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About This Game

Runequest is an ancient system, pun intended. It's ancient in that it was born in 1978. It's ancient in that it's not medieval, it's bronze age. Instead of 'Tolkienesque Medieval' think 'Harryhausen Clash of the Titans'... yes you might find yourself fighting giant scorpions and the like. Some of you might be familiar with Call of Cthulhu which uses a similar d100 system. We'll be using a trimmed down version of 3rd edition, because it's the edition I am familiar with. IMPORTANT: JUST OPEN THE CHARACTER SHEET AND GET STARTED. ALL THIS WILL LOOK LIKE AN INFORMATION DUMP, BUT AS IN CALL OF CTHULHU, WHEN YOU FINISH FILLING IN THE SHEET, THE SHEET WILL TELL YOU EVERYTHING YOU NEED TO KNOW TO START. IT'S REALLY VERY INTUITIVE.

Game System




Detailed Description

Pavis, the mythical ancient ruined desert city, squats astride The River of Cradles. Outside its giant built walls, like a tick on a corpse is New Pavis, which could easily be categorized as a city of grave robbers. Magical wonders lie buried in Pavis, also called The Big Rubble, just waiting for adventurers to dig them up. Of course that's supposing you survive up to that point, and whether you're able to get your ill gotten gains back to New Pavis.

The Big Rubble is a patchwork of vying territorial claims, opposed spiritual forces, contesting races and divergent goals. It's waiting to be looted, to be settled, to be controlled.


I will be limiting religions (hereafter referred to as cults) to the following..

  • Orlanth, is a barbarian warrior god and head of the storm gods, the nearest thing in world religions would be Odin. Orlanthi tend to act like vikings and dress like picts. Swirly tatoos are definitely a thing. Orlanthi don't believe in no win situations and if they were to be described in a phrase it would be 'violence is always an option'.
  • Yelmalio is a civilised soldier god, a member of the Sun Gods. Yelmalions tend to act and look like Spartans. They are hoplite soldiers in a culture that has castes and rigid roles for men and women. Yelmalions being light cultists and farmer soldiers often hire out as mercenaries to fight trolls. Their enmity for trolls is returned. Yelmalio is also a god of horse riding and horse archery. This has been downplayed somewhat since the Yelmalions in Sun County have been on the defensive against nomadic cavalry who dislike horses, preferring to ride mounts like sables, impala, rhino and the like.
  • Humakt is either a barbarian or a civilised God. Humakt is the God of death and honour, the God of Oaths. They worship swords in a Samurai way. Where Yelmalions are soldiers, Humakti are warriors. There is a friendly rivalry between the two. Humakti go in for duels, Yelmalions come at you with a shield wall.
  • Xiola Umbar is a barbarian Darkness god of healing. She is a darkness Goddess, but is accepted by Yelmalions despite this as she tended the Sun Gods wounds in the Underworld. Xiola Umbar cultists make excellent healers but unlike the Human goddess of healing they will kill.
  • Lhankhor Mhy is the God of Knowledge. They can fight but tend to be advisors.
  • Hykim and Mikyh, a palindrome - where the word is spelled the same backwards and forwards, is a God of humans who believe they are also wolves etc. It is a shapeshifting God of primitive people.
  • Issaries is the Barbarian God of Trade. They are caravan masters and bargainers.
  • Ancestor Worship is a primitive religion with various different names. This is a God of Shamans and Spirit Worship. Shamans can be very powerfulm but their fighting ability is limited by the need to focus on the real world and the spirit world at the same time.
  • Storm Bull is Storm God that is worshipped by barbarians and nomads. Storm Bull is a berserker God. His worshippers fight Chaos (think Cthulhu style monsters and the like) and so most regard them as insane.
  • Ernalda/Eirithra is the earth mother cult, the first barbarian, the second nomad. It has healing spells and earth related magic.
  • Pavis is a City God, God of both New Pavis and Old Pavis, when the City's founder apotheosized. This is a good God for your PC to worship if you want strong political connections in the play area.
  • Zola Fel is the local river God. This is a good God if you want political connections with newtlings and river folk and be amazing in the river.
  • If you want to play a female version of a Yelmalion, you can play a Yelornan, basically warrior nun archers on unicorns.

That's pretty much it. If you want to play a worshipper of a different cult, ask me about it.


My preference for races for this beginner game is

Human (though not Agimori), Newtlings at a stretch. Baboons are borderline.

I am saying no to ducks (never liked them), trolls (too strong and eat people), elves (they are plants that walk in this world), dwarves (they don't get involved in stuff), windchildren (people with wings and I'm not up for flying PCs), dragonnewts (realistically an NPC race), minotaurs (too strong) and and centaurs (can't handle ladders).

If there's anything else you want to play, message me.

I won't be using the sorcery rules. It's a beginner game.

Game style

I've found that dungeon bashes break down on MW. They just get tedious and players lose the will to live. The game style will be therefore be more mission style, more Shadowrun style, with clear objectives.

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