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What's the Movie?


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7 hours ago, leons1701 said:

I almost want to say Deathrace 2000 but that car is far too normal looking, despite almost certainly being customized to look more menacing.


I thought it looked weirdly wide too.  But I don't know enough about cars.

Could it be that Death Proof movie Tarantino did?  

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It looks like the roof was lowered to make the car look wider and emphasize the size of the front grill, which was probably modded a bit too. Given that the car was modded to be more menacing, this is presumably a horror movie, there aren't a ton of horror movies about cars (and we've already eliminated DeathProof and Maximum Overdrive, while this clearly isn't Christine or The Wraith) so it shouldn't be too hard to track down.


And there it is. The Car (1977).

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