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Year 2950: Those who Tarry no Longer


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He groaned whilst using his sword and the wall behind to lever himself to his feet.

"I'll live.  I think." he said, in response to Arton's query.  "At least, I only appear to have the wounds I suffered from the Orcs and Goblins."

Turning, he bowed, somewhat stiffly, for his body had not yet grown accustomed to movement again, to the sons of Elrond.  "Hail and well met to you both.  It is good to see a friendly face here on the road at last."  Then, turning to Irimé, he took her hand in his and added "Fare thee well on your journey into the West.  Much as I would enjoy travelling with all three of you to gaze upon the falls of Rivendell and the house of Elrond, I fear that the path Arton and I must tread will be the darker and more dangerous yet.

"We will seek out the house of Radagast and inform him of the shadow rising in Dol Guldur, as you suggest.  Perhaps he will have useful council for us also."

He stepped back to stand with his sword-brother.  Watching as the Elves readied themselves for their journey Westwards.


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spacer.png"Farewell, children of the West. I name you Elf-friends; may you always find succor and shelter amongst my folk, wherever you might meet them."

For a moment, the lady stood quiet in the wind, as if hesitating. But at length the sons of Elrond took her to a horse and made ready their departure. 

Before the company of elves left them, Irimë turned back and spoke a few last parting words. "Safe journeys. May you succeed in your task. Go swiftly. I shall not forget your valor."

And so it was done. In time, the rangers followed the pathway down the mountainside and begun their descent. There was no sign of orcs-clearly the Eagles must have dealt with them-but the memory of the dream was still fresh, for they had come the same way when they were chained prisoners in the nightmare. Yet when they passed the ruins of the market-town, they recalled the buildings in their former glory, as they had once stood, and thought they could hear the laughter of children in the streets.

Now the company's path carried them eastwards, to Rhosgobel. The Road led ever on...



And that it is!

Normally we would be doing XP, APs and Fellowship phase, but since we will be switching back to the original characters, I think there is no need. Of course, if you want to, you can let me know, and we can do all those things too. And if we ever use the rangers again as PCs, we can give them their rightly earned XP/APs.

For now, though, I will make this the last post of the adventure, and lock the thread. Please transfer the character sheets from OGMW to Baldr so that we can continue our adventures in a few weeks' time, after the applications yield some new blood for the game.

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