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Expedition based romp with a mash-up of various settings, world travel and base building powered by the Fate Core system.

Game System

Fate: Core
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  2. Farewell my sweet child, miss you I shall, but your memories will remain.  Into the void I commit you, into the void you send. Betwixt the starry dark silence will have it's due. Slumber well until we meet once more. 
  3. Save your characters if you want them. I've moved all my setting stuff away. 
  4. I think that's fair. I went back and looked at the timestamps and it's been quite a few months. I didn't even realize... Time flies when the void sucks you into a vacuum and spits you out the other side.
  5. Is it time to call time of death and officially shutter these doors?  If so I'll be pulling setting information and premise and shoving some of it into its own "Games from the Void" creative corner.
  6. Markus found himself an unwilling pilgrim to this strange land of swirling chaos. Strange things that seemed to be made of metal, but whose craftsmanship not even the finest smith back home could match. Bits and pieces of land and materials both familiar and alien scattered about. He steadied his balance against the strange pull, and absently found himself moving toward the large archway. The woman's words were strange, and he couldn't place the accent, but he understood her and what she was telling the group, and resigned himself to go with the others, as there didn't seem to be a better option at the moment. He stepped through the arch, and the world went black around him. The pain in his hand was sharp, and he instinctively pulled his arm close to his chest. Another foot forward and the black peeled away from his sight as he stepped out into the world. Feeling the soft earth underneath him again gave Markus some reassurance, until he noticed the second moon in the sky and realized this was in fact, not his home. The pain in his hand and wrist prodded at him, drawing him back into reality from his despair as he looked down to see what could be causing it. Seeing the dark mark that covered a large part of his palm, with parts extending that looked like cracks in the rift reaching up each of his fingers, and a longer one wrapping around his forearm almost to his elbow. Startled, Markus shakes his arm violently, assuming it to be something stuck to him, but slowly realizes it seems to be a part of him rather than an external attachment. "What the hell is this wretched mark?" He asks, more to himself than anyone else, taking a closer look at it, noticing the silver line. "A compass? But how's it a part of my arm. What witchcraft is this?" He pokes and prods a bit more, trying in vain to see if there's some way to peel it off from the edge.   He looks around, noticing the others seem to have been given this same marking, or at least one very similar. "Did one of ye do this to me?"
  7. The sensory deprivation of the Void had been a study in Pango's Paradox, G9 realized. The lack of data to be had made what little that came into to be considered extra sensitive, regardless of it's meaningless nature. A discarded pile of material was no more important here than it was where he'd been before. But the servers whirled about regardless. The data needed to be taken, analyzed, and stored away for later. G9 inspected each one they passed with little more than the natural noises of his plasteel and metal body.    The sensations of the Arch was no different. His analytics stored away the experience in the long-term memory storage. It was not a particularly enjoyable sensation, so he thought it best to keep it readily available to compare to any future events. As the others pointed out their new tattoo, G9 too looked over his upper limbs. Expectations were low -he was obviously not Bios and had not indication that such things happened to machines- but was secretly delighted when he found the stamping along his own limb. Where the plating held gaps, the marking seemed to simply skip to the next piece. The mystery of it was incredibly curious, but the fact that he was included seemed of significance.    G9 stepped out away from the group for a moment. His servos, sensory ports, and cameras all whirling to life again. "My planet did not have two moons." He said matter-of-factly. He continued his data-intake without other observations until otherwise interrupted. 
  8. Name: Markus Jackson   Refresh: 3 (3) High Concept Young Man who was a messenger during his timeline's American Revolutionary War Trouble Enthusiastically Tech Illiterate: Just because he doesn't understand what most of this stuff does, isn't going to stop him from trying to "help". Aspects       Skills 5: 4: Ride (Drive) 3: Notice, Physique 2: Will, Empathy, Crafts 1: Magic: Enhancement, Fight, Void Art 0:  Stunts Stunt Stunt Stunt   Stress: OO Consequences mild, moderate, severe, extreme
  9.    Name: Nalle Idra Barclay   Refresh: 3 (3) High Concept Disgraced Spellweaver of the Brass Court Trouble Bound by Protocol Aspects - - - Skills 5: 4: Magic: Controlling 3: Magic: Destruction, Deceive 2: Lore, Notice, Investigate 1: Void-Art, Physique, Crafts, Rapport 0:  Stunts Stunt Stunt Stunt   https://www.artstation.com/artwork/3R4Ao Stress: OO Consequences mild, moderate, severe, extreme
  10. Name: Erza Blackwood   Refresh: 3 (3) High Concept Indentured Shipbreaker Trouble Two Speeds A Shipbreaker is forced to adapt to a strange environment. Long periods of boredom in the hab waiting for a ship to come in. The opposing factors of the race against time, as o2 tanks empty, fuel tanks run dry, bay rental fees climb, and interest always ticks along, vs the fact that the wrong cut can pierce a reactor coolant line, and you're waking up in a flash-printed clone with a billion dollars added to your debt. A good Shipbreaker needs to peel hull like a banana and disarm a nuke like a surgeon, and that leads to some strange attitudes. Especially around heavy tools. Aspects   Skills 5: 4: 3:  2:  1:  0:  Stunts Stunt Stunt Stunt   http://i.imgur.com/d7A3uWS.jpg Stress: OO Consequences mild, moderate, severe, extreme
  11. The EBS Holloway slumbered in the early hours. The crew aboard it was limited to one Nikon KRADE-class G series and it was currently in upload and reboot stasis. The rest of the inhabitants of the outpost were in various levels of chemical-induced slumber as was protocol for overnight. The KRADE-class robot, currently working under provisional tenet K -KEEPER- had been dutiful about maintaining the regiment as the original procedure had intended.   The freighter had once been a mighty vessel, brought to the southern pole of the planet to observe and report on the changing climate. Once it had frozen in the newly formed ice shelf, it was refitted as a research outpost for the remaining inhabitants of the planet to use in measuring polarity differences, act as a living seed repository, and to continue it's work in the stabilization efforts of diminished oxygen levels. All of those tasks continued even after the last of the remaining human population had ceased to live aboard.   The creation of the KRADE class was specifically for these types of tasks in extreme scenarios where Bios could not be ensured safety or longevity. In the case of the G series, each one could be changed to a different authority inside the KRADE system for maximum output (KEEPER, RESCUE, ADMIN, DEMOLITION, and ENVIRONMENTAL) , but the G-series was accustomed to being left on default and troubleshooting any issues through various re-written output coding. The average G-series KRADE was better at all of it's assigned tasks than any of the previous models at even it's baseline. The fact that it could rehabilitate parts from earlier models to replace it's own parts was what gave NIKON the contract in the first place or its rivals.   G9 awoke. A series of programs cycling in the background as his processors whirled to life. Each one gained a ALL CLEAR and faded into oblivion until they were called upon tomorrow.    He had dreamt again. A late addition programming talent given to KRADE subsystems to help with data governance. The dreams were personal memories that could be compared to data coming in from the main hub, and anomalies could be extracted. If a KRADE bot recorded the observance of a purple flower, and the hub's render was degraded to another color, the governance would correct the file.    The dream had been an old memory. G9 assumed that another bot in the hub was cleaning up an old file and triggered a counter-view. G9 had been on the upper deck amidst the hollowing winds and freezing temperatures of the southern polar circle. He'd been commanded to go there to observe the Generational Ship launch of the humans. In reality, he'd actually intended to go there even without the order, but he had been glad to have his reports on file regardless. It had been mid-afternoon at his location and the sun was in full view. The launch was happening at the new Gregorius Launch Pad in New Breehaven, over a  thousand miles from his location and early morning for the people there. He'd not be able to see the launch, but the ship's trajectory and sheer size would be visible from his location.   He stood with multiple lenses pointed toward the sky. His internal clock set to match that of the launch. He would know when the humans left this world for the last time. He knew when their intrepid endeavor would be triumphantly in the air. His internal readings showed that he was feeling a sense of pride, albeit by coding instead of chemical amplitudes in his brain. 5...4...3...2...1....Lift Off.   G9 had calculated it already. It would be 13.3 seconds before he had visuals. Down to the decimal, the count was correct. The ship came into view and tore through the sky with such force that G9 could hear the faintest of buzz from the rockets.    Then it happened. During the 34th second, a piece fell away from the ship. Then another. Then another. By the 42nd second, the ship was engulfed in flames. The explosion came shortly after. The reverberation was audible to G9. Mission Failure. Mission Failure. Mission Failure.
  12.   Name: G9   Refresh: 3 (3) High Concept Companion Bot built by Humans from Post-Human World Trouble Obsessions with Progeny/Legacy Aspects BIOS Are Simple   Skills 5: 4: 3:  2:  1:  0:  Stunts Stunt Stunt Stunt   Stress: OO Consequences mild, moderate, severe, extreme
  13. @SerakHawk! Wow I can @ you and it's easy! (on the old site it is an arcane process I have yet to uncover...)
  14. Mark of the Void Circular band of 'ink' that appears after first travelling through the Void Arch. The circle is a deep purple that shows up on the non-dominant hand on the underside of the wrist just below the palm. The circle stretches the width of the wrist with a singular purple line running down the interior of the forearm to the elbow. Each citizen who travels the void gains a "Void mark" and each one bends and curves differently from the circle to the elbow. The interior of the circle is a darkness matched to that of the void. The interior of the void circle sometimes has a silver sliver giving directions.  
  15. This is the Codex. Descriptions or definitions or GM handouts will go here.   Entries: - Mark of the Void
  16. Trynne Light Creek - ??? Description At half the average height she still intimidates a majority of the other citizens. Blond curly hair and stern features she makes up for her short size with attitude. Her left arm is a mechanical contraption of peculiar design and responds fluidly as if it was not a prosthetic. Questions are answered with 'a gnome did it'. Known Bio Unknown Services: Unknown Requests: None
  17. Director Vanya - ??? Description Human with a early 20th century clothing style. Straightforward and strong willed. Just under average height for humans. Known Bio Nothing is known about her history. Services: Unknown Requests: Enter the Arch and return.
  18.                       Occupants Isolated groups of survivors huddle in the dark. They eye each other suspiciously. A group headed by Director Vanya is constructing a make-shift camp. Director Vanya Trynne Lightcreek   Facilities There is an Arch to the Void. Nothing else is in the dark.
  19.   A thick temperate forest with minor underbrush impeding travel. Two medium sized lunar bodies. Occupants Unknown Facilities Unknown
  20. Character Creation Standard Fate Core Creation: 5 Aspects: High Concept Trouble Your Adventure Crossing Paths Crossing Paths Again Standard Skill Array, One Great (+4), Two Good (+3), Three Fair (+2) and three Average (+1) (one of the averages must be Void-art) Default skill list +: STAB Magic: Enhancement Magic: Destruction Magic: Restoration Magic: Creating Magic: Controlling Void-art I am open to more skills being added as the Realms encompass many other items not mentioned in the base Fate list.   The Phase Trio don't need to be filled in yet- or if you could think of something with the other players go for it
  21. Active Expedition Sites Inactive Expedition Sites Special The Woods                              
  22. Bounty Title Bounty Giver Location Description Reward Completed? Enter The Arch Director Vanya Void Arch Enter the Void Arch and return Information on the Void N Shrooms? Mushroom Gal The Woods Collect varieties of mushrooms and give them to Mushroom Gal A pat on the head and a cup of coffee N                        
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