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The Isle awaits! Will you swear an iron vow to find the lost plateau and discover the secrets of -- the Isle of Dread?

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"When the gale finally ended, we found ourselves approximately seven days normal sailing distance due south out of Specularum, in the Thanegioth Archipelago. We replenished our supplies, patched up the ship, and traded our remaining goods at native villages along the shores of several islands. Some villages were friendly, but others were hostile and the natives attacked on sight. I suspect the hostile villages were filled with cannibals...

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  2. Caldas [Mom: 4 (10/2) | Health: 5 | Spirit: 5 | Supply: 5] [] Caldas brushed himself off as he stood up. "Almost. But not quite." He held a hand down for Harold to lick. A silent reassurance that both were fine. "The creature may have intended to harm me, but it failed to even leave a scratch. Thanks in most part to Bjorn." He smiles and nods at the young man. He then rubs his shoulder as he rotates it. "In fact, Hallbjorn may have caused more injury to me." Caldas gives a hearty chuckle with these words. "But I would have to agree with you on our path forward. I am not a fan of getting lost in the woods." There is a cold grim look in his eyes as he stares into the jungle.
  3. Compared to fighting off an unexpected threat, getting the ship secured is a trivial task. While there are obviously large creatures around the area, it should be unlikely they take interest in a stationary object. From here, there seem to be two obvious ways to try to reach the known settlements. The group could trek inland, taking the most direct route but having to bushwhack through the jungle and risk getting lost; or the quartet could follow the island's perimeter, a longer route but certain to reach the destination as long as supplies hold up. Either way--it's not clear which poses more inherent danger from the native fauna. Hallbjorn shrugs off any offer of aid. "Help Caldis, he's the one who just about became the main course." His gruff old-man expression is grim as he looks north and then south. "If you ask me, I say we stick close to the treeline on the beach. If there's fresh streams, they'll have to empty out into the ocean one way or another."
  4. It's still a success, so you still can both mark it on your sheets and you can take the +1 for the Vow roll. The consequence of a weak hit is Caldis / can choose to ask something of Bjorn.
  5. I believe it was a week hit on bond and barely by rolls suck. The challenge was 2 and 10 so I basically had chance with only one but I rolled 3, barely beating it. I'll wait for confirmation and then make Oath Roll
  6. And we barely started and this adventure that I really wanted to play. Actually, there are two adventures that are kinda similar but one is D7D and one PF 1. Those would be Strahd (D&D) and the second was Carrion Crown from PF and every time I get in either something happens. This time one player I such a psycho that a day after blow up I got messages from people who weren't even in the game but knew this person so they warned GM when they picked them and followed the game basically just to see the car crash. I have apparently beaten the record in the setting off the crazy. I wanted to leave the game so other players could have an untainted experience. But GM persuaded me to stay, although I warned even if they rey to behave "crazy finds a way" We'll see I guess. I'l roll for bond in my last post since there he talked with Caldis.
  7. I was thinking about healing Bjorn, but he only lost 1 health so it's probably an overkill for now... What can the party see when taking a quick look around? We should probably head out towards the village or the ancient city mentioned in the original advertisement. If there's nothing special around though, I presume Marpessa would suggest heading inland a bit and look for some roads or the village by walking around the island. Oh, can I make a secure an advantage roll for looking around? And does recovering the boat require any rolls?
  8. Roll 1d6+heart and the two challenge dice. Strong hit is your roll exceeds both challenge dice. Same mechanic as usual 😄 RE: drama, don't I know it. Currently having a party try to split in half over whether undead are friends or foes.
  9. Sorry had some issues with the some other games, MW, wouldn't be MW without drama. So as we discussed I can roll vanilla oath or first try to gain a bond which would give me +1. So basically 1d6+Heart to get a Bff necklace from Caldis. What is the target for the bond, any bonuses for saving his life? I mean I know it was in the job description but nonetheless, what would be a Strong Hit on the Bond?
  10. Still waiting on for the bond/vow rolls; anyone else want to take any action? Thoughts on which direction the party should proceed after recovering the boat away from the water?
  11. Great question. Narratively it might make sense for you to try to Forge a Bond with Caldas (whose life you saved) first, and then attempt the vow. Forge a Bond is the same roll (+heart). If you hit on the Forge, you can add the +1 to the Vow roll.
  12. Didn't know that. I just checked the "Vowes" part on page 35 and took your recommendation about the difficulty (Dangerous, main one is Formidable) and didn't follow up to page 98. I'll check a PDF a bit later but I'll make a roll right away in the same post I made. So basically 1d6+Heart (1)? P.S. Now on page 98 he is giving the oath in front of the captain and the crew, does he get that +1 bonus, or their bond is not strong enough yet?
  13. You'll want to make a Swear an Iron Vow roll (+heart) to seal the deal.
  14. Marpessa [Mom: 2 (10/2) | Health: 5 | Spirit: 5 | Supply: 5] Marpessa sees Bjorn shouting at the retreating lizard and finds it somehow amusing. Then she speaks: What a sack of flotsam that damn beast is! Next time we need to stay vigilant and watch the skies for others like it... Marpessa aproaches Hallbjorn and Caldas; they look battered but not terribly wounded, they can probably keep going. Are you alright friends? We should probably gather what we need and keep going inland until we find a safe spot - the beach is probably a tad too open and dangerous...
  15. Bjorn Shadowborn Trickster/Archer MoM: 2/10| Health: 5/5 | Spirit: 5/5 | Supply: 5/5 Bjorn strikes the strand but as it is made from rubber he bounces back on his feet and raises his bloodied Warseax after it "Run you cowardly lizard Dorman has your number!!!" large Raven flies in the circle above the survivors and caws "I'll still have your head I swear by the steel in this seax, may the mountains, sky, and sea be my witnesses!!" He lowers his sword and looks at Caldis "You alive? We need to take care of Hallbjorn too he took a beating, and secured the ship I'll first do..." He stops there and flops as the fish in the shallows, his bouncing energy finally out of him. And with just a few bruises and scrapes he was better off than half the others, but his reservoir was finally empty.
  16. Despite the beating it's taking, the pterosaur is able to rear and throw Bjorn backward onto the strand. Flapping its bat-like wings and belting out a furious screech, it takes to the sky, a bit unsteadily yet with surprising speed. Dipping low over the trees, it quickly makes it out of bowshot and disappears beyond view. Bjorn can faintly see it tracking toward one of the nearby mountainous peaks.
  17. Cool, after the GM scene of the birdy leaving Bjorn will take the oath
  18. Yes, no reason you couldn’t have a second vow. Either troublesome or dangerous seems appropriate.
  19. Hey Bjorn so far had only a big Oath marked (finding something on the island that exonerates his family name, normally since we just arrived he didn't make any progress there. Could he for a small Oath (Oath of the Incident I think, book is not near) go tit for tat to a bird and swear the Oath he will end it after it flies away scene, that would be his smaller Oath and one where he could make easier progress. Maybe al his knife and sword meddling made a recognizable scar (on the wing would be most logical since that downed it) so it would be recognizable from others.
  20. Hey like 4 of us were trying to kill it why poor ol' me (except jumping on the back thing, trying to behead thing, trying to chop off the wing thing...yeah I can see why it would be especially peeved at Bjorn 😋 )
  21. So, each challenge die is compared individually. 9 progress beats the 4 but doesn’t (couldn’t) beat the 10, so it’s a weak hit. We’ll say the beast flees and gets away as the consequence. It’ll be after your blood some later time 😆
  22. Well, it's a 14 roll on a progress 9. If it is a miss is there any options that could help as burning momentum or something like that? I mean he just regained 1 momentum so drawing it back down would not be the end of the world especially since Bjorn might get momentum from this too. Edit: Nope I could Burn momentum only if one challenge dice is lower and that is not the case with momentum of 2
  23. Bjorn Shadowborn Trickster/Archer MoM: 2/10| Health: 5/5 | Spirit: 5/5 | Supply: 5/5 A residential human-shaped cat manages to roll when he hits the beach although somewhere in the ruckus he drops the Seax. He pops up on his feet and draws WarseaxI think the equivalent of the Arming Sword, is a one-handed blade longer than a Short Sword as Gladius but shorter than a full-on Longsword. Historically I think some say there is one two-handed version found somewhere in Scandinavia but it is disputed whether was it really two-handed or just a normal one with an unusually long handle. So Bjorn's would be between 28 and 31 inches in length together with a hilt (which would be a classic Viking short sword hilt. and as hard as he could manage strikes the downed beast at its neck which seemed as only viable target.
  24. That’s it! On a strong hit, we win outright. On a weak hit, we win at a cost. On a miss, something truly bad happens.
  25. Just to check I got it right for the End The Fight move. Bjorn doesn't have to roll for himself his roll is Progress made (9). He rolls for Challenge and then we compare for results as always. strong or weak hit and miss?
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