can shape the tattoo into any color or pattern and move it to any area of your skin. Whatever form it takes, it is always obviously a tattoo. It can range in size from no smaller than a copper piece to an intricate work of art that covers all your skin.

Disguise Self. As an action, you can use the tattoo to cast the Disguise Self spell (DC 13 to discern the disguise). Once the spell is cast from the tattoo, it can't be cast from the tattoo again until the next dawn.



Age 32 | Height 6' | Weight 165 lbs. | Hair Dark Brown| Eyes Hazel | Complexion Fair

Gwydion once had his features described by one of the most beautiful women he had ever seen, a professional courtesan who could refuse dukes, though she was perhaps not beautiful enough to turn down kings. "Bland," was her verdict. "Just sort of pink and plain." Since then, Gwydion has been sure to keep a dark brown goatee roughed in on his lips and chin, perhaps to add a bit of color to his otherwise unremarkable face. It is neatly trimmed only on special occasions. Otherwise, it fades into the scruff that grows on his neck and cheeks.

Gwydion considers himself a moderately attractive man, though mostly because he is slim and his bearing is good. He has attempted to combine the uprightness of the soldier with the relaxed confidence of a bravo, a difficult mix to master. Gwydion dresses well when he is not wearing armor, though the finest piece of clothing he owns is his cloak. It is dark green with fine, geometric embroidery of silver-gray that catches the light when it billows. He pairs it with a broad-brimmed hat, with the right side pinned up so as not to interfere with his bowstring. It's held up with a rotating array of feathers and pins, changing depending on Gwydion's whim and the health of his purse.

It's difficult to conceal how heavily armed he is, though an attempt is made. In particular, he has made a habit of drawing his cloak to hide the hilt of his rapier for so long that it is now an unconscious gesture. It's a beautiful weapon, with a silvered guard that is shaped into leaves and flower petals. However, Gwydion inherited it from his father and he is almost certain Llewellyn stole it. As unlikely as it may be, he wants to avoid a once-upon-a-time owner appearing and demanding its return.



Source PHB

  • Personality Traits: I watch over my friends as if they were a litter of newborn pups. I love a good insult, even one directed at me.
  • Ideals: Friendship. Material goods come and go. Bonds of friendship last forever. (Good)
  • Bonds: I come from a noble family, and one day I'll reclaim my lands and title from those who stole them from me. Eventually. Probably. If my mom makes me.
  • Flaws: My pride will probably lead to my destruction.

Background Feature: Position of Privilege
Thanks to your noble birth, people are inclined to think the best of you. You are welcome in high society, and people assume you have the right to be wherever you are. The common folk make every effort to accommodate you and avoid your displeasure, and other people of high birth treat you as a member of the same social sphere. You can secure an audience with a local noble if you need to.


Gwydion is a second-generation adventurer. His mother, Gwen, was a younger daughter of House Karramosa, not a wilting flower but a trained warrior like her brothers. Finding garrison duty along the Vordani border a bore, she left as a young woman to sell her sword and find adventure. Years later she returned, scarred and full of unlikely stories. She brought many things back with her, including a husband. He was another adventurer, a charismatic fellow called Llewellyn Black. He quickly established a reputation as, as one of Gwydion's uncles later told him, a "rascal, scoundrel, ruffian, and far too much fun to get drunk with."

Llewellyn did his charming best, but he did not fit in well with the Karramosa family, made up mostly of disciplined soldiers. For years, he was tolerated with amusement by the others, years during which Gwydion was born and grew into a boy. However, the tolerance soured when he was caught several times cheating at cards. Not long after, Gwydion and his family left the Talanar Hills. He later learned Llewellyn had been caught stealing gems from the mine under the Monastery of Past Lives. The gems had been recovered and Llewellyn had been asked to leave. Gwen decided she would go with her husband, though now they almost constantly argued. Llewellyn lead them back to the closest thing he had to a family, among the Uncanny Vagabonds.

In truth, Gwydion probably fit in better with the artistic nomads than the disciplined soldiers. The Vagabonds appreciated a job cleverly done as much as a hard day's work, or even more so. Gwydion was thin and quick, rather than strong, which were traits the Vagabonds could appreciate. Despite that, he didn't entirely fit there, either. Perhaps the biggest hurdle was his tin ear, which made learning any sort of music or instrument impossible.

He didn't fit in other ways, as well. After a childhood spent with the straitlaced Karramosa, Gwydion couldn't bring himself to be as easy a thief as his companions. They would stroll through a crowd and casually come out the other side with two or three stolen purses, without a second thought. Gwydion preferred to find marks who deserved to be bitten, or at least could afford it.

Gwydion grew into a young man with the Vagabonds. To his mother's frustration, he was trained as a thief, though she made sure he was as trained at least as well as a swordsman. In the end, he wasn't the thief, he was more often the one who watched the thief's back. He developed a habit of putting himself putting danger and his companions, facing down a mark that got wise or spotted his purse being lifted.

By the time Llewellyn died, Gwydion was living on his own, though his mother quickly got word to him. His father had tried another double-cross, like so many before. This time he hadn't been fast enough and he had been killed. With Llewellyn dead, Gwen was ready to return to her family. Gwydion went with her for a while, but he found garrison duty on the border as boring as his mother had, years before. It was also plain the Karramosa saw him as another version of his father. They watched him carefully in case he tried thieving and there was never any question of him being chosen to guard the gem mine.

It was a miserable place for Gwydion. Not wanting to repeat his father's stupidity, he resigned from his post and left on good terms with the Karramosa. Despite that, while they welcomed Gwen back, it was clear they were just as happy to see Gwydion leave.

Gwydion's mother dreams of a day when he'll be welcomed back into her family's good graces and be fully returned to the nobility. She is constantly pushing him to find adventuring work in the Talanar Hills, where it's more likely to impress House Karramosa, so he can earn their respect once more. For his part, Gwydion is less committed. He certainly enjoys his status as a gentleman, but he's not sure he needs the approval of the straitlaced side of his family.

Since leaving the Karramosa, Gwydion has sold his sword or found Uncanny Vagabonds to partner with. Until, one day, he fell in with a particular band of adventurers...

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Gwydion Black Human Rogue 5https://www.dandwiki.com/w/images/3/3a/Daring_swashbuckler.jpg


AC: 17 (Studded leather and dual wielding) | HP: 33/33 | Initiative: +5 | Passive Perception: 15 | DM Inspiration: 1/1

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