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Name That Tune!


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Anthrax has always dabbled in nerd-centric songs.


"I am the Law" is obviously about Judge Dredd, as mentioned.

"Among the Living" is about Randall Flagg, the Steven King antagonist (The Stand, The Dark Tower)

"The Constant" is based off the "Lost" episode of the same name.

"Skeletons" is inspired by Steven King's "Apt Pupil".

I'm sure there are others if I dig through my old CDs. 


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It's been a week, so I'm taking another turn!  Keeping with the nerdy, heavy metal theme.


He's for every one of us
Stand for every one of us
He'll save with a mighty hand
Every man, every woman, every child with a mighty XXXXXXX
Just a man, with a man's courage
He knows nothing but a man
But he can never fail
No one but the pure in heart may find the golden grail
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The song may be difficult, although it was a huge hit for the band. However, the movie thread is also a clue.
Dear, I fear we're facing a problem
You love me no longer, I know and
Maybe there is nothing that I can do
To make you do
Mama tells me I shouldn't bother
That I ought just stick to another man
A man that surely deserves me
But I think you do
So I cry and I pray and I beg
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