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About This Game

Korvosa has long stood as the first bastion of civilization on the wild frontier of Varisia. Yet tragedy seems to haunt the city’s royal bloodline. Few of her rulers rule for long, and none have lived to a ripe old age, dying instead well before their time. Heirs to the throne are few and far between—in its 300-year history, no king of Korvosa has directly inherited the Crimson Throne from his father. This is the source of much gossip and tale-spinning among the city’s citizens, who speak in hushed tones of what they have come to call the Curse of the Crimson Throne. In the shadow of an ailing king, a new ruler gathers power, sending shockwaves through a populace already plagued by unrest and pushing the largest city in Varisia to the brink of disaster. In the face of anarchy, an unlikely few gather at the call of a mysterious patron. Strange magic and mysterious prophesies set them on the trail of a common foe—a path that draws them into a struggle to save the city from ruin. Amid the intrigues of kings and generals, heroes and thieves, it's up to these new staunch few to decide whether the rule of a new monarch will usher in a new age of glory or a reign of chaos.

Game System

Pathfinder 2e

Detailed Description

This will be a play through of the Pathfinder Adventure Path, Curse of the Crimson Throne, converted to Second Edition. We will be using a number of variant rules; specifically Gradual Ability Boost and Free Archetype, and a number of practices to improve flow and preserve momentum in a Play-by-Post format.

We will be using these forums, as well as a Discord server, for communication and chatter related to the game. However, all IC posting will be done via the Forums, here. I have, and hold myself to, the following expectations:

  • An IC post or update no less than two times per week, with an average of three to four.
  • Open and honest communication in regards to availability, scheduling, or other issues which may lead to player, or GM, absences.
  • During Encounter Mode we will be using Block Initiative which means:
    • Player & NPC Initiative will be rolled by the GM; in accordance to Player-stated Exploration Activity
    • Players with a higher initiative score than the NPC's may post their actions in any order.
    • The GM will post & summarize PC actions & NPC reactions. Any conflicting actions caused by the the timing of Player's posting will be evaluated and resolved in a manner most advantageous to the Player.
    • All PC's may post, in any order, as the end of the initial round and the beginning of the next round occur before the NPC's react and the GM summarizes actions.
    • The timing of any effect or ability that would be confused by this Block Initiative posting order will be evaluated and resolved in a manner most advantageous to the Players.

Recruitment will be open for three weeks, ending Friday February 23rd, with selections being posted by Sunday February 25th. I plan on recruiting six players, I feel this will provide enough interactions between players to make for interesting role-play and character connections, and allow us to maintain momentum during Encounters, even if real life commitments precludes one of our characters from being able during a particular encounter. I will be recruiting a balanced party, both with roles, and with connection to the setting.



  1. What's new in this game
  2. Sort of a collating post for the current location and activities of our characters. Hope this helps. Of course, all of us are looking out for word or sight of Lamm. VennDygrm/Aquila (Kinteticist): itinerant domicile in Old Korvosa; daytime at the marketplaces primarily in the Midland District. Gnaws/Valerica (Ranger): lives and works in the Midland District (see S11 and S12). Whiteheart09/Carthen (Fighter): lives and works (as a racketter) in the Northgate area. Keante/Lira (Thaumaturge): Midlands? Saithor/Ihren (Bard): location ? Street Performing to earn a living. Thramzorean/Ionacu (Witch): family home in North Point; gathering information. Vedast/Caltrix (Rogue): living amongst the Shingles in Old Dock near the narrows; earning a living via games & acrobatics (and maybe some purloining). Oh, btw, Acrobat is both Caltrix' Background and her intended Archetype dedication. Same word is used for both, so can be confusing given that features arise from both. Let me know if there is anything I can add. Mainly, this is to give our GM a ready reference here at the start.
  3. Aquila spends most of her nights sleeping in various homes of "family" in Old Korvosa, and most of her days searching through the various marketplaces for signs of Lamm; The most notable market is, according to the wiki, the Gold Market in the Midland district, so she finds herself there frequently lately. Before her father died, they managed to establish a meager but steady livelihood in Pillar Hill, also in the Midlands, though it's been years since she formally lived there due to the aforementioned death. As for healing, Aquila is capable of helping with downtime healing, though combining it with another character's medicine checks will be most useful to us. Aquila isn't trained in Medicine, otherwise, so definitely won't be a candidate for the Medic archetype.
  4. Valerica would most commonly be found working at her failing smithy in Midland, Shaw Arms; a name she'll never share now. This would be somewhere between S11 and S12. Outside of that, she could be anywhere across Midland, but rarely ventures further than that at current. Medic is one of the archetypes I was waffling on. I'll either take that or archery, based on how other builds are looking but will fill that archetype if no one else is.
  5. Hi everyone! So, for Carthen, I wouldn't say he is a prominent person in the Northgate ward but he does have a reputation as a thug. He shakes down businesses and collects the occasional overdue debt for local bookies. When not doing the above he is generally found at a local tavern, "The One Shoed Horse" or the "Horse" for short. He doesn't tend to be one to make waves on his downtime.
  6. ^ Indeed. Thanks. Hopefully, we can use common languages amongst the group to our advantage and, perhaps, some RP fun. And backup on Skills is always useful -- looking meaningfully at the Dice Roller. I had been torn between INT and CHA on this character from conception: I wanted INT for the Games Lore and espionage side, but CHA seemed to fit Halfling Luck and, of of course, boosts Feint and Demoralize. As noted above, it seemed we had CHA well covered both mechanically and conceptually in the Party, so a slight shift for Caltrix from CHA to INT as a secondary seemed a bit natural. But she focuses that on secular, not magical Lores and just rounding out her skills and languages. Speaking of base covering, it seems we have about half the Party trained in Medicine. Not sure whether anyone plans to Archetype into Medic or build skill feats into Medicine? /stream of consciousness :-)
  7. Ah, shame! Was hoping my last minute submission would make the cut. Hope you have fun! Im sure selection wasn't easy.
  8. Understood, I was just pointing it out in case the choices were just base covering. I also found the coincidence quite amusing. Having a common language that others are unlikely to speak or understand can have plenty benefits actually, gnome could be good for that, while Varisian is, well, spoken by half a continent, I'd select it myself for the character 🙂
  9. Gnome as a language fits Caltrix as she has gnome blood via a grandparent (and this plays a role, possibly, much farther down the line for her Shadowdancer Archetype) I'm willing to look for another good candidate for a language. Given that Varisian is spoken, likely, by the Sczarni it would seem to make sense for a thief to be familiar with it, but I would welcome a suggestion. A rogue with some INT is going to have most skills covered: Society was one of the last non-magical ones I could pick and, again, seemed to make sense for one who is - or was - a member of the Cerulean Society. So not trying to step on Iocanu's toes here, but Caltrix's key background features were well established early on.
  10. Just as a comment Iocanu has Society well covered, he'll be going expert there as quickly as he can, and speaks Gnome and Varisian 😃
  11. & Since there seems to be a fair amount of at least potential overlap between Ihrin and Caltrix, I thought, with GM's permission, I might retool Caltrix slightly from the DEX+CHA build as submitted to more of a DEX+INT emphasis. So specifically, I thought to: CHA: 16 =>12 and INT: 10 => 14 Add Trained in Society and Lore (Cerulean Society) Add Gnome and Varisian languages This would also seem to fit well with her background in working for the Cerulean Society and with Lore (Games). With a larger party, she may not need to rely on Demoralize and Feint so much herself for flat-footing opportunities and we have two characters with CHA = 18 so we have no need for a third 'face.' Otherwise, she stays the same as submitted originally.
  12. Ihrin is temporarily renting a room while trying to find Lamm. Keeping her distance from her family so none of them possibly tip him off. Visits her sister being cared for by their teacher each day. Performing on the streets to try and keep herself fed.
  13. Ionacu is living in his family home in North Point currently trying to gather information and work out the best method to approach the abduction of his retainer's daughter.
  14. As our Apps are full of information and details, I thought I would provide a precis of what Caltrix would be doing in the current circumstance, before our GM sets the stage, in case we want or need to do some bumping into one another. her domicile, if you can call it that, is a sort of lean-to up in the Shingles, specifically in the Old Dock area between H3-V3 on the main map. she plies her trade of acrobatics & juggling; games of chance and card tricks; and possibly a bit of discrete cutpursing in the areas of Northgate between G3 (City Hall) and T3 (Bank of Abadar): an area where folks with money and a willingness to spend or be careless with it pass back-and-forth. Anywhere, really, in Mainshore and Northgate. More generally, she's waiting and watching for signs of Lamm or his henchmen and an opportunity to prove her innocence to the Cerulean Society.
  15. Very pleased to be playing in this Game. Certainly understand the disappointment too. I enjoyed reading everyone's App.
  16. While I am sad to not have made the cut, I still wish to congratulate those that did get in. May your stories be memorable and the roleplay fun :)
  17. Same! Congrats to everyone. Sorry to those who didn't make it in.
  18. After considerable time, various configurations, a spread sheet or two, I have landed on my decision. I want folks to know that you did not make it easy on me, and I ended up going with a seven man team based on the quality of the submissions. Lots of room for player on player interactions, and should give us plenty of plot threads to pull at, and push the story forward. So here we have it, the roll call! Aquila Ekaitza - Sylph Kineticist Caltrix Nimblesquirl - Halfling Rogue Carthen Brisbane - Half-orc Fighter Ihrin Giurea - Human Bard Ionacu Davian - Human Witch Lira Proietti - Half-elf Thaumaturge Valerica Radache - Human Ranger I just want to reiterate what a hard selection this is, and to thank everyone for putting so much effort into your submissions! They were a joy to read, and I wish I could take more of them, but unfortunately I feel that I am pushing my limits with seven. Happy gaming, and I wish you all the best in your upcoming games!
  19. While I didn't go into as much detail as I should have in the background, Ihrin's main thing is that she feels disconnected from a lot of her current family. They are going down a path she doesn't care for, and finding out her father's associate Lamm got one of the few members she doesn't feel reluctance about hooked onto Shiver would be the nail in the coffin for feeling part of the family. From there she'd be a lot more open and probably try to integrate more into the group itself. She aspires to the Ampitheatre, and continues to do so. She enjoys performing, she just hates the larceny her family uses it for and for her performing on the grand stage is her way of going back to when they performed just to perform and entertain. Her family is more mixed on it I think, some might also considering going legit if it can pay well, others might just be looking for an excuse to be involved in crime and wouldn't care how well a legit career might pay.
  20. Perfect! Thanks for answering my questions, I will mark Butch as complete!
  21. If Butch is seeking redemption or absolution, he buried that feeling deep - only showing a glimpse of it when he reconciled with his mother. He doesn't have any plans after 'dealing' with Lamm, that would only distract him. As for his former gang... Were they in on the setup? Were they fooled? Are they even alive? Butch would love to have a word with each of them, pushing them to a confession if necessary. Before he was jailed, Butch was a brute, but an honest one - betrayal stung all the more because of it. He's currently playing solo due to trust issues, but realizes he won't take down Lamm alone - he will likely keep his guard up at the start. He would love nothing more than to return to his glory days - ride or die with the Imps, just the four of them watching each others backs. A pipe dream, or so he thinks. If ever catches the smell of bullshit from people he's supposed to rely on, he won't hesitate to speak up, aggressively. Otherwise, he's got a working brain in that dome of his, and he's not above being reasonable if everything is done above board. A little bit of social manipulation goes a long way, too.
  22. Interesting character with street smarts, a school of hard knocks attitude, and a criminal code. I like the loyalty to his mother, some interesting hooks there. Couple questions though ... Beyond plotting against Gaedren Lamm, does Butch seek redemption for his past actions, or is he primarily motivated by revenge? How does he plan to reconcile his past as a member of the Cheliax Imps with his current objectives? Given Butch's edict of playing dirty, how does he handle conflicts within the group, or with the group's allies? Does he prefer straightforward confrontations, or is he more inclined to use cunning strategies to resolve disputes?
  23. An interesting concept, almost street performer turned pickpocket, but struggling towards another path. Adaptable, certainly capable in social situations, I like the tie in with the family and the rivalry with her own siblings in what they have done. A couple questions though ... Given Ihrin's struggle with her family's questionable practices, does she still aspire to Kendall Amphitheater? Do they, or are they content with petty larceny? Ihrin's difficulty in truly opening up might impact her interactions with the group. How does she plan to build trust with her fellow heroes, and are there specific circumstances that might prompt her to reveal more about herself?
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