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14 minutes ago, Wizard of the Coat said:


1. What are who is Ludician?

2. Do you have some group of people similar to gypsies in this campaign setting? (I've been thinking about Mags' mother and her people, and I'm considering some sort of group that travels--possibly from some kingdom/origin beyond the Serene Holds map.)

3. Can you tell me a little more about the Teruvians? (Wondering if the "ethnic travelers" might be from Teruvia.)

4. Can you clarify the utility of the various Common tongues?  I've loaded up on them. Will they have social or other significance in the game? Is the Urzoa Common an option that works in all the continent (like "Common" in the generic D&D 5e campaign setting), allowing unhampered communication with peoples speaking the regional Common tongues/dialects. I guess I'm wondering if we're talking about different dialects of the same language or different languages within the same family of languages (i.e. French and Italian are both "Romance Languages"). 

5. Regarding my Journey to Baromenes Part 1 and Part 2: they were a fun exercise to help me get into the character and the setting, but would/could they be considered cannon (i.e. things that actually happened on Mags' journey to Baromenes)? 

6. Eventually, Mags will fight with a weapon more substantial than a dagger. When that time comes, I'd really like Mags to fight with a weapon that does slashing damage. In 5e, rogue weapons are piercing weapons. Historically, piercing weapons were effective in the ancient world because you aim for the gut, a large target, and if you hit, you have a good chance of killing your target (even if it takes a long time to die from a gut wound). When I describe Mags in combat, I envision him as a slasher--targeting arteries, tendons.... Granted, we can handle this as fluff, and that will work. But would you be willing to consider a mechanical change?  If so, here are to possible options I can think of. 

  • The roman gladius (the one that "defined" their prowess in battle) was an innovation because it allowed for both piercing and slashing. Could Mags have a short sword that does slashing (only) damage? Or if you're feeling particularly generous, could it do the wielder's choice between slashing or piercing?  
  • If that doesn't work, could I possibly switch Mags' class weapon proficiencies so that he gets proficiency with scimitars instead of short swords. Mechanically, they are the same weapon, except that one is martial/d6/slashing/finesse/light and the other is martial/d6/piercing/finesse/light. 

7. I'd like to add a "black silk mask" (covering most of the face, with holes for the eyes) to my character sheet. Something Mags might wear sometimes when speaking for the gods or when doing some crime. Any thoughts on what that might cost? 


More questions mean more answers!!

1. Ludicion is the name for the Outer Plane that encapsulates all of the other planes/realms.

2. Why yes I do, they are the Verigogys (The Roaming Ones) by others they are called The Curators. They travel around Olara collecting tales and interesting stories/history.

3. Teruvians are my analog for raiders. groups of people that live in clans/tribes, fighting each other and raiding others for supplies that their barren tundra does not provide them. this is a very basic rundown.

4. They definitely could have social or other significance in the game. I planned for them to be much closer to different dialects, all are bastardizations of Urzoa common but can mostly be understood by one another with some hiccups here and there in the pronunciations and such. Urzoa common itself is the common tongue of the whole continent of Urzoa so everyone in Urzoa can understand that.

5. They most definitely can be considered cannon at this point.

6. Sounds to me like you need the Slasher feat :P. Also, it always bugged me that Shortswords were only slashing damage because most swords have a tip with which you can stab. I see no reason you can't use a shortsword and just choose during your attack whether you are slashing or piercing with it. Same thing with daggers or any weapon that has a point and blade edge.

7. 2 Brass Pieces.

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1. Good to know. Thanks for the clarification.

2. Oh, the Curators! I hadn't thought of them as traveling in groups/communities. Do they do that? If they do, they're perfect!  If not, do they sometimes travel in small groups or family groups? I mean, if you're always traveling and you fall in love with another traveler, right? Also, they don't sound like an ethnic group ("...an organization of Chroniclers and bards of several races that have banded together to create..."), but then again, gypsies aren't a solitary ethnic group but a bunch of different ethnic groups depending on which part of Europe you're looking at. So, even if they're not an ethnic group, could their organization be "generationally transmitted" via families (rather than via bard colleges and historians), such that it's more common to be born into a Curator group than to seek them out and sign up?  

3. Not what I was thinking, but good to know. So south of the Halaea map, there are no additional kingdoms other than clans/tribes of raiders--in D&D terms, barbarians. Are there (could there be) ruins of fallen kingdoms or are the resources simply too limited for there to have ever been anything there?

4. So the "Common" that we get because this is D&D and we all start knowing "Common" would be "Urzoa Common?"  I took Halaea Common as Mags starting language. Was that wrong?  Mags (currently) doesn't know Urzoa Common. Would knowing three dialects of Urzoa Common be enough to allow him to communicate with someone speaking Urzoa Common? 

5. Great!  I may change the locations if one of the other players wants to have traveled (some of the way) to Baromenes with Mags. 

6. Thanks! Mags' I've probably been thinking too much of Mags' (sneak attack) fighting style. I hope to capture the idea that he uses lots of feints and trickery, and also that he "sees" things about his opponent that give him an advantage; and I'd like it to be particularly bloody, speaking literally--lots of arterial spray and all of that. 

7. Got it.

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1. When I first wrote up The Curators I wrote a simple description of them. I just haven't got around to updating it. They do travel in groups/communities and sometimes they will travel solo as well. I would say yes to "generationally transmitted" via families. I'll get around to updating it, if there's anything you want to add about the Verigogys I'm more than happy to put it in their description as well.

2. There are most definitely ruins of fallen and past kingdoms/great cities in Ufyra. I don't want to give too much away but Ufyra wasn't always a barren tundra like it is today.

3. Not necessarily, If you would like to take your region's dialect of Common as the starter that is fine. If you can speak any of the variant Commons that would be enough to communicate with someone speaking Urzoa Common.  If your character has lived/traveled enough in any one area like Grehesia or Khazia then I would say take those commons as well for free. I don't want them to be overly complicated just a fun lil tidbit of lore/rp potential.

4. Sounds good!

5. Haha sounds good, I love rewarding creativity.

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The Curators: Perfect! Mags mother and kin were Curators! I'll let that thought percolate for a while. One of my thoughts is that he's going to start remembering more of his childhood as the game progresses.  And maybe the Master recognized the group as a Curator Caravan, and eventually told Mags. So he at least knows of his connection to them. 


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12 hours ago, Wizard of the Coat said:

The Curators: Perfect! Mags mother and kin were Curators! I'll let that thought percolate for a while. One of my thoughts is that he's going to start remembering more of his childhood as the game progresses.  And maybe the Master recognized the group as a Curator Caravan, and eventually told Mags. So he at least knows of his connection to them. 



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