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Still here, been a bit busier than usual with work but was also trying to plan out Downtime stuff along with the story summary for new players. Also are we supposed to post IC in the "What Now?" thread? 

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Well if i read correctly! isn't he bringing in a character from Rifts?

Did Rifts have a d20 version?

But besides that no matter where we are or go, he could literally arrive via a rift opening...like the ravenloft mists transport.

And depending on What type of thing from the Rifts game set he is...will be how fitting or out of sync with that world or us...


Think i have told this story of a game we played where a guy joined our group in the morning at a gaming club..we excepted whatever race you wanted to play as we had an extensive group...well he played a wemic (half man,half lion basically) but he joined us as we were returning to town...

The town wall guard took one look at him and peppered him with arrows.


So whilst we have encountered a Lion man,and were a bit twitchy with that first meeting he did survive meeting us..

And we have some other misfits within our midst,so you may be lucky not to get your head blown off on sight. 🙂


Welcome anyhow..

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OK...So  this is my preference for all the things.. obviously depending on time factors and outcomes.

In our current downtime,going to spend 3 days learning Cantrips,to be able to start looking them up and learning them.

Now as per the learning spells rules,looks like i require spellcraft in order to even do it. and would need to make a DC 20 check to learn even a Cantrip once i learn spellcraft.

In order to do that i either need to take the Arcane Skills Feat,or finish my Wizard training..

So Capt. i may call on you after your 14 days to jump in a time tent and try and get 1 year jump into two by passing my Intelligence check. 

leaving only 1 year before i become a full Wizard.


Now...if Jakes ship mission is able to be raised from 100k to 200k so we each get 100k.. if successful that could get my fee's for the mage guild.

in order to acquire a cheaper time tent to complete my training.


Then i am happy to take up the Explorer guild mission,since that is one of the options we were pursuing anyhow to the mage tech worlds..

and makes me a little reluctant to think,did the Collector give the Capt that info..for another agenda..to get us to find their missing people.


If we do that and survive,happy then to pursue the AI world,if we havent located a shard.


and then if the offer is still around,we take the brothers to that other galaxy.

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Can i just get some clarification of this text from the Jobs entries..please....


What greets you in the 5 seat bridge sitting in what can only be the captain chair is what you would have to describe as a huge-size bug.

It makes some clicking sounds which a computer voice translates into English, close enough for you to understand.

" Yes I am a poster for the job. You have not seen ship can pay more for extra work you like? Me people at war with tech-heavy invaders. We need to kill tech. Star harvest from Nexus station(takes you a min to realize speaking about Capital) our plan no good for the harvester but people need it gone. two job 1 sends solar missile to the base to launch from the base, causing all tech in the system to die, including the harvester. 100k. You want more 250k launch weapons at star big danger bug big reward. Nexus no be happy though danger if find out you do this. Your choice. "


Attempt to Translate Wrathgonese...

"Yes i am the poster of the job. 

"My People are at war with the tech heavy invaders. we need Kill Tech!  A Star Harvest! (presumably this is an item to either generate a star like a genesis torpedo or a star killer which will destroy the star somehow.)from the Nexus Station...

[Now here is where Kartesh would need to know if any of the crew that were sent back to Capital,before we stayed on the TimeLord Ship,told us of their stories regarding encountering the Capital station existing in Ethereal Space and those lovely flowers,because to my knowledge Kartesh hasnt learnt of Nexus worlds yet...

he knows nexus plants exists but not whole planets. This would be good to know of...as i can use that...]

So the basic plan as far as i can tell.. is they have two jobs.. one is to plant like a massive station wide emp to shut down Capital.

The Second is to target the star and blow it up? presuming they mean the star at the center of the Dyson sphere...

So they want to pay us 100k to i believe 350k to blow up a Star base killings millions.

And to draw the wrath of anyone that survives...Not to mention wiping out the center of knowledge of the Explorer guild?

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