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Chapter 1a - back on the road, and then off


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[fieldset=Maybell Springfield][table=2,1] [r=1,1][img2=150]https://i.imgur.com/F9acM1T.png[/img2] [r=2,1][center][b][url=https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2839749][font=palatino linotype][size=4][color=Sienna]Maybell Springfield[/color][/size][/font][/url][/b] [I]Gutsy Halfling Bard 2[/I] [b]HP:[/b] 24/24 [b]AC:[/b] 18 [b]Spell Slots:[/b] 3/3 L1 [b]Focus Points:[/b] 1/1 [b]Halfling Luck:[/b] 1/1 [b]Class DC:[/b] 18 [b]Status:[/b] Normal and Healthy [/center][/table] [spoiler=Statblock] [CENTER][table=3,1][r=1,1][URL="https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2839749"][size="4"][b]Maybell Springfield[/b][/size][/URL] [r=2,1] [B]Female Halfling Bard 2[/B] [r=3,1] [B]Neutral Good Entertainer[/B] [/table] [/CENTER] [table=2,1][r=1,1][B]STR:[/B] 8/-1 [B]DEX:[/B] 14/+2 [B]CON:[/B] 12/+1 [B]INT:[/B] 14/+2 [B]WIS:[/B] 12/+1 [B]CHA:[/B] 18/+4 [r=2,1][B]Saves:[/B] For 5 Rex 6 Wil 7 Per 7 [B]Speed:[/B] 25 [B]AC:[/B] 18 [B]Languages:[/B] Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling [/table][/spoiler] [/fieldset]
Maybell Springfield
Maybell Springfield
Gutsy Halfling Bard 2
HP: 24/24
AC: 18
Spell Slots: 3/3 L1
Focus Points: 1/1
Halfling Luck: 1/1
Class DC: 18
Status: Normal and Healthy



Maybell Springfield Female Halfling Bard 2 Neutral Good Entertainer
STR: 8/-1
DEX: 14/+2
CON: 12/+1
INT: 14/+2
WIS: 12/+1
CHA: 18/+4
Saves: For 5 Rex 6 Wil 7 Per 7
Speed: 25
AC: 18
Languages: Common, Elven, Dwarven, Halfling


"Seems like prudence is the name of the game here then. Lets go back then, see if we can find any other trails at the same time as we look for a suitable place to camp. Between the spiders and the goblins, we'll want to find a safe place if possible" says Maybell, and if the group agrees to this direction, she'll begin the march while keeping her eyes peeled for such.



1d20+7 7
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Khaine - Human Monk 2

HP: 34/34 | AC: 20 | Speed: 25ft | Hero: 2/3 | Focus: 1/1 

Perception: +5 | Fort: +8 | Ref: +10 | Will: +7 

Statistics | Equipment | Abilities | Skills

Conditions :

Khaine looked to the darkening sky.

"It is getting late, and I think goblins see better than many in the dark. Lets find somewhere to hold up for the night and renew our search tomorrow. I could do with some dinner, even if it is just dry rations."

He looked a little disappointed to have lost the goblin trail and having to spend another evening waiting before finding their goal.

1d20+8 9
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Chelia Gremaris Elven Fighter 2

HP: 28/28 | AC: 19 (20 with shield) | speed: 30 | hero: 1/1

Perception: +7 | Fort: +7 | Ref: +7 | Will: +5

conditions: none


"Lets circle around the area they are supposed to be in to search for tracks and find a place to sleep," Chelia said to the others. She would keep an eye out for any interesting locations they could stay in during the night.





1d20+5 5
1d20+7 8
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