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  1. For my part, I sabotaged Ernstyr due to the timing of the old site read-only transition. As a result he was much more passive and did not drive as he might have otherwise given his ties to the river folk. As for your questions: Is there still interest in this game? Yes. Ernstyr has a lot more space to develop as a character, and is like to explore that. Do folks have ability to post? Yes, my posting rate should improve now that the major life events of the spring have passed. Is there still enough party cohesion? This was obviously a big blow-up, but I see positives in it. No one got player-against-player angry, and the characters are still in a position where given the right situation they could set aside their differences and work together. Are characters motivated to undertake risky adventures? Placing certain river folk in danger could ensure Ernstyr is willing to face death. ❤️‍🔥 😆
  2. In the blink of an eye the creature is almost upon Hallbjorn. His companions all quickly try to come to his aid; yet, without time to coordinate, their efforts end up a tangled heap. Bjorn’s bowstring slips The string is not broken, but the bow will need to be restrung before it can be used again. from its notch at one end, and the arrow tumbles limply to the ground. Marpessa manages to strike true, causing the beast’s dive to wobble just as Caldas comes crashing into Hallbjorn’s shoulder. In the end, Caldas finds himself face-first on the gravel strand, an enraged flying reptile perched upon his back. OOC No endure harm rolls yet, but Caldas has to face danger as the pterosaur can bite or rake him.
  3. A party of zombies ambushing the company bought have head l been a fair fight, but the combined might of armed adventures quickly beats the single fire with only Astrid’s injured arm to show against them. Bits of decayed flesh are quickly scattered as the undead is surrounded and hacked to pieces. 🏆 VICTORY!
  4. As if reading Hallbjorn’s mind, the fearsome beast finishes its wheel and dives toward the boat, its cruel-pointless jaws agape and ready to tear into prey. Perhaps drawn by the gleam of the man’s axe, the first strike seems aimed for his head. OOC Lucky. Maybe Strike or Clash is in Hallbjorn’s immediate future? Initiative is determined by narrative positioning. Right now the flying creature has the lead and the party is responding. You could Aid an Ally in the form of a Strike, or perhaps Secure an Advantage, to try to turn the tide. A volley or a distraction could confuse the beast.
  5. Sounds like consensus heading north as a complete party. I’ll post up tonight; operating entirely from phone as I’m on vacation 😁
  6. Ernstyr winced as the body hit the ground. Unwilling to look up at further betray his position, he steeled himself to begin battle. If this were truly the end of days, at least one orc would pay for this savagery. Cecil’s plan interrupts his dark thoughts. Perhaps there was a way to best the orcs yet. Slowing his breath, the woodman waits for the signal.
  7. Not to mention the potential financial hit of sending the party’s two thieves rogues freelance economists out with the trade goods and only a retainer to “oversee” their work… 😆
  8. No sooner has the raven taken flight then a dark shadow flashes across the beach. Flying above is a winged, leathery-skinned reptile that is bigger than a horse, with a wingspan longer than Marpessa's main-mast. The beast makes a swift and almost silent approach overhead, nearly snatching the bird from the sky. Frustrated, it ponderously loops around, clearly intent on making another pass.
  9. Still pending a few actions. The 15 will hit but that 3 is not enough damage to bring down the zombie.
  10. Character list: cheezal - Golan (PC), Gannon (hireling) wapsii - Crag (PC, mounted), Craig (hireling, mounted), Kadrum (mercenary, mounted) Bobcloclimar - Bori (PC, mounted), Idros (retainer, mounted) Chardastes - Ognena (PC, 2 mounts) Nebula - Laurana (PC) Mindcrime - Beaumont (PC, mounted) Draidden - Dalynn (PC, mounted) Kalidas - Sidrag (PC, mounted) So that gives us a total party of 12, 9 of whom are mounted. The boat could hold ~6 characters with no goods, or 3-4 with goods, and no mounts at all. The group could send Laurana, Golan, and Gannon with the boat, and everyone else overland with mounts? Assuming you want to split the party...
  11. Equal is a miss, so this is gonna get interesting 😅
  12. With the consensus to stay in camp while the storm abates, the hours pass with organizing equipment and taking rest. The sailors soon have a fire going for warmth, though availing of it requires dodging from tent to tent to avoid the worst of the rain. The crew also sets up a watch rotation to protect the tents from anything dangerous, allowing the company to be best positioned for the morning. By dawn, the rain has slackened to a light and intermittent drizzle, yet lead-gray skies stretch from horizon to horizon; only a slight disk of lighter gray reveals the presence of the risen sun. The boatswain has inspected the two ship's boats and declared them fit; the captain offers the smaller of the two for the company's use if they intend to scout the shoreline rather than trekking inland. 🕒 DAY 1 - 09:00
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