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The public forum for Myth Weavers Meetup 2024 in Kalamazoo, Michigan! This in-person gaming event takes place July 13-14, details may be found in the forum!

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  2. Game Information Needed: Game Name: Star Trek Adventures Game Overview: Adventure into the Final Frontier with one of the writers! Number of Players: 4 to 6 Game System: Star Trek Adventures 2e Character information (level, build specs/premades etc): Pregens and dice will be available for players. Just bring your imagination! Saturday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM Session 3 4 PM - 6:30 PM Sunday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM
  3. Give us a brief synopsis of your one shot idea and your desired time slot, and we’ll get it added to the schedule or ask if you can fit another slot (dependent on the number of games in a given time slot). From there, you can make a thread for your one shot planning and players to jump onboard! Please put your session pitch here, and staff will approve it and add it to the schedule. Game Information Required: Game Name Game Overview Number of Players Game System Character information (level, build specs/premades etc) Saturday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM Session 2 1 PM - 3:30 PM Session 3 4 PM - 6:30 PM Sunday Slots Session 1 10 AM - 12:30 PM Session 2 1 PM - 3:30 PM
  4. These are all great ideas! We kinda got out of the logistics game after MWM I, but we did have badges and a more concrete schedule once. We can probably do it again, we just need to *ahem* co-opt some volunteers to help out 😄  
  5. I didn't run any games nor did I play in any games. Would do it again. 10/10.   Seriously though, The venue continues to be the right size for our needs as does the onsite drink options (and prices). I know the first year it felt a little cramped (due to the elevated guest numbers?) -mostly due to noise level and room temperature- but I think both of those things could be fixed if we got back to those first year visitor numbers. Moving tables further away from each other, etc. Game management is always going to be funky. No one wants to work out a game and then have an empty table come game day or get bumped because other time slots went overtime. I like that people are bringing board games with the expectations of them filling in where one-shots don't fit or there's leftover players. Obviously I wasn't there on Saturday until late, but if things do snowball into more of a board game 'day', it's best if a few people just make that decision quickly and lead everyone to tables. But also to do it without feeling like you're just dictating to a larger group to play the games you want to play. For example, thanks to Jes and Eric for pushing for the two games at the hotel at the after-party, because we could have sat around for another hour with analysis paralysis and not played anything. Maybe that's what the MWM looks like in the future: dedicated timeslots for one-shots and dedicated timeslots for longer/heavier board games alongside. If someone coming to MWM knows that they are signed up for Time Sink: The Boardgame at 1 pm, they can prepare themselves for it instead of being talking into it randomly on that day. I know I've been at Cons in the past where I turn down a table because there's talk of a potential slightly more interesting thing could be potentially available to me, only to find out a few hours later that I ended up not doing either.   tl;dr Time slots for one-shots and maybe time slots for board games. Both would need some kind of 'GM' to help with rules and possibly provide the game.    
  6. Time slot organization needs to get better if we get more people. I think part of what happens is some DMs wait to see how many people and how many other games as we try not to step on each other's toes. If instead, we start earlier, only allow 1 per timeslot until there are enough participants to warrant more, and have some managing the clock as well.
  7. It was nice meeting everyone for the first time. As a new attendee I came in not knowing what to expect and I'm happy I made it out this year. Knowing more of what to expect I can see some potential with adding into the event some things around the city some people can do together when not associated into one of the scheduled games. Badges/Tags with Usernames would be a plus for new people. If I didn't feel so ill Saturday I might have had more but I couldn't shake off what was going on til I slept.  
  8. @Rodrigo @Colin @SirLoganofGilead @Basil_Bottletop @AbsentWizard @dauphinous @jesdynf @LaRoche @Landid   How did we do? What was awesome? What could be better? What do you want to see next year? Please post your feedback and ideas here. Thanks in advance!
  9. The system is quite easy to pick up. Everything is d6 rolls, there's essentially only one mechanic to learn, and the core rules (excluding magic) are less than 10 pages long so we can cover the required details at the beginning of the session (or on the fly). Testing!
  10. furiously renames sheet I have no idea what you are talking about. 😄  
  11. Was this supposed to link me to a Knight named sorceror?
  12. Maybe Knight? I'm new to the system is it likely easy to pick up?
  13. I'd submitting a character at 10 how are you doing ability scores?
  14. @Colin @BloodGem @Rodrigo @Chimi @SirLoganofGilead @dauphinous @Basil_Bottletop @Landid @LaRoche @Exalted Evil @AbsentWizard   The event schedule has been posted! Also check out the three linked game sessions, each of which still has opportunities to join.
  15. Everything subject to change based on the whim of the attendees. Friday, June 23 (optional before-MWM activities) "Morning" hike with Logan ~1900 Pre-Meetup at TBD (Presidential Brewing likely choice)   Saturday, June 24 0900 Check-In / Breakfast 1000 Board games 1230 Lunch 1300 Chasin' the Dragon (D&D 5e - Logan GM) 1700 Betrayal at the House on the Hill / additional board games 1830 Dinner 2030 Knighty Night! (WR&M - Eric GM)   Sunday, June 25 0900 Breakfast 0930 Beneath the Blade of Sword Mountain (D&D 3.5e - Eric GM) 1230 Lunch 1300 State of the Weave 1500 End?
  16. Sunday: Session 1 9:30A-12:30P Game Name: Beneath the Blade of Sword Mountain Game Overview: "Fear not, ranger, barbarian, magic, thief, cavalier, and acrobat. I am Dungeon Master, your guide in the realm of DUNGEONS & DRAGONS!" Will the brave young heroes find the way back home in the depths below Sword Mountain? Number of Players: 6 is best! 7 if someone wants to play Uni! Game System: Dungeons & Dragons 3.5e Character Information: Premade characters will be provided. Hopefully you know their names... 😉 Hank the Ranger: Human male Ranger 7, with Energy Bow Eric the Cavalier: Human male Fighter 7, with Griffon Shield Diana the Acrobat: Human female Monk 7, with Javelin Staff Presto the Magician: Human male Wizard 7, with Hat of Many Spells Sheila the Thief: Human female Rogue 7, with Cloak of Invisibility Bobby the Barbarian: Male human Barbarian 7, with Thunder Club Uni the Young Unicorn: Small magical beast (CR2), special  
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