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What to do next?


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  1. 1. What to do next?

    • Onwards to the Gladden!
    • No! We must aid Mountain-Hall first!

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The One Ring Group: Let's take a moment to vote what everyone wants to do as we move forward. The two main options are outlined in the poll above: go to the Gladden Fields to investigate (as per Radagast's request) or stay in Mountain-Hall to help with the goblins.

It's not stated in the poll, but I am also happy to:

  • Have the company stay in Mountain-Hall for a while, to help or recover.
  • Split the party, with some staying at Mountain-Hall while others undertake the quest in the Gladden.

Because it's impossible to cover all possibilities and details, if you have additional preferences please post them here. The pre-written adventure only outlines the possibility of going to the Gladden, as pre-written adventures tend to be limited (and somewhat linear). I am, however, comfortable to develop a Mountain-Hall quest on the fly, probably making use of Ironsworn & Delve mechanics (though that will be in the background; in the foreground, I'll be using the core TOR engine). Depending on what the PCs want to do, of course.

Have fun deciding and voting!

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With the mine not being the only entry point for Goblins, I don't think we can aid Mountain Hall as quickly as we could have the mines. I think Gladden fields, and maybe keeping an eye out for healing plants for Hartfast's daughter if the drink doesn't work is our best bet.

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