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Pathfinder Experimental Sheet Issues and the Sheet Viewing Page

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Apologies for the broad spread here but I'm incredibly unfamiliar with Mythweaver's forums, or Baldr's, whichever. Regardless; questions.

The sheet list page is very blindingly white right now regardless of what my theme is set to. Any way to change that, and are there any plans for organization into subfolders like Mythweavers had? I've got about 70 sheets on there and searching for them is possible but mildly inconvenient compared to three clicks.


Pathfinder Experimental sheets have a small handful of issues:
Temp ability scores don't affect things like initiative or saving throws unless you go back and edit the base stat again.
Size box itself is kinda squished, but size modifier applies to AC just fine. It does not however affect carrying capacity.
Armor doesn't apply the armor bonus, max dex, or ACP.
Dodge, Deflection and Misc AC don't affect CMD, FF, FF CMD, etc even when they should. Misc is understandable cus that could be anything.
This one's not a bug, it's just potentially confusing - if a stat mod is negative, it still shows that + in front of it so it ends up +-1 or whatever the penalty is.
Experience has never really worked with the Experimental Sheet, continues to not work.

https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2821784 Edit: the test sheet I made to make sure it wasn't just the old ones acting weird.

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Baldr, is actually just version six of Myth-Weavers so no biggie there. We are aware that the sheets, when viewed from v6 are blindingly white at the moment, and we are working to apply the selected themes to them as well as recreate the folder structure from the old site. Not quite completed on those two fronts yet. In the meantime, while you wait you can still use the sheet structure from the old website.

You can access the old version of Myth-Weavers (v4) at the link below and using sheets from there will retain your folder structure.



Once the sheet system on v6 has been completed, it will move your folder structure forward and will be colored to match your selected theme.


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Sheets themes are in the works. We had a grey background there but it appears we reverted it during today's activities; that'll get fixed soon.

Sheets grouping is also in the works, moderate-to-high priority, probably higher than full theming.

PF Experimental template issues noted; mostly my fault as the fixes I made on the OG site were never captured in source control, so the Baldr viewer was built without them and there's no log of the deltas 😞 So it's on me to fix these as they are reported! Thanks for bringing it to our attention.

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Based on internal discussions, we are likely to be retiring the Pathfinder (Experimental) sheet and merging it into the default Pathfinder sheet. The listed bugs are all fixed therein.

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