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About This Game

The PCs must escape a dungeon, evade an insane mage, and maybe make some new friends along the way.

Game System

D&D 3.5e



Detailed Description

I've recently been replaying BG2: Shadows of Amn, and it has inspired me to run a game similar to the beginning. Therefore...


How It Starts

You awaken in a cold and dark cell. You feel no access to any magic you might have possessed, and you have been stripped entirely of all your equipment. You do not know how you came to be here; you don't know how long you have been here, but you know you don't want to remain. You can hear other people around you, but nothing clear, as if all sounds have been scrambled before they reach your ears.

And then, your cell door opens. You step out, whether cautiously or in a rage, and see other prisoners doing the same.

So, how to apply?

Open a Topic in the Applications tab, and give me the following.

Name: Duh (with link to character sheet)
Race/Class: Also Duh
Description: Describe your character as if I were reading a novel. Don't go too overboard with description, though. While a picture helps, I still want the description. Distinguishing characteristics, favored style of clothes, etc.
Personality: Tell me who your character is, in a brief summary. How is your character likely to behave?
Background: Nothing too in depth please. Your character is 5th level. Just a quick rundown of how they started adventuring will suffice.
Wishlist: This is going to be a little complex. But, give me a list of up to seven items, within standard WBL (so a total of 9k gp), that your character owned. The list should be specific (so, not "magic greatsword" but "+1 Greatsword", etc). I guarantee you will not see all of the items by the time you escape, but I'll try and make sure you each get back some of your gear.


Now, details about Character Creation:

Level 5. Ability Scores to be generated with a 40 point buy. HD to be rolled, rerolling anything less than half. Then set your Current HP to half of your total, rounding down.

Books: PHB, PHB2, Monster Manuals, Savage Species, Expanded Psionics Handbook, Complete series, Races series (except Faerun and Eberron), Frostburn, Sandstorm, Stormwrack. Magic Item Compendium and Spell Compendium. That's it. Do not ask for other sources, and please cite sources for any feats, items or spells.

The Erudite is not allowed at this time. The language used in the entry in Complete Psionic just isn't clear and consistent. If someone can find an official errata that clarifies it, I will revisit this decision.

Oh, right. I'm going to be very generous with this next thing. 1 feat per HD instead of the standard 1 every 3 HD. You must still qualify for the feat at the time you take it. Also, add +1 for your skill points per level (including the x4 for first level; that's a total of 8 extra skill points). You may also ignore the first Level Adjustment (so if you choose a race with LA +1, you still have 5 HD). If using Savage Species for your Race, I have final say over what the relevant Level Adjustment would be.

As each application is accepted (and I will accept them on a case by case basis, so stay on your toes), each accepted PC will get a minor useful benefit.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. In regards to my character's feral template. Do class levels count towards hit dice? I took the shapeshifter variant instead of wild shape, it's easier to keep track of with with flat bonuses.
  3. With powers lasting twice as long plus extend power = persistent spell eat your heart out!
  4. Get in line :D Thanks for the Spider Climb, unexpected but I'll flavor it as Breeze being a great climber. Any chance I could get an extra bump for not picking a template?
  5. Woo, claws works very well for Masaaki's build, and the Sharp Eyes are a nice bonus, though less helpful in a dungeon. The claws do mean an Amulet of Natural Weapons +1 would work almost as well as a +1 Shortsword, if it gets rolled randomly.
  6. Those are some nifty benefits. Not really a fan of having less HP, but given the Fast Healing, it should be mostly a non-issue.
  7. So, now to tell the accepted characters what their minor benefits will be. Some will be useful, some will be useful and disturbing. Breeze: An at-will Spider ClimbAllowing for that super cool corner of the ceiling perch from the movies effect, as long as one hand is touching wall or ceiling Tooka: Permanent Speak With Animals Glib: Buff powers last twice as long as normal Faemyl: Add Charisma Modifier to all spell damage; your raven familiar, should you find it, will also get something special Nimisk: Fast Healing = Con bonus; Drawback is Nimisk starts with HP at 1/4 of Maximum instead of 1/2 Masaaki: Claws (Can be used with Weapon Finesse, damage 1d6 slash/pierce, 20/x2 crit) and Sharp Eyes (+2 Spot)
  8. Woohoo, glad my bit of Backstory proved to be up to the task and happy to get a chance to play!
  9. Thank you for the invitation! I see a varied, well rounded group!
  10. After looking around and seeing all the amazing applications, I wasn't sure I was getting in. Thank you for letting me join this mad run. For those of you that didn't make it in, I hope to see you again in future projects! For the rest, we shall make it out and survive!
  11. And after even more delays, I've finally gotten the time to sit down and select the remaining players for this game. I have to admit, there were more than a few difficult choices to make. But, the decision has finally been made. So, the final group is: Nimisk, Goliath Barbarian (ittguy28) Faemyl Glittermoon, Aasimar Sorceress (paladinred) Masaaki, Catfolk Scout/Ranger (ValdimarianBy the way, if this username was inspired by the Heralds of Valdemar series by Mercedes Lackey, I find that fantastic!!) Breeze, Human Monk (TheShadyRaven) Glib, Draconic Goblin Psion (joran1313) Tooka, Neanderthal Druid (Steel Warrior) Again, the choice was difficult, but congratulations! And good luck! May the odds be ever in your favor!!
  12. Ah too bad, I kinda forgot to complete some of the gear and then I am still working for another hour or so.
  13. I recommend you either finish it up (it's going to be a few hours, in the ballpark of 6 or more), or just input what you have.
  14. Blech, I had a stomach bug this last weekend and unfortunately never got the Backstory portion of my app done.
  15. Apologies: I've had some things come up that have distracted me recently, and then there was an internet outage yesterday at my location. HOWEVER!! I will have time later today to go through everything and make my selections! So thank you all for your patience.
  16. If Ninja Ghost step ability does not work like greater invisibility like I think it does (GM rule needed) I am not interested in "Enduring Ki" feat as that just makes it two rounds for an extra ki; Think I would take Combat Reflexes instead.
  17. Name: . Race/Class: Human Monk. Description: Breeze is a dark-skinned woman of average height possessing a fit, wiry build. She has dark eyes and rebel dreadlocks of the same color, which are often tied up to keep them out of the way. Breeze's outfit is baggy and prioritizes freedom of movement rather than elegance. An unadorned white shirt is held in place by a red sash, wrapped tight around her waist. Similarly, her grey baggy trousers make way to white linen straps which cover both the woman's shins. A pair of flat leather sandals worn at her feet completes the simple, unassuming look. All in all, Breeze wouldn't stand out in a crowd, and plenty of people have - wrongly - mistaken her for a peasant. Personality: Breeze is often abrasive and borderline rude in day to day interactions. She likes to be left alone, and has little patience when it comes to anyone planning to waste her time. The woman is a firm believer that stupid questions deserve stupid answers, and yet she's also respectful to both her peers and to authority. Breeze will keep her word, once given, and she puts great importance on tradition and living in harmony. Everyone has a place in the world, and if each creature respected this order, life would be better for all living beings. Discipline and strength of character are, in Breeze's mind, all that is necessary to take one's rightful place. Background: When she was just a newborn child, Breeze was found by a monk on the shores of the Rauvin river. The disciple found her stranded, a stone's throw from the walls of the Monastery of the Heavenly Ascension. Further investigation revealed that the poor girl was the only survivor of a shipwreck, though the details of the tragedy could never be ascertained. Adopted by the acolytes of the order, the nameless survivor was raised as one of the disciples. She owes her name to the Grand Master, who once observed her as she stole a paintbrush from one of the novices and ran away at full speed. "She's as quick and as fickle as the spring breeze," the man said - and Breeze's name was found. As she turned fourteen, the girl began her training as a full-fledged disciple of the Heavenly Ascension, as tradition dictated. For her, Talla - a senior acolyte - took on the role of the mentor. Breeze was already a young adult when her life too a turn for the worst. The year the orc tribes united under a particularly belligerent warlord, the woman decided it was time to prove her worth. She joined a band of adventurers and left the Monastery in secret. With the group, Breeze fought in battle against the orc horde. She would have died, had Talla not reached the field in time to aid her protege. The two escaped, but the man died shortly after, due to the wounds he collected defending his student. In grief, Breeze exiled herself from the order, ashamed of returning to the Monastery after what had happened. Instead, the young woman took it upon herself to find a fabled relic of the order: the Doom's Edge, a blade so exquisitely crafted that nothing could stand against its bite. The sword - according to the legends - belonged to the first man who walked the path of the Heavenly Ascension, but was later lost after the holy man's transcendence. Thus, Breeze has taken on the life of a wandering adventurer, in order to find the legendary weapon that will allow her to return to the Monastery. The last couple of years have been especially rough, as the scars she's collected can prove. Still, the woman has not given up on her self-assigned mission, which brings us to the present day: Breeze was trying to track down a sage - knowledgeable about all things ancient - when she was assaulted, captured, and taken to the dungeons where she is currently being held. Wishlist: Necklace of Natural Weapons +1 - one natural weapon (2600 gp); Ring of Protection +1 (2000 gp); Healing Belt (750 gp); Bracers of Armor +1 (1000 gp); Anklet of Translocation (1400 gp); Vest of Resistance +1 (1000 gp); Silversheen (250 gp). Statblock Female LN Human Monk 5 Level 5, Init 3, HP 22/45, DR -, Speed 12 m Abilities[/B] Str 15, Dex 17, Con 14, Int 14, Wis 16, Cha 8 AC 17, Touch 17, Flat-footed 10, Fort 6, Ref 7, Will 7, Base Attack Bonus 3 Unarmed Strike +6 (1d8+2, x2) Conditions None
  18. I do like custom stuff from a GM but I still like to create items that the PC might have saved up for and had crafted and then enchanted or crafted themselves and then had enchanted. Family heirlooms and gifts from elders, tribal leaders, etc. are all fair game for fluff in my book as well. Even simply MW items that are hand me downs or gifts with more details than a line from the DMG / MIC, heh. If we were starting at level one then it would be different although even then I would fluff some of the PC's gear to have it be more personal, generally speaking, nothing mechanical of course. Ideally the GM is the type that customizes magic items, giving them a spin here and there, lol.
  19. I think it's more fun when a GM introduces unique items compared to a player making one themselves. Like giving a monk a pair of ass-kicking shoes +1. It only applies to his feet, but it's just a fun fluff. I don't know if there is an official rod that does this, but in one of my tabletop games, the DM introduced a portal rod. Similar to the portal gun that is used in Portals game. It pretty much works with line of sight up to a mile I think lol.
  20. Forgot they were in MMIII, Warforge Charger would certainly be...potent. Would take some major reskinning to make it into my concept, but it is doable. Cliff from Doom Patrol is definately a source of inspiration.
  21. I don't mind the cost increase but... Why does Alter Self / Disguise Self have to be associated with the head slot? That is to say, arbitrarily 30+ years ago when it was written up it was written up as a hat. As long as it actually takes a slot, why can't it be a belt? A shirt? A pair of boots? Or, heaven forbit, even a ring? There are additional slots of association in MIC using the appropriate body slots for common item effects. Not to mention numerous additional and more current rules for magic items in general. Flexibility added a lot there with the associated body slots being expanded. Hands and arms are similar associated slots, for example, so items that are one can freely be the other instead without a cost increase. The same goes for body, ring, shoulders and torso for example. Using the expanded body slots associations rules doesn't alter the number of slots but allows for a lot more character customization. The rule for all slotless items has literally been doubling the cost of the item. That is actually standard and technically you can just double the cost of anything and have it as a slotless item. Granted, as usual, everything does need GM / DM approval but it is RAW, heh. Note: As always, all of this is depending on what the GM wants to have in their game. That being said, that's the over-riding rule for everything, even if its canon / RAW. That's why I added the note that it could all just be switched back normal stuff, which of course is less fun and more boring for no real reason. The irony of that is that it would be cheaper to just keep the normal items but I'd rather have more fun, even if it does cost a bit more RAW. *shrug* This is just me but over the decades I've run games I've almost never limited body slots unless they've been, as you suggest, "patently" absurd, and even then if a player has come up with a "magic" reason it worked I've often let it ride. After all, come on, its magic! A few words, a gesture, and all of a sudden a PC doubles in size? Or immediately can run twice as fast? Or can fly? Realism and relevance here are a very, very, very subjective thing and requiring some logical relationship between one thing or another while completely disregarding it in other ways seems strange. *shrug* All of this being said I do try to make sure balance is maintained! Edit: I know much of this isn't RAW. I always figure asking isn't going to cause any harm. Locked down item slots, for me, are in the same bag as the extremely limited skill points for classes, things that should have alternate rules applied to them, lol. Reverting them to standard takes all of a few minutes if needed and I could add an item or two to the list at that point as well, lol. When I run games I implement the background skills optional rules from PF1 and automatically kick every class an extra normal 2 skill points as well. Somehow the fighter that can ride a horse and swim after a decade of training but never took up climbing or woodcarving or etc. just never made sense to me. Edit 2: Oh, and thanks for taking a look Steel Warrior. Definitely appreciated!
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