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Hey all. just a heads up.. i sent a message with Drunva in case i couldn't get online here.

I am presently in between moving house, and having some logging on issues at the new house.

hence my low frequency...

i am presently logging in from my parents house, having brought my pc here.

I will post as soon as possible, as my line will allow...

Apologise in advance....

Kartesh has been waiting on responses from Wrath on the nature of how information is acquired and paid for..

I got a response saying Enoch has a 1 month net subcription... So does that mean the net coverage is paid for? but what additonal cost would direcly looking up what we seek??

is that extra? and what is it based on.... cost of time researched? or cost of restricition.?

If Enoch has the funds and is willing to cover the research funding.. i am then happy to make the Leadership rolls to support those Computer Research checks in order aid in the Research.

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Guys come on it shouldn't take two weeks for us to do a simple research role let's get this moving we've got a new player that's interested in joining and we need to get to the next setting so he can actually join the game so let's try to get this done and we can move on to the next location

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I tried to roll. I am having significant difficulty with the phone posting on the new site, I can't get dice to work, the formatting is very clunky (small buttons for my big fingers).  Will do my best.

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Ok Folks ! so what is everyone doing? how much time are we devoting to "The Project" and what are the time costs of any side downtime missions?

or are they downtime? and not considered within this next month that we are doing "The Project".

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OK... several things i have to bring up...

Capt said we had a month to get the project done.

By my calculation Kartesh asked Enoch to go onto the Station to look up and research several things...which Kartesh told Enoch what he was after.. and assisted Enoch with Leadership to look up those things.. not side things..


So point one! Kartesh was look into Aberrations ,noted we found links to several..but i did put a focus on what particular type of Aberration i wanted to find out some stuff about.. namely Illithid Tadpoles ,and the whole Mind Flayer variants and up to Elder Brains.. as that something he wants to pursue.

So we get a list of other variants of which Enoch buys one...and takes it back to the Captain..with me in tow.

However we are locked onto the station for a whole day,so we had time to look up the other three or four other things i wanted looked up.

If they werent done? why? when Kartesh was right there the entire time aiding Enoch on his computer use and research...

So i would like answers to all my things looked into..


Now since no other time passed of and we shall say 1 day of a max of say 30 or 31 days.

---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So! i am hearing it takes the Captain 14 days to get us the Xeno we were after from the mimic..

Thats him....

So Enoch and I would have 13 days to match the Captain...up to 30 days...of potential down time...

As i have said...Capt told me in three days of looking into Cantrips i could then read them..

So can i be told IF i can use any of that downtime to look up and learn Cantrips.

Or after the Captain is done... does he have time within  the next 16 days to take the Captain into a time tent...to try and fit 2 years into a 1 year time tent use. but making a new intelligence check since my Intelligence went up...

So i could be down two of my three years when i come out.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------IF a time tent doesnt take up many non in tent days... then i will still have downtime days.. which if the Captain doesnt force me to do just wizard training i could do the Mission with Jake if its a short period of time...

In order to  get training money.. for the explorer guild or its pre req's or mage guild enlistment to try and knock over my final year.

or for some things i wanted to purchase .the sniffers found them.,but i didnt have the money for them. or not all of it.

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------What are the other options provided by the Collector?

The AI world.. i presume was the one that nearly got to Enoch's pc in the wifi test...

or is it the Mage tech worlds..the other options.. that we can pursue. before we leave..

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The brother mission we could take them on board and do other things unless that have a time frame to get to the other galaxy....

------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------So i ask again.. what is everyone else considering as main priorities before we depart this Station...?????


And if only some peoples querries are followed up on,what are the rest of us even in the crew for???

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No one's ever heard of mine flayers which is why there was no information posted on it


Downtime can be used for whatever u want post in downtime what your doing and maybe a tunning total of what is left.

Capt finish project in 2 weeks so what where we are at, crew can taje extra time if so wants as right now no active mission.

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If take on the brothers they expect an immediate transport no delays 


There are three planets that they gave us two of them are magic tech one of them is the AI planet all of them potential places for pieces of the compass

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Well my vote would be  clearly for the Mage Tech worlds. before we take on the AI planet.

And Mind Flayers! one of the Elder races? who have one of the largest sources of knowledge and know one has heard of them?

I would expect they at least one would be part of the Explorers Guild,unless no one but the Captain has ever been to your world..or that they don't exist on any other planet...


Thirdly if whatever the Captain did with the creature,if that involved Magic, would it have been lesson training that Kartesh could have sat in on and observed,or the Captain could've explained on completion (if he observed and didn't interupt the Captains work)


and what info came up about the Yautja...?


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Posted (edited)

No one last said a word to him about what he produced.

Regradless of your player knowledge nothing comes up on them add it to questions of the unverise and they are the elder race from where hmmmm? 

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