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The D&D Adventurers League is an ongoing official campaign for Dungeons & Dragons. It uses the fifth edition Dungeons & Dragons rules, and features the Forgotten Realms setting and now Eberron. You can play D&D Adventurers League games literally anywhere. Players use the fifth edition rules to create a character and bring that character to games anywhere D&D Adventurers League play is happening.


Adventurers' League
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  2. Chance Steele Sheet | Log Neutral Good, Male High Elf Rogue 11 (Arcane Trickster) HP: 80/80 | HD: 11/11 (d8) | AC: 17 | Initiative: +5 | PP: 18 | Speed: 30 ft (30ft swim) | Prof Bonus: +4 Status: Normal | DM Inspiration: 0 | Spell Slots: L1 4/4 L2 3/3 | DefensesAdv vs being charmed and can't be put to sleep by magical means Stat Block Attributes, Saves and Skills Str 8Save -1 Athletics +3 (proficient) Dex 20Save +9 (proficient) Acrobatics +13 (proficient, expertise) Sleight of Hand +5 Stealth +9 (proficient) Thieves' Tools +13 (proficient, expertise) Con 14Save +2  Int 16Save +7 (proficient) Arcana +3 History +7 (proficient) Investigation +11 (proficient, expertise) Nature +3 Religion +3 Wis 10Save +0 Animal Handling +0 Insight +0 Medicine +0 Perception +8 (proficient, expertise) Survival +0 Cha 10Save +0 Deception +0 Intimidation +0 Performance +0 Persuasion +4 (proficient) Race Features: Darkvision, Keen Senses, Fey Ancestry, Trance, Elf Weapon Training, CantripBooming Blade, Extra LanguageCelestial Background Feature: Position of Privilege Class Features: ExpertiseAcrobatics, Investigation, Sneak Attack (5d6), Thieves' Cant, Cunning Action, Uncanny Dodge, ExpertisePerception, Thieves' Tools, Evasion, Reliable Talent Subclass Features (Arcane Trickster): Spellcasting, Mage Hand Legerdemain, Magical Ambush Feats: Piercer* +1 Dexterity * Once per turn, when you hit a creature with an attack that deals piercing damage, you can reroll one of the attack’s damage dice, and you must use the new roll. * When you score a critical hit that deals piercing damage to a creature, you can roll one additional damage die when determining the extra piercing damage the target takes., Elven Accuracy* +1 Intelligence * Whenever you have advantage on an attack roll using Dexterity, Intelligence, Wisdom, or Charisma, you can reroll one of the dice once. Story Awards: Faction FavorYou have won the favor of two of the great factions: The Emerald Enclave, the Order of the Gauntlet. As the bearer of this award, you may at any time replace your own background feature with the Safe Haven background feature (Sword Coast Adventurer’s Guide). In addition, you may call upon these factions to cast raise dead on your character if your remains are taken to Waterdeep. Doing so removes this story award from your record. You can use this favor even if you don’t have the Faction Agent background., Friends in Hot PlacesYour actions today have earned you the gratitude of a very powerful creature. Should you ever find yourself back on the Elemental Plane of Fire and visiting the City of Brass, you will be welcomed as a friend., Charm of Animal Conjuring (3 uses)This charm allows you to cast the conjure animals spell (3rd-level version) as an action. Once used three times, the charm vanishes from you. Attacks  +1 Rapier +10 attack, 1d8+6 piercing Dagger +9 attack, 1d4+5 piercing +1 Longbow +10 attack, 1d8+6 piercing Languages, Tool Proficiencies Common, Elvish, Thieves' Cant, Celestial, Draconic Spells Rogue: +7, DC 15 Cantrips: Booming Blade, Green-Flame Blade, Mage Hand, Message, Minor Illusion, Dancing Lights (RoSS), Light (RoSS) Level 1: Shield, Silent Image, Faerie Fire (RoSS) Level 2: Hold Person, Invisibility, Mirror Image, Spider Climb, Suggestion, Tasha's Mind Whip Magic Items Consumable Magic Items: 2 Potions of Healing, 4 Potions of Greater Healing, Potion of Superior Healing, Dust of Disappearance, Elixir of Health, Potion of Heroism Permanent Magic Items: Hat of Disguise (attuned), +1 Rapier, Iron Bands of Bilarro, Ring of Shooting Stars (attuned), +1 Longbow, Mariner's Studded Leather Inactive Magic Items: Potion of Frost Giant Strength, Quaal's Feather Token (Swan Boat), Goggles of Night, Lantern of Revealing, Sending Stones, Spell Scroll of Invisibility  
  3. Ah I see, you were speaking specifically about AL, not 5e overall. My thing is since coming to 5e from 3.5, I discovered Treantmonk's variants/class and race fixes, which are objectively better. For example, vanilla Dragonborn in 5e (my favorite race), REALLY need a few tweaks like Darkvision and better breath weapons (Fizban's was an improvement but not quite good enough). On top of that I think BG3 had some good implementations, folding the Hexblade subclass into Pact of the Blade for example. I want to be able to play with these tweaks/fixes, but have not been able to find a DM or game willing to allow them, despite not being "broken". It has been frustrating to find that the 5e crowd seems much more dogmatic about what is printed in the books, and less comfortable with using what is there and then molding it taste.
  4. In-Active CCC-NBD01 - LtPowers   Alsonton Folkor, gnome warlock Alsonton Folkor, gnome warlock gnome, rock Warlock 5 CG AC HP 11 Speed 25ft Str 10 (0) Dex 10 (0) Con 16 (3) Wis 8 (-1) Int 15 (2) Cha 15 (2) Attacks light crossbow +2 hand axe +2 Dagger x2 +2 Darkvision: see in dim light within 60 feet. Gnome Cunning: you have advantage on all Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma saving throws against magic. Artificer's Lore: Whenever you make an Intelligence(History) check related to magic items, alchemical objects, or technological devices, you can add twice your proficiency bonus. Tinker: you have proficiency with artisan's tools (Tinker's tools) using those tools you can spend 1 hour and 10 gp worth of materials to construct a tine clockwork device (ac 5, 1hp) The device ceases to function after 24 hours (unless spend 1 hour repairing it to keep the device functioning), or when you use your action to dismantle it: at that time you can reclaim the materials used to create it. You can have up to three devices active at a time:Clockwork ToyThis toy is a clockwork animal, monster, or person, such as a frog, mouse, bird, dragon or soldier. When placed on the ground, the toy moves 5 feet across the ground on each of your turns in a random direction. It makes noises as appropriate to the creature it represents.Fire StarterThe device produces a miniature flame, which you can use to light a candle, torch or campfire. Using the device requires your action Music BoxWhen opened, the music box plays a single sound at a moderate volume. The box stops playing when it reaches the song's end or when it is closed. Otherworldly Patron: The Fiend Dark one's Blessing, when reduce a hostile creature to 0 hit points, gain temporary hit points equal to you Cha modifier + warlock level Pact Magic: regain spells on rest Researcher: When you attempt to learn or recall a piece of lore, if you do not know that information, you often know where and from whom you can obtain it. Usually, this information comes from a library, scriptorium, university, or a sage or other learned person. Eldritch Invocations:Book of Ancient Secrets, Eyes of the Rune Keeper Pact of the Tome: Your patron gives you a grimoire called a Book of Shadows. You can choose three cantrips from any class's spell list. While the book is one your person you can cast those cantrips at will. If you lose your Book of Shadows, you can perform a 1-hour ceremony to receive a replacement from your patron. Can be preformed during a short or long rest and it destroys the the previous book. The book turns to ash when you die. Spells: Cantrips Eldritch BlastCasting time: 1 action Range: 120 feet Components: V,S Duration: Instantaneous Make ranged spell attack against the target: on a hit take 1d10(+2, agonizing blast) force damage. 2 beams at 5th; 3 at 11th and 4 at 17th Mage HandCasting time: 1 action Range: 30 feet Components: V,S Duration: 1 minute A spectral floating hand appears at a point you choose within range. The hand lasts for the duration or until you dismiss it as an action. The had vanishes if it is ever more than 30 feet away from you or if you cast this spell again. you can use your action to control the hand. You can use the hand to manipulate an object, open an unlocked door or container, stow or retrieve an item from an open container, or pour the contents out of a vial. you can move the hand up to 30 feet each time you use it. The hand can't attack, activate magic items, or carry more than 10 pounds. create bonfireCasting time: 1 action Range: 60 feet Components: V, S Duration: Concentration, up to 1 minute You create a bonfire on ground that you can see within range. Until the spell ends, the magic bonfire fills a 5 foot cube. Any creature in the bonfire's space when you cast the spell must succeed on a Dexterity saving throw or take 1d8 fire damage. A creature must also make the saving throw when it moves into the bonfire's space for the first time on a turn or ends its turn there. The bonfire ignites flammable objects in its area that aren't being worn or carried. The spell's damage increased by 1d8 when you reach 5th level (2d8) Book of Shadows   GuidanceCasting time: 1 action Range: touch Compnents: V,S Duration: concentration, up to 1 minute You touch one wiling creature. Once before the spell ends, the target can roll a d4 and add the number rolled to one ability check of its choice. It can roll the die before or after making the ability check. The spell then ends Produce Flameasting time: 1 action Range: Self Components: V,S Duration: 10 minutes A flickering flame appears in your hand. The flame remains there for the duration and harms neither you nor your equipment. The flame sheds bright light in a 10-foot radius and dim light for an additional 10 feet. The spell ends if you dismiss it as an action or if you cast it again. You can also attack with the flame, although doing so ends the spell. When you cast this spell, or as an action on a later turn, you can hurl the flame at a creature within 30 feet of you. Make a ranged spell attack. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 fire damage. (5th 2d8, 11th 3d8 and 17th 4d8 ) Vicious MockeryCasting time: 1 action Range 60 feet Components: V Duration: Instantaneous You unleash a string of insults with subtle enchantments at a creature you can see within range. If the target can hear you (though it need not understand you), it must succeed on a Wisdom saving throw or take 1d4 psychic damage and have disadvantage on the next attack roll it makes before the end of its next turn. (5th 2d4, 11th 3d4, 17th 4d4) 1st Level Command Hex 2nd level Hold Person Shatter 3rd level Fireball Vampiric Touch Adventure League log for Alsonton Folkor
  5. Oh yes, along side 3.x, 5e can seem "plain". But there is goodness in 5e's concept too and not implying one is better than the other. I've learned many years ago that not everyone has fun the same way. My "feature" comment was meant that the goal was not to be limiting, but in that because there is a codified set of rules, we are sharing the same experience. When I play a particular module, it would be a very similar experience if you played it, and we could discuss our mutual experience (like watching the same movie and talking about it later). But if one's expectation is to change how the game is being played, then Adventurer's League can be stifling to embrace. Thankfully there are other ways to play D&D.
  6. I come from LONG experience with 3.5, so I'm rather used to being able to work out customizations and use homebrew. And frankly 5e definitely needs it in several places. So yeah I consider it a limitation. I suppose if you aren't super comfortable with understanding how rules and balance work or being able to mold encounters precisely to the abilities of your players it would be considered a feature. Apparently 5e brought in a lot of new players to the hobby, which is great, but probably also many of those are more casual, and unable or unwilling to tweak things to taste...
  7. Active in HR-CR-EGtW Eddy Green adventure log Class & Level: Druid 1 Race: Genasi, water Gender: Male Age: 15 Height: 5” Alignment: Chaotic Good Background: Acolyte Proficiency Bonus: +2 INIT: +1 HD: 1d8 AC: 14 HP: 11 STR: 8/-1 DEX: 13/+1 CON: 116/+3 INT: 11/+1 WIS: 16/+3 CHA: 10/0 Saves: Int, Wis Speed: 30 ft Passive Perception: 15 Languages: Common,Primordial, Zemnain, Orc Skills +1 Acrobatics (Dex) +3 Animal Handling (Wis) +1 Arcana (Int) -1 Athletics (Str) - Deception (Cha) +1 History (Int) +5 Insight (Wis) - Intimidation (Cha) +1 Investigation (Int) ++ Medicine (Wis) +3 Nature (Int) +5 Perception (Wis) - Performance (Cha) - Persuasion (Cha) +3 Religion (Int) +1 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +1 Stealth(Dex) +3 Survival (Wis) Racial Features Acid Resistance- you have resistance to acid damage Amphibious. You breath air and water. Swim- you have a swimming speed of 30 Call to the Wave- You have shape water cantrip. When reach 3rd level can case create or destroy water once per day, regain on long rest. spell ability- Con         Roleplay Personality:I can find common ground between the fiercest enemies, empathizing with them and always working towards peace. Nothing can shake my optimistic attitude. Ideal: Charity I always try to help those in need, no matter the personal cost Bond: I would die to recover a beacon. Flaw: I judge others harshly, and myself even more severely.   Class Features and Proficiencies Armor Proficiencies: light, medium, shields (not made of metal) Weapon Proficiencies: Clubs, daggers, dart, javelins, maces, quarterstaffs, scimitars, sickles, slings, spears Tool Proficiencies: Herbalism kit Skill Proficiencies:Nature, Perception,Druidicsecret language of druids. Can speak and use to leave hidden messages. Automatically spot messages, others spot on DC 15 but can't decipher without magic Spellcastingregain spells after long rest Prepared spells = Wis + druid level Can cast spell as ritual if prepared and ritual tag Wisdom is spellcasting ability. Spell save DC = 8 + prof + Wis Spell attack = Prof + Wis Spellcasting focus - druidic focus   Gear 1x backpack 1x bedroll 1x mess kit 10x torches 1x tinderbox 10x day of ration 1x waterskin Explorer's Pack1x backpack 1x bedroll 1x mess kit 10x torches 1x tinderbox 10x day of ration 1x waterskin 1x 50' hemp rope on side of pack 1xsprig of seaweed 1x vestments 5x stick of incense 1xprayer book 1x small, hollow dodecahedron 1x Common Clothes Gear Money: 15 GP    
  8. Pretty neat to see the list of AL Characters growing. To be a DM, you don't need to do anything special, just start an Adventurers League game like any other game (and maybe add the ALG badge to show solidarity). If your a DM looking for players in this sub-community of Myth Weavers let me know and I'll set you as a DM here as well, which will allow you to add other people as Members of this group. Seeing some new names which is fantastic. I know the gamers here on MW can't resist playing 2 or 3 or 10 games at a time, so likely will find plenty of people looking for games.
  9. Active in CCC-GHC-BK2-7 Ian the Freckled Class & Level: Monk 1 Race: Human Variant Gender: Male Age: 17 Height: 5'9” Alignment: Chaotic Good Background: Acolyte Proficiency Bonus: +2 INIT: +3 HD: 1d8 AC: 16 HP: 8 STR: 12/+1 DEX: 16/+3 CON: 10/+0 INT: 12/+1 WIS: 16/+3 CHA: 8/-1 Saves: STR, DEX and Wis Speed: 30 ft Passive Perception: 13 Languages: Common, Elvish, Goblin, Sylvan     Skills +5 Acrobatics (Dex) +3 Animal Handling (Wis) +1 Arcana (Int) +3 Athletics (Str) -1 Deception (Cha) +1 History (Int) +5 Insight (Wis) -1 Intimidation (Cha) +1 Investigation (Int) +5 Medicine (Wis) +1 Nature (Int) +3 Perception (Wis) -1 Performance (Cha) -1 Persuasion (Cha) +3 Religion (Int) +3 Sleight of Hand (Dex) +5 Stealth (Dex) +3 Survival (Wis) Racial Features Languages: Common and Goblin      Roleplay Personality:In the end all will turn out for the better. Ideal: Self-knowledge If you know yourself, there's nothing left to know Bond: I would die to recover an ancient relic of my faith that was lost long ago. Flaw: I like keeping secrets and won't share them with anyone. Background Traits Acolyte" Skill Proficiencies: Insight and Religion Languages: Elvish and Sylvan Equipment: Dungeoneer's Pack, holy Symbol, prayer book, 5 sticks of incense, vestmetns, common clothes Backstory Ian withdrew into himself after his parents drowned in a spring flood when he was seven. He was rescued by a priest of Jascar and brought to live in his temple. Ian devoted himself to Father Jenkins beliefs as he grew up in the temple, but never felt the calling to the priesthood. Instead he was able to detect and study the ki and martial training. . Class Features and Proficiencies Armor Proficiencies: Light armor. Weapon Proficiencies: Simple weapons, shortswords. Tool Proficiencies: one type of artisan's tools or one musical instrument: cartography Skill Proficiencies: Athletics, Acrobatics Unarmored Defense AC=10+Dex mod + Wis mod Martial Art- Dex instead of Str for attack & damage rolls of unarmed strike and monk weapons roll d4 for unarmed strike or monk weapon When use attack action with an unarmed strike or a monk weapon on your turn, you can make one unarmed strike as a bonus action. Gear 1x Short Sword 1x scroll case 1x winter blanket 1x Herbalism 1x Common Clothes Gear Money: 15 GP Dungeoneer's Pack Dungeoneer's Pack     Stat Block Ian the Freckled Human Monk (way of open hand)/Rogue 6/1 Good AC 17 HP 0 Speed 45ft Str 19 (4) Dex 18 (4) Con 10 (0) Wis 16 (3) Int 12 (1) Cha 8 (-1) Ki: 6/6 Wholeness of body 1/1 Attacks short sword +1 +8 1d6+5 dart +7 1d4+4 Unarmed strike +7 1d6+4 sneak attack - 1d6 Magic Items +1 short sword, Gauntlets of Ogre Power, Potion of Greater Healing Unarmored Defense: AC=10+Dex+Wis Martial Arts:Use Dex for attack and damage rolls of unarmed strikes and monk weapons Unarmed strike damage:1d4 When use Attack with unarmed strike or monk weapon can make unarmed strike as bonus action. Ki: 2/3 points: Flurry of Blows, Patient Defense, and Step of the Wind, When you spend a ki point, it is unavailable until you finish a short or long rest, at the end of which you draw all of your expended ki back into yourself. You must spend at least 30 minutes of the rest meditating to regain your ki points, Some of your ki features require your target to make a saving throw to resist the feature's effects. The saving throw DC is calculated as follows: Ki save DC = 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier Flurry of Blows :Immediately after you take the Attack action on your turn, you can spend 1 ki point to make two unarmed strikes as a bonus action. Patient Defense : You can spend 1 ki point to take the Dodge action as a bonus action on your turn. Step of the Wind :You can spend 1 ki point to take the Disengage or Dash action as a bonus action on your turn, and your jump distance is doubled for the turn. Unarmored Movement: Starting at 2nd level, your speed increases by 10 feet while you are not wearing armor or wielding a shield. This bonus increases when you reach certain monk levels, as shown in the Monk table. (Lvl 2 +10, Lvl 6 +15, Lvl 10 +20, Lvl 14 +25, and Lvl 18 +30) Shelter of the Faithful:Can perform the religious ceremonies of your deity. You and your adventuring companions can expect to receive free healing and care at a temple, shrine or other established presence of you faith, though you need to provide any material components needed for spells.Those who share your religion will support you (but only you)at a modest lifestyle. Deflect Missiles: Can use reaction to deflect or catch the missile when you are hit by a ranged weapon. When you do so damaged reduced by 1d10 +Dex (3) +Monk Level (3), If reduce damage to 0 can catch missile if it is small enough for you to hold in one hand and have free had.Can spend one Ki point to make ranged attack. Counts as monk weapon, range 20/60 Slow Fall: Use reaction when fall to reduce fall damage equal five times monk level Extra Attack: Can attack twice when take attack action. Stunning Strike: spend 1 Ki, target make Con Saving throw or be stunned until end of next turn. Ki-Empowered strikes: Your unarmed strikes count as magical for the purpose of overcoming resistance and immunity to nonmagical attacks and damage Expertise: Stealth and Perception proficiency bonus is doubled. Sneak Attack: Once per turn you deal extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on attack roll. Or if another enemy of target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy is not incapacitated, and don't have disadvantage on attack rolls. Thieves Cant: learn thieves cant. Way of Open Hand Open had technique: If hit with one of flurry of blows can impose one effects: Succeed on Dex save or be knocked prone; Make Str save or be pushed up to 15'; can't take reactions Wholeness of Body: gain ability to heal yourself. As an action, you can regain hit points equal to 3xmonk level. Regain on long rest.       Ian the Freckled adventure league log Monk/Rouge 6/1 HP 38/38 AC 17 PP 17 Init +4 Ki 5/6 S 12 (+1) D 18 (+4) C 10 () I 12 (+1) W 16 (+3) Ch 8 (-1) Saving Throws: Str,+6 Dex,+7 Con - Int +1 Wis +6 Cha -1  
  10.    "Barbarus hic ego sum, quia non intelligor illis." Anastasia Sunbasher (aka "Anastasia the Red") (Sheet) Origin: Sept 23 '23, 11:29am  Chaotic Neutral Human Barbarian 1 Description: Burly in stature and flamboyant in dress, Anastasia is chieftain and warlord of a hitherto uncontacted mountain tribe. She commands the respect of her people by being their fearless champion, a true chieftain's chieftain. Standing at a hulking 6'5" with a muscular frame honed by years of discipline and training, she towers over most of her subjects and their enemies, only adding to her legend. Besides her seemingly endless array of custom, stylish suits of armor, her physical appearance is also notable for her long, flowing red hair, a gift which she attributes to her faithful worship of the goddess Sif. Personality: Anastasia is a boisterous and affable woman, as befits the freedom of personal expression enjoyed by women in her tribe, and wise and even-handed, as befits her station. She takes great pride in defending her tribe from outside threats, with a particular soft spot for children and non-military women, demanding the strongest under her watch stand up for the weakest. Her general temperament is very typical mama-bear mentality: slow to anger, but a fearsome typhoon of range when angered. She also deeply values family, her 3 older brothers and father having been the first people to ever see potential in her, both as a leader and as a swordfighter. Gods help someone who endangers her family and tribe simultaneously, for a gruesome butchering is the only end. Show Background Anastasia was born into the unforgiving yet majestic landscape of the isolated Harrow Peaks, home to a mountain barbarian tribe known as the Sunbashers. The Sunbashers were a hearty, resilient people known for their indomitable spirit and their reputation as fierce warriors. They prided themselves on their ability to thrive in a harsh and unforgiving natural environment otherwise untouched by outside forces. Anastasia was the youngest child in her family and the only girl among four children. Her father, a respected warrior and the tribe's chieftain, initially struggled with the concept of raising a daughter. However, he soon recognized the fire in her eyes, a mirror of his own, and the potential she possessed. Her brothers, all formidable warriors in their own right, also saw this potential and took it upon themselves to train her in the art of combat. Baby Anastasia proved to be a prodigious learner. She trained tirelessly, honing her physical strength and combat skills, eventually surpassing many warriors in the tribe despite her youth. When she was not training, she was learning the ways of leadership from her father, understanding the importance of wisdom, justice, and compassion in ruling their tribe. Anastasia's life took a turn when a neighboring tribe, envious of the Sunbashers' prosperity and lands, launched a surprise attack. The Sunbashers repelled the attack, but Anastasia's father and brothers fell defending their home, a loss that devastated her and the tribe. The enemy expected the tribe to fall into chaos and despair, but they underestimated Anastasia. Inheriting her father's mantle, Anastasia led her people with a steadfast determination and a fierce protective spirit. She rallied the Sunbashers, uniting them in their grief and turning it into a powerful force of resistance. Under her leadership, the Sunbashers subjugated the invaders and reclaimed their homeland, solidifying her place as their chieftain and warlord. Now, Anastasia leads her tribe with fiery determination, defending them from any threats that dare to encroach upon their lands. Her heart beats with the love for her people, and her soul burns with the spirit of the Sunbashers. Adventurers League Log goes here
  11. Taye Dhomey Sheet | Log Lawful Neutral, Male Mountain Dwarf Barbarian 9 (Ancestral Guardian) HP: 95/95 | HD: 9/9 (d12) | AC: 18 | Initiative: +2 (Adv) | PP: 15 | Speed: 35 ft | Prof Bonus: +4 Status: Normal | DM Inspiration: 0 | Rage: 4/4 | DefensesAdv on ST vs poison, Resistance to poison damage, Adv on Dex ST against seen effects Stat Block Attributes, Saves and Skills Str 18Save +9 (proficient) Athletics +8 (proficient) Dex 14Save +3 Acrobatics +2 Sleight of Hand +2 Stealth +2 Con 16Save +8 (proficient)  Int 8Save +0 Arcana -1 History -1 Investigation -1 Nature +3 (proficient) Religion -1 Wis 12Save +2 Animal Handling +1 Insight +1 Medicine +1 Perception +5 (proficient) Survival +5 (proficient) Cha 10Save +1 Deception +0 Intimidation +4 (proficient) Performance +0 Persuasion +0 Race Features: Darkvision, Dwarven Resilience, Dwarven Combat TrainingProficiencies changed to Brewer's Supplies, Carpenter's Tools, Cook's Utensils, Herbalism Kit, Tool ProficiencySmith's tools, Stonecunning, Dwarven Armor TrainingProficiencies changed to Leatherworker's Tools and Woodworker's Tools Background Feature: OriginTribal Marauder, WandererYou have an excellent memory for maps and geography, and you can always recall the general layout of terrain, settlements, and other features around you. In addition, you can find food and fresh water for yourself and up to five other people each day, provided that the land offers berries, small game, water, and so forth. Class Features: Rage (4/day), Unarmored Defense, Reckless Attack, Danger Sense, Primal KnowledgeNature, Extra Attack, Fast Movement, "Instinctive PounceAs part of the bonus action you take to enter your rage, you can move up to half your speed.", Feral Instinct, Brutal Critical (1 die) Subclass Features (Ancestral Guardian): Ancestral ProtectorsAt 3rd level, while you're raging, the first creature you hit with an attack on your turn becomes the target of spiritual warriors, which hinder its attacks. Until the start of your next turn, that target has disadvantage on any attack roll that isn't against you, and when the target hits a creature other than you with an attack, that creature has resistance to the damage dealt by the attack. The effect on the target ends early if your rage ends., Spirit Shield (2d6)Beginning at 6th level, the guardian spirits that aid you can provide supernatural protection to those you defend. If you are raging and another creature you can see within 30 feet of you takes damage, you can use your reaction to reduce that damage by 2d6. When you reach certain levels in this class, you can reduce the damage by more: by 3d6 at 10th level and by 4d6 at 14th level. Feats:Great Weapon MasterYou've learned to put the weight of a weapon to your advantage, letting its momentum empower your strikes. You gain the following benefits: *On your turn, when you score a critical hit with a melee weapon or reduce a creature to 0 hit points with one, you can make one melee weapon attack as a bonus action. *Before you make a melee attack with a heavy weapon that you are proficient with, you can choose to take a -5 penalty to the attack roll. If the attack hits, you add +10 to the attack's damage. Attacks  +2 Greataxe +10 attack, 1d12+6 slashing Handaxe +8 attack, 1d6+4 slashing Javelin +8 attack, 1d6+4 piercing Longbow +6 attack, 1d8+2 piercing Languages, Tool Proficiencies Common, Dwarvish, Orcish Magic Items Consumable Magic Items: 2 Potions of Greater Healing, 3 Potions of Superior Healing, Elixir of Health, Potion of Clairvoyance, Scroll of Protection (felines), Dust of Disappearance Permanent Magic Items: +2 Greataxe (active), Bracers of Defense (attuned, active), Ring of Protection (attuned, active) Inactive Magic Items: +1 Longbow (inactive), Gloves of Missile Snaring (inactive), Ring of Animal Influence (inactive), Shield +1 (inactive), Wand of Lightning Bolts (7 charges, inactive), Wand of Magic Missile (7 charges, inactive), Chime of Opening (inactive)  
  12. Gregorotto is correct. But this should not be looked at as a limitation but a "Feature". 😉
  13. Jarn Wrentham Sheet | Log   Chaotic Good, Male Half-Elf Rogue 4 (Scout), Cleric 1 (Knowledge), Bard 3 (Lore) HP: 43/43 | HD: 8/8 (d8) | AC: 17/19With Shield | Initiative: +5 | PP: 19 | Speed: 30 ft | Prof Bonus: +3 Status: Normal | DM Inspiration: 0 | Bardic Inspiration: 2/2 | Spell Slots: L1 4/4 L2 3/3 | DefensesAdv vs being charmed and can't be put to sleep by magical means Stat Block Attributes, Saves and Skills Str 12Save +3 Athletics +5 (proficient) Dex 16Save +8 (proficient) Acrobatics +7 (proficient) Sleight of Hand +7 (proficient) Stealth +7 (proficient) Thieves' Tools +7 (proficient) Con 10Save +2  Int 12Save +6 (proficient) Arcana +8 (proficient, expertise) History +8 (proficient, expertise) Investigation +8 (proficient, expertise) Nature +8 (proficient, expertise) Religion +3 Wis 14Save +4 Animal Handling +4 Insight +9 (proficient, expertise) Medicine +6 (proficient) Perception +9 (proficient, expertise) Survival +9 (proficient, expertise) Cha 14Save +4 Deception +9 (proficient, expertise) Intimidation +6 (proficient) Performance +6 (proficient) Persuasion +9 (proficient, expertise) Race Features: Darkvision, Fey Ancestry, Skill VersatilityInsight, Perception Background Feature: Entertainer RoutinesJuggler, Instrumentalist, Storyteller, By Popular DemandYou can always find a place to perform, usually in an inn or tavern but possibly with a circus, at a theater, or even in a noble’s court. At such a place, you receive free lodging and food of a modest or comfortable standard (depending on the quality of the establishment), as long as you perform each night. In addition, your performance makes you something of a local figure. When strangers recognize you in a town where you have performed, they typically take a liking to you. Class Features (Rogue): ExpertiseInsight, Persuasion, Sneak Attack (2d6), Thieves' Cant, Cunning Action Subclass Features (Scout): SkirmisherStarting at 3rd level, you are difficult to pin down during a fight. You can move up to half your speed as a reaction when an enemy ends its turn within 5 feet of you. This movement doesn't provoke opportunity attacks., Survivalist Class Features (Cleric): Spellcasting Subclass Features (Knowledge): Blessings of KnowledgeAt 1st level, you learn two languages of your choice. (Deep Speech, Primordial) You also become proficient in your choice of two of the following skills: Arcana, History, Nature, or Religion. (Arcana, History) Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of those skills. Class Features (Bard): Spellcasting, Bardic Inspiration (d6), Jack of All Trades, Song of Rest (d6), ExpertiseDeception, Perception Subclass Features (Lore): ExpertiseInvestigation, Medicine, Intimidation, Cutting Words Feats: ProdigyLanguage: Undercommon, Skill Proficiency: Animal Handling, Skill Expertise: Investigation, Tool Proficiency: Vehicles (Land) Attacks  +1 Rapier +7 attack, 1d8+4 piercing Shortbow +6 attack, 1d6+3 piercing Dagger +6 attack, 1d4+3 piercing Languages, Tool Proficiencies Common, Elvish, Draconic, Giant, Thieves' Cant, Deep Speech, Primordial, Undercommon Thieves' Tools, Lute, Flute, Vehicles (Land) Spells Cleric: +5, DC 13 Cantrips: Guidance, Light, Thaumaturgy Level 1: Command (domain), Identify (domain, ritual), Bless, Protection from Evil and Good, Shield of Faith Bard: +5, DC 13 Cantrips: Mage Hand, Minor Illusion Level 1: Detect Magic, Disguise Self, Healing Word, Longstrider Level 2: Aid, Invisibility Magic Items Consumable Magic Items: Potion of Resistance (Necrotic) Permanent Magic Items: Stone of Good Luck (attuned), Ring of Protection (attuned), +1 Rapier Inactive Magic Items: +1 Shortbow Story Award: Charm of Heroism (1 use), Backpack Parachute  
  14. Vithka Sheet | Log Lawful Neutral, Female Githzerai Ranger 5 (Gloomstalker) HP: 44/44 | HD: 5/5 (d10) | AC: 16 | Initiative: +7 | PP: 16 | Speed: 30 ft | Prof Bonus: +3 Status: Normal | DM Inspiration: 0 | Spell Slots: L1 4/4 L2 2/2 | DefensesAdvantage on saving throws vs being charmed or frightened, resistance to psychic damage Stat Block Attributes, Saves and Skills Str 10Save +3 (proficient) Athletics +0 Dex 18Save +7 (proficient) Acrobatics +4 Sleight of Hand +4 Stealth +7 (proficient) Con 14Save +2  Int 10Save +0 Arcana +0 History +0 Investigation +0 Nature +0 Religion +0 Wis 16Save +3 Animal Handling +6 (proficient) Insight +3 Medicine +6 (proficient) Perception +6 (proficient) Survival +6 (proficient) Cha 8Save -1 Deception -1 Intimidation -1 Performance -1 Persuasion -1 Race Features: Mental Discipline, Githzerai Psionics, Psychic Resilience Background Feature: Safe Haven Class Features: Favored EnemyAberrations, Natural ExplorerArctic, Fighting StyleTwo weapon fighting, Spellcasting, Primal Awareness Subclass Features (Gloomstalker): Gloomstalker Magic, Dread Ambusher, Umbral Sight Attacks  +1 Shortsword +8 attack, 1d6+5 piercing Offhand Shortsword +7 attack, 1d6+4 piercing Longbow +7 attack, 1d8+4 piercing Languages, Tool Proficiencies Common, Gith, Undercommon, Primordial, Deep Speech Spells Ranger: +6, DC 14 Cantrips: Mage Hand Level 1: Absorb Elements, Disguise Self (Gloomstalker), Hunter's Mark, Shield (1/day, racial), Speak with Animals (1/day, Primal Awareness), Zephyr Strike Level 2: Beast Sense (1/day, Primal Awareness), Detect Thoughts (1/day, racial), Pass Without Trace, Rope Trick (Gloomstalker) Magic Items Consumable Magic Items: Spell Scroll of Animal Friendship Permanent Magic Items: Gray Bag of Tricks, +1 Shortsword (Level 5 Magic Item) Inactive Magic Items:  
  15. That's correct; AL follows a single set of regulated play that means characters are transferable between tables. That said, DMs can make calls and streamline some rules for the sake of adaptation to play by post. But nothing so differential as "I allow Warforged in my Forgotten Realms setting" or "here's a homebrew so you can play a hag!" Or stuff like that.
  16. Am I correct in the impression that AL games don't allow any homebrew/variants/customization tweaks or is that dependent on individual DMs?
  17. Both sound excellent! I'll send invitations. And with that, recruitment of Avernus Rising has now closed. Thanks everyone!
  18. I'm tempted as well. Never done AL before, just looked up the restrictions. Thinking of either a rogue or ranger... actually an elven rogue, realised I can't get the thrown weapons working in AL Does AL have the move your ability boosts around feature or not? nevermind I've just seen the new players guide which answers my question, I was reading an old one for avernus rising specifically. Which also means I possibly could have gone the ranger route with thrown weapons, but I've mentally fleshed out the rogue now.
  19. @Gregorotto Color me interested! I'd be happy to apply with a half-orc fighter. Possibly a former Hellrider?
  20. Sounds good, check out the link above and expect an invitation shortly.
  21. I am new to the sight but I would love to join. I have a few ideas for characters (probably a paladin) but need to brush up on the AL rules.
  22. I was actually going to comment on that once my ad process was over, I realized I never asked but since I think I'm the first new game that's looking for players, that's a growing pain to figure out rather than an established procedure. That said, with the way ads work, it's going to open some flood gates I'll have to figure out as far as new people jumping on it and spots being tight; I may hold off for a second on that avenue.
  23. One benefit of the new set up for AL Game on the New MW, since the games are separate, you can also advertise the game in the traditional sense so it appears in the Advertisements section of MW. Will help garner more exposure. Of course, no one is required to join our little group here, but for DMs, you'll want to generate some more interest in the game if enough people are not responding here.
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