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1 hour ago, Anthr4xus said:

I love iZombie.  Song is "Stop, I'm Already Dead" by Deadboy and the Elephantmen.

My, my, my mother, she said
"Heaven's on one shoulder
But baby Hell is on the other, yeah"
Tied neatly in a box beneath the bed
It was the bones of my father
Oh, baby we can
Stop, na-na-na-hoo
I'm already dead, yeah, yeah, yeah
Stop, na-na-na-hoo
I'm already dead, yeah


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I got the Metro card, you got the Porsche
I got plaque in my wallet, you like to floss
I cop two Coronas and you buy out the bar
I represent hip-hop, who's the real star?
You got ghost writers and I spit from the cranium
You say you got guns, since 12 I've been aiming 'em

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