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About This Game

Banner art by Gianna Michèle Kaye. A game set in Middle-Earth between the events of the Hobbit and the Lord of the Rings.

Game System

The One Ring

Detailed Description


(Art credit: Gianna Michèle Kaye)

‘It's a dangerous business, Frodo, going out your door. You step onto the road, and if you don't keep your feet, there's no knowing where you might be swept off to.’


It is the year 2950 of the Third Age. Smaug has been defeated and the battle of the Five Armies has been won. It is the dawn of a time of prosperity and hope. The dwarven kingdom of Erebor has been reclaimed; the descendants of Durin the Deathless are wealthier than ever before. Dale and lake-town have been rebuilt. Agents of King Bard are now roaming the Wilderland, eager to lead Men into a golden age. In the forests, the elves of the woodland realm can again venture deep into what once was Greenwood the Great, while the Woodmen see their holdings expand for the first time in centuries. To the west, Beorn the Skinchanger has abandoned his solitude, and now leads all sorts of brave, stout-hearted folk to patrol the Misty Mountains. Further to the west, the remarkable stories of Bilbo have spread throughout the Shire, inspiring many young hobbits. This is a time for trade, exploration, travelling and all sorts of adventure.

Yet the Shadow, although defeated, has not been truly vanquished. It still lingers in places where no elf or mortal dares set foot. The Enemy awaits in hiding, scheming his return… for if the Free Folks do not unite to hold back the Darkness, the Shadow is certain to grow stronger and envelop the whole of Wilderland.


The campaign


(Art credit: Jon Hodgson)

This game started in 2016 on the original Myth-Weavers website (here). We've had three game masters, dozens of players and about ten adventures over the years. The game moves at a casual but consistent pace; most active participants are in it for the long haul.

We draw heavily from published material, especially from The One Ring (1st edition). In particular, we have ran adventures from Tales from Wilderland, The Darkening of Mirkwood, fan-made content or our own homebrew creations. For a list of our adventures thus far, click here.


The setting


(Art credit: Jeff Murray)

This is Middle-Earth in the twilight years of the Third Age. In particular, the game has so far focused in Wilderland (Rhovanion), though there are plans to potentially expand to other regions as we progress along the Tale of the Years.

The tale begins at 2946 T.A., five years following the death of Smaug and the Battle of the Five Armies. These are the last good years for the peoples of Wilderland; they are not fated to last for long. We are currently in 2950 T.A.


Tone and mood


(Art credit: Jon Hodgson)

This is, first and foremost, a game of grounded fantasy. Player characters are not great heroes (at least not to begin with). They are normal peoples with normal lives, thrust into situations that are greater than them. While the game is not necessarily always grim or dark, those aspects are certainly present, and the tone is for the most part serious.

The world itself is also low-magic (or at least, low overt magic), as befits the Third Age of Middle-Earth.


The systems

Initially, the game used The One Ring (1st edition) rules. More recently, we have been experimenting with Ironsworn as well as the second edition of The One Ring. The plan is to employ additional systems and subsystems to run side-stories, with mechanics carefully selected to reinforce the mood of particular narrative arcs. 

Familiarity with the mechanics is not a requirement. We are a friendly bunch, and happy to teach them to anyone interested in the game. Similarly, ownership of the rulebooks is not required.

  1. What's new in this game
  2. Roll added, it's a basic success without the need to use anything.
  3. Of course, but you only need to decide this after rolling (if the result is a failure).
  4. @Vladim We still have some party hope, or focus was it that can be used to buff a roll? If so Dahr-Ol will burn a point for this persuade check.
  5. Personally, I could see a use for song in a healing situation. Lifting spirits, providing hope to keep going, I could see all of that being appropriate to a heal check.
  6. Gramtyng, son of Fastred Riders of RohanThe Men of the Mark are a generous folk, but when war is upon them, then they are fell to their enemies as they are loyal to their friends. When the lust of battle is on them, they appear as men stricken with grief, their faces deathly white, or as madmen ready to laugh at despair. The Riders of Rohan may enter a battle-fury if they roll an 11 or 12 on any attack or Protection roll. When this happens, they may choose to gain a point of Shadow, to add one Success die (up to a maximum of 6) to all their close combat attack rolls until the end of the battle. Minstrel of the Golden Hall The history of Rohan is not written in any book or tome. Instead it is secreted in the verses of those songs you were taught by your mother and father. You have sung for the living and the dead, and your voice has filled even the Golden Hall of Meduseld. But new deeds worthy of song occur each day as a darkness gathers and you would be there to witness them first-hand and weave them into legend. Basic Attributes: Body 5. Heart 5. Wits 4. Favoured Skill: Song | Standard of Living: MartialIndividuals belonging to a Martial culture often live according to their status in the military hierarchy, with simple warriors and soldiers sleeping together in a common area; probably as part of the household of a renowned chieftain or noble. Meals are usually consumed in large halls, with seats and tables arranged to observe rules of precedence or respect. Clothing reflects the military status of an individual as well, or that of his family. Martial player-heroes have enough resources to look after themselves, and to pay for such things as simple accommodation and meals. Ever mindful of the cost of any luxury, they often lead an austere life, or resort to haggling to lower the price of whatever they are trying to get hold of.| Calling"Speak no secrets! Here is a scholar in the Ancient Tongue." For you, knowledge makes the wild world a less threatening place to live in. Strangers become friends if addressed properly, yellowed maps in lost books replace a fear of the unknown with curiosity and wonder of places you have yet to explore, songs composed in ages past strengthen the weariest of hearts. A love of learning guides your every step, and illuminates the way for you and those who listen to your advice. Favoured Skill Groups: Perception, Vocation Trait: Rhymes of Lore Shadow Weakness: Lure of Secrets "The roots of those mountains must be roots indeed; there must be great secrets buried there which have not been discovered since the beginning." Inquisitiveness and curiosity are desirable virtues in an individual, but knowledge can be put to malicious use and learned individuals can look down on others as ignorant fools. Secrets are dangerous, as the very desire of uncovering them may corrupt the heart.| TraitsMinistrelsy ☐ Story-Telling ☐ Rhymes of Lore ☐ Hero of the Woodmen ☐ Fair ☐ Reckless(Mastery) ☐ ▣ | AP: 1Personality: ✧✧✧ Movement: ✦✦✧ Perception: ✦✧✧ Survival: ✧✧✧ Custom: ✧✧✧ Vocation: ✦✦✧ ✦✧ | XP: 55(62) | DP: 0No Challenges Yet. Valour: 4Ancient Mail from Gondor(Mail) - lets you Rally Comrades from Forward Stance and allowed to attack(Found). Horsetail Helm - Standing +1. When fighting on horseback or foot in Forward Stance, if you roll a Gandalf, you receive a bonus success die you can spend on any future rolls or give to a companion(From Heruthain). Raging - quality unlock for Cenegeslit. | Wisdom: 4Old Songs and Children's Tales - When you roll a success on Inspire, Travel, Insight, Healing, Riddle, Lore check Song rating, if it is same or higher, then upgrade the quality of the success up by one: Normal->Great->Extraordinary. If the roll produced Gandalf rune, gain 1 point of Hope, once per session. Household Esquire: Add an extra die to preparation rolls: Lore, Battle, and Insight when preparing for Journey/Combat/Social. Max 6 dice. Squire can also recover horse, bring spare weapon or shield if you drop or are disarmed, will carry you from field of battle if knocked down. Ominous Blessing: Born in the shadow of Dwimorberg. When you roll a Sauron, can change it into a Gandalf for 1 shadow point. Luck turns and favors you but someone suffers. | End: 27/27 | Load: 15 | Fatigue: 2 [+1] | Hope: 12/14 | Shadow: 6 [0] | Parry: 6 | Weary: No | Miserable: No |Wound: No Skills: Body 5 (8)+Awe ▣▣☐☐☐☐ Athletics ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Awareness ▣☐☐☐☐☐ Explore ▣☐☐☐☐☐ +Song ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Craft ▣☐☐☐☐☐ | Heart 5 (7)Inspire ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Travel ▣▣▣☐☐☐ +Insight ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Healing☐☐☐☐☐☐ Courtesy ▣▣☐☐☐☐ Battle ▣▣☐☐☐☐| Wits 4 (5)Persuade ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Stealth ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Search ☐☐☐☐☐☐ Hunting ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Riddle ▣☐☐☐☐☐ +Lore ▣▣▣☐☐☐ | WeaponsSwords ▣▣▣▣☐☐ Bow ▣▣▣☐☐☐ Dagger ▣☐☐☐☐☐ | War GearWeapon | Damage | Edge | Injury | Notes | Enc Sword 5 8 16 Ancient Keen 2 Bow 5 10 14 N/A 1 Armour/Shield | Protection | Parry | Enc Mail 3d 12(6) Helm +4 2 Shield +2 3 | EquipmentTreasure: 7 War Gear: Mail Shirt, Helm, Shield Leasere: Radhors Mab's Liquor(3) Elven-Crafted Horse Reins Durin the Seeker Radagast's Tome. | SongsSong of Mourning(Tome) ☐ Battle-Song ☐ ▣ "Mornin' Magric." The bard clapped the tracker on his shoulder. "It trust you found your mead after we parted at the Festival of the Moon?" Gramtyng grinned - it was what he'd left him to do when they went their separate ways. "Naw. Hartfast aint the reason I've been runnin' around - my own fool curiosity's and pride to blame for that." He sighed, then shook his head. "...And I guess my big mouth. But my tongue's been my foe since I learned to talk, aint nothing new. Long story." OOC/Actions/Rolls  
  7. Oh, no, yeah, I was just rolling Song because Lachiel likes to sing while she "works" and I have yet to make a roll with it. I wasn't thinking it'd be useful for doing anything but soothing people in the room.
  8. @Malkavian Grin those are some good rolls so I'll give the info in my next post (most likely next week). The skill descriptions are here: Song: Hobbits and Men, Elves and Dwarves, even Goblins and maybe Orcs: all the creatures of Middle-earth celebrate by playing music and singing songs. Great deeds and grim misfortunes are remembered in verse, and pleasant or even comic stories are told to ease spirits and find comfort. Song is used to recite poems, sing songs or play instruments suitable to the character’s culture. It can also be used to learn new works or create original compositions. Lore: Lore expresses a hero’s love for learning, be it a fascination with descriptions of distant lands, or an interest in family genealogy. Whenever an action involves knowledge of some kind, a Lore roll is required. Heroes are considered to be knowledgeable in the traditions of their own people, and so the Loremaster should rarely require a player to make a Lore test for information regarding their character’s culture, background or the area they originally come from.   So I think Lore is more appropriate here. You can find descriptions of all skills in this sheet; just hover over them and click to make the little ? appear; then click that: http://azrapse.es/tor/sheet.html
  9. @thesloth can you add a Persuade check (TN 12, because Fundor knows and trusts Dahr-Ol) to your IC post? I want to know if Fundor likes the idea Dahr-Ol proposed.
  10. Nodding along to the information given, Lachiel was relieved to hear there were none others in such poor health.   "Goblins. It seems they plague you from above and below. They are a common tool of the Shadow. Not overly clever, but enough to be more than a nuisance," she replied as she looked at the healer. She feared whatever he may be hiding was done out of concern for the family's mental state.   "My people have talent in the healing arts, yes, but alas I have only a modicum of their skills. My place is ensuring they do not need used. But... I have had my share of injury. While I do not doubt your own skill, I must look at the wound myself if I am to be of more help," she added. With that, Lachiel removed the bandages so she could look at it herself. She hadn't said so, but feared poison.   As she worked, Lachiel began to hum a tune that both helped her focus as well as might bring a little calmness to the nerves of the men. Deep down, she hoped it would reach the girl and help her body be more susceptible to being healed.   OOC Where was she shot? My guess is, the healer knows the girl may have a permanent injury (limp or something) but doesn't want to give that kind of bad news. I'm checking for telltale signs of poison and infection; swelling, redness, pus, and spidering lines from the wound. I'll also invoke Shadow-Lore if it'll help figure out anything about Goblin attacks or is they do in fact use poison (and if so, what it is and how it might be counteracted). I'm guessing Healing is used to physically patch someone up, while Lore could be used to know about the wound or anatomy or the like?  
  11. Dahr-Ol stepped forward upon seeing Fundor's face. He had not expected this Fundor to be the Dwarf who had helped Annungil and himself so long ago in the High Pass. "Fundor it is good to see a familiar face down here. I did not realize this was the prospect you spoke of back in the North. Your guard Vidar tells us things have been difficult. I offer aid, as do Barin and my companion Cecil. We have been thinking, if these foul goblins want so badly to see your chambers let us use that against them. Let us draw their chieftain into an ambush and crush them for three generations. We must prepare a vault, one that they will think is your treasury. In truth it will be a trap. Ready to collapse at your command. While you people prepare that room, we raid this goblin chief a few times. Embarrass him so much he must take the field or risk being usurped by his own. If we bury him and his army, his people will not risk these caves until living memory has faded. My companions and I can set the bait, if you can build the trap."  
  12. Nah, I thought you had an excellent balance of leading into the interaction and we could each step in as appropriate.
  13. Go for it. I feel that Barin has somewhat monopolised things in this scene so far…
  14. They had only taken a few dozen steps when the warrior-woman addressed them again. At first, it might have seemed to some that she would not allow them to depart without challenging them or responding to their hardly-veiled threat in kind. Surprisingly, that was not her intent. "Wait." she said to them-her voice still as it had been before, cold and lacking any remorse. "Mogdred is away, but perhaps he too would like to speak to you when he returns. There is no house to stay, and you cannot enter the tower... but if you are content to sleep in the stables, then perhaps you can wait for him there."   OOC Ok, so this is the option we have-if we stay here, then there's some additional actions we can take, which may help with recovery or might even allow us to fill some more progress boxes on the vow. For example: _The Sojourn move. _Social moves like Compel or Gather Information to perhaps learn things from folk that are inclined to help us, like the aforementioned Ragnacar, for example, whom Tarric knows. _Sneaky moves like Face Danger or Secure an Advantage (probably the former is better) to sneak in the tower or move about quietly in the night and try to learn more things about Tyrant's Hill and the dangers that lie ahead. For every night that passes, I'll roll an Ask the Oracle to see if Mogred returns, starting from 50/50 and then increasing the odds on subsequent nights. This part of the adventure is not scripted, so we can use the Ironsworn Oracles (e.g. Action/Theme etc.) to flesh out the place and whatever we discover. We can start with one post and one move from each PC.
  15. Cecil Brandybuck The paths splintered with such bewildering frequency that Cecil lost all sense of space. Twice, he swore he had loomed beneath the same stone, rounding as he did the same corner. But Vidar moved with confidence and so he did not speak. As they reached the Fundor and his companions, he waited for those more familiar to introduce themselves before bowing. “Cecil Brandybuck.” He replaced a dirt smudge on his forehead with a larger one. “Although I have never seen a goblin…” Cecil quickly eyed each dwarf, “I've been told of their nasty habits. On behalf of Hartfast, I lend my eyes and my ears to you.” "And no more!", he thought. Rubbing his thumb and forefinger together, he could not help noting that the temperatures at these depths would be excellent for cellaring wine.   OOC Insert my post after Barin or Dahr-Ol speaks. Cecil would not speak until after those more familiar introduced themselves - especially after the previous scene when Dahr-Ol made him feel small after saying they were "experienced warriors".  
  16. @Suzuki Stumpy you want to go first or you want to let me try since I have some positive history with Fundor?
  17. Bróin rather visibly shakes his head in consternation at Evoric's outburst, but otherwise maintains his composure in the face of this setback. Especially with the loss of such wealth in his own diplomatic overtures; he told himself that they would pay dividends in time, but that was a poor salve for his wounded mood in light of everything else. Still, complaining about it would not change his state of affairs, nor help the party. The Dwarf falls into silence as the company is cast back into the wilds by the House of Mogdred. OOC Current Momentum: +5 The whole ordeal is evidently very Stressful to Bróin. He takes -3 Spirit, which puts him at 0.  
  18. At last old Vidar acquiesced and agreed to do just as Barin and his companions counseled. With a nod, he led them to a dark tunnel, hidden cunningly and in plain sight in an obscure and shadowy corner of the cavern. Through the hole he led them, into a new passageway that was at first merely cramped, but soon became too low for Dahr-Ol to stand in, though still it was high enough to accommodate the dwarves and Cecil. The style of the excavations here was such that Barin could tell it was the work of dwarven hands. Or, at the very least, dwarven minds had supervised the task. The work was extensive, suggesting that these tunnels had been opened over the course of a handful of years, though it would, of course, take many more to complete them. At times side-passages opened along the main tunnel, which got progressively shorter and narrower, and at times they had to crawl over and under stoney obstacles. By that point, the sound of pickaxes striving against the stone could be clearly heard, and Vidar bid them to follow him-though following the noise would have served them just as well. In a narrow and darkened tunnel they found the dwarves hard at work, no longer than ten minutes after they had set out from the large cavern. Four of them there were, and their numbers included Fundor, son of Thrar, whom Dahr-Ol knew from past journeys and adventures. Vidar introduced them, though that soon proved unnecessary, and Fundor, surprised to see the Beorning here, told them of what they were doing. Evidently, they were near old goblin tunnels now. Their foes were cunning, and they had in the past undermined the rock in places, causing collapses that had, on some occasion, claimed a few unfortunate Woodmen. At other times, they dug through the heart of the mountain, opening up small passages that were almost invisible in the darkness, and inaccessible to those that could not climb like a goblin. Through such openings, their smallest and loose-limbed kindred could slip through: it was through such holes that they had managed to breach past the defenses of Firienseld, attacking from within. Fundor and the other dwarves had already plugged two such holes; another two remained, which they hoped to close by the morrow, before the goblins could do more harm.
  19. Hartfast hesitated for a moment, weighing his words... He gave Lachiel a curious look, betraying his own confusion. "If my home seems to your eyes joyless... it is because Ardith lies wounded, and remains in peril yet. Her kin are grieving, and so am I. Grieving, or tending to her needs, each helping as best they can so that she can overcome her injury, and be with us again, healed and healthy." Then the chieftain fell silent and said no more. He stood aside and watched as Lachiel inspected the child and spoke to the healer, not interfering in their exchange. "She was injured two nights ago." said the old man. "By a stray goblin arrow, when she ran outside after the alarm was raised. Others were hurt too, but none as badly. Just bad luck, plain and simple." He shook his head. "I have done all that I could: I've cleaned the wound and bound it, and I've been treating her since. She will survive this, I think... but they say that amongst the Free Folk, no other peoples match the elves in the healing arts." The healer looked to her, hope and concern in his eyes, both in equal measure. They were old, tired eyes: clearly, he had not left her bedside in these two days, and had hardly slept. Something seemed to gnaw at him, but he said nothing. Instead, he placed his hopes on the elf-perhaps Lachiel would have something helpful to say. The girl seemed peaceful in her sleep. She had a fever, though that was not uncommon for one wounded so recently. Her body was fighting whatever sickness the injury had brought with it, but Lachiel could not say more-not without examining the wound for herself.   OOC So, Insight in this game is your "people perception" skill-similar to Pathfinder's sense motive or World of Darkness' empathy. You scored a great success, so I've given you some info about the state and mood of the people here-especially the healer. Feel free to proceed as you see fit!
  20. Barin Greycloak "I think he was only looking to seal the mine because he did not consider that he may have any other options. We've suggested a few possibilities to him, and he's open to letting us try. After all, no-one profits if the mine is sealed, and the goblins would likely tunnel through to the settlement eventually anyway." Barin paused momentarily before continuing. "So, take us to Fundor, let us look at the problem with fresh eyes and see what sort of solution we can come up with. With Mahal's blessing we can rid the settlement and mine of the goblins and still keep the mine productive with hopefully little or no loss of Dwarven or Human life."
  21. Though Lachiel was not one for grand designs of constructed homes, she nonetheless understood the importance such a place gave its people. She did appreciate the use of the cliff-face in the architecture, but the quietness of it brought a question to her lips.   "Hartfast, where is your family--your people? Why is this place so devoid of joy?" she asked without much regard that the two were of very different stations. To her, he was just another Human. "You speak of so many kin, yet I see none of them."   Taking in the sight of the girl, Lachiel made her way to the side of the bed and looked her over. "How long has she been this way? And what symptoms has she had?" she asked the elder healer in a small voice so as to not disturb the girl. She took a cloth from nearby and wiped her brow clean before placing the back of her fingers against it to check for temperature. Afterward, she would check the girl's pulse.   Next, Lachiel looked about the room for signs of previous treatments--or the remnants thereof--that the healer had already applied. "Are there others this same way, or is it only her?"
  22. The old dwarf scratched his chin. He was listening, for a change, and what he heard seemed to at least be worth considering. "So... You are not here to seal the mine? Has Hartfast changed his mind?" Other matters-goblins and warriors and fighting-had slipped to the background, for the time being at least. Vidar's primary concern was about the mine itself.   OOC As mentioned in the OOC, @Suzuki Stumpy, because of the bonus from the Elven Cloak that roll is in fact a success-a great success even. I won't request another roll from @thesloth for Dahr-Ol as that check will cover it. Don't forget to mark advancement points for Barin, if needed.
  23. Idunn of Firienseld [Mom: 4 (10/2) | Health: 5 | Spirit: 3 | Supply: 3 | Uthred: 4 | Band strength: 4 | Fails: 6] "Indeed." added Idunn sternly, recognising defeat when she saw it. "Rhosgobel will hear of this. As will Black Tarn Hall. Come, Evoric. Let us go." She cast Dagmar a long and bitter gaze. The warrior-woman stared back at her, refusing to look away; clearly, she felt no shame or remorse for turning them down, and Idunn did not expect her to. The huntress contemplated the journey that now lay before them. Without rest or respite, she dreaded that which would surely come: the depths of Mirkwood, and at journey's end Dol Guldur. But she had no other option now.   OOC I'll attempt a final Hail Mary, a Compel +iron (implicit threat) to change Dagmar's mind. Let's see how it goes... Edit: A weak hit. Marking progress and countdown. Then it's time to resolve the scene challenge. Edit 2: Weak hit. You succeed, but not without a minor cost. Pay the Price. Hm... I'll need to think on that. Maybe Endure Stress (-1 Spirit)? Edit 3: Weak hit. She presses on. Stats updated. Secure Hospitality (Formidable Scene Challenge) Progress: ■■■□□□□□□□ Countdown: ■■■■
  24. It's in the Rivendell book. You just add your Wisdom to the roll (or twice your Wisdom for Greater Blessings).
  25. I'll get a post up today after the headache subsides. It's... probably not going to go well...
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