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A Three Road campaign; Mind, Body and Soul will they come together? an Ogre Production. Max Power, Max wattage,

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Pathfinder 1e



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A Long Time Ago, in a Land not much different then ours,...

The Distant Past;


A group of heroes destined to confront Deslucidix, a golden dragon gifted with foresight, saw the dragon become desperate over time, becoming a dracolich and pledging his soul to a Great Old One in an attempt to escape his foreseen death. The heroes' power grew as they gathered true words of magic, and they discovered the dragon's true name, revealing his destiny to be the prison of the god he communed with. To prevent this knowledge from destroying them, the name was split into three parts inscribed on their minds, bodies, and souls. At the height of their power, they fulfilled their destiny by sealing the god away. After their deaths, their mortal beings were separated, ensuring their eternal connection to paradise, with the promise that only a threat as powerful as the dragon and the god combined would reincarnate all three parts of them. Now, that time has come.

Of Body;

A group of runed heroes, born into the Obitu, a new race of living skeletons by a goddess of death;Pharasma. The goddess's Influence converted negative energy to positive energy, turning mindless undead into her blessed people, and she granted them the land of Oraculum as their holy land, despite being under the split apart by the defending Ora empire, and two invading forces On one side, a disgraced noble Malachai'Ora Shadowclaw, married into the Ora family by virtue of his first wife and a child no one has seen, this and being a renowned military leader gives him a begrudging claim to the Ora throne, Now empowered by the cult of silence from the country of Drai’ Thonia leading forces into the country to claim his right, the other neighbor the Ishkar, a collection of closely related and inner married deist Noble families with the country of the same name with over 30 active branches, refuse to let the cult claim another country as a puppet for their widespread acts that few understand. Despite the challenges, the Oraculum Empire remains standing, defended by General Aric Stormrider, and amid his defense, A group of clerics known as The Holy Coalition of Undead Bane has petitioned the warring sides to allow them to clear out a fort infested with undead, as a necromancer raises armies from the battlefield corpses. Less then a mile away The heroes awaken in a necropolis, beneath a grove of trees, at the heart of the conflict.

For Mind;

One set of the Runed heroes were born to the merchant hordes, what use to be a powerful gathering of some of the strongest tribes, stagnant for generations leading only small raids out from their last conquest; an old incredibly large dwarf city, that even generations later there is still resistance and small groups of dwarves harassing the borders of the city, but a mysterious figure is hiring mercenaries, and your quartermaster demands you sign up for it as your tribute is many moons late, and despite being family he’ll cook dead-you stew if its not paid.This starts a plane hopping adventure, who knows if you'll ever be able to pay your tribute, of if you’ll even want to come back to the life before.  

By The Soul;

The last set of runed heroes may not have been born here but they certainly are here, a hard to reach village in a recently conquered country that still has fresh scars from the multiple back to back  wars that most come to when running from something, maybe they were part of the defending army, maybe they were of the forest and the taint of death drove them from their homes, maybe they are heretics and seeing the writing on the walls left before the pyre’s started, stoping here when they realized the church still had alters to the old gods, the new ones and a few wild ones. Regardless they are here, staying in one of the bare bone cabins  and the one requirement to live here, and to eat in the mead hall with the rest,  is when you're chosen for guard duty, you guard. And the runed heroes no matter how new in town are selected to guard the small community, and the community is in trouble, miners have been disappearing into the deeper parts of the mine, and if it's not the mine people are disappearing out of their beds, with the last rotation of guards being part of the victims list, with the most recent one being the young apprentice of the priest. 

Will Thy Prevail?

OOC introduction to the campaign


The Triple Stack Campaign:


Body: The Campaign was set up in the idea, how would it be if a God essentially grabbed your character and said,"You're King now. Go claim it."

I plan on using the King maker system for castle building as last time I ran this one i didn't have it, and castle building and making a working system was no joke, and my party made a crazy castle, I did it manually, it was rough. Technically; I only need a singular Obitu, It doesn't matter if its a NPC at the end of the day, but I would prefer a player for the center piece of this new holy country.

That and its the perfect way to cosplays Ainz Ooal Gown, a evil looking skeleton overlord who makes super nice choices and helps people left and right, but you cross the line and your bear hug juiced, but no waste here, so thats followed by feeding the offensive person, while alive, to a floors worth of demonic insects, as a DM and I wouldn't tell you not to do this.

He is almost a perfect Lawful Evil character where he is acting like a good guy most of the time, helping and being kind to those are treat him right, but doing a bunch of ultimately evil plans. Enough of me talking about Ainz.

The main bad for this campaign and the others are dealing with is more akin to the 5th element villain, where its is going to behind nearly all the issues you'll face but here is no requirement for the obitu or thier kingdom to track it down, and kill it. But oh boy you can, and eventually everyone is going to run into everyone. I digress.


Mind: The campaign is designed for a group of the races usually just considered the bad guys and not being allowed to in a large portion of campaigns to get some play time, and go on their own near ridiculous adventures. Think of Alice in wonder land, Wizard of Oz, and King Arthur all wrapped up into one campaign, and this is one of my most misleading campaigns. All I can tell you is that this one goes hard , and bounces between multiple planes , you'll probably be out of the plain before the team is level 5.

The Goblin Study - Flitt - Forest Goblin by deezaster on DeviantArt


Soul: Think of the most basic campaigns in nearly all aspects, but replace the creatures that your use to seeing with the most exotic creatures and locals, with a DM who allows pretty much all content ever printed for Pathfinder, you want to be a dreadlock? Effectively a tatoo crazy weapons master wizard ? go for it. You want a cyber arm fighter? Go for it. You want to take a detour, steal the egg of a purple dragon, or you have way more money then you need, so your making portable hole + handy haversack arrows? Im not going to stop you, you might loose a hand if you roll a 1 and it gets too close to you. but you can. I mean I think I have 5-8 paths the first area alone.

A Few (Magic) Things – World Builder Blog




  1. What's new in this game
  2. Very wip. Gunslinger, tank and pistol archetypes. (Soul?) Monk, invested regent archetype (body) Possible paladin, but not committed. (Mind)
  3. A few things I am confused about. #1: Are we doing separate point buys for each character, or one point buy for all three? #1a: If one point buy for all three, are we allowed to switch up the attributes and numbers between them? (example: 18 str and 10 int in one, 10 str and 18 int for the other) #2: Is the +1d4 to 2 lowest stat before or after racial traits? Or is it up to us? #3: Do the NPC classes for all three characters have to be different? Or could I give Warrior to 2 of them?
  4. Lets see... Ability scores first. Body Mind Soul I'll do HP rolling later. Edit with results: 3, 3 body (stacked) 4, 4 mind (hella stacked) 1, 2 soul (well one of them had to suffer)
  5. IDEAS... Body Obitu, oracle of metal 1, warrior 2 Obitu Obitu Racial Traits Ability Score Modifiers Obitu are supernaturally strong and quick, though often lack the self-confidence to be charismatic or charming. They gain a +2 bonus to and , but suffer a -2 penalty to . Type: Obitus are outsiders with the (native) subtype. Size: Obitus have no bonuses or penalties due to size. Speed: Obitus move at base speed of 30 feet. Senses: Obitu can see in the dark up to 60 feet. Languages: Obitu begin play speaking Common. Obitu with high scores can choose from the following: Dwarven, Elven, , , , or . Fossil Fortitude: Obitu gain a +4 on against and . Improved Initiative: Obitu gain the feat at first level as a racial bonus feat. Nimble Form: Due to a preternaturally thin and agile body, obitu gain a +2 on , , and skill checks. Negative Energy Resistance: Obitu have negative equal to 5 + ½ their character level. This resistance applies to damage from channeled negative energy and spells that harness negative energy to cause damage such as and . Sleep Immunity: Rather than sleep, obitu enter a meditative state known as trance. They are fully aware of their surroundings while in this state. In addition, obitu are immune to magic sleep effects. Mind Orangpendak feral hunter 1, warrior 2 Soul Rougarou inquisitor, ranger, shaman or oracle, expert 2
  6. Took me a while to realize the information was in spoilers, and then spoilers inside those. So each character is 1 PC level and 2 npc levels with adjustments to the process, but only counts as level 1 officially? Interesting...
  7. I finished moving, back to blistering fact replies. To reiterate ; Once I get 4 people to have 3 characters each were off to the races my guys! with the pew pews and bangs bangs
  8. The ability costs Good leaning Evil leaning Chaos leaning Law leaning God leaning Player leaning weapon armor weapon armor weapon armor weapon armor weapon armor weapon armor +1 Allying. Benevolent, Courageous, Defending, Flaming, Guardian, Huntsman, Keen, Merciful, Valiant Cruel, Cunning, Deadly, Frost, heartseeker. menacing, ominous, viscous mighty cleaving, Thundering Glammered , Corrosive, Grounding, , Furious, Quenching, seaborne, spell storing, Thawing, throwing neutralizing Impervious, Called, Countering, Dispelling, Ghost Touch, Ki Focus, Limning, mimetic, shocking Jurist Conductive, Grayflame, Planar, Bane 1. Unaligned +2 Holy Advancing Unholy Anarchic Axiomatic +3 +4 +5 exceptions: Bane
  9. I rewrote my response, as I thought my brain was confusing words from D&D 3.5 and pathfinder, but flaws are listed as custom changes. you can still take them I don't care, however if you want advice on either hit me up
  10. Sorry my guy I use those words interchangeably The "Drawbacks" section is listed under "custom change" So I would avoid that list if I were you, as the flaws section is more or less the intended flaws
  11. Just for clarification. in the traits sub-section for creation rules, you write about the exchange of traits and flaws. Are you talking about the of the
  12. In my world Magic is every where, more akin to just being more , and less akin to altering stuff already in existence. so here are some Items I used in the past, all related to flasks, potions and drinks. You ever been in that fight in lower levels that feels oh so close, and your healing yourself, the cleric is healing you, but every one needs it just as bad, But its not enough to be comfortable to fight back? so you put the meat in meat shield, it was kind a cool that one time, Now its four sessions later and its the same type feeling mixed with dread for combat because of the healing you got to do to yourself, these next three flasks is meant to break the cycle Large Potion Flask This potion flask can hold 3 swigs of any potion The price of a potion in this flask is worth 2.75x the normal potions price +300 gp, as it takes a master glass maker to create this style of flasks. The normal potion to buy a potion in this flask. If this flask is unidentified the drinker must pass a reflex check of 5 +5 per spell level in the potion flask, to not drink 1d3 charges of the potion, when drinking the potion in this flask, with only 2 charges of the potion taking effect This allows a drinker to drink 2 charges in the same action as long as there is a charge in this flask, it looks full Looks like a typical potion vial, with the exception of having a knob in the neck, sometimes with a precious gem of various types but not required. Its not typically larger in physical size, nor does it give off any type of magical aura, or trace. However if the roll to identify the potion is higher by at least the potion's spell level will identify the flask. Giant Potion Flask This potion flask can hold 6 swigs of any potion The price of a potion in this flask is worth 5.75 x the normal potions price +300 gp, as it takes a master glass maker to create this style of flasks. The normal potion to buy a potion in this flask. If this flask is unidentified the drinker must pass a reflex check of 5 +5 per spell level in the potion flask, to not drink 1d6 charges of the potion, when drinking the potion in this flask, with only 3 charges taking effect This allows a drinker to drink 3 charges in the same action as long as there is a charge in this flask, it looks full Looks like a typical potion vial, with the exception of having 2 knobs in the neck, sometimes with precious gems of various types but not required. Its not typically larger in physical size, nor does it give off any type of magical aura, or trace. However if the identify spell check is higher by the potions spell level will identify the flask. Fast action flask: A flask designed for front line soldiers, A flask with three needles on the top of it. and they hang on a leather module belt around your chest, like ammo belts, however ,they face inwards, with a seal of wax keeping those needles from going off accidently , and when you get crited on or as a free action you can hit the back of the potion bottle and it perices you it gives you 1d8 right there, then you get fast healing = 2d4 for 1d4 turns, but that one requires a fort save to not get sick from all the healing stuff that hit at once. Costs is 3,5 time of a normal heal pot Flask Of life's heat|Flask of A Spirits Torment Flask of Life's Heat A dull green flask. prized by adventures everywhere This flask can not be filled with any liquid, however if the flask is placed into a campfire bonfire for over 1 hour, then it will start to glow orange like its molten glass. Only the person who put the flask of the in the fire can withdraw it with out taking 3d6 fire damage. The graph represents a undamaged Flask of life, while most are horribly damaged, but they can be repaired. The Tactic to repair these flasks were at one time a closely guarded secret of The Ælfs, then a even tighter held secret of the Drow. These being well spread among the drow allowed them to move away from typical clerics is one theory as to why the Drow are so far removed from their Elf brothers. However the methods were released to most when a dwarf enchanter was imprisoned in a drow prison where he was able to watch many of these items get made, and repaired. The discovery was that a soul of a caster who can cast the spells must be claimed melted, and worked down then applied to the cracks in the flask. The magic it uses is directly evil, while the holy magic held with in, is purely good. in some lands the Flask is named, "Flask of souls torment." but regardless the item is loved, and a fully repaired Flask is a badge of near legendary merit as when the current user dies, it can cause the flask to break entirely or be spider webbed with cracks (when a character dies with this in their inventory roll, the shatter effect is applied, and if the cracks are over 6 cracks, it's considered broken and unusable, with only a wish spell being able to repair it. (yes this is an etus flask) The shatter effect is designed to not destroy the flask flat out with the idea, that only the max number breaks it, otherwise its just reduced . Flask of Life's Heat Level Cure light Wounds Cure Moderate Wounds Cure serious Wounds Cure Critical Wounds Heal Regenerate Shatter effect 1st 1 - - - - - 1d4- fort 2nd 2 - - - - - 1d4- fort 3rd 3 - - - - - 1d4- fort 4th 2 1 - - - - 1d6- fort 5th 1 2 - - - - 1d6- fort 6th - 3 - - - - 1d6- fort 7th - 4 - - - - 1d6- fort 8th - 3 1 - - - 1d8- fort 9th - 2 2 - - - 1d8- fort 10th - 1 3 - - - 1d8- fort 11th - - 4 - - - 1d8- fort 12th - - 5 - - - 1d8- fort 13th - - 4 1 - - 1d10 - fort 14th - - 3 2 - - 1d10 - fort 15th - - 2 3 - - 1d10 - fort 16th - - 1 4 - - 1d10 - fort 17th - - - 5 - - 1d10 - fort 18th - - - 6 - - 1d10 - fort 19th - - - 6 1 1 1d12- fort 20th - - - 6 1 1 1d12- fort The Alche-Meta Revolver Flask these flasks operate like normal flasks with two distinctions the first is that the neck of the potion bottle is at a an angle, and can be pushed along when pushed the potion changes to one of the others in stored in another chamber, that and it comes in every variation of meta magic rods. I messed up the math for the belt shelf in the table somewhere, Im still working on it, but effectivly its X +1/2x+6000 or (X+E) + 1/2ex +6000 X is always the final value of the belt shelf that shares a encryption status with the one your working on, Add the 1/2 of value,+6000 to get the value of the next higher shelf in terms of holes. I know I wrote holes alot. This belt poach thing is I gotta say a favorite item of mine for players The Alchimist's Belt Shelf, a hard leather rectangle that seems to be holding two potions, , and can be attached to the belt, but if one of these potions is pushed it will disappear over the edge of the box, to another shelf spot, while another slides in from the opposite direction Each slot can hold a potion, flask, scroll, wand, or anything roughly bottle sized such as boat in a bottle golem, Alchemical weapon that count as a flask before use, wine bottle, Daggers, shrunk items that unshrink on command They come in the typical size 8 by 8, large 16 by 16, and Huge 20 by 20, These can also be coded, meaning you can set it up where it ony shows the other potions if pushed in an uncoded spot. 2500 gp, 4000 gp large, 8500 gp for huge. For encryption coding add 1,000 gp, 2,500 for large, 4,000 for huge. So if you want encrypted huge that is 12,500. This item is the signature of a member of the Star Crossed Boarder herbologists. Another opening to your shelfs can be created with a master crafter, and costs 50% more then the one opening version level of the belt shelf, +6k for every opening, lets say you want 5 openings on he max level, no encryption as the barb is just not getting it. 8.500+ (4,250+6000) hole 2 8.500+ (4,250+12000) hole 3 8.500+ (4,250+18000) 30,750 hole 4 8.500+ (4,250+24000) 36,750 hole 5 Size without encryption with encryption without encryption, 2 holes with encryption, 2 holes without encryption, 3 holes with encryption, 3 holes Normal 2,500 3500 9750 11,250 20.625 22,875 Large 4,000 6,500 12,000 15,750 24,000 29,625 Huge 8,500 12,500 18,750 0 24.750 34,125 43,125 equations normal 2,500 2,500+1,000 2500+1250+6000 3500+1750+6000 15,750 + 7857 +6000 11,250+5625 +6000 equations large 4000 4000 +2500 4000+2000+6000 6500+3250+6000 12,000+6000+6000 equations huge 8,500 8,500+ 4000 8500+4250+6000 12,500+6250+6000 Other items I need to add to this; The weapon potion pommel, tracking word flasks: A flask you tell it what to do and it teleports to the named character and deploys potion, Foam armor: A foam
  13. The Shield of Pharasma Name: Talon Size: Medium Gender: Male Age: unknown Alignment: Lawful Neutral NPC: Class: Brawler Archetype: Shield Champion. The Fury Name: Klang the Chainbreaker Race: Half ork Size: Medium Gender: Male Age: 30 Alignment: Chaotic Good NPC: Class: Fighter Archetype: two-weapon fighter. (metor hammer)
  14. Man I saw the ice giant and was like "That too damn cool!, " but go for it, be a troll. its almost Ironic lol. It looks great!
  15. Thank you for your responses. Since these NPC classes are bonuses. We get the 3/4/5 skills as Class skills in addition to our normal class. Would they pretty much be Untyped Bonuses.
  16. This is the 3 character concepts I have so far. Before I start working further on them. In particular the Troll I am wanting to make sure I have the go ahead. It's a Monster Class similar to the D&D 3.5 Savage Species, but this was done by Dreamscarred Press for Pathfinder 1e. The Troll Class levels are listed above. He has the Mixed Blood (Race Trait) so in essence he's a Fire Troll. He's not immune to fire, but he has resistance to fire, vulnerability to cold taking 50% more damge from cold attacks. 1st. The Obitu 2nd. Madcap (Mind) 3rd. Troll (Soul) Monster Class: Troll Screenshot
  17. I am not the most familiar with entire systems, I've read over most classes and archetypes myself, but not whole systems. I like Elephant in the room feat tax rules. I said I'm do I'llwn for archetypes and classes, but I'm not familiar to where I would like to with the 3rd party stuff system wise to give an educated and knowledgeable answer but I can't . My impression of each of these; Path of War doesn't really appeal to me, as a warrior or fighter or whatever in real life doesn't go into a battle saying," I can only do this 4 times!" Just dosnt make sense to me. Akashic magic just sounds like some guy trying to come up with a more magic-e-er magic. I feel like, it takes away from a prestige class that uses devine and arcane. I'll have to read a bit more but I read that it combines all magic types. The spheres sounds like they might be cool, but I feel like it waters down the roles of the character classes Again these are all poorly educated opinions. And the reason I'm not using them is multipronged; I'm not familiar with them is a big one, I would need a big chunk of time with them because reading what I did sounds like it night be cool, or I might end up getting a bunch of martial classes with min max players who are wearing their classes over an assortment of matching features and abilities, and techniques with limits on them for like a number of times a warrior can do a special cool slash one 3 times a day, just dosnt appeal to me, when stuff like sunder and other combat maneuvers exist. DSP psionics , again I just don't know i'm currently waiting for the someone to pick a psionic class that pathfinder already has. However I might steal a few bits for magic items I might use those 3rd party alternate rules someday, but nothing for this campaign as I know what to expect from both my players, my tables and the things I'ma send at the party. Im sorry I feel bad, for aying no. but I have learned my lessons multiple times over if I don't know it, don't allow it, with systems explicitly. If you have ever played GURPS where you gave them ability crafting and self imposed limitations.5 point nukes. anyways, But thanks for the thought and bringing them up, so I could talk about em a bit, in case some one asks me later.
  18. Since we're talking about third party, how do you feel about the following systems: Path of War Akashic Magic Spheres of Power/Might/Champions/Guile DSP Psionics I don't have any specific ideas in mind just yet, but those are the most common 3rd party systems I'm familiar with.
  19. Max HP for 1st level, does that include max HP for the NPC class as well? Or do we roll for those.
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