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About This Game

A famous Underdark campaign. Normally runs level 1 to 15.

Game System

D&D 5e



Detailed Description

Do you know who I am?

No. No they clearly do not, or you would not be here, in the slave pens of that myth the Underdark. Captured by "Drow", trapped amongst ordinary prisoners in a underground outpost. Your sheer bad luck is a tale in itself.

You were meeting famed heroes of the realm when the ground collapsed, deep, and climbing the chasm walls all the way up were the spider-riding drow. Weakened by the fall, there was nothing you could do except watch your equipment be pulled off you and slapped twice in the face, "Just another rich noble" according to some arrogant raider.

Carried into the gods-damned Underdark...


You're going to find out.



I have chosen a deliberately overpowered start, have fun with it.

5 players wanted. All character creation options allowed so long as it's official. Submit a Character Sheet, the game will be restricted once I'm happy to the members I approve.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. I agree with Draidden. I'm likely dropping out in a day or two.
  3. Oh, I missed that join date before. Paints a slightly different picture I agree. Fingers crossed!
  4. Actually, I am not holding much hope in coming back. If they do then my apologies, but when I check out their profile they have been on the boards since 2013 and only have 44 posts. This does not really bode well. Speaking from my past experiences.
  5. Well, I'll make up the character just in case. Plus, I kind of like the idea and want to flush it out.
  6. At the very least it's a paused one, since... yeah. They've been pinged a couple times that I know of, don't know if anyone's tried to DM them yet? (I'm in one of their other games and same deal there, so my guess is that RL concerns are keeping them away.)
  7. Am planning on it. I think I am going to go Battlesmith Artificer. Thinking over the race. Or is this a dead game as it appears the DM has not been around since May 27th?
  8. Am interested. Let's see if the dice roller likes me today. Edit: Not bad. Will see what I can come up with.
  9. I hadn't replied in a while because I'm kinda stuck. I can't imagine a 20 being a fail to get out of my shackles, but I also don't want to just assume without any input from the DM, you know? (That said, if somehow a 20 isn't enough for Quirie to get out on her own, she will *absolutely* take Mila's help.)
  10. Title Content Hey Paul. The 'Create a fieldset tool in the middle of those 3 you see in the screenshot is what I used. So when I click that, the stock format looks like the one above.
  11. I don't know. I offered to replace the ranger and haven't heard back.
  12. Hey Ensou! Welcome! How did you do that cool box around your text with your name integrated into the border.
  13. Jinabi 'Thank you.' Jinabi accepts the steaming mug from the caravan cook. He blows on the top of the warm drink, rubbing his hands across the ceramic material. Several passengers of the caravan sit among familiar circles as they rest and talk while waiting out the rainstorm just beyond the campsite's entrance. 'You look like you know your way around here.' A dwarf sits down, the leaf litter crunching under his armored bulk. The halfling nods. 'Been around swamps and deserts, but feels great to come back to rainy mountain ranges.' Dwarven laughter is absorbed by the patter, drawing glances from others, but he showed little care. 'I'm just a metalsmith along for the ride. Been repairing my clients' gear.' Jinabi feels at ease with this boisterous acquaintance. 'Any advice for an inexperienced druid?' The smith gives the small halfling a direct look. 'You? Inexperienced? You look older than the rest of them heroes back there.' He bites off from his black breads. 'Far as I'm concerned, every able guide of the wild is a valuable companion.' Jinabi leans back, adjusting his cloak, misty breath escaping from his mouth in the cold rain. Several heroes laugh at the back, closer to the large bonfire at the campsite. There is a roar of some kind of creature, with some reaching for their weapons. The dwarf is amused to see Jinabi not do the same. 'I can tell that you have been around the block, so why ask me for any advice?' 'Started late. Usually druids train young, but I only got into it after serving my time at the Long Patrol.' 'Hah.' He slurps thick soup from a bowl in his other gloved hand. 'A veteran from the Long Patrol? Well, thanks for keeping them borders safe.' He eyes the small herbal pouch slung about the halfling's waist. 'Can never get used to seeing you people going around without the comfort of an axe.' Jinabi laughs, 'If it helps, I swung sticks and sickles before, but my mentor told me that I am a hundred years too early to know what to do with them.' The dwarf laughs. And then ground swallowed them. *** Jinabi knows he is underground before he opened his eyes. He can feel the oppressiveness of the life below the land. As openminded as he tries to be, the halfling cannot imagine living far below the earth and grass to be considered quality living. Some druids of the Underdark have tried describing the beauty of glowing mushrooms and crystalline clear cavern pools, but Jinabi pictures living his whole life in the dark with no sun and no wind, and he shudders. But when he opens his eyes, he feels another kind of oppressiveness. Manacles on his wrists and neck. Various shackled strangers are awake and around him, allies, he can only hope. And the outline of a very large creature growling within the confines of what seems to be a prison. 'Holy twigs and bushes, that is big.' Jinabi unconsciously breathes out loud his shock. Level 4 Druid of the Mountain | AC 12 | HP 31/31 | Walk 25ft | Telekinetic 30ft | Passive: Perception 16 Insight 14 | Saves DEX 2 CON 2 INT 2 WIS 6 CHA -1 | Athletics 2 Stealth 4 Survival 6 | |
  14. Will be my first Underdark campaign, applying with a halfling druid. Haven't properly tried halfling before either, so this makes a double experience. Submitting character sheet soon, GM.
  15. I'd be interested in joining this game if there is still room. What characters do you have already?
  16. Can Mila assist Quirie in getting her manacles off?
  17. I salute you, friend. If I may join, I would gladly bring in a Ranger so as not to upset the party makeup. I created a half drow ranger, if you decide to let me join in.
  18. Friends, due to time constraints, I’m going to respectively withdraw our ranger, Stor, from our game. Seeing we’ve other fine folks interested in participating, hopefully DM can add one of our fine applicants in my stead. Cheers, everyone.
  19. I see it's still advertising, so I'm expressing interest. Long time gamer here (40+ years of D&D). If you've got room, let me know what the party needs and I'll make it happen. Thanks!
  20. Mila moves around to check if anyone else needs help with their manacles.
  21. Beau Mercy HP: 22/22 AC: 12 Beau continues struggling against his chains. OOC Str check incoming...
  22. Quirie the Wanderer HP: 37/37 AC: 12 Her eyes fly back open as she yelps, more out of shock than real pain. Well, so much for that plan then... She doesn't have any smaller magic tricks to get herself loose, and somehow she doubts the rope trick will work on the manacles. So she starts twisting and turning her wrists and folding her fingers, trying to slip out of them, all the while keeping an eye out for a sharp rock of her own - or a cellmate who might be in position to help. ooc Acrobatics to slip the manacles Perception of sharp rocks or helping hands
  23. Stor attempts to shift himself closer the action. In the common tongue, our rangerly fellow exclaims, Stay your wrath, and help us escape instead! We’re on the same team, and if we work together, we can get out of here. We don’t want trouble.
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