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Courts of the Shadow Fey   Act One: A Chill in the Air



The wind is chilly with the promise of winter, the trade fair has closed up for the year, and the last of the dwarf caravans have struck home for the Ironcrags before the passes are snowed in and the rivers are frozen over. The city settles into the quieter rhythm of late autumn and awaits winter’s first frost.


Our story opens during the Festival of Ghost, a yearly festival that falls between the 10th month of Last Leaf and the 11th month of Rimetrail. It is a festival day when children dress as ghosts and run around the streets of Zobeck chased by Father Ill-Fortune: a man dressed as a black clothed wraith carrying a scythe who was said to be responsible for killing 100 local children a score of centuries ago.


The strange festival was not native to Zobeck but the practice was picked up about 25 years ago, it is said to have originated in the Madgar Kingdom to the south. Many claim it was just another excuse to have a day off work.

The day had been busy with all the activities of the festival, but the darkness of the evening had fallen and brought events of the day's festival to a close and our story now turns from the streets of Zobeck to a theatre were our duo have an assignment this evening.


The theater was drafty, its audience too sparse to warm it up proper. Sparser than expected for the popular acting troupe Legacy Chimera, but it was off season after all. The building was showing its age, the darkly stained wooden rafters stabbed all over with nails both rusty and shiny.


Old dogs of the city knew this place was better cared for under the priests of Khors and their temple of Svarog next door, back when it was used for their large congregations. But Khors was fading as Rava, the gear goddess rose in Zobeck, and not many were flocking to the temple of Khors these days. It was not a secret that the priests finally sold the building under the financial stress to its current new purpose as the Firefly Concert Hall.

Still, under the new tenants, the ale and hot ciders were flowing, and the VIP boxes were filled with the colored smokes of every leaf and crystal save sinister Requiem, perhaps. Socialites might recognize an Armanac or Zeerghast there with the not so obvious courtier and guild-master.


Elsewhere in the copper benches a four-hundred-pound behemoth of a man was having quite a bit of trouble lifting himself to allow a woman with crying child past...much to the chagrin of those around her.


The first act of the play entitled Butterfly of Silver was dangerously political, but the cutting words were wrapped in such tight wit only the cleverest could sense it. As intermission came, the audience was quite content to mostly stay seated and chat away the time, knowing the bitter cold now waiting outside.




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Book One: Knot of Thorns  Act One: Prison Break



Brandescar Prison
Southern Talingarde

FiredayFriday, the 16th of GozranApril
4716 AR
Evening (6:00pm)

spacer.pngIn the kingdom of Talingarde, many crimes may send you to Branderscar Prison, but the sentence has but one meaning. You are wicked and irredeemable. Each of you received the same greeting when you arrived. You were held down by rough hands and branded upon the arm with a runic F. The mark signifies ‘forsaken’ and the painful scar is indelible proof that each of you has betrayed the great and eternal love of Mitra and his chosen mortal vassals.


Condemned, you face at best a life of shackles and servitude in the nearby salt mines. Others might await the “gentle” ministrations of the inquisitors so that co-conspirators may be revealed and confessions extracted. Perhaps, some of you will be spared this ordeal. Perhaps instead you have come to Branderscar to face the final judgment. In three days, the executioner arrives and the axe falls or the pyre will be lit. Through fire or steel, your crimes will be answered.


You have all been chained together in the same communal cell dressed in nothing but filthy, tattered rags. Manhandled and mistreated, any finery you once possessed is either ruined or long lost. No special treatment has been given any prisoner – male or female, commoner or noble – all of the forsaken are bound and imprisoned together. Your feet are secured by iron cuffs tethered by one long chain. Your arms are secured to the wall above by manacles. A guard is posted right outside the cell day and night. Little thought is given to long term accommodations. At Branderscar, justice comes swift and sure.


Escape seems hopeless. You have all been well searched and every attempt to conceal anything on your person has failed. And if you could somehow slip your bonds and fly out of this prison, where would you go? Who from your former life would want anything to do with the forsaken? Despised, alone and shackled – all that you can do now is await your doom. For each of you, your old life is over. For each of you, hope is a fading memory. For each of you, justice will be fairly meted. And who can blame fair Talingarde after what each of you has done?


After the events at the Royal Court you were all thrown in a wagon, manacled and bound with the other prisoners. You were hooded with a sackcloth bag. You were watched and ordered not to speak a word. Any disobedience was punished by a sharp knock to the head or in the gut. You could feel the movement of the wagon, as you made your way to Branderscar Prison. But what did you remember of your trip to the prison and did you see anything that might help you escape?

Let The Saga Begin...





OOC Scene Notes

FiredayFriday, the 16th of GozranApril @ 6:00pm


Each of you now have a runic F branded on the inside of your left forearm. The map will show you what you can currently see based on your vision level, if you have normal vision you can see any areas that currently have light, by the torch scones and the cell block door. However you can not see your fellow prisoners. If you have darkvision you can see any area that is not covered by black on the map. This will be an ongoing theme of all maps throughout the campaign. 






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Mervyn Tumblelock
"Blimey! Well, wotcher cock an' welcome ter Hawker's Row! The Full Monty yew lookin' for, an' everythin' yew ain't is right 'ere at yaaahr fingertips. Nuff said, yeah?"


Gender: Male
Race: Halfling (Lightfoot)
Alignment: Chaotic Good

Class: Rogue (Thief) 5
Background: Criminal

Passive Perception/Investigation: 13
Passive Insight: 11


HP: 28
Hit Dice: 5d8
AC: 15
Initiative: +3
Size: Small
Speed: 35 feet


skill-1-512.png Abilities & Skills
Proficiency Bonus: +2
+0 Saves
+6 Saves
+0 Saves
+4 Saves
+1 Saves
+1 Saves
+0 Athletics

+6 Acrobatics
+6 Sleight of Hand
+9 Stealth (Expert)

  +1 Arcana
+1 History
+4 Investigation
+1 Nature
+1 Religion
+1 Animal Handling
+1 Insight
+1 Medicine
+4 Perception
+1 Survival
+4 Deception
+1 Intimidation
+1 Performance
+1 Persuasion

Proficiencies Languages Class Feats Race & Feats
Light Armour
Simple Weapons
Crossbow, Hand
Forgery Kit
Playing Card Set
Thieves' Tools (*Expert)
Thieves' Cant

Cunning ActionUse bonus action to Dash, Disengage, or Hide on your turn.
Expertise (Thieves' Tools)Double proficiency bonus with selected skill.
Fast HandsUse Cunning Action for Dex (Sleight of Hand) check, disarm trap, open lock, or Use Object.
Second Story WorkClimb at normal rate, add Dex modifier to running jump distance.
Sneak Attack (3d6)Finesse or ranged weapon deal extra dam when you have advantage or an adjacent ally.
Thieves' CantSecretly pass messages in conversation, read thieves' signs and symbols.
Uncanny DodgeWhen an attacker that you can see hits you with an Attack, you can use your reaction to halve the attack's damage against you.
Criminal ContactYou have a reliable and trustworthy contact who acts as your liaison to a network of other criminals. You know how to get messages to and from your contact, even over great distances; specifically, you know the local messengers, corrupt caravan masters, and seedy sailors who can deliver messages for you.
Halfling NimblenessYou can move through the space of any creature that is at least one size larger than you.
LuckyReroll when you roll a 1 on attacks, saves, or ability checks.
Naturally StealthyYou can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.
MobileYou are exceptionally speedy and agile. You gain the following benefits: Your speed increases by 10 feet. - When you use the Dash action, difficult terrain doesn't cost you extra movement on that turn. - When you make a melee attack against a creature, you don't provoke opportunity attacks from that creature for the rest of the turn, whether you hit or not.

8437-200.png Attacks

Weapon To Hit Damage Type/(Range)
(2) Shortsword
(2) Dagger
Unarmed Strike
1d6 +3
1d4 +3
1d6 +3
(1) 1 +0
Piercing (20/60)
Piercing (80/320)
money-dollar-circle-512.png Money

Copper: 19 Silver: 1 Gold: 4 Platinum: 25 (49 Coins * .02 lbs. = 0.98 lbs. Total Weight)
Encumbrance, heaviness, load, mass, sinker, stowage, weight icon - Download  on Iconfinder Encumbrance

Weight: 93.58 lbs. / 150 lbs. max.
Status: Unencumbered
Penalty: None
688885-200.png Equipment Readied

Equipped Items: (43.1 lbs.)
Armor (16 lbs.) Weapons (9 lbs.) Readied Items (19 lbs.)
Studed Leather Armor (13 lbs.)
Dark Common Clothes (3 lbs.)
Including a hood.

2 x Shortsword (4 lbs.)
2 x Daggers (2 lbs.)
Shortbow (2 lbs.)
20 x Arrows, Quiver (1 lb.)

Pouch: (1 lb.)
- Money (see above)
- 10 Ft. of String (0 lbs.)
- Ball Bearings (Bag of 1,000) (2 lbs.)
- Bell (0 lbs.)
- 5 x Candles (0 lbs.)
- Sealing Wax (0 lbs.)
- Signal Whistle (0 lbs.)
- Thieves' Tools (1 lb.)
- Tinderbox (1 lb.)

Bandolier #1: (1 lb.)
- 4 x Acid (4 lbs.)
- 0 x Oil (flask) (1 lb.)
- 2 x Potion of Healing (1 lb.)

Bandolier #2: (1 lb.)
- 4 x Antitoxin (4 lbs.)
- 1 x Oil (flask) (1 lb.)
- 2 x Potion of Healing (1 lb.)
education_icons_IF-06-512.png Equipment Stored

Stored Items: (49.5 lbs.)
In Backpack (30.5 lbs.) * Includes 5 lbs. for backpack Strapped To Backpack (19 lbs.)
Crowbar (5 lbs.)
Forgery Kit (5 lbs.)
Hammer (3 lbs.)
10 x Pitons (2.5 lbs.)
5 x Rations (10 lbs.)
Hooded Lantern (2 lbs.)
Rope, Hempen (50 feet) (10 lbs.)
4 x Sack (empty) (2 lbs.)
Waterskin (5 lbs.)
Item_necklace_9.png Magic Items

Magic Items: (0.0 lbs.)
Non-Attuned (0.0 lbs.) Attuned 1/3 (0.0 lbs.)

Right Ring FingerRing of Jumping (gold ring with amethyst gem) (0 lbs.)While wearing this ring, you can cast the jump spell from it as a Bonus Action at will, but can target only yourself when you do so.

5386-200.png Character Overview

Born into a life of bondage in the home of a minor Thay Noble family, much of Mervyn’s early childhood is martyred with the death of his parents to an obscure diabolistic ritual and years of abuse at the hands of sadistic masters. Granted, Mervyn made the best of his situation. Defiant by nature, the young Halfling frequently shirk his responsibilities and kept his eyes on food and trinkets that were clearly not meant for him.

His behavior clearly would have had him slain by his masters, were it not for an elderly halfing by the name of Turik. Turik’s willingness to take the blame for Mervyn’s wrongdoings lead to many scars and bruises on his body that would have otherwise been meant for Mervyn, eventually rendering the elderly Halfling mostly lame. However, one night when a particularly noteworthy bauble was found missing, the masters quickly had the slave’s quarters torn apart to find it. It was around this time that Turik managed to sneak the young Mervyn out of the house via waste gratings, but the event did not leave Mervyn unscarred as the young Halfling heard the beatings and cries of his former friend right up until the point that they stopped echoing through the dense pipes.
spacer.pngHaving little in the way of food or shelter, Mervyn had to quickly adapt to life on the streets of Thay, stealing what he could to survive, keeping underfoot to avoid re-capture. His tendency to take too much almost landed him in a cell, and possibly back to his former masters, were it not for the timely intervention of a plain-looking middle aged Halfling woman, whom to this day Mervyn does not remember the name of. Following a lengthy detention, he was drug kicking and screaming across the border by the Shadowmasters of Telflamm into the Nation of Thesk. It was there that Mervyn began his new life. Having little to no skills, Mervyn “apprenticed” under the Gnome Shadowmaster, Bilskromminet Yakanderosstenfal. The 'thieves guild' conducted various illegal activities, but in his mind “the end justified the means, within reason” and the thief began to help refine both Mervyn’s skills as a thief and his sense of morality. To do so, Bilskromminet instilled within Mervyn his basic code of thievery, to which Mervyn still follows to this day:
Mervyn's Basic Code of Thievery

Do not kill or hurt anyone if you can help it. You’re the thief in their home.

Unless they had it coming.

Do not let your eyes get bigger than your satchels.

Do not take that which will be sorely missed.

Especially if the owner is a very powerful person and will come looking for it.

Stealing from those that have nothing is both the mark of a terrible thief and a terrible person.

Mervyn had a fairly profitable life within Thesk for some time. You would not know this by looking at him, as Mervyn had a marked propensity to aid urchins like himself monetarily and by training them in “the art.” Mervyn was also more than happy to tithe to churches that were in the habit of taking in orphans and escaped slaves like himself. But his reputation for ill-gotten gains left him tithing in the night many times where the priests would not question from where the money came.

Over time, Mervyn became aware of the ignorance of his knowledge of his own race’s history and culture, finding that many of the halfings he also knew were former or descended from former slaves, Mervyn left Thesk and crossed the Inner Sea and worked his way to the Sword Coast in an attempt to find answers (and avoid jail time for an incident involving the botched theft of several bottles of toady). Imbued with the Thesk sense of freedom and equality, and armed with skills no lawful land could easily tolerate, Mervyn left for the city with the second largest halfing population in the area, Waterdeep. Mervyn took to the City of Splendors all too well, finding many ripe targets and few authorities in significant number to enforce the cities laws among such a large populace. Mervyn has fallen in with a local thieves guild called the Lord's Defiance, helping out other, less fortunate halflings in the city where he can and gathering what information he can on “the job” when opportunity presents itself.

Mervyn is a burglar by trade and often holds out for assignments and work that take advantage of his ability to stealth and pick locks, preferring assignments where the 'mark' isn't home as to allow him a comfortable time to work. He hates bloodshed and only will result in the drawing of it, if it absolutely becomes necessary or on the off chance that the victim deserves it.

Mervyn speaks with a Cockney accent due to his street-upbringing. He addresses many with a relaxed demeanor and posture, and acerbic nature and tone. This is because losing people that he cares about has been very common in his life, and as such it takes time for him to get comfortable dealing with new people, much less tall folk. This transitory feature in his life has also left him mildly hedonistic, and he loves good drink, good food, and despite not really knowing how to dance, good music. If Mervyn sees an opportunity to help an orphaned child or free an escaped slave, he will take it, but not without proper planning and not haphazardly if he can help it. Also, he will follow his rules of thievery to the letter, and violations of those will cause him some levels of grief.

Personality Quirks:
  • Chronic Smoker (Imagine him frequently lighting up during rest or when he is nervous, especially before disarming a trap)
  • Hates Wizards (I mean he really does, you can give him a penalty to dealing with them and I would not complain one bit)
  • Dick with a heart of gold (hard to pull off)
  • Over-eater (Oh he will)
  • Suspicious (but not necessarily hostile about it)


PHB: Criminal

Personality Traits:
Because of his poor upbringing Mervyn gets easily angered when he or other halflings are insulted, this has often led to scirmishes at the local taverns that attract more attention than Mervyn sometimes needs or wants. It is a character flaw that he is well aware of, because of this the Bucker brothers have learned that in negotiations for Mervyn to do a job, it is often as easy to tell Mervyn that he 'can't do it' than it is to offer him more money to get him to try. This has made Mervyn a valuable asset to the guild for jobs that others may be more hesitant to take.

Mervyn is fiercely loyal to his friends, however beyond that, you are just another mark. However Mervyn does have a soft side for urchins and the poor, one he tries to keep a secret.

Mervyn hopes to one day be able to redeem himself for the torture that was inflicted on Turik on his behalf. He knows that if it wasn't for the elderly halfling he would have been slain long ago by his masters at the time. He holds himself responsible for Turik's death however, as the noteworthy bauble that went missing was one that Mervyn took. One that he let Turik be beaten to death for.

Mervyn often likes a well laid out plan, but often he makes spur of the moment decisions that forgo any plan that has been made. Mervyn explains it as liking to "fly by the seat of his pants." When in actuality Mervyn is just impatient when it comes to inaction and often doesn't feel he has the time for such planning. It has gotten him in trouble in the past and will probably do so again in the future.

Mervyn is a burglar by trade, that being the trade he was taught in Thesk, he continues to hone his skill in both lock picking and stealth, preferring marks that are not home at the time of the crime. He is short in stature but not afraid of heights or climbing and has recently began honing a new skill in forging documents, mostly city papers and permits for those wealthy enough to afford such things. Mervyn hopes one day he will be able to come out of the 'field' and just forge papers in his elder years, so far that is just a dream however.


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Elendris Vessicari (Shadow Elf Warlock)spacer.png

AC: 12 (15 mage armor) | HP: 32/32 | Initiative: +2 | Passive Perception: 14 | Spell Slots: 1st 4/4, 2nd 3/3, 3rd 2/2 | Portents: 20, 13 | DM Inspiration: 1/1

Post goes here.


thoughts in italics



Main Hand: Empty
Off Hand: Empty

Action: Your action goes here.
Bonus Action: Your bonus action goes here.
Move: Your movement goes here.
Manipulate: Your one free object interaction goes here.



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Rowan Silverhammer - Dwarf Divine Sorcererspacer.png

AC: 12 | HP: 8/8 | Initiative: +0 | Passive Perception: 10

Post goes here.


thoughts in color and italics






Main Hand: Empty
Off Hand: Empty


Action: Your action goes here.
Bonus Action: Your bonus action goes here.
Move: Your movement goes here.
Manipulate: Your one free object interaction goes here.



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Warning! This design is not mobile friendly!

Flynder "Flyn" Thistlefoot
"But I was positive it was a sure thing!"
View Character Sheet


Basic Information

Race: Lightfoot Halfling | Sex: Male | Age: 22 | Height: 3' 0" | Weight: 40 lbs | Alignment: Chaotic-good | Background: Charlatan | Class: Rogue 1 | Subclass: Arcane Trickster


"I'm a born gambler who can't resist taking a risk for a potential payoff."


Flyn can't resist a dare or a chance for more. He's always considered himself lucky.


"Independence. I am a free spirit—no one tells me what to do. (Chaotic)"


The quickest way to get Flyn to do something is to tell him he can't do it.


"I made some powerful people upset with my gambling; now I need to watch my back!"


It's rarely a good idea to upset a local crime boss, but that's what he did. Flyn has an annoying habit of being lucky.


"I'm too greedy for my own good. I can't resist taking a risk if there's money involved."


His carefree love of chance has gotten him into trouble many, many times.


Proficiency Bonus: +2checked-shield.svg AC: 14health-normal.svg Max HP: 10walking-boot.svg Speed: 25ftawareness.svg PP: 13 | sprint.svg Init: +3

-1 STR Save +5 DEX Save +2 CON Save +3 INT Save +1 WIS Save +2 CHA Save
-1 Athletics +3 Acrobatics
+5 Slght of Hand
+7 Stealth
  +1 Arcana
+1 History
+5 Investigation
+1 Nature
+1 Religion
+1 A. Handling
+3 Insight
+1 Medicine
+3 Perception
+1 Survival
+4 Deception
+2 Intimidation
+2 Performance
+2 Persuasion





Main Hand: Empty
Off Hand: Empty


Action: Your action goes here.
Bonus Action: Your bonus action goes here.
Move: Your movement goes here.
Manipulate: Your one free object interaction goes here.

Character Sheet


Flynder "Flynn" Thistlefoot- Lightfoot Halfling Rogue


Str 8 (-1) Dex 16 (+3) Con 14 (+2) Int 12 (+1) Wis 12 (+1) Cha 14 (+2)
HP 10/10 HD 1d8 AC 14 (leather) Speed 25 ft.

Passive Perception 12 Initiative +3
DM Inspiration Yes
Languages Common, Halfling, Thieves' Cant'
Background Gambler Feature Never Tell Me the Odds

Here the odds and the probability are like your bead and butter. While downtime activities which involve games either of the chance or figuring out odds on the best plan, and you could get a solid sense of which choice is likely to be a best one and which opportunities seem mush good to be true, at your DM’s determination.


Rapier +5 to hit, 1d8+3 piercing damage
Shortbow (range 80/320) +5 to hit, 1d6+3 piercing damage

+1 Dagger (range 20/60) +6 to hit, 1d4+4 piercing damage
Dagger (range 20/60) +5 to hit, 1d4+3 piercing damage


Proficiency +2 Saving Throws Dexterity +5, Intelligence +3 
Skills Deception +4, Insight +3, Investigation +5*, Perception +3, Performance +5, Sleight of Hand +5, Stealth +7*
* = Expertise
Weapons Simple weapons, hand crossbows, longswords, rapiers, shortswords
Armor Light




Lucky When you roll a 1 on the d20 for an attack roll, ability check, or saving throw, you can reroll the die and must use the new roll.


Brave You have advantage on saving throws against being frightened.


Halfling Nimbleness You can move through the space of any creature that is of a size larger than yours.


Naturally Stealthy You can attempt to hide even when you are obscured only by a creature that is at least one size larger than you.


Expertise At 1st level, choose two of your skill proficiencies, or one of your skill proficiencies and your proficiency with thieves’ tools. Your proficiency bonus is doubled for any ability check you make that uses either of the chosen proficiencies.


At 6th level, you can choose two more of your proficiencies (in skills or with thieves’ tools) to gain this benefit.


Sneak Attack Beginning at 1st level, you know how to strike subtly and exploit a foe’s distraction. Once per turn, you can deal an extra 1d6 damage to one creature you hit with an attack if you have advantage on the attack roll. The attack must use a finesse or a ranged weapon.


You don’t need advantage on the attack roll if another enemy of the target is within 5 feet of it, that enemy isn’t incapacitated, and you don’t have disadvantage on the attack roll.


The amount of the extra damage increases as you gain levels in this class, as shown in the Sneak Attack column of the Rogue table.


Thieves’ Cant During your rogue training you learned thieves’ cant, a secret mix of dialect, jargon, and code that allows you to hide messages in seemingly normal conversation. Only another creature that knows thieves’ cant understands such messages. It takes four times longer to convey such a message than it does to speak the same idea plainly.


In addition, you understand a set of secret signs and symbols used to convey short, simple messages, such as whether an area is dangerous or the territory of a thieves’ guild, whether loot is nearby, or whether the people in an area are easy marks or will provide a safe house for thieves on the run.




General Inventory (83.5 lbs.)

Rapier - 2 lbs.
+1 Dagger - 1 lb.

2 x Daggers - 2 lbs.

Shortbow - 2 lbs.

Quiver (20 arrows) - 2 lbs.

Light Crossbow - 5 lbs.
Case (11 bolts) - 2 lbs.

Leather Armor - 10 lbs.

Thieves' Tools - 1 lb.
Set of Fine Clothes - 6 lbs.

Deck of Marked Cards --

Disguise Kit - 3 lbs.

Burglar's Pack - 47.5 lbs.

a Backpack

a bag of 1,000 Ball bearings

10 feet of string

a bell

5 Candles

a Crowbar

a Hammer

10 pitons

a Hooded lantern

2 flasks of oil

5 days Rations

a Tinderbox

a Waterskin

50 feet of Hempen rope

Coin Purse (0.42 lbs.)
Platinum: 0
Gold: 13
Electrum: 0
Silver: 0
Copper: 7



Max Load: 120 lbs. (15 x STR)

Current Weight: 83.92 lbs.



Flyn has brown hair that he cuts short and is uncharacteristically straight, unlike his kinsmen (although will get wavy if he lets it grow out). He frequently has a day or two's growth of facial hair half because he doesn't reliably shave and half because he thinks it makes him look dashing! Standing only three feet tall and weighing 40 pounds, he has a wiry and lean build. His hazel eyes seem to drink in every detail of his surroundings (particularly ways to escape).

In quieter times, Flyn will wear comfortable, course clothes always colored with earth tones; it enjoys being in comfort and being out of the public eye. When he's working though, he will often don well-made linen or silk clothes to at least give the appearance of being a successful gambler; sometimes that illusion can mean the difference between life and death! When he's ready for a fight though, he wears a suit of simple leather armor and carries a thin rapier at his waist next to a long dagger. Slung across his back is a shortbow with a quiver of arrows.



"A good thief has to run out of town as fast as he can; a good con man can leave whenever he wants."

spacer.pngFlynder is rarely without a smile on his face, giving an air of confidence about him. His usual well-dressed persona is also more an illusion than the real man, but it's one that has served him well over the years. Having been raised to be a con-man, he rarely has a chance to just be himself. He gets into the role knowing that a well-run con is the best way to stop him and his family from going hungry. Flyn loves to gamble and cannot wait for his next adrenaline rush to see what the Fates have in store for him. Of course, he likes to help the odds by both being a cunning card player and a cheat. Of course, to him, it's not cheating if you don't get caught.

His boldness has gotten him into trouble over the years unafraid to face danger knowing that his luck will get him by. He's made several friends in his travels too, although few know the real man behind the facades. He's learned over the years to be cautious about who he trusts knowing there could be professionals out there that might take advantage of him (more than a little hypocritical). But once his trust is earned, he is a loyal friend and a reliable ally. Despite being a swindler, Flyn has a good heart and will never steal from those who can't afford to lose it. He's even been known to tip generously and to reward those who take care of him (bartenders, wait staff, stable boys, etc.)

Within an adventuring party, Flyn has little problem listening to others. He would rather not be the guy doing all the talking because that's the one that's most likely to get stabbed! But not everyone is as skilled with word and knows there is a time to step into the spotlight and lead the way. With his friends, he is quick with a joke looking the lighten the mood, even if he has to make himself look like the fool to make it happen.



The earliest days of Flynder's life were a blur for everyone involved and it's something his mother, Cara Thistlefoot, never talks about. A few weeks after his was born, his mother took her newborn child and her 3-year old daughter Myria, and went on the run. She doesn't mention why and won't talk about their father other than to call him a "no-good, two-timing rapscallion!" By the time Flyn was turning one, the family had settled in Darkhallow. It was a bustling enough city where a single mother and her two small children could fit right in. At first, she tried her hand at a number of different jobs within the city to not only get a roof over their heads but to help her children to grow. Cara found she had a talent for baking, but the pay was barely enough to scrap by. She didn't want to raise her children living week to week, so she decided to start to supplement her income...

Cara started running a variety of cons mostly aimed at travelers through town usually selling relics from lost ruins from the Harwood Forest or treasure maps for fledgling adventurers. Flyn was often part of the con having a role to play to help her portray his mother as desperate and only parting with the relic to pay for a needed operation or stop them from going hungry. While Myria bristled at constant lies and refused to be a part of it, Flyn was happy to help out when he could. It was a great chance to get in good with his mom, who certain had struggled with an attention-starved child who would find himself in trouble from time to time. As much as he tried to avoid it, trouble always seemed to find him. It also was a way for him to make some gold, which was always scarce for them. Myria was determined to earn the money and helped their mother at the bakery as soon as she was old enough.

Although at first, Flyn was content to be his mother's associate to run her scams. She taught him enough though to learn to branch out on his own. After spending far too much time in taverns people watching (looking for marks really) as a young halfling, he was immediately enamored with gambling. On the surface, it already offers excitement when the odds are against you and you come out on top. But then he met an elven cad named Fennic, who noticed him among the crowd. The two became fast friends and it was him that fueled his love of gambling. He also taught him things his mother could not, like how to palm cards, lift a coin purse, or sneak away unseen. Fennic was always looks for his next score and would frequently be gone pursuing a lost tale of treasure; if forced Flyn to learn to fend for himself and to grow up quickly.

In his life as a gambler, he has met some pretty unsavory types. One of them was a small time crime boss named Vexx, who ran a modest operation in the area. Although Flyn usually manages to steer clear of her, they inevitably bumped elbows in a card tournament in recent days. Although she scarcely bothers to do things herself, she has minions for that, but in this case she did the dirty work herself. After having blackmailed or extorted many of the players, Vexx was looking for an easy pay day. What she didn't count on was Flyn, a lucky local player on a hot streak. He knocked her out of the tournament on a lucky draw from the deck earning the ire of the tiefling woman.

After that incident, Vexx made it difficult on the halfling who went out of her way to make life difficult for him and his family. He endured it for a few weeks before he realized it was not going to go away easily. Instead, he took it as a calling to take a trip outside of Darkhollow. The stories in the taverns were that there was bandit trouble in Hommlet. Bandits mean there's gold flowing and a idiots who are looking to part with it.


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Wilhelmina Smyth
“We rise by lifting others”
View Character Sheet



Basic Information

Race: Hill Dwarf | Sex: F | Alignment: CG
Age: 39 | Height: 3' 10" | Weight: 119 lb
Background: Travelling Crafter
Class: Cleric 1 Subclass: (Forge)
Deity: Dre'uain the Lame


Appearance and Personality

At just 3 '10" and 119lbs, Wilhelmina (Wil to her friends) is a tiny figure, who you might think would be easily missed. But she has a wise old head on her young shoulders and a forceful and strident voice that makes sure her opinions are heard. A mop of fiery red hair, frames a strong jawed face with grey twinkling eyes and a wistful smile.


Her clothing and armour, whilst looking fairly simple, is beautifully well-made but sometimes grubby and sooty. Close inspection reveals that they have been repaired many times...her belongings are likewise immaculate and well cared for, but showing signs of age. It's obvious that while she may have had money in the past, the income seems to have dried up in recent times!


Though she can be blunt and outspoken at times, it's surprising to see how well she gets on with everyone, regardless of their station. She has no airs and graces and will roll up her sleeves and pitch in when needed. Generous to a fault, what she gives most of all is her time...when she speaks to people, they can really see that she is paying attention to what they say and genuinely cares about how they are.



I judge people by their actions, not their words. If someone is in trouble, I'm always ready to lend a hand.



My talents were given to me so that I could use them to benefit the world.



My tools are symbols of my past life, and I carry them so that I will never forget my roots.



I see morality entirely in black and white.




"Helping one person might not change the world, but it could change the world for one person!"


Those words still ring in Wil's ears and fill her heart with pride. Born in the wagon that she would call home for most of her life, Wilhemina Smyth learned at a young age that it was better to give than to receive. Her mother sadly died when Wil was young, and it was her father Wayland who raised the little girl as best he could.


A tinker and blacksmith by trade, Wayland travelled the length and breadth of the Duchy of Mains (and sometimes beyond) with his travelling forge, making and mending, rebuilding and repairing. Everywhere he went he would be warmly welcomed, treated with respect and thanked profusely for his work. He had a real talent for tinkering and enjoyed the work, the travelling and the gratitude of the people he helped.


There was never a great deal of money around as Wil was growing up, but they never went short of anything. In many of the villages they visited, money was tight and folk would pay for Wayland's work however they could. Ale, vegetables, clothing...even a live chicken might be his reward. The little money he did earn was used wisely and any spare was saved for his daughter's future.


spacer.pngSo Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills of the smith and the tinker - for she loved nothing better than to sit and watch her father work and to help him as he helped others.


When she came of age, it was no surprise to Wayland that his daughter would choose to try to help others. Dedicating her life to aid the hard-working commoners that she had grown up alongside, she took holy orders - joining the clergy of Dre'uain, God of Crafts and Smiths, Industry and Hard Work.

Chest swelling with pride, Wayland presented his daughter with a set of tools, a Maker's Mark chisel of her own and the gem he had bought as an investment for her future. He shed a tear as she headed off to bring aid to the folk of Akados, hoping to see her again. knowing he had done his best in raising her, but worried about the dangers ahead. For when word had reached her ears that the good people of Hommlet were in need of assistance, she had pledged to bring aid to those in need.


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Putting some quote testing here.


Originally Posted By: Wilhelmina Smyth 
spacer.pngSo, Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills. Her favorote saying was "Yo Ho, and a bottle of dwarven ale please!"

Then regular post continues here.


Originally Posted By: Wilhelmina Smyth 
spacer.pngSo, Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills. Her favorote saying was "Yo Ho, and a bottle of dwarven ale please!"

Then regular post continues here. This test has a slightly smaller font size.

Let's change some colors.


Originally Posted By: Wilhelmina Smyth 
spacer.pngSo, Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills. Her favorote saying was "Yo Ho, and a bottle of dwarven ale please!"

Then regular post continues here.



Originally Posted By: Wilhelmina Smyth 
spacer.pngSo, Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills. Her favorote saying was "Yo Ho, and a bottle of dwarven ale please!"

Then regular post continues here.



Originally Posted By: Wilhelmina Smyth 
spacer.pngSo, Wil grew up learning the importance of kindness, the warmth of the common folk, the love of the open road, and most importantly the skills. Her favorote saying was "Yo Ho, and a bottle of dwarven ale please!"

Then regular post continues here.

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On 5/24/2022 at 11:36 PM, bwatford said:

Should we get rid of the ooc icon when we are doing testing of the OOCContent...Here we go 


But we'll certainly need something else to make it stand out.


I feel the same way about spoilers right now.

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Scarlet Citadel Level 1: Dungeon and Crypts


Estriel took a glimpse down the hole that continued down further than his vision could see, wherever it went it must be a long way down there. He then moved on to the short hall, using his mirror to look around the corner toward the stairs.


Ingyrd made her way to the door as Arik stepped around the corner to be ready if she found anything that needed his axe. 


Ingyrd then opened the door...



Someone lives in this chamber. Someone slovenly. One corner of the room is taken up by filthy animal furs spread across a bed of bug-infested straw. A barrel of slimy water and an unlocked chest are the only other furniture.


OOC Scene Notes

 MarksdayThursday, the 9th of Low SummerMay @ 3:02 pm

Passive Perception (Arik 11, Robin 12, Estriel 10, Ingyrd 15, Elendris 12) Passive Investigation (Arik 11, Robin 11, Estriel 16, Ingyrd 11, Elendris 10) 


MAP IS ACTIVE (Please refer to active map spoiler below.)
Please use directs when moving (N, S, E, SE, W, etc)
We are not in initiative so your movement or actions per post is not limited to round actions.



Show Active Maps



Level 1: Dungeon and Crypts

Show Bookkeeping



Currently Not in Use!


Has torch lit. (37 minutes remaining)


Has torch lit. (37 minutes remaining)



Currently Not in Use!






Hit Points: 15/15 (Resistance (cold))
Hit Dice: 0/1
Bear Hug: 2/3 *L
Rage: 2/2 *L

XP: 40/300
DM Inspiration: 1/1


Hit Points: 9/10 (Fey Ancestry, Sunlight Sensitivity)
Hit Dice: 0/1
Stalwart Will: 1/1 *S

Spell Slots 1st Level: 2/2 *L (ATK +5 DC 13)

XP: 40/300
DM Inspiration: 0/1


Hit Points: 9/9 (Fey Ancestry, Sunlight Sensitivity)
Hit Dice: 1/1
Hexblade's Curse: 1/1 *S

Path of Darkness: 3/3 *L
Spell Slots 1st Level: 1/1 *S (ATK +5 DC 13)

XP: 40/300
DM Inspiration: 1/1


Hit Points: 12/12 (Fey Ancestry)
Hit Dice: 1/1

Divine Sense: 4/4 *L
Lay On Hands: 5/5 *L

XP: 40/300
DM Inspiration: 1/1


Hit Points: 10/10 (fey ancestry)
Hit Dice: 1/1

XP: 40/300
DM Inspiration: 1/1





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Magic Item Card Template


Ring of Protection
ring, rare (requires attunement)
You gain a +1 bonus to AC and Saving Throws while wearing this ring.
Value: 1,000 GP



Mundane Valuable Item Card Template


Ruby Ring
This ring has a golden band set with an oval shaped ruby.
Value: 250 GP



Mundane Record Keeping Item


Small Key #7
Small key that looks like it would fit a chest or cabinet.
Value: 0 GP



Party Coin Treasury Template (Undivided Coins)


Undivided Coins



Platinum 0
Gold 0
Electrum 0
Silver 0
Copper 0
Total Value: 0 GP


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