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What's the Movie?


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Shopping center looks like SoCal or closish. Which doesn't exactly narrow things down all that much but it's also set within the last 20 years or so judging from the vehicles. Which is STILL a massive load of movies to chose from but less than it could be. Actor seems vaguely familiar, but then that's how 90% of Hollywood registers to me.


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Well no one guessed your last one so I was waiting on you to go again.


It's not Clockwise.  Print is too clean and that's an older movie.  Besides, I am one of like three people in the world that think it's funny.

It's not from any of the Python Movies.  I feel I would recognize those spot on.

I think I should wait for you to do a scene with a co-star but I'm going to guess anyways.


The Out of Towners?  The remake with Steve Martin and Goldie Hawn 

(It was okay, but the original with Jack Lemmon is hard to beat)




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