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Begging, Pleading for the 2nd Edition Advanced Dungeons and Dragons Game set in Faerun


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I have the following, with the exception of the starting level, flexible conditions with this request.

-level 1, I like starting from scratch and building from the ground up. Prefer roleplaying, plot intrigue and storytelling than power gaming
-Player's Options books as allowed sources, willing to provide links but am willing to go with what a potential DM would be comfortable with
-Proficiencies both weapon and nonweapon, don't want cookie cutter hack and slash, blast with magic characters only. These give characters more depth and more roleplaying opportunities and challenges in game that don't involve combat all the time. I don't mind combat but would like more variety in encounters and situations in game.
-modules Ruins of Adventure or Doom of Daggerdale would be nice. Sword of the Dales Trilogy is too lead the characters by the horn without options in terms of plot in my opinion but would not mind it. But I would not mind a DM creating an adventure, campaign of his/her own. Either way I would be happy just to be in 2e adnd game set in the Forgotten Realms.
-I like games where the character's background has a little bit of influence in game.
-openmindedness in terms of character creation such as child mages, maybe races not normally used for certain character classes, displaced characters from another world, more unusual character creation types within reason of course. In the case of a child mage I am willing to accept any penalties and limitations you impose on the character. Like I said I like roleplaying and character development and rather not create cookie cutter characters if I can help it. Would not force players to play characters that they don't want to of course because whoever they choose to play is totally up to them.

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I do love me some AD&D 2E but I don't think I've got room to run this one. Also, my Forgotten Realms knowledge is lacking. I'd sign up to play, though.

I thought hard about running OSRIC for my Rappan Athuk campaign but I think I'm more likely to stick with Swords and Wizardry. If you see that game pop up you should apply. Very similar in feel to AD&D.

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41 minutes ago, Vladim said:

Have you tried solo games, for example with tools such as the Mythic GM emulator? You may get a better chance with those in the longer run.

But they're not the same, unfortunately.

I, for one, hope this game finds a DM at some point. It does sound fun.

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If I could find a copy of Doom of Daggerdale then I might be interested in GM'g it. Of the physical modules I own that are set in Forgotten Realms, most are at 5th edition. Otherwise I have the Avatar Trilogy (Shadowdale, Tantras, Waterdeep) at 2e - yet never played or GM'd. Could easily enough convert a 1e module such as 'Scourge of the Slave Lords' to 2e however.

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Let's see....

- 2nd Edition....[check]

- Forgotten Realms....[check]

- Level 1....[check]

- Player Option....[check]

- Nonweapon/Weapon Proficiencies....[check]

- Modules....[I have run both 'Doom of Daggerdale' and 'Sword of the Dales Trilogy' enough. Since you said that you'd be happy with anything, then I offer to run Northern JourneyNorthern Journey (NJ) is an epic adventure that belongs to the group of adventures that one usually categorizes as a problem-solving campaign, a think campaign, etc. If your adventure group belongs to the majority of (A)D&D players who run standard hack-and slash campaigns - the kind where the PCs kill lots of monsters, wipe their swords, holy symbols and spellbooks clean, collect treasure and head for the next dungeon – NJ probably will not be your cup of tea.

One way to describe NJ is as an epic adventure that starts in Neverwinter and Silverymoon in the Savage Frontier of the North and gradually draws the PCs eastward through the Backlands of the Sword Coast, Sunset Vale, Cormyr and the Dalelands, across the Vast and into Impiltur and the Great Dale and at last into the Cold Lands of Damara and Vaasa.

- Background....[Background would be important]

- Character Creation....[I am pretty open-minded, though I do like to keep PC's held to the standard races, but am reasonable.]


Does this sound interesting to you? I would want 4-6 (preferred) players for Northern Journey.


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