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Sometimes you want an intricate fantasy setting that encourages roleplaying and characterization – one with lovingly detailed cultures and plots, enabling you to give each hero a past, a family, and a home town. Sometimes you want to use every rule, making the game richer and more realistic . . . . . . and sometimes you just want to play a combat-monster warrior who stomps monsters and takes their stuff! Many – perhaps most – gamers started out playing simple dungeon-crawl RPGs or hack n' slash computer games. Some of us still recall that time fondly, but pretend to have "outgrown" it. But if you love the smell of fireballs in the morning, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy is for you. The Dungeon Fantasy series reduces GURPS to the essential abilities and rules you need to create tough dungeon-delvers, equip them with awesome gear, and defeat monsters and traps to get even more awesome gear. It provides the GM with advice on how to pose challenges and keep things interesting without unbalancing the game or killing all the PCs (unless they deserve it!). And as the series grows, we'll be adding new items that cover advanced characters and situations. So choose a good, strong archetype like "barbarian" or "thief," strap on your Accurate Orichalcum Broadsword of Smiting, stuff your potion belt with Great Healing Potions, and get with the program!

Game System




Detailed Description

Character creation will be using the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Rules and using the templates and lens provided only.

Well be using the GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset but I am happy to use the series of pdfs for extra content. (I have pdfs 1 - 15) Source Books being used; GURPS Basic Characters, GURPS Basics Campaigns, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Boxset, GURPS Dungeon Fantasy PDF's 1 - 15, GURPS Magic and GURPS Martial Arts.

Character Point Buy: 250 points, -75 Disadvantages, 5 points Perks, -5 points Quirks. In addition I will allow players an extra 20 points to buy a racial template, those players choosing to be human will gain an extra 20 points spend on stats, advantages and skills.

List of expectable races; Dwarves, Elves (Half-Elf, High Elf, Mountain Elf, Sea Elf and Wood Elves), Nymphs, Gnomes, Half-Orcs, Halflings and Human. If anyone wants to play another race run it by me first and I'll think about it but I feel there is enough options for everyone to choose from.

Experience will be awarded either weekly or monthly depending on post rate, though I may change this to milestone - we'll see how it goes.

There will be plenty of room for Role-play as it suits the PBMB format..

We presently have a full party, any further applications will be put in as first reserves in case anyone drops out.

  • Dwarf Barbarian (Groan)
  • Half-Orc Holy Warrior (Necromyncer)
  • Human Cleric (Brother Rondell)
  • Halfling Thief (Lockheed Dobbins)
  • Human Mage (Ursella Farspell)
  • Nymph Bard (Amaranth)
  1. What's new in this game
  2. Necromyncer, Half-Orc Holy Warrior Pending statblock here Necro doesn't have much to add to the conversation, although he wonders internally if liches keep prisoners. Specifically, female maiden prisoners, preferably princesses. In his mind, he considers that dragons are known to keep princesses captive, which makes him consider that he should have made his sacred duty dragonslaying. It seems that there might be a higher maiden to monster ratio with dragons than undead. It's probably too late to worry about that now, but Necro hopes that the maidens love lich-slayers as much as they love dragon-slayers.
  3. Just to be clear, I have no objections to doing some research first. But Groan didn't expect it.
  4. Brother Rondell Cleric of Morhelin HP: 12/12 || FP: 14/14 || Move 7, 6 with armor/weapons, 5 with backpack || Dodge - 9 || Parry - 9 Conditions/Effects: Haste 1 (maintained at no cost) -------------------------------------------------------------- "Patience, my friend. The more information we have of our foes, the easier it will be to defeat them. Not to mention that we might bleed less.", Rondell said to the dwarf in a low voice.
  5. Amaranth glances to Groan as he frowns at the offered price and drops him a subtle nod. Turning back to the speakers, she is all smiles and charm once again. "While that's certainly an... interesting initial offer, defeating a lich and their minions is no small task. Consider how much harder we would swing our weapons, how much more boldly we would press into the temple, how much louder our voices would be if the deal was just a little sweeter. Now I'm not asking for much, just perhaps... $5500 a piece for a magical orb? Consider it."
  6. Dwarf Barbarian HP: 22/22 || FP: 17/17 || DX: 13 || Move: 5 (current), 4 with sack || Dodge: 10- || Parry: 14- Groan turns to the priest. "I thought the plan was we was going straight away. I brought all my gear with me. How much time do ya wanna spend asking around town first? Are the rest of ya ready to go?" He doesn't sound overly negative, just normal dwarf-level negativity. Not even any cussing or loud yelling. OOC:
  7. Necromyncer, Half-Orc Holy Warrior Pending statblock here Necro shrugs. "I'm good. Kill undead, get rich, teleport back. Seems simple enough."
  8. Halfling Thief HP: 10/10 || FP: 12/12 || DX: 17 || Move: 4 (current), 3 with backpack || Dodge: 9- || Parry: 10- Lockheed smiled at Lenord and when the explanations was finished, he quietly took the the Summoning Stone out again and gently turned it around in his hands. "I can't wait!" He quietly said to himself. OOC:
  9. Did Ursella not learn Recover Energy for some reason? I thought it would be an essential spell for a mage.
  10. Rondell thought for a moment. "While I believe that the answer will likely be a no, is there a possibility that someone in town might have spent time at the temple before the lich moved in? An elder here in town, perhaps? To whom was the temple originally dedicated? It would be nice to learn anything we can of the place before we get there. Also, is there a limit to how many times can the Summoning Stone be used?", he asked. While waiting for an answer he tried to think of anyone who might have some knowledge of the temple.
  11. Dwarf Barbarian HP: 22/22 || FP: 17/17 || DX: 13 || Move: 5 (current), 4 with sack || Dodge: 10- || Parry: 14- Groan frowns at the reward, but leaves the lass to negotiate that. She's talked him out of enough money before. "Anything we find, eh?" he adds. "So we clean the place out, and you give us deed to the land." OOC:
  12. Ronin Farstrider (3) listens carefully to the questions from the group, running one hand through his long brown hair as he did. When they had finished speaking he paused briefly before replying. " You are the first group to enter the temple and we hold great hope that you will be successful. The price we will pay you for your effort in returning the orb safely into our keeping is $3000 each and you can keep any other treasures or money that you find. All we know of the Lich Xard is that he is creating an army of undead and is looking to raid the lands outside the temple. The temple is located around 50 miles from here and has significant underground dungeons and alike. " Having answered the groups questions the experience warrior once more indicated to Lenord Brightstar (2) to step forward. Waiting for Ronin top step back, Lenord then stood to the front of the stage. Looking directly at Lockheed he smiled as he spoke. " To use the Summoning Stone place it on the ground and speak the word open, it will then create an area similar in size to the stones you see laid out before you. When all who want to be teleported back to this location are present in the circle speak the word home and you shall be teleported back. " Stepping back the aged robed figure let Ronin take the centre of the stage again. Stepping forward once more the chainmail cladded figure spoke again. "Have you any further question which you would like to ask?"
  13. After you submit your post, you will see a dice icon at the top right. You can click that and do your dice rolls.
  14. Happy belated birthday to the young'un! I sent you my icon, Game Master. Looking back on the thread... Yeah, we used to post our dice with... UBB Code? UB Code? VB Code? Oh, whatever! 😹 RPoL's got the roller, where you copy and paste things. Each site's got its ups and its downs, for sure! I'm still getting used to this new one for Myth-Weavers, honestly...
  15. Necromyncer, Half-Orc Holy Warrior Pending statblock here Necro simply shrugs as the opportunity to ask questions is given. Undead killing is what he is here for, the rest of it doesn't matter too much. He smiles at Groan, who seems to have a similar outlook, and takes his offered healing potion just in case. He'll let the magic men deal with the magic stuff. He just wants to smite things. "Oh, um, yeah. Those are good questions," he grunts out. Even his voice grates on the nerves, somehow sounding like he has a mouthful of nails and marbles, all at once. Probably because of the tusks. "How far out is this temple, anyway? And how deep? I assume this temple is not all above-ground."
  16. Dwarf Barbarian HP: 22/22 || FP: 17/17 || DX: 13 || Move: 5 (current), 4 with sack || Dodge: 10- || Parry: 14- "Stay there!" Groan yells to the cleric. "I got this one!" OOC: Stepping between Rondell and the skeleton, and taking -2 to his axe attack to give the skeleton -1 to its defense
  17. If players just add their characters actions and the relative die rolls, I'll post the outcome of said actions. Combat being resolved the same as skills check and alike, that way I can allow for any mitigating circumstances. Kind Regards Shub
  18. Ursella the Wizard "Have you any word on the dangers in this Temple? Such as... monsters, or the spells used by Lich Xard's minions? The more we know, the better we can help you." Ursella shifts in her place, and rests on her staff. She does not seem some frail wizard, but rather to be made from the same cloth as every other adventuring mage. Her speech, however, is accented. Drawling. Ursella Farspell Human Wizard
  19. Sounds like a plan. The only problem is that you can't roll the dice before you submit the post so you have to go back and edit to fit your success or failure into the narrative. No way around that though. We should have it ironed out by the time we get done with the guild hall stuff.
  20. I've been mucking about with the posting style and it's easier to just add the rolls with the built in die roller, go figure. (lol) So strike the spoilers and just add the rolls as you would normally, I'm working on a set of sample posts which will show anyone who is unsure. Basically to save time add all die rolls to the post and those unneeded will be disregarded. Kind Regards Shub
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