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About This Game

There are only 3 universal constants: life, death, and some Johnson needing a team of Runners. Calling for a team of 4-5 Shadowrunners to take part in a short mission using Cities Without Number, with a smidge of homebrew.

Game System

Cities Without Number



Detailed Description


The setting for this game is in Seattle, in the year 2060 after many notable events in Shadowrun history happened (the assassination of Dunkelzahn, the Corp Wars, the Mob Wars, etc.). In this game, you are part of a team of rookie Shadowrunners, starting their first job. The fixer claims it'll be a milkrun, but whether it is or not remains to be seen.


What can I expect from this game?

The overall style and tone I'm aiming for is Brown Business Suit—you can reference what that means here.


Why this game?

This game is primarily intended to see how well Cities Without Number handles Shadowrun. It's almost a trope at this point, but, like many people, I love Shadowrun as a setting. Not as a game. I'm hoping this game can help scratch the itch.


Who should apply?

If you're like me and want to play Shadowrun, but don't want to play Shadowrun, or if you like cyberpunk and fantasy themes and elements smashed together.


How do I apply?

First, read the READ ME page. It has all the character creation guidelines as well the homebrew rules and extra content that will be used during the game.

Second, pop into the character creation discussion thread and say hi/let me know what kind of character concept you have (if any).

Third, create a new thread in the Applications section for your character. Be sure to let me know when you've finished.


Deadline is 10/01/23 and I won't close the ad down before then out of fairness to everyone. I'll be selecting 4-5 players after the deadline.



I'd like to keep a posting rate of 2-3 posts/week. Three posts is the ideal, but 2 is the bare minimum. Posts don't need to be high effort mini-novellas, being consistent and maintaining momentum is more important.

I will also be using Discord to communicate out-of-character. It has been a useful tool in other games I've ran and played in, and I am more likely to respond quickly to a message on Discord than anywhere else.


  1. What's new in this game
  2. Hey, I think I must confirm that my PC's write-up is done. It is done. The full sheet is in, well, the Sheets thing here on MW (I think you can access it - at least it's marked as public). Hasn't all the spaces for Cities WN, and I certainlly wouldn't be using that sheet to play if it comes to be, but it's a handy reference...
  3. Yeah I liked it so much I tried to write a character based on it. Although it became grimderp because I literally can't stop myself.
  4. Not gonna lie, looking over several other folks' apps, Dexter seems to be very underpowered since he's missing any cyber currently. I will probably look to enhance his abilities with some cyberlimbs etc as the game goes on (if selected of course)
  5. Hi Tony/@Tecmes ! Welcome to the Weave :) Since you're new to the Weave, here's a run-down of how things typically work and what you can expect. Most games will advertise for a certain amount of time (till Oct 1 in this game's case). During this ad/recruitment period, prospective players will create a character based on the GM/DMs guidelines. At the end of the recruitment period, the GM will select players from those who applied (typically 4-5 though can be more or less depending on what they're looking for). If you have questions or need help, please feel free to ask me here!
  6. Chrylser Many-guns (female orc) was born into the Salish nation but her family got kicked out at an early age. Her brother remained in the fringes while she ended up doing menial jobs in Seattle. With the ability to navigate both nations she found some employement as a small-time smuggler and is now trying to upgrade to Operator jobs. She's eager to fit in with misfits... Quite overconfident as she has to prove her oddball skills, and has relied on luck (and her good stats...) in the past. This is a rather open-ended character. She wouldn't be adverse to specialize or reorient, and certainly to acquire some cyber.   Sorry, ugly CS layout. I'm only writing down the stuff that requires decisions, not derived stats. The rest is in the MW Sheet, though it's barely less ugly... STR 14 DEX 13 CON 13 (max Strain 15) INT 12 WIS 16 CHA 14 LCK 15 Karma: 5 SKILLS Exert 0 Connect 0 Drive 0 Survive 0 Trade 0 Shoot 0 Background: Trader (+1 dex, +1 dex, Connect) Edge: masterful expertise; focus: feelin' lucky Focus: Roamer Readied gear Reinforced clothing Crossbow* (adv bow stats) Knife Smartphone (1 mo) 35Y 5,000Y van STASHED Travel backpack Binoculars Survival kit Rations x3 Acquaintance #1: Brody. Half-brother. Insists on living a "traditional" life in the backcountry (i.e. lives in a cave with a generator and two wives). Smuggler with contacts with nearby native tribes and the drug smugglers who cross over nations for profit. Acquaintance #2: Miranda. Former lover, had to find more permanent situation. Now she's a synthvoice corp artist employed by Ares's art department for tradeshows and receptions. Mean she can get the occasional item from the showroom handlers...     RollRollRollRollRollRoll and luck Roll Background RollGrowth RollGrowth RollLearning Roll (pic by Wei Wang)
  7. Hi there! Name's Tony, I live in Canada, and I've been, ah, trying to enjoy Shadowrun ever since SR1. Ever wonky rules, dysfunctional setting where you're kick-ass 'runners but can't make a living, specks of dust for the corps, yet somehow start with 400KY of gear. Yet I GMed SR1, SR2 and even SR5, and to be honest we had fun throughout. I didn't know Without Numbers but I've checked it thoroughly and the prospect of a reasonable ruleset AND game play is very appealing! I've RPGed nonstop since forever, currently on Roll20, 'cause of VITAS. Also I've played/hosted quite a lot of PBeM/PBF a few years back and I'm longing for it. I'm a dependable poster and thrive to make characters with palpable attitude, and every post interesting, though to be clear I like action more than lengthy discussion.   Character-wise, I have ideas for an ork techie/poor-man's rigger (meaning rigger investment would depend on the importance of driving in the game...) with room to grow. But really I'm ready and very willing to fill up any role in a team as needed. Hope to make the team and in any case, thanks for getting me to know MW and WN!  
  8. Great! i was a little unclear about the way the mods worked so its all fixed up!
  9. So everything looks mostly in order except for the Str modifier. The Troll foci caps you at a total of +3 so you wouldn't be able to raise it to +4. Edges are applied first so Prodigy raises you to STR 18 (+3). Troll gives you 14 in STR unless higher (so we ignore that) and a +1 STR mod, but is capped to a max of +3 so it isn't applied.   Everything else looks great. That character picture looks awesome :)
  10. I think you may have forgotten to apply the +1 any stat from your growth roll. It looks like you applied the 14 swap to Constitution, and Prodigy changes your Str to 18, but your other scores look the same as your rolls. Int would go up to 14 and come out with a +1 bonus if you applied it to that. :) Apart from that, it looks like you're all set.
  11. Mechanics look solid. 👍 Love the character art too :)
  12. The mechanics are complete on my app as far as I can tell. Except designating which people know are formal-C Contacts. I've added the tag thing to it.
  13. So by my count I have 3 more apps that need to be reviewed for mechanics. If there's anyone else whose character is ready, ping me or put the "ready for review" tag on your character thread. Also, friendly reminder, there's 1 week left before the ad closes. If you haven't finished your character app yet, please make sure that you go.
  14. Thanks, chummer. Your portrait certainly helped a lot!
  15. So I think you might be missing 1 skill. You get Sneak-0 for free with criminal background, looks like you selected your skills so you get 2 (Talk-0 and ???). You get Casting-0 from Spellcaster Edge, Survive-0 + Drive-0 from Roamer focus, and looks like you have Shoot-0 from free skill choice at the end. So you can choose one more skill from your background Learning table. Otherwise everything looks good to me. 👍
  16. Ah yeah. The Encumbrance system has been largely the same since the original Stars Without Number, so I suspect there may be some assumptions on his part that may be lost in translation.
  17. Ah, now it's me who's not being clear 😅 What I meant with items worth 4/8 encumbrance was exactly how you explained it works - the character can carry Readied items worth a total Encumbrance value of 4 (so for example Enc 0+1+2+0+1, even though that's 5 items), and Stowed items worth a total Encumbrance value of 8. Okay, this interpretation of it makes sense to me. It's just so weird that the rulebook keeps talking about items - like here: It really sounds to me like the text is saying a person can push themselves to carry for example four Stowed plated longcoats (each Enc 3, total 12) just as easily as four Stowed ultralight radios (each Enc 0, total 0), in exchange for 30% of their movement speed. But since that makes no sense, I guess what the text means is that it's an additional two Encumbrance value's worth of Readied items, and four Encumbrance value's worth of Stowed items.. I suspect Crawford has simply not had the space to explain this more clearly in more words, so he's had to keep referring to "items" when he really means "items' Encumbrance value". Anyway, thanks for the clarification!
  18. That's about the size of it, yes. With the addition of the following info for carrying over your ENC: from pg. 48... PCs can haul much heavier objects if necessary. If they push their limits for longer terms, they can carry an additional two Ready and four Stowed items. The first time they do this, their Move speed is cut by 30%, from 10m to 7m. The second time, it’s cut by 50%, from 10m to 5m. More weight than this can’t be practically hauled over significant distances. You could carry up to an additional 12 items (4 readied, 8 stowed) if you're okay with moving at half speed.
  19. So i'm playing a super strong person with 18 str. They've got the following items - Junkyard Armour (enc 3), Foldable Bicycle (enc 5), Riot Gun (enc 2), Flashlight (enc 1), car keys (enc 0), Grenade Belt (1 enc), normal clothes (enc 0), 3 days food (enc 2), a scout drone (the Frisbee) (enc 2), a monowire grappling gun (enc 1), and three magic staffs (each enc 1) That's a total of 3+5+2+1+0+1+0+2+2+1+1+1+1 for a total of 20. That's under their total encumbrance of 18+9=27, so they can carry it all, but they can only have 9 of that ready to grab at any moment. So they could have their Armour on (3), their Riot Gun slung (5), their grenade belt across their chest (6), their flashlight on their belt (7), and the Frisbee ready to toss at any moment (9), but then if they wanted to have their grappling gun on their hip they'd need to put something they currently have ready in a less accessible location. They can pick up 7 more total enc of stuff without running into issues, so they if they find some Cans of Peaches (enc 1) or Extra Ammo Mags (2) they can grab both of those but if they found a powered-down exo-suit (10) they'd need to drop something or leave it behind or go over encumbrance to take it with. Is that correct?
  20. Ope, sorry my bad, forgot to edit that portion. What I was trying to get across is that the number of Stowed encumbrance equals your strength score. The maximum Encumbrance you can have (which can be any combination of items of varying encumbrance values) is Readied + Stowed = Max Total Encumbrance So taking your STR 8, you'd have 4 Readied (half your strength) + 8 Stowed (your full strength score) = 12 Encumbrance. It does not mean you can carry items worth 4/8 encumbrance. To my knowledge most items you can carry easily max out at 3 encumbrance (Assault Rifle is at Enc 4 I think) anything bigger than that will slow you down and have to be dragged. There's a chart on pg 48 that can give you a rough estimate of the size of an item based on it's Encumbrance value. To further explain, if I wanted to carry 4 magazines (1 ENC) readied on my person, it would take up 4 ENC under Readied. You could still have a radio, smartphone, or anything else with 0 or no ENC as Readied. If you wanted to wear Plated Longcoat, however, it would take up 3 ENC under Readied and you'd only have room for 1 ENC worth of items.
  21. Can you point me to where it says this, because I'm failing to find this rule? And to go back to my question, for a strength 8 character is readied/stowed 4/8 items, or items worth 4/8 encumbrance?
  22. I'll be reviewing character mechanics over the next few days. As to the Encumbrance rules. You effectively get 12 Encumbrance. 4 Readied + 8 Stowed. The maximum number of items you can carry is the same as your strength score, unless you have an item (like a backpack) or something else that says otherwise. You can always have a number of readied items equal to half your strength score. Readied items you use as part of an action, Stowed items require use of a Main Action produce from your backpack/pockets/knapsack/cyberstorage compartment/etc... Armor when worn is considered Readied. I wouldn't consider a magazine loaded into the gun as extra encumbrance, it would just be subsumed by the weapons encumbrance. However if you have 3 extra magazines ready to go (for instance, if your character had mag pouches lined up on their front like on modern body armor), that would count as 3 encumbrance under Readied. If didn't want them immediately available, but still on your person, you might put them in your backpack or a similar storage device, at which point it'd be 3 encumbrance under Stowed and would require a Main action per item to retrieve.
  23. I was adding the readied / stowed information to my character's gear list while waiting for character review, when I realized I'm not sure how encumbrance works in this game. Page 48: "A PC can carry up to half of their Strength score in Ready items, rounded down ... In addition, a PC can carry additional Stowed items up to their full Strength score." For Harry that'd be 4 readied + 8 stowed. But is it 4/8 items, or items worth 4/8 encumbrance? On one hand the text keeps referring to items (throughout the book, not just on this page), but on the other that would make the encumbrance values kind of meaningless (like 0 vs. 3 enc armor). And either way, does the magazine loaded into a weapon count towards readied or stowed encumbrance limits?
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