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Enter the megadungeon! Evil stirs in the depths of the Abomination Vaults, a sprawling dungeon where the evil sorcerer Belcorra Haruvex attempted to raise an army of monsters hundreds of years ago. Brave heroes must venture into a dungeon full of beasts and traps to prevent a spiteful villain from rising again.

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Level Up 5e



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Advanced 5th Edition Adventure Path

Enter the megadungeon! Evil stirs in the depths of the Abomination Vaults, a sprawling dungeon where the evil sorcerer Belcorra Haruvex attempted to raise an army of monsters hundreds of years ago. Brave heroes must venture into a dungeon full of beasts and traps to prevent a spiteful villain from rising again.



spacer.pngRules System: Advanced 5th Edition Level Up
Theme: Megadungeon
Starting Level: 1st

The Abomination Vaults Adventure Path begins near the small town of Otari on the southern shore of the Isle of Kortos. A robust and spoiler-free description of the town can be found in the player’s guide. While this gazetteer does mention things that aren’t frequently discussed in polite company (such as the rough crew that hangs out at the Crook’s Nook), the contents of this gazetteer are considered common knowledge among Otari’s citizens. It’s possible for some (or even all) of the heroes to hail from Otari, but that isn’t necessary. Although most of the campaign’s action takes place in the dungeon about a half hour to the north in the swampy Fogfen, the heroes will return to Otari many times and should come to rely on its people.

The heroes might or might not know each other, but all of them should have a friend in common: the town’s eccentric oddities merchant, Wrin Sivinxi. Wrin’s mixture of tiefling and elven ancestry is impossible to miss: her eyes are devoid of pupils, small ram horns curl around her elven ears, and her fingertips sparkle with motes of glittering light. Wrin is more than a collector of unusual items and occult lore; she’s a scholar of the stars who possesses curious foresight about strange events (perhaps this foresight drove her to build a friendship with the heroes in the first place).

In any case, once Wrin collects the heroes to tell them of a strange light, she has seen around Gauntlight, the mysterious inland lighthouse deep in the Fogfen, the campaign can begin!


The posting rate for this game will be an average of two to three times per week. Some days there will be more posts than others, but this campaign will be run at a leisurely pace. If you do not post once within 48 hours during combat, actions will be taken for you. I reserve the right to eject from the campaign anyone who has not posted in a week without prior warning of absence.

I expect players to engross themselves in the roleplaying element and contribute interestingly to the story and for this campaign I also favor longer posts with detail and emphasis on the growth of the characters over just posting to meet the requirement.

I also travel occasionally, but this rarely affects my posting. I will be selecting a total of five players. If you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them.




Application Deadline: May 25th, 2024 (Midnight CST)

Character Creation & Play Guidelines: This document has everything you need to participate in one of my games. Includes rules for character creation guidelines and much more.

Character Creation and Play v3.1 - Files - Myth-Weavers


Character Submissions: You will also need to start a thread in the application thread for your submission.

If you have any questions about my rules for character building, setting, or any thoughts about character backgrounds, or to request that I review your character then you can do so by using the links below.

Generating Ability Scores: The first post in your character thread should contain your ability score generation and nothing else. You should state if you are taking the static array, using the point buy method, or rolling for your stats. If you decide to roll for your stats, then you may roll four 6-sided dice and sum up the three highest rolls. Repeat this process six times to generate your stats. If you are new to Myth-Weavers a guide to how to use the dice roller is available.
Dice Tower - Articles - Myth-Weavers

Allocate these rolled numbers or picked numbers if doing point buy or static array, to your desired ability scores by noting them accordingly in the first post. If you chose the roll method, you must take the stats that the dice gods have given you, good or bad, that is the hand in life that you have been dealt. Some of the best heroes come from a tough beginning and overcoming adversity.

Character Thread Template: You are welcome to use the following template. It is designed to include all pertinent details about your character for quick reference by both the Narrator and yourself as the player. By keeping this post current in your character thread, you eliminate the need for a separate Myth-Weavers character sheet. Ensure that your posting template provides a link to your character thread for convenient reference. The character template should be the second post in your application.

Character Posting Template: The third post in your application should be your posting template. I have created one that you can feel free to copy and use if you like. (See Character Thread Template link above.)



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spacer.pngGM Info: Hello! I'm Billy Watford. I've been a GM (DM, Storyteller, etc.) for about 35 or 37 years, and I've been gaming even longer. Over the years, I've conducted what seems like hundreds of adventures through Paizo, WotC, TSR, and I currently have many games ongoing on Myth-Weavers, some of which have lasted for years.

My GMing style leans more towards crafting a compelling story rather than maximizing the exploitation of rules. I appreciate characters that are interesting from the start, but I'm particularly fond of characters that evolve throughout the game. Avoid presenting me with one-dimensional characters that repeatedly exploit a single annoying trait, and in return, I'll refrain from introducing a tarrasque into the scenario. Agreed? Agreed.

What kind of player am I NOT looking for?
Power Gamers (not sorry) and rules lawyers (really not sorry). Having gamemastered for many years, I am still new to this specific system. Therefore, I am not looking for players who are solely interested in exploiting new rules or merely min/maxing their characters. From what I understand, this is much more challenging in Advanced 5th Edition Level Up. Should your character meet an untimely end in the dungeon, please be gracious, and we will get you situated with a new one as promptly as we can.

What kind of players AM I looking for?
Ah, this is promising. I'm not in search of mere players; I seek a cast of characters. I desire individuals dedicated to advancing a compelling plot—those who hinder the story's flow are my pet peeve. I yearn to witness your character's evolution. I envision the transformation of a self-centered street urchin into a daring hero, a disinterested bureaucrat into the fierce embodiment of divine retribution. LET'S DO THIS. Enter the Abomination Vaults, where your saga unfolds.

I'm also in search of individuals who can adhere to the basic rules of grammar. That said, I can be quite forgiving of errors. However, for the love of God, in a system where edits are possible minutes, days, or weeks later... please take some pride.

I look forward to your applications and good luck!


The Abomination Vaults players guide can be found at the link below.

Player's Guide - Myth-Weavers

Sorry to scream but I do not want the thread cluttered with people that do not read.



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  2. At the Crow's Casks in Ontari "Gather 'round, gather 'round. Bring your glass, take a seat, and listen to my tale, of me and my brother." "That's me! I'm a Good Boy!" "Yes, you are. But beware if you're weak of heart, because like many engaging tales, tragedy takes a prominent place in it." "What does?" "Worry not your head about it, brother. You, over there, make room for the old woman. Have some respect!" "I'm not that old!" "Good to hear, granny. Now, sit back and relax, while I take you back a simpler time in the past. It is not simpler because less things happened, but because we can sit here and enjoy it in hindsight. And as we all know, hindsight is the best way to enjoy the past. At least if what happened wasn't your fault." There was a chorus of chuckles. "Our tale begins on a farm not too far away from here. An hour's walk west, near the southern borders of Fogfen." "Fogfen? That's where..." "Hush, brother. We'll come to that. Now, the owners of the farm was a human family spanning three generations. One grandmother, two parents and five children, and the smallest one was obviously a real brat. Because all good stories contain a brat that gets what he deserves." More chuckles emerged from the audience. "In addition to the family of humans, a group of farmhands helped out, earning food and quarters. These were a diverse bunch. Imagine, if you will, a charming young elf, a smidgen over a hundred years. Young for an elf, at any rate. Before you ask, he was definitely picking the oldest daughter's flower. Show me the young maiden that can resist a charming elf, and I'll show you either a liar, or another elf. Everyone knows elves can only get busy with non-elves. Why else are there so many half-elves around?" This time, there was some genuine laughter from the old woman. "Apart from the elf, there were three other farmhands. The next was a Galeoni. You know, the guys with sharp teeth. Not the wolf guys; the ugly ones. Prone to getting physical. Yeah, I know, that doesn't narrow it down. Did I mention sharp teeth? This one was a particularly strong specimen. Not the type you'd expect to work on a farm, but a perfectly fine fellow as long as you didn't mind his especially sharp... smile." "Are you talking about Pet..." "No, no, brother. We don't mention names, remember?" "Oh. Okay." "Finally, we have the two protagonists of the story. A pair of brothers, their furs soft and shiny. Eager to help, gallant and friendly. They are here, tonight, right in front you." "...Where?" "I'm talking about us, dear brother." "Oh. Oh, yes. I'm a Good Boy. I have nice fur." "Indeed you do. Now, how many of you have worked at least a day on a farm? Almost all of you, I see. You have all earned yourself a pat on the shoulder, unlike the few that has never experienced a day of proper hard work." "Hey! There are plenty of hard work in the town as well!" "Very well, I take it back. You have never experience day of proper, rewarding hard work. Seen your hard labor take root and burst through the crust of the Earth. Harvested the fruits, figuratively or literally, that you yourself have planted. Experienced the result of your work transcending seasons and weather." "Hah! Well said!" "I'm glad you think so, Grandma. Anyway; since most of you have some experience with farm work, I won't bore you with too many details. Suffice to say, the farm was good, but not great. There was more than enough work to go around, and usually enough food for everyone. But, like every other farm, there were some bad years too, forcing everyone to tighten their belts." "Uh... I'm hungry now." "We'll get something to eat afterwards, brother. Anyway, our real tale begins late summer, a few months ago. I presume you haven't forgotten the draught, have you? Endless sun, hardly a cloud in the sky, and certainly no rain, unless you count hails of curses. Our crops were thirsty, and our well was empty. How many buckets of water did we carry from the river?" "Many? Many many?" "Many, many, indeed. We carried buckets until our arms almost fell off, and then we carried a bit more. I'm tempted to claim we pulled so much from the river dried up, but that'd be an exaggeration. But dry up, it did, regardless of our actions. No water in the well, no water in the river. What do you think we did?" "Died of thirst?" "Yes, that is exactly the answer I was looking for, and the reason I'm sitting here in front of you now. I'm here to haunt you!" "Are you?!?" "No, I'm just jesting, dear brother. Don't look so terrified." "You scared me!" "I know, you big scaredy cat." "I'm not a cat!" "It was a figure of speech. Anyway, we had to get water. We could come here to Otari to get water for our own consumption, but it was too far to carry water for our crops. So we decided to go to Fogfen, with as many buckets and hands that could carry them." "Bad idea." "In hindsight? Yes. Bad idea. But the decision were not ours to make; we were mere farmhands, and had to obey our bosses." "You should've left!" "And gone where? Remember, the drought affected everyone! It was unlikely things were any better anywhere else. Hey, brother? Don't be so tense! We're getting to the part you want to talk about now." "But I don't really want to talk about it! I just..." "I know, I know. Anyway, how many of you have tried to walk on a swamp in drought? Not many, I'd say. Time for a quick lecture. Imagine you have a pool of stagnant water in a swamp area. Over the years, vegetation grows along the edge of the pool, slowly getting denser and claiming more of the lake, until the body of water is hidden under greenery. If the pool is not too large and the vegetation old, it can sustain the weight of even an oxman, at least under normal circumstances. But what happens during a drought?" "It gets dry?" "Obviously you haven't had enough to drink yet, so you ought to remedy that. But you're right; it gets dry. So dry that even the water under the vegetation can drain away. Not all of it, just enough so that the vegetation is no longer supported by the water. And that, ladies and gentlemen, is where you get a natural trap. A truly insidious one." "How bad can it be?" "Well, let me paint you a picture. You walk down a path. Suddenly, with no warning, the ground gives way, and you find yourself in a pocket of dark, slimy water. Your eyes are used to daylight, so the sudden darkness leaves you all but blind. The surprise probably means you immediately inhale a lot of water. There's nothing to grip on to, and any vegetation you grasp immediately loosens without offering any support. If you're alone, you're almost certainly going to drown. To make matters worse, if someone tries to help you out, they risk stepping through the already weakened greenery, which just increases the number of victims. Truly the stuff of nightmares. And believe me, I'm speaking from experience." "How did you survive, then?" "We'll get to that. Anyway, all farmhands and the entire family save for the grandmother walked into the swamp. Contrary to its name, it wasn't foggy that day, on account of the scalding sun. We found a patch of still open water and heaved our buckets in, and went back with our bounty. The first two trips went without a hitch, which further lowered our guard." *whimper* *whimper* "Yes, as my brother is alluding to, we're getting to the scary part. On our third trip, the water in the small pond we had found was getting so low we were only getting sludge. We went further in, rather carefully; we weren't stupid. As we passed some trees, the youngest brat suddenly saw something glinting. He ran ahead, without alerting the rest of us what he was doing. No one noticed, until we suddenly heard him cry out." "A monster took him!" "That's a possibility, but the truth may be a bit more mundane; he had almost certainly fallen into one of the aforementioned traps. When the rest of us heard his cry, we rushed towards the sound like the fools we were. And, wouldn't you know it, I experienced exactly what I previously explained. Well, almost exactly. The difference was, I was next to the Galeoni, and it was his weight who triggered it. In mere seconds, I was drowning, completely disoriented and getting repeatedly pummeled by my fellow farmhand's panicked movements. I was certain I was going to die, and that's about the last thing I remember. So I'll let my brother explain what happened next." "I saw monsters! Lots of monsters! Plants that walked like men. Big angry frogs. Snake-birds. Weird dogs with too many eyes. They attacked everyone. They got me, too. I howled for help!" He started immediately howling, as if to demonstrate. "No need for that, brother. Just tell them what happened next." "I escaped the grip of the plant-creature, and ran away. Leaving the others behind... *sob* They're dead now. I failed them. I'm a Bad Boy." He broke down sobbing, unable to continue his tale. "The next thing I remember, is waking up -- a lot later. My fellow farmhand, the Galeoni, had managed to drag us out of the trap, but not before I swallowed far too much water. I woke up from coma five days later. While I'm glad to be alive, I've lost most of the feeling in my legs. There's a reason why I'm sitting down." "My brother can never run again!" "Oh, don't be such a baby. I can still walk, with the help of the crutches. There are people that are far worse off than me. But anyway, the only survivors of the entire mess were me, my brother, the Galeoni and ... the brat. For some unknown reason, he managed to make it back alive on his own, but far from unharmed. He was so traumatized, he barely reacted to things happening around him." "He cried in his sleep." "Yeah, and who can blame him? He lost his family, after all." "Did I cry when ma and pa died?" "I don't think we were old enough to understand what happened. But never mind that, now. The grandmother was obviously alive, having stayed behind on the farm. Realizing she had no way to make the farm work on her own, she left with the brat to seek out family. Leaving only three people behind on the farm, the Galeoni, my brother and I. I was barely alive, and couldn't work the farm. My brother helped as much as he could..." "I'm a Good Boy! ... I try to be a good boy." "... Yes, but even with his best effort, the harvest was horrible. Once I could walk again, my brother and were forced to leave. And, to make a boring, tedious tale short, that's how we ended up here. So, if our story entertained you, or you feel pity for our sake, we'd appreciate a coin or two." "I can only give a little, but here you go." "Thank you. We appreciate all contributions." "Here you go. You're proficient at tall tales, I'll give you that." "If you say so. Thank you." "That's it? I thought we were asking for help?" "We are, brother. Help to stay alive." "They didn't believe me, did they? You don't, really, either?" "I know you're not lying. But it is possible to be truthful and mistaken at the same time." The Madrai looked crushed. "Excuse me? I'm not interrupting anything?" "Of course not. What can we help you with?" "My name is Wrin Sivinxi. I would like to hear more about the monsters your brother mentioned." "Really? ... I'm afraid he's been a bit out of it since the event. Not that he was ever the sharpest knife in the drawer." "Why would I be a sharp knife?" "Don't worry. I'll decide for myself what I believe. Allow me to invite you to my humble abode, for some conversation and snacks." "Yes! Snacks!" "That's very much appreciated. Please lead the way. *Nngh*" "Let me carry you, brother! Come here, hop on my back." "Just let me settle my tab, and we'll be off." To be continued, just want to save so I don't lose everything
  3. , Madrai Berserker 1 Str 15 Dex 8 Con 13 Int 8 Wis 12 Cha 11 AC 14 HP 13/13 Init -1 PP 13 (scent 17) Determination (rage) 2/2 Inspiration 1/1 Good boy's tail wagged like crazy. "I'm a Good Boy!" Mechanics Main Hand: Glaive Off Hand: - Proficiencies: Athletics +4, Nature +1 Animal Handling/Perception (Scent+)/Survival (Tracking) +3 Intimidation +2 Action: - Bonus Action: - Move: - Manipulate: - Combat Maneuvers None yet Noteworthy features During combat, Good Boy can use the Help action as a Bonus Action, with a range of 30 feet. If spending Inspiration as part of the Help action in combat, the target has disadvantage on attack rolls against creatures other than Good Boy. If using the Help action to aid another creature's ability check, add an expertise die. Intense Determination, aka Rage Advantage on Strength checks & Strength saves. +2 Rage hp at the start of turn. to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. Can’t while raging. No benefit from temporary hit points.
  4. Thanks for the application. I have marked him as completed. Good luck in final selection.
  5. Found another error: I didn't assign a Background bonus language. Originally, I'd used one of her intelligence bonuses to pick up Elven as a bonus language. So now I've designated Elven as her Background bonus language, freeing up her Intelligence bonus to be spent on something else--which I spent on a Nature Skill Specialization (Fey).
  6. Added Sewing Kit proficiency as a substitute for Thieves' Tools proficiency granted by Ruin Delver background (which Lys already has from Rogue class).
  7. The second one - the lost partner - sounds good! Then it could be Lys who tracked Sable or they could run into each other in one ruin, maybe? Actually, meeting could be anywhere but I am all for working together for a while, planning to get into the Gauntlight and getting excited to have a legit reason for that now!
  8. Good boy 1 Age 23 Height 3'2'' Weight 45 lb. Size Small Culture Background: VITALS HIT POINTS 13 HIT DICE 1 (1d12+1) ARMOR CLASS 14 SPEED 30 ft. MANEUVER DC 12 PERCEPTION 13 (passive) 17 (scent) IMMUNITIES None INSIGHT 11 (Passive) RESISTANCES None VULNERABLE None & SAVES STRENGTH 15 (+2) Athletics +4 (climb, run, swing +1d4) Strength Save +4 DEXTERITY 8 (-1) Acrobatics -1 (climb, run, swing +1d4), Sleight of Hand -1, Stealth -1 Dexterity Save -1 CONSTITUTION 13 (+1) Constitution Save +3 INTELLIGENCE 8 (-1) Arcana -1, Engineering -1, History -1, Investigation -1, Nature +1, Religion -1 Intelligence Save -1 WISDOM 12 (+1) Animal Handling +3, Culture +1, Insight +1, Medicine +1, Perception +3 (Scent +1d6), Survival +3 (Tracking +1d4) Wisdom Save +1 CHARISMA 11 (+0) Deception +0 (-1d4), Intimidation +2, Performance +0, Persuasion +0 (+1d4) Charisma Save +0 Bold denotes Proficiency Proficiencies & Languages Light armor, Medium Armor, Heavy Armor, Shields Simple Weapons, Martial Weapons Common, Undercommon, Gnoll, Goblin Archtype: None yet Glaive [5 lbs.] 12gp Scale Mail [weight ignored by Juggernaut] 50 gp Backpack [5 lbs.] 2gp Bedroll [7 lbs.] 1gp Mess Kit [1 lb.] 2sp Tinderbox [1 lb.] 5sp Torches (10) [10 lbs.] 1sp Supply (15) [30 lbs.] 7.5gp 50 ft. Hempen rope [10 lbs] 1gp 5 Waterskins [20 lbs.] 1gp 2 Mosquito nets [1 lbs.] 4gp Marshland gear [6 lbs.] 10gp Tent (2-perso) [20 lbs.] 2gp Grappling Hook [4 lbs.] 2gp Local map 20gp 109.8 gp spent / 120 gp Maximum Supply: 15 Maximum Bulk: 2 Background: Connection. A brother who believes he has only seen illusions caused by the fog or that there is some other logical explanation for what he witnessed. Memento. A mysterious, scale-covered egg that you found on one of your expeditions into Fogfen. It’s dormant for now, but you feel it holds the key to proving your stories true. Destiny: SOURCE OF INSPIRATION Its Own Reward. You draw inspiration from seeing your duty through to the end. You gain inspiration whenever you complete a quest, fulfill a difficult promise, or commit an act of self-sacrifice that includes grievous injury to yourself. Complete a quest, keep a promise to your own detriment, keep an innocent safe while seriously endangering yourself, commit an act of genuine self-sacrifice. INSPIRATION FEATURE Selfless Aid. Your aid is a lifeline and a steadying source of resolve. Whenever you take the Help action to aid an ally attacking a creature, you may spend your inspiration. If you do, in addition to the normal benefits of the Help action, that creature has disadvantage on attack rolls against creatures other than you until the start of your next turn. FULLFILLMENT FEATURE You fulfill your destiny of Devotion when you perform an act of selfless devotion. Die while saving the lives of others, complete a massive undertaking personally entrusted to you, succeed at the cause you devoted your life to. Miraculous Revival. Universal forces are often inclined to restore those who die heroically for noble causes, blessing their sacrifice by making them better than they were before. As long as you have not died of old age, 24 hours after you die (or in 24 hours, if your death triggered gaining this feature) you miraculously revive intact with full hit points. You appear after “narrowly surviving” the circumstances that killed you—climbing out of the chasm you fell down, crawling from the rubble of the structure that collapsed over you, waking up from impossibly lethal wounds that prove superficial, or magically transporting from the plane of existence you were caught in. In addition, the first time you are revived in this way, you gain a +1 bonus on all future attack rolls, ability checks, and saving throws. WEALTH COIN POUCH Copper: 0 | Silver: 0 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 0 | Platinum: 0 BANKED COIN Copper: 0 | Silver: 0 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 0 | Platinum: 0 ITEMS OF VALUE (Gems, Art, Jewelry, etc.) 1. 2. 3. MAGIC ITEMS ATTUNED ITEMS (Maximum of 3) 1. 2. 3. NON-ATTUNED ITEMS 1. 2. 3. CONSUMABLES 1. 2. 3. COMBAT Action Bonus Action Reaction ATTACKS Glaive (Reach, two-handed) +4 to hit; reach 10 ft.; one target; 1d10+2 slashing damage. Javelin (Thrown (30/120)) +4 to hit; 30/120 ft.; one target; 1d6+2 Bludgeoning damage. None yet Not yet FEATS & FEATURES Helpful. When using the Help action to aid an ally in combat, the range at which you can do so is 30 feet. Teamwork. You may take the Help action as a bonus action during combat. Expert Cooperator. When you use the Help action to aid another creature make an ability check, they also gain an . Mimicry. You can mimic animal sounds and humanoid voices. A creature that hears the sounds can tell they are imitations with a successful Insight check against a DC of 8 + your proficiency bonus + your Wisdom modifier. Steady Nerves. You are immune to the condition. Superior Darkvision. You are used to living in the dark and can see further in darkness and dim light than others of your kind. You have darkvision out to a range of 60 feet. If you already had darkvision, its range increases to 120 feet instead. Feature: Monster Mythos. You have a knack for recalling and sharing tales of the creatures that lurk in the depths of swamps and mists. Your stories are so vivid and detailed that they can inspire or terrify those who hear them. As an action, you can captivate an audience with your tales, giving them either a sense of hope and inspiration or a shiver of fear. This can affect a number of creatures up to your Charisma modifier (minimum of one) within 30 feet who can hear you and understand the language you speak. The effect, whether it’s granting a 1d4 inspiration die or imposing disadvantage on the next ability check, lasts for 1 minute or until you lose concentration (as if you were concentrating on a spell). Titan Wrestler. You have practiced grappling with creatures larger than yourself. You can attempt to grapple or shove a creature up to two sizes larger than you. Battle Defense: Juggernaut. You gain proficiency with heavy armor. In addition, your speed is not reduced by wearing heavy armor, you can still benefit from raging while wearing heavy armor, and you do not count the weight of any worn armor when determining your carrying capacity. Intense Determination (aka Rage). 2/long rest. Advantage on Strength checks & Strength saves. +2 Rage hp at the start of turn. to bludgeoning, piercing, and slashing damage. Can’t while raging. No benefit from temporary hit points. EXPLORATION Agile Sprinter. You are adept at traversing obstacles while running, able to efficiently and rapidly climb and leap between trees, vines, rooftops, and ropes. You gain an expertise die on Athletics and Acrobatics checks made to climb, run, and swing. SOCIAL He's a Good Boy! APPEARANCE TODO BACKSTORY TODO ALLIES & ORGANIZATIONS TODO FOLLOWERS & STRONGHOLDS None.
  9. Thanks again for the application. I have marked Ksenia as completed. Good luck in final selection.
  10. Thanks again for the application. I have marked Elowen as completed. Good luck in final selection.
  11. Correction to Post #2: I misread my bonus skills, taking only Acrobatics (rather than both Acrobatics & History) for Lysytsya's Dungeon Delver Background. Consequently, I'd chosen History as one of her Lunar Chrysalian bonus. skills (from Student of the Occult). The net effect, she still has History, and I've added Nature as a trained skill (one of the Student of the Occult options).
  12. Heh. I didn't think of Lys being the professional to Sable's beginner delving efforts. I'd seen Sable as the professional: literally finding and selling old relics for money. Lys is more of a delving hobbyist or enthusiast. Most of her relics are snatched up by Old Demesko for research. But your assessment made me reconsider who another delver might see her. Here are some thoughts about their relationship. 1. Lys is more cooperative than competitive by nature. She enjoys competition when it's fun, because she's all about fun. She would not enjoy competition that actually affected someone's ability to put food on their table. She'd rather cooperate in such circumstances. That said, if cooperation was not an option, she'd rise to the occasion and compete for survival. In short, if we go the survival route, it would be a friendly competition. And if not friendly, we'd need to work out the circumstances of why Lys' efforts at friendship building never worked or were never made. 2. Lys has only recently (perhaps within the past several months) lost her delving companion, Old Demesko, who has grown to old to go delving. So there would have been a recent window of opportunity for the Sable-Lys relationship to change or develop--the two becoming delving companions. 3. If Lys has never explored the Gauntlight, it's only because Demesko has asked he not to. He has a healthy respect (fear) for the place. But like Sable, she has longed to go there. This shared interest in Gauntlight might have brought them together even if they are rivals--both of them realizing it might be a more dangerous ruin compared to what they've been doing on their own. Perhaps they were rivals but have more recently begun to cooperate in making plans to delve Gauntlight.
  13. Sure! Joined backstories are always fun. And we do all work for Wrin Sivinxi after all. Plus, both have an unusual look to bond over this. Distant "rivals" and inspiration might be the most plausible. Sable is a beginner and it feels like Lysytsya is a pro (through her Dreaming but still). She could be ahead in looting the last scrapes of curios in ruins around (and then Wrin could mention where some of them came from in her shop). That could keep Sable on her toes and inspire her to do better. Or they indeed could know each other and work together. Even beginning to plan the big take of Gauntlight (thinking who and what to take with them) when the news came this is exactly where Wrin wants to send them. I kind of pictured Sable's home and that outskirt either by the cemetery or on the other side of the Giant's wheel rather than around Sacred Pond (you know, goats) but it's possible Sable saw Lysytsya there playing her flute. Could be where they met?
  14. Lugan Redmoore Human Warlock (Diabolist) 1 AC: 13 | HP: 10/10 | Passive Perception/Insight: 12/12 | Maneuver DC: 11 Spell Points 2/2 | Spell Attack: +4 | Spell DC: 12 Inexorable Concentration: 2/2 | Assurance: 2/2 | Scholar of the Unnatural: 2/2 | Diabolical Curse: 1/1 Posts should use the default size and color for optimal viewing across different themes and devices. If you decide to use colors, it's best to adhere to the basic palette since these colors vary with the themes. "Speech should always be in quotes and in bold." Thoughts should be in italics Mechanics Main Hand: Empty Off Hand: Empty Action: Your action goes here. Bonus Action: Your bonus action goes here. Move: Your movement goes here. Manipulate: Your one free object interaction goes here.
  15. Lugan Redmoore Human Warlock (Diabolist) 1 Age 41 Height 5 feet 9 inches Weight 152 pounds Size Medium Culture Collegiate Background: Eldritch Anatomist VITALS HIT POINTS 10 HIT DICE 1 (1d8+2) ARMOR CLASS 13 (Padded Leather) SPEED 30 ft. Maneuver DC 11 PERCEPTION 12 (passive) IMMUNITIES None INSIGHT 12 (Passive) RESISTANCES None VULNERABLE None SKILLS & SAVES STRENGTH 11 (+0) Athletics* +2 (running +1d4) STR Save +0 DEXTERITY 12 (+1) Acrobatics* +3 (balancing +1d4), Sleight of Hand +1, Stealth +1 Dexterity Save +1 CONSTITUTION 14 (+2) Constitution Save +2 INTELLIGENCE 14 (+2) Arcana +2, Engineering +2, History +2, Investigation* +4 (research +1d4), Nature* +4, Religion* +4 (fiends +1d4), Medicine* (Studied Discipline) +4 (identifying disease and poison, small field surgeries and triage +1d4) Intelligence Save* +4 WISDOM 14 (+2) Animal Handling +2, Culture +2, Insight +2, Perception +2, Survival +2 Wisdom Save* +4 CHARISMA 12 (+1) Deception +1, Intimidation +1, Performance +1, Persuasion +1 Charisma Save +1 * Denotes Proficiency (denotes expertise) PROFICIENCIES & LANGUAGES Armor Light armor Weapons Simple weapons Tools Playing Cards, Herbalism Kit, Calligrapher's supplies, Alchemist's supplies, Poisoner's kit Senses - Languages Common, Elvish, Dwarvish, Abyssal, Undercommon ARCHETYPE: DIABOLIST Lugan is a reluctant practicioner of the dark arts, playing a dangerous gambit against his diabolical patron in a desperate attempt to prolong his lifespan. Patron expanded spell list: Fire EQUIPMENT The peculiar scalpel (dagger), book of profane rituals written in Abyssal (grimoire arcane focus), padded leather armor, 10 bandages, healer's satchel (10 uses), herbalism kit, 4 rations, hooded lantern, 5 flasks of oil, backpack, bedroll, mess kit, tinderbox, waterskin, 5 sheets of parchment, calligrapher's supplies, bottle of ink, 4 ink pens, sand bag, magnifying glass Maximum Supply: 11 Maximum Bulk: 1 Carrying Capacity: 165 lbs BACKGROUND: ELDRITCH ANATOMIST Connection. You correspond with a secretive society that shares your interest in the anatomical oddities of the world. They occasionally send you specimens and texts, which you study with a mix of fascination and trepidation. Memento. A peculiar scalpel with an intricately carved handle that was found beside an ancient and strange altar. It seems ordinary, but you feel a strange connection to it, as if it’s waiting to reveal its true purpose. DESTINY: METAMORPHOSIS Lugan jealously wishes to stave off the effects of aging and become eternally youthful. SOURCE OF INSPIRATION Unburdening. Lugan gains inspiration whenever he makes sacrifices to attain new lore, contacts, or items to aid his quest for immortality. FULLFILLMENT FEATURE Forever Changed. You have finally reached the apex and have become something greater than your previous self could imagine. When you gain this feature, consult with the Narrator about the exact nature of your metamorphosis and if your adventurer would still choose to remain adventuring after transformation. If your character would remain an adventurer, you may choose and become an appropriate creature with a CR equal to or lower than your class level –2 (as per the spell true polymorph, except that this transformation is permanent and cannot be dispelled.) If your character would not remain an adventurer, you may use a portion of your new power however you see fit (as the wish spell) before ascending. INSPIRATION FEATURE Unearthly Diplomacy. Your unearthly aspirations grant you insights into the minds of even utterly alien beings. As an action, you may spend your inspiration to form a connection with a non-humanoid creature you can see that has a CR equal to or less than your level. You communicate freely, even if you do not share a language or the creature would be normally unable to speak. You have no control over a creature you connect with in this way but you gain an expertise die on checks made to influence it. The knowledge and awareness of a creature is limited by its intellect or perceptions, but most give you information about nearby locations, monsters in the area, and knowledge of whatever it perceived within the past day. This connection lasts for up to 1 hour or until you use an action to end it. WEALTH COIN POUCH Copper: 0 | Silver: 0 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 0 | Platinum: 0 BANKED COIN Copper: 0 | Silver: 0 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 0 | Platinum: 0 ITEMS OF VALUE (Gems, Art, Jewelry, etc.) 1. 2. 3. MAGIC ITEMS ATTUNED ITEMS (Maximum of 3) 1. 2. 3. NON-ATTUNED ITEMS 1. 2. 3. CONSUMABLES 1. 2. 3. COMBAT Action Bonus Action Reaction ATTACKS Scalpel (dagger) +4 to hit; reach 5 ft; one target; 1d4+1 piercing damage. Finesse. You may choose to use your Dexterity modifier for attack and damage rolls made with this weapon Dual-Wielding. This weapon is designed to be wielded in concert with another weapon. When wielding another weapon in your main hand that does not have the heavy property, you can use your bonus action to make an attack with this weapon. Eldritch Ray +4 to hit; range 120 ft, one target: 1d10 force damage SPELLCASTING Caster Level 1 | Spell Casting Ability Intelligence | Spell Save DC 12 | Spell Attack +4 Spell Points | 2/2 Inexorable Concentration. (2/LR) When you fail a Constitution to maintain concentration, you can immediately reroll it, taking the new result. You may use this trait a number of times equal to your Intelligence modifier, and regain all expended uses after a long rest. CANTRIPS Minor Illusion (S, M). This spell creates a sound or image of an object. The illusion disappears if dismissed or you casts the spell again. You may create any sound you choose, ranging in volume from a whisper to a scream. You may choose one sound for the duration or change them at varying points before the spell ends. Sounds are audible outside the spell’s area. Visual illusions may replicate any image and remain within the spell’s area, but cannot create sound, light, smell, or other sensory effects. The image is revealed as an illusion with any physical interaction as physical objects and creatures pass through it. An Investigation check against Cenya’s spell save DC also reveals the image is an illusion. When a creature realizes the image is an illusion, the effects become fainter for that creature. Mage Hand (S, M) A faintly shimmering phantasmal hand appears at a point you choose within range. It remains until you dismiss it as an action, or until you move more than 30 feet from it. You can use an action to control the hand and direct it to do any of the following: manipulate an object. open an unlocked container or door. stow or retrieve items from unlocked containers. The hand cannot attack, use magic items, or carry more than 10 pounds. 1ST-LEVEL (2 SP) Fog Cloud (appears as smoke) (V, S). You create a heavily obscured area of fog. The fog spreads around corners and can be dispersed by a moderate wind (at least 10 miles per hour). Skeletal Hands (S, M). Dozens of skeletal hands reach from a wall or other vertical surface to grasp a creature within 5 feet of the surface. Make a melee spell attack. On a hit, the target takes 1d8 necrotic damage and is until the spell ends. A creature restrained by the hands can use a bonus action to make a Strength to escape, ending the spell early on a success. On a failure, the target takes 1d8 necrotic damage. When the spell ends, the hands withdraw into the wall. ELDRITCH INVOCATIONS AND SECRETS OF ARCANA - FEATS & FEATURES Intrepid. (1/SR) Your survival instinct is remarkably strong. When you make an ability check, attack roll, or saving throw, you can choose to gain an on that roll. Once you use this trait, you cannot use it again until you finish a short or long rest. Resident Expert. You have a reputation for painstaking detail on certain tasks and subjects. When you make a Medicine check and the d20 shows a natural result of less than 10, you can count the d20 result as being 10. Assurance(2/LR): You can use your Medicine skill and a Healer's Satchel to stabilize a dying creature and grant it a number of hit points equal to your Medicine skill proficiency without needing to make a roll. This feature can be used a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and all expended uses are regained after a long rest. Scholar of the Unnatural (2/LR): You have an extensive knowledge of anatomy, both natural and twisted by arcane means. You can identify aberrations and other creatures that have been altered by magic or other forces. Additionally, you can apply this knowledge to aid in treating wounds inflicted by such creatures. When you or a creature you can see within 30 feet of you takes damage from a creature of this type, you can use your reaction to allow the creature to regain a number of hit points equal to your Intelligence modifier (minimum of 1). This feature can be used a number of times equal to your proficiency bonus, and all expended uses are regained after a long rest. Philosophic Mind. (1/LR) Your rationale shields your psyche occasionally. Once between , at the start of your turn you can suppress the effects of an enchantment spell you are under for 1 round as your logic overrides it. Diabolical Curse (1/SR) You can use a bonus action to place a curse on a creature you can see within 30 feet. The curse lasts for 1 minute, and ends early if the target dies, you die, or you become incapacitated. The curse has the following effects: - When you deal damage against the cursed creature, it takes an additional 1d4 fire damage. - Your patron siphons the cursed creature’s life force and pays you a dividend. When the cursed creature dies, you regain hit points equal to your spellcasting ability modifier + your warlock level (minimum 1). EXPLORATION Fast Learner. With their shorter life spans, humans can acquire knowledge at a higher rate than more long-lived heritages (although not all acquire the wisdom to use it). You gain in one additional of your choice. In addition, you require half as much time as normal to train yourself in the use of a suit of armor, tool, or weapon during downtime. SOCIAL - APPEARANCE Lugan looks younger than he actually is, easily mistaken for a man in his late twenties if not for the numerous white streaks in his hair and beard. He is well-groomed, dressing himself practically and keeping his facial hair short and sharp. His overall body build suggests a healthy and balanced lifestyle, but the heavy bags under his eyes (a recent development) clash with that image. BACKSTORY Lugan is a practiced physician, following in his parent's footsteps. He has been fortunate to receive the best education at a prestigious university, deepening his knowledge of various arts, with a focus on medicine. It is there that he first felt that pang of jealousy, when some of his professors - dwarves, gnomes, elves and other long-lived races - with lifetimes orders of magnitude longer than his, able to more thoroughly deepen their understanding of the sciences than he ever will (so he thought). Still, diligently he studied and eventually put his skills to use as a travelling medic, both out of genuine satisfaction to help a fellow in need and a sense of duty to the art of medicine. As years passed, his fame and skill rose but his satisfaction faded, as the realization of his own inevitable mortality slowly crept up. The natural end of his parent's lives (both skilled physicians in their own right) has finally pushed Lugan to - perhaps foolishly, as others did before - seek a way to extend his life beyond it's natural limit. It is then that he made contact with a curious group of scholars of the unnatural, who required his skill with the scalpel. On his end, he would have been repulsed once by the twisted samples and forbidden texts, but the hope of finding clues to his ultimate goal he pushed those feelings aside. He settled in Otari, both to isolate himself from distractions and to avoid scrutiny, and spent the last of his coin on rare and forbidden tomes in search for the answer. He found something else - a promise of power, a glimpse beyond this plane. In a rare display of recklessness he performed the foul ritual and felt his essence change - but how exactly, that was yet to be discovered. Immediately, he regretted his decision, for he never felt less sure of his future - even as forbidden power welled up within him. ALLIES & ORGANIZATIONS The secret society of eldritch anatomists. Wrin Sivinxi - supplier of oddities and a fellow scholar FOLLOWERS & STRONGHOLDS -
  16. The 13 Constellations One representing every member of the conclave are as follows: The Thrush As the first constellation of the year, the Thrush is seen as a herald of the other signs, welcoming them with open wings. The Lantern Bearer The serpentine angel known as the Lantern Bearer guides the other signs, protecting them from danger and monotony. The Newlyweds The Newlyweds are represented as an intertwined couple or scarves that slip away for privacy. They are symbols of devotion and new life. The Bridge The constellation of the Bridge carries the travelers of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave over danger and toward new adventure, and symbolizes the separation between the dark of winter and the light of spring. The Daughter The Daughter is a light-hearted dancer and the first to cross the Bridge into the warmth and sunshine of spring. The Rider The Rider is the guardian of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave who watches over his companions mounted on his painted steed. He is seen as either a stern barbarian or a boisterous reveler. The Patriarch Seen as the father of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave, the Patriarch guides the Wagon through danger. The Wagon The Wagon carries the other signs across the sky, and is seen as either a wheel with seven spokes or a seven-pointed star. The Pack The beasts of the Pack follow the Wagon and are seen as either loyal hounds or scavenging wolves. The Mother Seen as a cauldron over a warm fire, the Mother provides comfort and sustenance against the coming chill of winter and is the spiritual heart of the Cosmic Caravan. The Stargazer The Stargazer, sometimes written "Star Gazer", is thought of as either a fool or a prophet who watches the heavens, searching for lost treasures or new wonders. The Stranger The Stranger travels his own path that occasionally intersects with that of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave, and is depicted as a single staring eye. The Follower The Follower travels behind the Conclave and can only be seen on the darkest nights. He is a veiled figure that represents what awaits all at the end of our journeys: Death.
  17. Elowen Talanis Aasimar, Starwalker 1 AC: 14 | HP: 11/11 | Maneuver DC: 14 | Passive Perception/Insight: 14/16 Spell Slots: 1st 2/2, | Spell Attack: +6 | Spell DC: 14 DM Inspiration: 1/1 bla bla bla... Mechanics Main Hand: Empty Off Hand: Empty Action: Your action goes here. Bonus Action: Your bonus action goes here. Move: Your movement goes here. Manipulate: Your one free object interaction goes here.
  18. Elowen Talanis ELOWEN TALANIS Aasimar, Starwalker 1 Age 21 Height 5 feet 4 inches Weight 110 pounds Size Medium Culture Forsaken Background: Starwatcher VITALS HIT POINTS 11 HIT DICE 1 (1d8+3) ARMOR CLASS 14 (Padded Armor) SPEED 45 ft. (if wearing light armor) MANEUVER DC 14 PERCEPTION 14 (passive), Dim light 60' IMMUNITIES Sleep INSIGHT 16 (Passive) RESISTANCES Radiant Energy VULNERABLE None SKILLS & SAVES STRENGTH 7 (-2) Athletics -2 STR Save -2 DEXTERITY 14 (+2) Acrobatics +2, Sleight of Hand +2, Stealth +2 Dexterity Save +2 CONSTITUTION 16 (+3) Constitution Save +3 INTELLIGENCE 10 (+0) Arcana +2, Engineering +0, History +0, Investigation +0, Nature +0, Religion +2 Intelligence Save* +2 WISDOM 18 (+4) Animal Handling +4, Culture +6, Insight +6, Medicine +4, Perception +4, Survival +4 Wisdom Save* +6 CHARISMA 10 (+0) Deception +0, Intimidation +0, Performance +0, Persuasion +0 Charisma Save +0 * Denotes Proficiency (denotes expertise) 17,15,14,10,10,7 +1 con/+1 wis PROFICIENCIES & LANGUAGES Armor You gain proficiency with light armor, medium armor, and ranged martial weapons. Weapons Simple weapons, Ranged martial weapons. Tools Navigator tools, herbalism kit Senses Dim light 60' Languages Common, Celestial, Elvish, Dwarvish, Infernal ARCHTYPE: Labyrinth Priest Mazes are found in the myths and religions of cultures the world over, and you believe the greatest truths lie within the mystery of the labyrinth itself. With every warren and passage you navigate, your devotion and the power it grants increases, so surely there must be some truth at the heart of your worship. LIGHT STEP When you choose this archetype at 1st level, your Speed increases by 10 feet while you are unarmored or wearing light armor. Also, armor you wear does not impose disadvantage on your Stealth checks. INSPIRED EXPLORER Also at 1st level, you always know which direction is north. You gain proficiency in Survival, and you gain an expertise die on Survival checks you make to navigate through mazes. Additionally, whenever you cast a divination spell of 1st-level or higher, you gain an expertise die that you can apply to one Intelligence or Wisdom ability check you make within the next 10 minutes. You can possess only one expertise die gained in this way at a time. Labyrinth Priest Spells 1 - , 3 - , 5 - , 7 - , 9 - , EQUIPMENT Equipments Backpack, waterskin, rations (10 Supply), Holy symbol (amulet or reliquary), common clothes, robe, and a prayer book, prayer prayer beads. Weapons Padded leather, Longbow, Arrows (60), Quarterstaff Supply: 10 Maximum Bulk: 1 THE STELLAR PILGRIMS' CONCLAVE Lore of The Stellar Pilgrims’ Conclave: The Conclave was formed at the dawn of time, when the first stars were set upon the celestial canvas. Each deity within the Conclave represents a celestial body or a constellation, embodying the vast and varied aspects of the universe. They are the patrons of navigators, astronomers, and all who seek understanding in the night sky. The most sacred time for the followers of the Conclave is during the celestial alignments when the gods’ paths align in the heavens. It is during these events that the Conclave is believed to gather in the celestial domain, a realm of endless night sky, where they observe the movements of the cosmos and the interplay of light and darkness. Temples dedicated to The Stellar Pilgrims’ Conclave are often observatories with open domes that allow worshippers to gaze upon the stars. The clerics and oracles of the Conclave, known as Starwalkers, are revered for their ability to interpret the celestial signs and predict events of significance. The lore speaks of the Conclave’s gift to mortals—the Celestial Sextant, an artifact that allows its wielder to navigate by the stars. Unlike mythical devices that traverse planes, the Celestial Sextant is firmly rooted in the material world, guiding seafarers and explorers across the earthly realm by the constellations above. The symbol of the Conclave is a circle of stars surrounding a spiraling comet, representing the unity and guidance of the celestial deities. To wear this symbol is to carry the blessing of the Conclave, ensuring safe passage through the perils of the world. The lore of The Stellar Pilgrims’ Conclave is a saga of discovery and wonder. It teaches that every soul is a star on its own journey, and that the gods of the Conclave are the shepherds of these celestial travelers, guiding them not through other planes, but across the vast and wondrous expanse of the world itself. Constellations The Thrush As the first constellation of the year, the Thrush is seen as a herald of the other signs, welcoming them with open wings. The Lantern Bearer The serpentine angel known as the Lantern Bearer guides the other signs, protecting them from danger and monotony. The Newlyweds The Newlyweds are represented as an intertwined couple or scarves that slip away for privacy. They are symbols of devotion and new life. The Bridge The constellation of the Bridge carries the travelers of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave over danger and toward new adventure, and symbolizes the separation between the dark of winter and the light of spring. The Daughter The Daughter is a light-hearted dancer and the first to cross the Bridge into the warmth and sunshine of spring. The Rider The Rider is the guardian of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave who watches over his companions mounted on his painted steed. He is seen as either a stern barbarian or a boisterous reveler. The Patriarch Seen as the father of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave, the Patriarch guides the Wagon through danger. The Wagon The Wagon carries the other signs across the sky, and is seen as either a wheel with seven spokes or a seven-pointed star.8 The Pack The beasts of the Pack follow the Wagon and are seen as either loyal hounds or scavenging wolves. The Mother Seen as a cauldron over a warm fire, the Mother provides comfort and sustenance against the coming chill of winter and is the spiritual heart of the Cosmic Caravan. The Stargazer The Stargazer, sometimes written "Star Gazer", is thought of as either a fool or a prophet who watches the heavens, searching for lost treasures or new wonders. The Stranger The Stranger travels his own path that occasionally intersects with that of the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave, and is depicted as a single staring eye. The Follower The Follower travels behind the Conclave and can only be seen on the darkest nights. He is a veiled figure that represents what awaits all at the end of our journeys: Death. BACKGROUND: STARWATCHER You’re one of Wrin Sivinxi’s closest confidantes. You’ve spent many long nights with her under the stars, learning the tales associated with the Stellar Pilgrims' Conclave and how the heavens can predict the future. You know that Wrin has paralyzing claustrophobia; she sees menace in angles and danger in confined spaces, which is why her shop is an all-domed canvas that opens to the sky. If Wrin thinks there’s trouble, you’ll be the first to offer to help. Ability Score Increases: +1 to Intelligence or Constitution and one other ability score. Skill Proficiencies: Arcana and Insight. Tool Proficiencies: Navigator's Tools Languages: One language of your choice. Feature: Celestial Intuition You have an innate connection to the cosmos and can read the stars to predict omens and portents. Once per long rest, you can spend an hour observing the stars to gain insight into an upcoming event, as determined by the DM. The DM may give you a vague hint about an upcoming challenge, opportunity, or threat. Dubious Knowledge: When you fail an Intelligence (Arcana) check to recall information about celestial bodies or events, you still learn a bit of true knowledge along with something that sounds plausible but is actually false. Connection: You have a deep bond with Wrin Sivinxi, who has become a mentor and friend. Your shared nights under the stars have created a strong trust, and you are one of the few who knows about her claustrophobia. Memento: A small crystal that refracts light in multiple colors, given to you by Wrin after a particularly enlightening night of stargazing. It seems to glow faintly when the stars are bright. HERITAGE: PLANETOUCHED AASIMAR Age. Planetouched typically mature at the same rate as humans but have slightly longer lifespans. Planetouched born to non-planetouched parents' lifespans tend to mirror that of their parents’ heritage. Size. Planetouched are usually of similar build and size to humans, though those born to non-human parents more closely resemble the heritage of their parents. Your size is Medium, but can be Small with approval from your Narrator. Speed. Your base Speed is 30 feet. Darkvision. Thanks to your supernatural ancestors, your vision is not impeded by darkened conditions. You can see in dim light within 60 feet of you as if it were bright light, and in darkness as if it were dim light. You cannot discern color in darkness, only shades of gray. Immortal Blessing. Your connection with the source of your bloodline allows you to cheat death. When you would ordinarily be reduced to zero hit points, you are instead reduced to one hit point. You cannot use this feature again until you have finished a long rest. AASIMAR This heritage of planetouched is created through some sort of divine intervention, or when a bloodline contains celestial blood. These planetouched often have a color scheme that is brighter than those of other heritages, with lots of golds and warm hues being found among them. Their divine blood also twists their features into something frighteningly angelic, resulting in horns that resemble halos or headdresses, and occasionally even planetouched with extra sets of eyes. You have the following traits: Celestial Legacy. You know the guidance cantrip. In addition, you can use an action to touch a willing creature and restore a number of hit points equal to your level. Once you use this trait, you must finish a long rest before doing so again. Divine Protection. You have resistance to radiant damage. Language. You have an innate ability to recognize Celestial, and are able to speak, read, write, and sign it. CULTURE: FORSAKEN In world-shaking catastrophes where magic, disasters, and monsters ran rampant, there were those that gritted their teeth and adapted to survive rather than flee their homes. Such cataclysms are now stories of a distant past, and descendants of the survivors continue to channel and embrace the unpredictability of the magical energies surrounding their ruined lands. Despite having lost most everything—sometimes more than once—these people remain optimistic. They are not bound by tradition and are the culture least likely to be obsessed with the glory of past kingdoms. Forsaken characters are forced to grow up quickly. They often get married after short courtships and form big families—most of them are nonmonogamous. However, they are still relatively suspicious of outsiders. After all, no matter how bright the future might be the bitter sting of grief lasts a lifetime. Characters raised in the forsaken culture share a variety of traits in common with one another. Fleet of Foot. Your Speed increases by 5 feet. Eat Like a Bird. You grew used to eating very little. You can go a number of days equal to half your Constitution modifier without suffering any fatigue from lack of Supply. Improvised Tools. During a long rest, when you have access to raw materials you can jury-rig an improvised tool kit. If you roll a 1 while making a check using the improvised tools or the next time you take a long rest , they break. Pack Rat. You can carry your whole house on your back. You count as one size larger when determining your carrying capacity. Roll With the Punches. After you fail an ability check, you have advantage on your next ability check. You can’t use this trait again until after you finish a short or long rest . Languages. You can speak, read, write, and sign Common, and two additional languages. DESTINY: KNOWLEDGE She seeks universal truths too vast and terrible for mortal minds to comprehend, or untold secrets hidden away from inquiring minds. She fulfills her destiny of Knowledge and gains her fulfillment feature when she has a true epiphany. SOURCE OF INSPIRATION Learning. Gains inspiration whenever she makes an arcane, divine, scholastic, or scientific discovery. FULLFILLMENT FEATURE Converging Theories. Understanding has bridged the gaps and she joins what once was disparate into a unified scientific and spiritual theory. Her Intelligence, Wisdom, and Charisma scores each increase by 2 and their maximums each become 22. INSPIRATION FEATURE Critical Evaluation. Drawing upon a lifetime of study, you leap to accurate conclusions with only preliminary findings. As a bonus action you may spend your inspiration to quickly evaluate a creature or item you can see and accurately determine one objective attribute of your choice. When evaluating a creature in this way, you may determine its resistances , immunities , vulnerabilities , what languages it speaks, or its Armor Class. When evaluating an item in this way, you may determine if it is magical, poisonous, cursed, trapped, or its approximate value. WEALTH COIN POUCH Copper: 0 | Silver: 5 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 17 | Platinum: 0 BANKED COIN Copper: 0 | Silver: 0 | Electrum: 0 | Gold: 0 | Platinum: 0 ITEMS OF VALUE (Gems, Art, Jewelry, etc.) 1. MAGIC ITEMS ATTUNED ITEMS (Maximum of 3) 1. NON-ATTUNED ITEMS 1. CONSUMABLES 1. COMBAT Action Bonus Action Reaction ATTACKS Staff +0 to hit; reach 5 ft; one target; 1 (1d6-2) piercing damage. Parrying, simple, two-handed Longbow +4 to hit; range 150/600 ft; one target; 4 1d8 piercing damage. Heavy, range (150/600), two-handed SPELLCASTING Caster Level 1 | Spell Casting Ability Wisdom| Spell Save DC 14 | Spell Attack +6 CANTRIPS Guidance (V, S, M). The target may gain an expertise die to one ability check of its choice, ending the spell. The expertise die can be rolled before or after the ability check is made. Bonus from planetouched. Mending (V, S, M). You repair a single rip or break in the target object (for example, a cracked goblet, torn page, or ripped robe). The break must be smaller than 1 foot in all dimensions. The spell leaves no trace that the object was damaged. Magic items and constructs may be repaired in this way, but their magic is not restored. You gain an expertise die on maintenance checks if you are able to cast this spell on the item you are treating. Spare the dying (V, S). A jolt of healing energy flows through the target and it becomes stable. Sacred flame (V,S). As long as you can see the target (even if it has cover) radiant holy flame envelops it, dealing 1d8 radiant damage. Dexterity save negate. 1ST-LEVEL (2 Slots) (Click the spell for more information) Cure Wounds (V, S). One creature (which is not a construct or undead) Cenya can touch regains 1d8+4 hit points. Protection from evil (V,S,M). The target is protected against the following types of creatures: aberrations, celestials, elementals, fey, fiends, and undead. Creatures of those types have disadvantage on attack rolls against the target and are unable to charm , frighten , or possess the target. If the target is already charmed, frightened, or possessed by such a creature, the target has advantage on any new saving throw against that effect. Bless (V,S,M). The blessing you bestow upon the targets makes them more durable and competent. Until the spell ends, a d4 is added to attack rolls and saving throws made by a target. Guiding Bolt (V,S). A bolt of light erupts from your hand. Make a ranged spell attack against the target. On a hit, you deal 4d6 radiant damage and the next attack roll made against the target before the end of your next turn has advantage. Shield of Faith (V,S,M). Until the spell ends, a barrier of divine energy envelops the target and increases its AC by +2. CLERIC ABILITIES ZEAL OF THE CONVERT You enthusiastically see the hand of a greater entity everywhere. You gain advantage on Persuasion checks when you invoke the name of your deity or movement during a conversation with a pious person. If the listener is negatively disposed to your greater entity or movement, you have disadvantage instead. SACRED ARCHERY You gain proficiency with light armor, medium armor, and ranged martial weapons. FEATS & FEATURES None APPEARANCE Lady Elowen stands at an average height, her presence exuding a unique blend of elegance and intellect rare in these times. Her short, golden hair is cut in a practical yet fashionable style that frames her face with a simple, sophisticated flair, highlighting her sharp jawline and high cheekbones. The gold strands catch the sunlight with every movement, giving her an almost ethereal glow. Her green eye is a captivating focal point, sparkling with curiosity and intelligence. It's the kind of eye that seems to see right through to the heart of any matter, reflecting a deep well of knowledge and an unquenchable thirst for learning. Her other eye, concealed beneath a finely crafted leather patch, adds an air of mystery and hints at a life filled with intriguing stories and possibly adventures. Lady Elowen’s fair skin is complemented by a delicate sprinkling of light freckles across her nose, lending her a touch of youthful charm amidst her scholarly demeanor. She dresses in elegant, flowing gowns made of fine fabrics, often in shades of deep green and gold, colors that mirror her eye and hair. Her attire is always adorned with subtle yet intricate embroidery, reflecting her noble status and refined taste. She often wears a simple yet exquisite pendant shaped like an open book, symbolizing her dedication to knowledge. Her wrists are adorned with delicate bracelets inscribed with ancient runes or literary quotes from the great tomes she so treasures. Lady Elowen’s is beautiful, but there's plenty of other women that are more attractive then her in the world. Yet in a graceful way she navigates her medieval world, always eager to share her love for literature and the joy of intellectual discovery with those around her. Her voice is soft but confident, carrying a wisdom that draws people in, whether she is reciting poetry, debating philosophical ideas, or teaching young squires the art of critical thinking. In a world where knowledge is power and books are treasures, Lady Elowen shines as a beacon of enlightenment and elegance, her golden hair and green eye marking her as a true jewel of her time. BACKSTORY Elowen's homeworld was a planet named Arkonia, nestled in a remote wildspace far from the known world of Elissar. Arkonia was a place of beauty, knowledge and mystery, inhabited by the Arkonian people, a hybrid race with Celestial and Human blood. Arkonians were distinct with unusual birthmarks resembling tattoos on their faces and bodies, jewels embedded in their skin, and bright, large emerald eyes. Tragedy struck Arkonia when a cosmic plague swept through the land, decimating the population. The plague was relentless, sparing few in its path. As the plague reached its peak, Elowen, one of the few survivors, began to receive visions from a divine being. These visions guided her to a magical portal, offering her a chance to escape the certain death that had claimed her people. Elowen stepped through the portal and found herself in the world of Elissar, alone and disoriented. Driven by the visions and dreams that continued to guide her, she became a wanderer, moving from town to town, learning about her divine savior, and spreading the teachings of the Stellar Pilgrim's Conclave—a mysterious faith that had saved her. As she traveled, Elowen used her knowledge and the wisdom she gained from her visions to help those she met. Her distinctive appearance and profound knowledge of the stars and celestial beings made her both a figure of fascination and reverence. Yet, despite her efforts, she struggled to find a place she could call home. Her journey eventually led her to the island of Kortos, and the bustling town of Otari. In Otari, she encountered Wrin Sivinxi, a scholarly female tiefling. Wrin, known for her vast knowledge and keen intellect, was intrigued by Elowen’s unique heritage and celestial insights. She took Elowen in as one of her pupils, offering her a stable refuge for the first time since her escape. Under Wrin’s tutelage, Elowen's understanding of the stars, Elissar, and the Stellar Pilgrim's Conclave deepened. Wrin taught her about the ancient lore of Elissar, the movements of the celestial bodies, and the secrets of the magical constellations. Elowen, in turn, shared her divine visions and the celestial knowledge she brought from Arkonia. One fateful night, as they studied the heavens together, they discovered a celestial alignment that had not been seen in millennia. This alignment, Wrin theorized, could be linked to the cosmic plague that destroyed Arkonia. Driven by this discovery, the two embarked on a quest to learn about the plague. Their journey took them through ancient ruins, forgotten temples, and libraries. Throughout their quest, Elowen’s faith and determination grew stronger. She began to have more vivid and frequent visions, providing crucial guidance and insight. Her bond with Wrin deepened, turning into a partnership of mutual respect and admiration. Elowen chose to stay in Otari to continue studying and learn about the demise of her people, where she and Wrin established a small academy, teaching others about the stars, the divine, and the importance of preserving their world. Elowen's journey from a devastated homeworld to becoming a guardian of celestial knowledge is just beginning as the Stellar Pilgrim's Conclave have other plan in mind for their young follower. Arkonia: Elowen's Homeworld Arkonia was a planet of breathtaking beauty and profound mystery, nestled in a remote wildspace far from the known realms. Its landscapes were a testament to the harmonious blend of natural splendor and celestial influence, reflecting the unique heritage of its inhabitants, the Arkonians. The surface of Arkonia was a vibrant mosaic of verdant forests, rolling hills, and crystalline rivers that shimmered with an ethereal light. Towering mountains, their peaks often shrouded in mist, cradled hidden valleys filled with rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in the cosmos. The skies were a deep, perpetual twilight, bathed in hues of purple and indigo, with stars that seemed to hang closer and shine brighter than in other worlds. Arkonia's flora was lush and diverse, with towering trees whose leaves glowed faintly at night, casting a gentle, otherworldly luminescence over the landscape. Flowers of every conceivable color bloomed in abundance, their petals often sparkling with dew that glowed like stardust. The fauna was equally remarkable, with creatures that possessed a blend of earthly and celestial traits. Ethereal deer with antlers that glowed softly, luminescent fish in the rivers, and birds with feathers that reflected the colors of the aurora were common sights. The Arkonians, a hybrid race of Celestial and Human blood, were deeply connected to both the land and the stars. They bore unusual birthmarks that resembled tattoos, intricate designs that seemed to tell the stories of their ancestors. Jewels embedded in their skin glinted in the light, adding to their otherworldly appearance. Their bright, large emerald eyes were said to hold the wisdom of the stars. Arkonian society was steeped in tradition and reverence for the celestial. They lived in elegant, sprawling cities built from stone and crystal, structures that blended seamlessly with the natural environment. The Arkonians were known for their profound knowledge of the cosmos, their scholars and sages often spending nights mapping the stars and interpreting celestial phenomena. Their art, music, and literature were rich with celestial motifs and themes, celebrating their divine heritage and the beauty of the universe. Magic was an integral part of life on Arkonia, with many Arkonians possessing innate abilities to harness celestial energy. This magic was used not only in daily life but also in their rituals and ceremonies, which often involved communing with celestial beings and drawing upon the power of the stars. Tragically, this harmonious world was brought to the brink of extinction by a cosmic plague. The plague spread rapidly, its origins unknown, wiping out most of the population and leaving the once-thriving cities in ruins. The skies, once a source of wonder and inspiration, seemed to darken with the grief of the dying world. As the plague decimated her people, Elowen began receiving visions from a divine being, guiding her to a magical portal. With a heavy heart, she stepped through, leaving behind the only world she had ever known. The memories of Arkonia's beauty and culture remained etched in her mind, driving her to preserve its legacy and seek out knowledge in the world of Elissar. Though Arkonia now lay silent and desolate, its spirit lived on through Elowen. Her journey carried the essence of her homeland to new realms, where she shared the celestial wisdom and beauty of Arkonia with those she met. ALLIES & ORGANIZATIONS Clergy of the Stellar Pilgrims' Conclave. Wrin Sivinxi’s confidante, friend and pupil. FOLLOWERS & STRONGHOLDS None
  19. Rolling... Not weak like Nulia, but i think i should go to the temple to review my luck soon. :)
  20. LEVEL UP Advanced 5th Edition with DM BWatford BOOK 1: RUINS OF GAUNTLIGHT WRIN'S WONDERS OTARI, STARSTONE ISLES 12:00 am Day 1 Tucked away in a seaside hollow, Otari lies cradled by two towering cliffs. The western ascent is adorned with a meticulously maintained cemetery, while to the east, a marvel of craftsmanship captivates onlookers—a wooden chute supported by a trestle stretches from the cliff’s peak to a harbor-side platform. This clever device efficiently transports timber from the inland mill to the awaiting vessels below. Otari’s inhabitants are generally warm and hospitable, though they exhibit a cautious demeanor towards those they suspect come from Absalom. While commerce with Absalom is valued, the locals carry a sense of pride, feeling no obligation to bend over backwards for the “city folk.” The diet in Otari is predominantly fish, supplemented by vegetables from nearby farms, with potatoes, carrots, and other root crops being staples. However, acquiring more exotic provisions from Absalom is not a challenge. Coffee, in particular, is a staple beverage, cherished by the industrious, dawn-greeting populace. Yet, this night is marked for festivity, as the entire hamlet celebrates. Longnight, the holiday observed on the full moon of the year’s first month, sees the townspeople staying awake until daybreak, a collective act of defiance against the prolonged winter darkness. Despite the gusty evening, magical lights, impervious to the wind, are draped across the town. On this auspicious night, you have been summoned by your benefactor to convene at her establishment when the clock strikes twelve. Known to the townspeople as Wrin’s Wonders, her signless curio shop is a trove of oddities and novelties, curated by its equally eccentric proprietor. The shop is encircled by a ring of structures resembling standing stones, which upon closer inspection, are revealed to be wooden frames shrouded in canvas, artfully painted to mimic stone. These encircle a central dome, a 15-foot-high structure of wooden beams and canvas triangles. The space between the dome and the ring houses additional tent-like domes, where the shop’s treasures are stored. This evening, their coverings are retracted, allowing the moon’s glow to illuminate the wares within, for Wrin’s Wonders never closes its doors. Wrin Sivinxi, your patron, has a peculiar rationale for the shop’s unique design—she finds solace in rounded forms and perceives threat in sharp angles, a sentiment compounded by her mild claustrophobia. The dome serves as her abode, its interior painted to mirror the celestial dome, adorned with constellations from the Steller Pilgrim’s Conclave, ensuring she can always slumber beneath the stars, regardless of the weather. Tonight, however, sleep eludes everyone—it is a night unlike any other. Wrin’s heritage as a tiefling is unmistakable and something she has learned to embrace. Her pupil-less eyes, diminutive ram horns twining around her elven ears, a slender tail, and fingertips that dance with tiny, shimmering lights are a testament to her otherworldly lineage. Nevertheless, her ready smile and open arms have consistently earned her friendships throughout her journeys. Upon your arrival at Wrin’s Wonders, you find her engrossed in a star chart, comparing celestial patterns to those in the heavens. The evening’s brisk winds challenge her, threatening to snatch the scroll from her grasp or tear it apart. She notices you and calls out, her voice a soft yet piercing contrast to the wind’s roar, “Don’t just stand there, lend a woman a hand… or two,” as she wrestles with the chart. “How can one conduct an astrological consultation on such a pivotal night if one’s hands are preoccupied with a star map?” It’s evident that the star chart in her possession depicts the thirteen prominent constellations of the Steller Pilgrim’s Conclave, the foundation of all astrological study and prognostication. RUINS OF GAUNTLIGHT Wrin's Wonders 12:00 am Day 1 OOC Scene Information: Astrological predictions based on these constellations, particularly the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave constellations, are a traditional practice that seeks to interpret humanoid characteristics and forecast future events. These predictions are made by analyzing the positions of the Sun, Moons, and planets relative to the Steller Pilgrim's Conclave constellations at the time of a person’s birth. Each constellation is associated with specific member of the conclave and are attributed to traits and symbolism, believed to influence an individual’s life and destiny. Astrologers use these celestial patterns to provide insights into personality, relationships, and potential life events. Active Maps Not in Use!! Bookkeeping PASSIVE SKILLS Perception - Insight - INITIATIVE Not in Use!! MECHANICS Not in Use!! CONDITIONS Not in Use!! DESCRIPTIONS Not in Use!! CHARACTER 1 Not in Use!! CHARACTER 2 Not in Use!! CHARACTER 3 Not in Use!! CHARACTER 4 Not in Use!! CHARACTER 5 Not in Use!!
  21. Hey , I was noticing that your ranger, Sable, and my rogue, Lysytsya, are both ruin delvers. And I've also got a week to kill before Billy selects players for the game. So I was wondering... If both our characters are accepted into the game, would you want to have them be delving collaborators, or maybe competitors, or maybe they just haven't really bumped into each other in a big way? I'm also wondering if Sable's home on the outskirts of the town is the same area I chose for Lysytsya's home (the bit overlooked by the Stone Ring Pond). Maybe they're neighbors?
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