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The Big Bironian Bash & Pirate Party


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Tourney, Grand Opening, and formalization of the new Bironian state...

Those who arrive from orbit would find themselves descending through a faintly golden sky, the rolling clouds of Badal's habitable altitudes stretching out and reflecting as much sunlight back up as a clear day on Sansar might receive to begin with. This view would be obstructed only by the great sprawling network of aerostats in the North Way Cluster, half-hidden amid the sulfurous fog banks. Brightly colored paints formulated to protect against the corrosive vapors decorate the structures, freshly applied in expectation of a new and wider audience.

One particular such habitat is the focus of the week's activities, however - the Set Serpent Sorority, whose professional spaces have been handed over almost entirely to the Pan-Tekhum Worker's and Trader's Union to serve as their local center of operations on Badal. Large airships with overbuilt lift capacity and flat tops hover around to provide suitable landing areas to off-worlders. Smaller ships can be buffered against the corrosive mists of Badal with tarps, positively pressurized tents, and similar adaptive devices, but the largest off-worlder vessels will likely need to return to orbit after dropping off their passengers, or accept the increased maintenance demands and risks on their journey home. From these landing pads, Badalian sky shuttles serve to ferry passengers to the aerostat proper, where they interlink with the towing dock structures that rise from the habitat's central peak. Rapid transit elevators ferry the guests and attendees to a second system of internal shuttles that can reach anywhere of public interest in the ~1300m wide floating city.

The Sorority's four largest Green Zones, which will soon serve the Union as sizable community meeting spaces, have been prepared to serve as public venues and host the celebrations of the myriad events being commemorated: a Grand TourneySpecific mechanics to be announced in collaboration with Zayuz!, largely hosted by the remaining and newly cooperative knightly orders of the Bironian Crosspaths and colloquially known as the Lithium Games by warrant of the presumed champion they are, at least partially, held in honor of; the completion and grand opening of the first proper Pan-Tekhum Worker's and Trader's Union Hall in the skies of Badal; the creation and initial advertising of the Black Cloud Bounty BoardSpecific mechanics to be announced in IC post later this round!, which may serve to mark an apparent transition in the wider diplomatic approach of the Coalition; and the formalization of the new Bironian state after nearly a year of rebuilding, renegotiating, and both private and public meetings to reach a final resolution to the Bironian Civil War.

Quieter areas aside from the park-like Green Zones are available throughout the vessel, but the free food, entertainment, Union recruiters, and of course the tournaments themselves are all held in these public forums, decorated as they are with holographic displays, food stalls, street performers and the works of the finest street painters that can be found in the North Way Cluster (what might be considered vandals and 'graffiti artists' by other polities). Jié Měifēng and Guiding_Stars4 are, of course, in attendance (though most of their attention appears to be occupied by the treaty negotiations and relevant diplomatic concerns, unfortunately), as are most of the Forecaptains of the Coalition's Prevailing Fleets, and others besides - such an event has attracted the attention of the power players of the Coalition, and almost any pirate of serious note can be found by foreign representatives if they take the time to seek them out.

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Slate Cinereal the five hundred thirty-fifth and six tenths, the Earl of Grey, is clearly not pleased to be on some backwater planet just to escort an apprentice around. In fact, when Pekoe the Orange the five hundred thirty-fifth and six tenths leaves the ship, eyes wide with wonder and chisel scratching shorthand onto a wax tablet, the only sign of the Earl is his voice floating out to follow her

"...pirates--who are apprently worthy of diplomatic contact rather than extermination, which I don't think is a discussion that we should be finished having--well, then you'll have to deal with the consequences yourself. And there will be consequences, as I'm sure you know. All of Talcum will notice that the Arkhive is consorting with these crooks (which will be the end of your career, mark my words, and would be of mine too if I was fool enough to get off this ship--"I'm not escorting her any farther than the landing, I said to the Queen, and she just accepted that), and soon enough they'll--"

The doors close behind Pekoe.

Despite being a young little nonsense, a mere twenty six years, she is now the official delegate of the Arkhive at an international event. Determined not to make a fool of herself, she marches right up to the first parking attendant, security guard, or porter she can find and uses all of public speaking training:

"Coedd is A--I mean, greetings from her Arkhival Majesty, Queen Constance of Comment the first, and from the Arkhive itself. I am Pekoe the Orange the five hundred thirty-fifth and six tenths and I bring missives from her Arkhival Majesty and congratulations to, er... I mean, can you show me where to go?"






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The Sabaide, one of Caipe Ushere's polished destroyers, touches down on one of the landing platforms to deliver its noble travelers. The vessel will return to orbit after unloading, there to hold until retrieving its charges for the return journey to Dur-Shalkhir. From the loading ramp proceed, arm in arm, Princess Monite and Lord Artavasdes II Ebonne, followed by a small group of attendants carrying digitablets and luggage, along with several boxes on a wheeled carrier.

Artavasdes wears a black military suit in a cut similar to the one his father favors, trimmed in the House of Fire's signature crimson. Monite sports a yellow high-neck blouse and corset adorned in a yellow foxglove brocade, reminiscent of her wedding design, but much more practical. Black breeches hug her legs down to the tops of black boots, matching her husband's. Both come armed, in the expectation of that tradition among the Black Cloud Coalition and the upcoming tournament. Each wears a long, slender rapier in their country's style at one side of their waist. Monite's left hip bears a fine black leather holster in which rests the Wise Woman's Rapier, the immaculately crafted pistol gifted by the Captain Jié herself; Artavasdes' right sports the Cunning Man's Farewell, a long bladed vibroknife of matching craftswork.

The contingent takes the provided sky shuttle to their appointed quarters, taking a little time to settle back into the familiarity of planetary gravity before presenting themselves. Attendants work with local organizers to finalize the couple's schedule, as well as unpacking a number of gifts to be presented to the hosts or various other visiting dignitaries. In a small lull while the assistants bustle, husband and wife share a brief private moment, leaning together and looking out the viewport of their quarters at the floating cityscape around them.

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Jy'mar skitter over and through the North Way Cluster aerostats already having a presence among the Black Cloud Coalition. The air-ships designed for the Jy'mar people continue to stream from the Reflection Garden and increase in tempo as a good portion of the 101 Praetorians obtain leave to attend the tourney and prove their warrior ability on a field of combat.

Console Prisca herself walks the Set Serpent Sorority to watch her warriors compete, August Iovita trails behind her with a dozen guards keeping close watch on the giants to ensure his Console's path is clear and that they keep to areas safe for them to travel. Rumors abound that the Console herself might compete in the tournament.

Console Prisca seems to veer away from other dignitaries unless specifically approached, visibly cleaning her whiskers and avoiding contact when they pass too close.


Console Prisca can be approached, unless its clear someone is trying to get to her she'll quickly look away from any specific ruler or heir and if people are familiar with Jy'mar expressions of emotion seem extremely embarrassed.


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The Dullahan-Class Cruiser docks on one of the airships acting as landing platforms, fully intending to test the vessels craftsmanship against the sulphuric atmosphere of badal for the entire duration of the visit. From it descends a mid sized delegation led by Minister of Foreign Affairs, Ailbhe Lathurna and Vice-Admiral Aislinn Cuimein; the former clad in elaborate robes of blue and gold while the latter strides out in a more militaristic attire, with a black and red pistol strapped to his waist, forged from the famed chitin sourced from the Dhaoine. For a moment, the delegation from the Radiant Republic simply observes their surroundings, marveling at the alien clouds and the numerous aerostats seemingly floating on them.

Shaking themselves free from their awe, they follow the directions provided, entering the space shuttles to reach the Set Serpent Sorority, where the coming events and celebration were to take place. The delegation for now seems interested in exploring the habitat the Republic had helped fund the renovation of, and remained open to meeting and mingling with any dignitaries they come across, especially those representing the various powers of Badal.

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Syndey Xia Emery Harper, a Senior Advisor to the Board, arrived with 18 others from FRED.  Most were the androgynously built, bald, tattooed Kinfolk in their distinctive teal body suits and color-coded vests.  A full third were representatives of the Guests- a wide variety of peoples and dress from around the system.

Sydney and company had several objectives for attending this event.  First, was to interface with the Pan-Tekhum Worker’s Union.  With luck, the need for psychotropics would be handled shortly.  This would allow for a better relationship with the union than they have currently.  Second, to discretely inquire about the areostat labelled 4 on their cartographic maps.  UNNCLE was desirous of seeking a confederation with another local aerostat.  But their recent… inward focus has left the Board uncertain of the global interplay between aerostats.  They needed education.   And last, seeking a formal embassy with other Badalians, in hopes of further confederation in the future.

Notably absent are any of the Pargonist Instructors.  After the rebuttal from the Imperium, the Board decided to curtail expansion of the religion for the time being.  As was so precisely observed: “The project of human improvement is no excuse to neglect worldly affairs”.

At first, they considered approaching the Jy'mari. Their predecessor at the Arkhive event was quite taken by the diminutive species. But the training from the diplomatic corps was sufficient to allow them to note the anxiousness of their leader. Instead, Sydney made a polite inquiry to one of Console's assistants, offering to make themselves available at the Console's convenience.

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The Glix of Badal were beatniks, dropouts, malcontents. They funneled generally misleading, out of context, malice about the Combine and its government to anyone who listened, who weren't many.... None of this was to say every single one of them severed all relationships with their linemothers and The Glic, generally.


The Outer Duma reacted with dismay at the notice of a bounty board. What possible purpose might it hold, besides a recruitment tool to raise a mercenary armada to destroy the Glix forever!?.


"...Several," suggested the informants, and the more staid chorus of the Inner Duma tended to give their wayward sons the benefit of the doubt. An agent would be sent.


The prize fighter Rofl'hesk took a canoe from the liner in orbit to the Black Cloud habitat hosting the event. The boat was a miracle of golemetry and Lepkashramov, a bubble of atmosphere side-stepping gravity. Rofl was one of Snimt'Glek's "Brothers," a special operative who had undergone experimental medicines to enhance his psionic and physical abilities. He was nearly as massive as a human teenager, and could act as a psionic communicator across interplanetary distances without a signal repeater. If any of the Brothers had a greater response, he did not know, and did not need to.


His fingers had begun to web under the influence of the progesterone, and the psychedelics he microdosed threw off the control pads of any prosthetic. He simply knuckle-walked out of the boat and walked up to a longshoreman. "I'm with the Combine. I'd like one 'fiting' please? I'd also like more information on the Bounty Board, if it is not trouble."



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heliotropebroadcast.png.4ae3f897bd363756b1d0855fa6c22085.pngThe broadcast does not come to talk, indeed, the few floating beasts don't so much as touch down, floating above and encircling like sharks. One of them literally is shaped like a shark. Instead, they shine the occasional spotlight and peer at the competition area, supposedly doing their own little show up in the proverbial atmosphere. It looks like there might be blood in the space water, and the cameras are rolling.

Flarbing media.

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Despite a storied and often oppositional history in matters of Coalition politics, the Alliance has a heavy presence in the Set Serpent Sorority as festivities open and delegates are welcomed from all corners of Tekhum. To anyone well-versed in Badalian history, it may have come as something of a shock to see Anjahar offer any sort of support to their pillage-happy neighbors.

The nature of this presence becomes more clear given a cursory run through the facilities leased for use in the Lithium Games. A large trauma bay has been commissioned near the tournament grounds—with several kanmarran doctors, first responders, and biomedical technicians checking through a whole suite of medical equipment. Everything from short-term stasis tanks to bioprinters for on-demand tissue grafts is available at a moments notice. It is almost a small preview of what an Alliance field hospital must look like during wartime. Several human assistants are present for the squeamish.. and/or xenophobic crowd, to assist as needed—and Alliance personnel do not ask for payment for services rendered—taking note merely of nation of origin and basic demographics during their care.

Amidst a small smattering of kanmarran duelists, Archon Tangata can be seen arriving on one of the later Badalian skyships. He looks to be in a dour mood, dressed in dark blue and indigo military robes—overlaid with a light composite plate that is more suited to defense against small arms and ammunition. It is a matter of security that seems to be consistent among military council, seen on the Navarch at the First Hexenniel as well. Given recent events, the Archon is armed as well. An enormous broadsword rests against his back, attached to its holster via an electromagnetic lock. Beneath the kanmarran’s scarred visage is a discerning gaze. While he does not turn away other delegates, he seems to be attempting to carve out time to meet with Captain Měifēng.

He stops upon seeing the ministers from Erisdor, making his way through the crowd. He offers a low bow, claw over chest. “Vice-Admiral. Minister. It is good to meet you. I must apologize for recent affairs. It was not my intent to spark conflict with our operations. I had sincerely believed everything to be above board. I mean to catch Caipe Ushere as well and express our apologies. But there will be time for that discussion. I hope your journey into our lower atmosphere was uneventful? What do you think of Badal?”



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Prelude - The Neon Age (Who won the civil war? Who rules the Bulwark?)

None expected the day where Bironians and the pirates of the coalition would walk freely among the other's territory. Not in a million years would the diehard fanatics and loyalists to the Argon dynasty have stepped foot on these lawless lands and not borne arms, intent on delivering order to their arch-enemies upon the horizon. Wasn't it foolish? Now that the Crossroads had been freed from their ancient, stagnant traditions of decentralized knightly orders in government, the impressive flow of trade had begun. Finally, an age of advancement - the first in five hundred years. No more Archknights, this was the dawn of the Bironian people's climb to the interplanetary stage where they belonged.

After the dust had settled and the factions who were too stubborn to accept the future had been culled, nobody stood atop the wreckage. The leader of the Loyalists, the stubborn Yanji Argon, had vanished into thin air. The leader of the Sodium extremists had been taken in what could only be explained as a mysterious foreign intervention, and then the leader of the victors - Treasurer Boyin - had been felled by a coup. A failed coup, in that they never established control, but they certainly killed Boyin. That left him in command, the charming second in command that founded the Neon Syndicate with him. Admiral Alchire, who was said to be a knight disgraced. One wouldn't be able to tell from looking at him though, as the mysterious figure had maintained no small degree of anonymity among even his own people. He wore a clean set of armor, whose interlocking black and white plates, whose texture resembled hardened glass, were highlighted by hints of neon pink beneath. No doubt this was skin, which was apparent enough that he was clearly the same size and shape as a human, though the sawed off horns protruding from his head and that hue of pink suggested that was not the case. His face was covered, and long black hair falls from the back of his helm, which covered the face.

"Welcome Chairman Alchire, hero of the People's Revolution of Biron and Kingpin of the Neon Syndicate."

An automated voice coming from a robotic companion announced his presence, taking his seat at the embassy where he had promised to remain until the tournament was to be underway. Though the compromise with the House of Lithium had been made and allowed them to lead the army and keep their titles, he was for the fight time in an age the true leader of the Bulwark and there was a clear way to do business with them beyond making a deal with one among hundreds of minor knightly orders and the occasional noble house born from their legend.


The Master Duelist - An Expression of Rage

Countless ships marked with the sigils of knightly orders had docked among the green zones, and as many of their people walked now among the markets as the humans did. Bironians were distinct in that they used a concoction known a cocktail to alter the color of their skin and enhance the body, giving them unique talents in combat that the orders had used and passed on for generations. Some had horns, but all of them appeared closely enough to humans. Their culture of martial honor and competition could not have been better suited for a tournament such as this, and those that could not fight had been eager to help host. There were three venues for the dueling to take place, one in pirate style, run by the coalition, one in knightly style by the bulwark, and a third, more diverse set where all equipment was self-serve and no particular influence ruled the area. While the knights dueled among themselves though, a certain character had been quick to abandon them - having bested the leaders of all their orders at some point in her career.

Shi Lithium was the rightful ruler of the Bulwark by the ways of old, if one were to disregard Yanji's claim. She took the mantle through martial prowess and proved in the civil war her ability to hold her own and negotiate with foreign powers. While others clung fast to ideals and let it blind them, she was purely pragmatic. Losing her throne for the stability of her world was a good thing - the war had already taken enough. This negotiated surrender allowed her to maintain their traditions and her influence on her world, but she never felt fully 'cool' about it, no matter her composed words.

That's why it felt so good to let her mind go blank and do what she was best at: tearing up a battlefield.

Dark blue skin, ram horns, and a long, thin blade that burned with a crimson flame when, the fabled Sword of Revolutions. Her movement was as a bullet: exacting and blindingly fast. Long had she abandoned the knightly duels for the free-form ones, taking on at present a team of three Sansari humans who charged at her with unified steps, one throwing a cloud of dust upon the ground in an attempt to blind their competition. As if with sixth sense, she cut off the first with a parry and a knee to the stomach, throwing him to the ground and stabbing the blade intentionally into the tip of his chest - stopping before it pierced to the heart, but deep enough to leave a wound. The other two fall as quickly, and she rises from her competition as the dust settles with unquenched anger in her eyes. "NEXT."

She wears very light armor, robe-like Bironian clothing that hides most of the skin, but leaves room for flexible movement. These 'battle-dresses' were designed for combat, offering only minor protections in the form of metal rings meant for catching blows intentionally. Her hair is silver, and drenched with sweat. She must have been in and out of the combat rings for at least two hours, but the understanding was that fighting her here would count as a fight in the tournament...


OOC: I have run out of time to write for tonight but may interact with and seek out specific players soon!

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On 3/13/2024 at 1:50 PM, The_Murgen said:

At first, they considered approaching the Jy'mari. Their predecessor at the Arkhive event was quite taken by the diminutive species. But the training from the diplomatic corps was sufficient to allow them to note the anxiousness of their leader. Instead, Sydney made a polite inquiry to one of Console's assistants, offering to make themselves available at the Console's convenience.

The assistants graciously accept a meeting and arrange a time for Sydney to meet with the Console.


In one of the green zones of the Set Serpent some space was reserved for Console Prisca to meet with Syndey Xia Emery Harper. The Console is dressed in what appears to be martial undercoating garb to the traditional armored suits the Jy'mar wear to war and stands on a table with a Jy'mar sized chair and side table resting on top of it. Offering Syndey a polite bow the Jy'mar gestures to the normal sized seat across from her.

"My attendants told me you wish to meet, I am glad to speak to someone from the United Neural Networks Confounding Limitless Exigency, I hope I got that right,. I was glad to see a fellow Badalian on Sansar cooperating with the Arkhive, what brings you to me today?"

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Taking a seat next to the table, the Senior Advisor took a moment to ensure that her position and posture ensured that the Console's natural line of sight was slightly above hers, allowing the Jy'mar a natural feeling of superiority when looking down upon the Sydney. They adjusted their multi-pocketed navy-colored long vest over their teal jumpsuit. The navy color denoting her as a Bio-electrical Mediator, and its silver-and-pearl filigree trim being the only note of their status as an agent of their governing board.

"Sydney, or Advisor Sydney at your service, Console. You are correct. Our founders were quite fond of acronyms. They are quite commonplace in our variant of Standard Imperial. We even call our aerostat FRED, but very few remember that it is an acronym for... something." They smiled briefly in embarrassment. "Our Board of Directors is making changes to our long term strategic plan. My group was sent here as an outreach to our fellow Badalians. Our introspection has caused... imperceptions about the other aerostats." They paused for a moment, closing their eyes briefly. "Now, we find ourselves at a disadvantage. We do not wish to impede the goals of others, yet we have certain territorial goals of our own. So I have been instructed to ask, in general terms, around the Jy'mar territorial and diplomatic ambitions on Badal."

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50 minutes ago, The_Murgen said:

"Now, we find ourselves at a disadvantage. We do not wish to impede the goals of others, yet we have certain territorial goals of our own. So I have been instructed to ask, in general terms, around the Jy'mar territorial and diplomatic ambitions on Badal."

The Console ponders a moment, rubbing the edge of her whiskers while studying the representative from UNNCLE.

"I can say that we have vested interest in the region we chartered the Arkhive to explore for us... the exploration notes are most interesting and it is a line of inquiry many want to study on their paths. Apart from that the majority of our 'ambition' as it was, is off-world."

Picking up a small tablet Prisca makes some gestures on it and a projection appears on the table in front of them of the pipeworks from the Arkhive's exploration.

"Interesting connected pipes doing something to the aerostat. It is most interesting."

Dismissing the image she turns back to Sydney.

"I am aware that UNNCLE mostly follows what is now known as Paragonism, it shares many similarities with the Utopian's belief in Soul's Expression - even with Paragonism's exclusionary past. Sharing our own intentions of maintaining our faith and minor Badalian expansion - in the terms of fair exchange what are UNNCLE's goals?"

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Posted (edited)

The City

For those who would explore her interior, or enjoy the view of her exterior he Set Serpent Sorority is, of course, a bustle of activity, even outside of the Green Zones. The Sorority has few agriculturally focused Yellow Zones and none of the wildly hostile Violet Zones, facts which contributed in no small part to her selection as the location of the Union's new Hall, but Black Zones (once known as The Snakepits) writhe with activity as new Union bureaucrats move into their new labyrinthine offices which some might call cozy and others would definitely call cramped. Red Zones stretch out both above and below, awash with murals, communal art, and improvised decorations, and surrounded by a constant swarm of vessels both foreign and domestic, while the Gold Zones that cap them host the bulk of the dedicated and well-furnished guest quarters (reserved for more prestigious guests at this time due to space limitations during the festivities). What few White Zones the Sorority possesses are largely off-limits to guests without cause, of course, as are the hazardous Orange Zones that might cause sickness or injury to unprepared parties, but the Blue Zones have seen a massive expansion displacing many former Silver Zones, as their (admittedly always informal) role has shifted from the service of mere religious sentiment to a sort of full-blown foreign quarter, with services designed to cater to individuals without the benefit of PEEARIT technology. Color, chaos, and chrome characterize every facet of life aboard the Sorority, and what locals remain mostly seem to carry a constant sense of hope and good cheer - though whether this is just the festivities lifting the mood is less clear.

The Tourney & The Bounty Board

If one goes looking, an official-looking pronouncement regarding the expected rules competitors are to follow can be found posted all over the place - especially in virtual space, though there are also plenty of volunteers happy to help outsiders navigate the often confusing mess that a lack of cybernetic augmentations can turn Coalition organization schema into. A last minute idea by one such official was adopted rapidly, and searching for details on the local tournament or the opening of the Bounty Board appear to each lead into the other, as well. It's very clear that the Coalition is expecting a lot of injuries from the amount of medical personnel on standby, and it appears that free prostheses are available for severely injured competitors who would prefer cybernetic augmentation to the Alliance's method of more 'natural' biological limb or organ replacement.

Tournament Mechanics

The tournament is organized in round robin fashion, as a series of matches between participants until every participant has faced every other. Each match consists of three bouts: A Knightly Duel; A Pirate Brawl; and a Caged Streetfight.

Multiple (up to three at most - abusing this just makes your own life harder) characters may be chosen to participate, but only one character may use their Ruler's full Attribute scores for the rolls. All others must either substitute their own effective score (if appropriate; Military score for Generals or Admirals or average between own score and Ruler score for Heirs) or use half their Ruler's score.

  • Knightly Duel: A formalized duel overseen by referees from the Knights of the Bironian Crosspaths, using honorable weapons; skill at arms is paramount, as bouts are timed and without a knockout, submission, or disqualification, victory is determined by points. Each duelist rolls 2d6+Military, with the highest roll winning. EXCEPTION: The Black Cloud Coalition uses their Intrigue score for these bouts.
  • Pirate Brawl: An informal duel where participants start with little access to weaponry, but with a cluttered environment, and must make use of deceit, quick thinking, or natural ability to win over their opponent by knockout or submission; the pirates appear to have their own obscure scoring system if a bout lasts too long, as well. Each brawler rolls 2d6+Intrigue, with the highest roll winning. EXCEPTION: The Black Cloud Coalition uses their Military score for these bouts.
  • Caged Streetfight: A no-holds barred fight where each side brings their own equipment. Anything goes, anyone can win, anything can happen. Each fighter rolls 2d6+any attribute score they can justify within the fiction; some examples are available in the spoiler below.

Attribute Justification Examples

Military and Intrigue are largely self-explanatory if appropriate to the character participating;

Economy might represent mercenary representatives, impressive and expensive equipment or private tutors, or similar;

Diplomacy might represent foreign-taught martial arts techniques, skill in a political tradition of single combat, or simply appealing to the crowd to psyche out one's opponent, and so on;

Faith might represent sheer unrelenting zealotry, magical techniques, or divine blessing, among other things.

Generals and Admirals may use their Military score for any one bout in each match, so long as it can be justified by their capabilities within the fiction being applicable to the bout. This should remain the same bout in each match. Shi Lithium, as a dueling specialist, may apply her Military score to both the Knightly Duel and the Caged Streetfight, and gains an additional +1 in those bouts thanks to the Sword of Revolutions.

The side to win more bouts earns 1 point. Matches which result in ties (equal number of victories) count as half a point for each side. The participant to earn the most points at the end of the tourney is considered the tournament victor! Betting is not only welcome but encouraged. If both participants agree, they may opt to mutually forfeit - this counts as a tie. Forfeits grant your opponent 1 point. WARNING: Abuse of these mechanics may result in disqualification.

The tournament victor's greatest prize is bragging rights, as well as free personal cybernetic augmentation if they desire it; however, they may also receive 1 Treasure's worth of credit to put towards a target on the Bounty Board, if they so choose.

Bounty Board Mechanics

Elect Polities may place Bounties on their fellow Elect by sending Treasure to the Black Cloud Coalition or a suitably licensed Black Cloud Bounty Distributor. These Bounties are cleared (and paid out to the Coalition, if placed with a Bounty Distributor) by the Black Cloud Coalition taking hostile actions against a Bounty Target. The base standard rate of Bounty clearing is 1 Treasure per successful Sack or two (2) failed Sacks, but exceptionally high standing Bounties or Bounties on exceptionally hard targets may pay out more per hostile action. Currently, Bounties may not be placed on Bounty Distributors or Organizations, and will not be pursued against Elect Polities the Black Cloud Coalition has a standing Non-Aggression/Bounty Free Pact with, so long as that pact persists. All such Pacts made with the Coalition will have end conditions placed on them. Bounties can not be paid off by their targets, but the Black Cloud Coalition will always prioritize the highest pursuable Bounty target first whenever feasible - this allows for placing a Bounty on a rival to delay being targeted oneself.

Bounties may be placed secretly by hiding the desired target in one's post when sending the Treasure from all Elect Polities except the Black Cloud Coalition and Black Cloud Bounty Distributors. The Black Cloud Coalition will, at their own discretion, periodically publish a public list of standing Bounties, to enable some degree of transparency without excessively compromising the anonymity of Bounty placers. Bounties will otherwise be hidden/tracked secretly in a format visible only to the Black Cloud Coalition and Black Cloud Bounty Distributors.

Applying to be a Black Cloud Bounty Distributor: To be handled on a case-by-case basis.

The Embassy

Additional details to come regarding the pirate 'Queen' Jie Meifeng, certain members of her crew, and those who would direct one on where to find them...

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Without fanfare or reservation, Console Prisca herself signs up for the tournament, donning her the signiture combat armor of the 101 Praetorians.

Usually the Praetorians use railgun adjacent equipment as hand to hand combat is extremely dangerous for Jy'mar who have not hardened thier body. Prisca however adorns herself with a pair of bladed caestuses sliding easily over her armor and locking into the greaves.

Before any bout contestants are able to see her practicing leaps and evasive manuevers that far exceed what one typically would think possible of a race as small as the Jy'mar.

Whispers of Prisca's own prowess in combat is spread among the crowd. Varying rumors to how she rose to Console and her personal actions in the invasion of the Wyrmlands. Claims of her fighting a dragon barehanded with the same Caestus she worn to the tournament seem implausible, but it is hard to tell the validity of the claim. Others claim she fought badalian sky whales in her time in the 101 Praetorians before becoming Console in the defence of Utopian - even as far as taking one of the beasts single handedly. Whatever may be true or not the story telling of the Jy'mar continue to praise the Utopian Console.

Console Prisca Joins the Tournament

- Knightly Duel: Military 7

- Pirate Brawl: Intrigue 4

- Caged Streetfight: Diplomacy 7

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