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  1. Mist shrouds the mountain peak, and the dampness in the air turns to active drizzle as the outer wall of the castle comes into view. There are no obvious threats, and the gates still stand closed as they were the previous day. The wide crack in the wall to the west of the gate remains the easiest way in.   a) Enter through the gap b) Try the gates again c) Examine the walls d) Something else?
  2. Glad to see this taking off. If you'd like additional features beyond a simple topic, feel free to create a community hub game to manage this, similar to how Adventurer's League or Living Pathfinder work.
  3. How many skill points did he put into Graph Theory?
  4. Moved to Community Announcements since it merits more attention. Thanks for posting, @rogueblade0729!  
  5. That water is just impossibly blue. Well shot!
  6. If I had to guess, it was built on the playtest version of 5e and hasn't been touched since. If you can give me an example of what it should look like, I will see what can be done.
  7. I'll have a look. It's probably something I did wrong with the permissions overrides for GMs to be able to see and revert edits.
  8. That's correct--you are the only one who sees that control, and it is for changing the icon.
  9. I'll go with "magic" 😀 If you do see it happen again, I'll be ready!
  10. Here's the original sheet; I've given you edit privileges. https://www.myth-weavers.com/sheets/?id=2694722
  11. It's definitely Prince of Thieves.
  12. Yeah, it's definitely within the editor. The action of the spell checker sets the paragraph to color="rgba(0,0,0,0)" which is not a standard attribute so the user agent colors it red in the editor. The discrepant attribute is stripped upon posting, putting it back to the default color.
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